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    enya is home to some of the absolute most important and stunning wildlife of all time. Mount Kilimanjaro rises high into the air while it is home to the Masai Mara and Serengeti. Wildebeest race through the long grasses and Cheetah sleep under the shade of rocky Kopjes. Hidden amongst the stunning National Parks, is a small gem that a family owns. A small game lodge hovers over the reserve, and next to it lies the Annika Memorial Wildlife Hospital - in honor of a daughter that was lost during a move to the incredible world.

    As time goes on, greed becomes more and more prevalent, and construction is threatening their doorstep. A mine is being built on their land and now more than ever the life of the reserve and the parks surrounding them are becoming threatened. Now of all times will the group, and dysfunctional family of all things, have to come together in order to save what they call home... and what means the world to them...before all of it is lost - and they lose what they gave the world to have.

    As the group faces the challenges of living in the bush and the wild, they will have to survive predators (cheetahs, lions, leopards etc.) but also the dangers of living with Buffalo, Rhino, and Elephant. Will you stay and help or will you cave in to the urges to return to civilization and a nice comfy bed?




go and try,

To survive


action, adventure


Always accepting


Talathel, admin

spots open


Any questions or requests?

My dms (both discord & RPN) are always open and I am more than happy to accommodate anyone!

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Welcome aboard! I’ll work on the discord here soon too - get the darn thing up and running - of course the discord is completely optional
Welcome aboard! Feel free to explore the discord server (it is optional of course), ooc thread, and get to know one another!
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