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Fandom Let's double for some self-indulgent canon x oc romance!!!! Marvel, DC, RDR2, and One Piece search!


Rp-obsessed goblin
Hello everyone! I'm Luma, 31, they/them, and I'm looking for rp partners again! To keep this very short and to speed up when I can get some responses going, I'll just put a summary of my preferences here:

- Characters should all be adults or adjusted to be adults.
- I prefer 3rd person, and whatever tense we pick should be the same we both use.
- No preferences on post length, I'm a quality over quantity type. I usually do a paragraph or more, however.
- My fandom search is in the top half of this post, and a blurb about my originals interests is at the bottom.
- If you go fandom with me, it'll be Canon x OC with doubling.
I'll play any canon for you from any media I'm aware of and confident playing, if you'll play one of these for me.

From Marvel: Loki, Dr. Strange (or Strange Supreme)
From DC: The Joker, Johnathan Crane
From One Piece: Luffy, Ussop, Arlong, or Crocodile.
From Loz: Ganondorf
From RDR2: Arthur Morgan

Yes, I'm aware my canon choices are mostly trashy. Sue me!

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