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Let's describe the world's worst OC

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Don't let it ruffle your feathers, my liege.
You know the OC I'm talking about. That one you get submitted to your RP that is crafted of such cringe nightmare material you don't even know where to start giving feedback.

Add details to help flesh out this horrible OC. I'll go first

Name: Nightblade Sanguine Moonsong✮ (yes the star is part of the name)


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Oh god. Please let me just explain this horror from my past. This person like 10 years ago her OC was (This was a Yugioh RP)

Worlds best duelist
singer who has sell out tickets in france/japan/india/spain/germany/england
won beauty contests in: Japan/America/France
In one RP she got glass impaled into her chest, got up walked to the hospital, went into operation, got shot three times, then 24 hours later flew to France to preform a charity contest
All boys craved her
Could get pregnant all the time at the first try, however always gave all her daughters either death/illnesses/disabilies.
Could eat anything she wanted and never gained weight
Was fluent in 20 languages.

I will never forget this person's O.C


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I'm sorry, what
One RP went like this. Her O.C and the person her O.C was paired with slept together (even thought her partner told her he didn't want that) but she did. She got pregnant, birthed a girl. Daughter was killed by a rouge, father of the child was depressed her o.c was like 'climbs into bed' "It's okay love, we can always make another.

Another RP: Her o.c and person slept together. She gets pregnant, has twins, does this thing were she and the twins gets kicked to the streets. She made a post that the daughters heart explodes (????????) The person was rping with was like "Nope." So she changed it to where the daughter just got really sick for the rest of her life. And then their baby sister was held upside down by a robber and resulted in the child having delayed development.

This happened in 2011 and I still laugh about it to this day because it's like "wtf"


Diluc's Wife
She would also tell people on the website that her O.C's were picked to be included in future magazines. One point she claimed that the director of the Naruto Anime even contacted her about including her Naruto O.C Into the anime.
Needless to say, she made up alot of crap + Made her O.C's literal gods.
Also this wasn't a child either. At the time she was 22 years old.


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I have no idea.
Her rp partner was also one of my RP partners. so she would complain when he replied to my rp's and she had to wait.
One day me, my best friend irl and the person all planned a new rp together.
so the girl sent me an message saying I caused all her RP's to die and that I was a horrible person. She even got her best friend to send me threatening messages on that site.
That summer was a wild ride I tell you.

Shigume -surgess-

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Dam... At least when I was 10 I wasn't half as bad as that. I was actually a decent person in rp at 10. Though I didn't know how to spell so I had to look a bunch of words up and also I made up the weirdest stuff like. It started raining cupcakes and hot sauce.

Owl Knight

Don't let it ruffle your feathers, my liege.
That's a nightmare, ha ha.
I think this is probably a topic for the roleplay discussion section.

To get the game back on track:

Height: 6' 13"
Weight: 160 lbs


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oh oh oh and her hair is exponentially long to a concerning level but it's somehow always meticulously taken care of and soft as silk even though she never touches it at all


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  • Immortal or hundreds of years old, is inexplicably in high school
  • Has heterochromia
  • Cute but doesn't know it + puts no effort in her appearance
  • Always wears the same rough boots and her dead mother's jewelry piece
  • Can read minds and talk to animals
  • "Acts tough but is actually sweet"
  • Tragic Backstory™️
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