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Lurker or Ezro here, 29 enby. (please be 21+ when you message me, just another preference sorry )

A little bit about myself, I like most things nerdy. Anime, video games, ttrps, dnd, tabletop games. I enjoy everything in the arts.

I can write anywhere between 400 words and 2k depending on the muse or story. I prefer darker and gritty settings and themes typically. I can write multiple characters but typically my main is a female, or at least femme presenting. I don’t mind any other genders. I enjoy romance thrown into a lot of turmoil, what can I say- I am a sucker for love triangles:l I enjoy doubling :3

I am fine with using pictures, be it anime or face claims, but prefer just describing characters in scenes. I enjoy smut as much as I do plot, but they must go hand in hand please, and thank you :3

I have a couple of different ideas bouncing in my head so if you're interested feel free to message me, ranging from aliens to supernatural prompts. I prefer to write in third person, but I honestly don’t mind other perspectives. Adult themes are a strong preference of mine, and i enjoy very story-driven plots. Daily or weekly responses, but I understand everyone has a life offline too.

I also don’t have a preference as to where we roleplay at as well, feel free to dm me if you’re curious or message me on discord ^^


based off of bram stokers Dracula, but with a mixture of fae. Essentially vampires are a type of fairy, and the fairy court officially starts to recognize them. It's slightly modernish, but it runs parallel with the fae realm which would be a realm of magic. There's a group of vampires really trying to push for this, more so diplomatic, and have gotten the invite to the fae kingdom for a great party, or a bloom.

It'll house all fae royalty, from a representative of the fairy godmothers, to even goblins. The blooms last a week typically, and during these alliances are made and broken. This bloom will be the first vampires will go through. The main representatives, go by the name of The Seven Screams, and this year- is not only the year of the bloom but the year Dracula/Alucard/whatever name we lean on awakens, kind of shocked at the diplomacy his race has taken.

At the bloom is where he sees the reincarnation of his first love, she would be of the fae court or maybe even a human thrown into the fae nonsense.

A city where heaven and hell meet. Centuries ago it was once the city of Atlantis the final resting place for god and the devil. The city is the only place demons, and angels can exist on the mortal plane. Demons of sin have been ruling hell, each faction representing one of the sins. Angels pretending to have an idea of what's going on, but hoping it isn't the end of days. This one would be rather open on who you play, but essentially the city is split into four factions. Angels, demons, and a third faction- written from the bible. Doomed to be forgotten but never to forget. Shapeshifters one might call them, however, these beasts inspired the myths and legends of cryptids, werewolves, dracula. Each being a fallen angel, not a demon- no, something called The forgotten.

The Queen of the Forgotten has risen, and her appearance normally means war, or near the end of times. However, nothing yet. The fourth and final faction, being closest to humanity, beings mixed with either angel or demon bloodlines. Magus, or wizards, one might call them. Due to their bloodline, they might master a certain magic over another, a demon bloodline would have more hellfire, whereas an angel would have healing or even holy fire if you'd like.

Now craving fandoms ::

let's rewrite it so Seshoumaru isn't with RIN :l , jk, but yeah old Inuyasha plz I can play all characters.

Let's follow the plot of the game with our characters, or even rewrite it and go in another direction. I am comfortable with playing most characters, I will struggle as Gale.

I don't have an idea for this one, I just think playing in the verse would be fun :l

I have a plot and characters for this one :l

In this world, there are multiple demon lords, princes or princesses, essentially siblings to Koenma. These demon royalties were pillars, sworn to keep balance between the worlds. Each has their own powers and responsibilities. A coup happened, perhaps even started by some of the royalty, this coup ends up taking out most of the demon lords, and destroying the Kekkai barrier.

This causes an imbalance in the worlds, humans suffering mysterious illnesses, and even spirit detectives being awakened naturally, some very lucky, or unlucky human's natural defense against the demon world. Dubbing this the great Awaking. Those who wake up, before they fully develop their psychic abilities their body goes through painful processes, symptoms often appearing outward. Perhaps someone was sick for a long time, perhaps some people see the barriers a little easier and just think they are going insane

One of my characters, Queen Persephone, a demoness who is mourning the loss of one the fallen demons lords, and her husband, decides to follow Koenma's suit. Finding her own spirit detectives to help bring balance to the world. We can have it so our group ends up meeting with the yuyugang.

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