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Realistic or Modern Knight x princess

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Action, Adventure, Romance

Professor red

Your leading Pokémon expert
Princess x knight .
Few rules. I don’t have much. Just don’t ghost me and my starter will vary on length. But my average post is about 1 paragraph

So it’s the big day. The day the free for all battle and the winner becomes the princesses royal knight. She and roxas have been friends since they were kids. Some times he snuck on castle ground. Sometimes the king would set up play dates. Roxas has gotten feelings for the princess yet he doesn’t know if she likes him. But he does wanna be her knight . So as the king queen and the princes and princess watched the battle from their seats. Everyone’s eye was in roxas as he was using a simple plain knife. And we’d start the roleplay at the end of the free for all battle.
Plot is there are 7 other kingdom that want the princess to marry into their royal family’s. But the princess has feelings for her guard. The royal family’s of the other kingdom come to our kingdom and the princes try and get the princess the fall for her but she won’t bother them because she is in love with her knight

We start on the days trial to be your personal knight. After that one by one the other kingdoms will visit. The king queen and all their children.

The first kingdom has 3 sons and two daughters.

Second kingdom had 1 son and 6 daughters.

3rd has one of each.

4th has all girls ( ones a lesbian if your ok with that. Figured it add spice ) and

The 5th kingdom has a daughter and a son

Then the last kingdom yours has one son and two daughter

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