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Multiple Settings Let's write a story together? 1x1 hunt

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Dinosaur Loving Goofball
Hello and welcome to my hunt thread. You all may call me Raptor. Some basic information about me, I'm a 28 year old woman with a toddler and a part time job as well as many other hobbies. I'm aiming for one to two posts during the week days but weekends my activity will likely be non-existent as lets face it, that's my only time with my family as a whole due to conflicting work schedules. If you're still curious, I'm here to tell you more about me.

I highly prefer playing females only but will play males as needed.
I prefer at least one paragraph per post but ideally 2-5 is my range. Nothing less. No one liners, no shorthand texting.
I prefer to RP in PM or on Discord - will be 100% honest with you, Discord is the quickest and easiest way to reach me even if its just for OOC.
I'm only looking for OC pairings even if the RP is taking place in a fandom world.
Please, please, please be willing to plot and plan with me as this is OUR role-play. Your input is needed as well.
I'm also open to ideas. Have something that isn't here? Ask. Worst that could happen is I say no.

Survivor x survivor [zombie apocalypse, natural disaster, you name it]
Mafia boss's younger sibling x rival mafia boss
Cop x criminal
Vampire x werewolf
Ex x Ex
Horse thief/thief x ranch owner/ranch owner's eldest child
Criminal x civilian

Come back to me:

Muse A and B were the dream couple in high school, the ones that everybody wanted to be. After graduating, Muse A pursued their dream career and went to college out of state while Muse B enlisted in the army. Eventually the powerful couple was torn apart and years later, they find each other again at their high school reunion.

I'm right here:

Muse A and B are what anyone would clearly label as enemies, can't stand the sight of one another and certainly can't be in the same room together without something being said to provoke the other. And yet, there are small instances where they would tolerate each other for the sake of their best friends. One night after enduring each others presence for a party, tragedy strikes on their way home. They are in a car accident, leaving them both as the only survivors and the only remaining support system for one another.


Vampires and werewolves rule the world with an unsteady peace. They have learned to co exist and in some cases even, work together. But there is just one golden rule: they cannot be together. Muse A and B are enforcers, their sole purpose being to keep the law between the two creatures of the night and as such, they become close.

Muse A and B are close friends, top of the food chain when it comes to hunters. They grew up together and trained together, faced many hardships together and are practically inseparable. One night, a job goes horribly wrong and they are separated. Muse A searches for any sign of their friend but all that is left behind is a grisly scene where a fight obviously occurred and lots of blood. Despite no body or remnants of a body, Muse B is presumed dead. Slowly but surely, Muse A moves on with their life until many of the hunter friends that they grew up with start to die one by one. Until one day, a lone survivor makes it back to the facility where they all live badly injured with a simple message: "she wants to see you".
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