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this takes place after botw and goes into totk. for the sake of keeping it spoiler free, we can make up our own story~ the plot will be very simple and nothing to detailed and if there are any concerns, please let me know

In the aftermath of the Great Calamity's defeat, Zelda and Link find themselves tasked with the monumental responsibility of rebuilding Hyrule. Their triumph against calamity has deepened their bond, and they decide to solidify their commitment by getting engaged. However, their joyous occasion takes an unexpected turn when they discover a mummified figure hidden beneath the depths of Hyrule Castle. To their horror, they figure that is the demon king ganondorf, whose seal had been mysteriously broken.

As the seal shatters, a wave of upheaval ripples across the land. Ganondorf, revived and but not completely rejuvenated, disappears into the shadows, leaving Hyrule in a state of uncertainty. Dark forces gather under his command, and the people of Hyrule soon find themselves facing an imminent threat. The peaceful rebuilding efforts come to a halt as the world plunges into chaos once again.

As Hyrule's protectors, Zelda and Link must marshal their strength and rally the forces of good to counter Ganondorf's growing army. They embark on a perilous journey to seek allies from across the kingdom, gathering warriors and guardians who still hold the knowledge of the old world. Together, they form a coalition united in their resolve to defend Hyrule against the resurging darkness.

1. No one-liners, a paragraph is preferred
2. Any canon character from the botw or totk is allowed, except for the deceased one[ unless you give a good reason how they came back]
3. two canon characters per person
4. any canon race in within the two games is allowed
5. please involve everyone




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Sounds fun and is a good excuse to maybe try a canon publically as well as use some of my botw/totk characters I've made and only used privately.
Well, I’m certainly interested in something like this, mind if this ole skeleton throws his hat into the ring to join?
How do we create the character sheets I see on the thread?

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