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Fantasy Journey ~ Chatacters



Tende altum, volare altius

All character sheets must follow the guidelines I have set. You can add more, you cannot do less.

I must accept your character before you can start posting. I reserve the right to refuse your character if I do not believe you have followed the guidelines or if I believe you will not be a good fit for the team.

Respect all other players, their ideas and their right to a safe, positive space.

You can use coding, but if I can’t read the CS I won’t accept it.

Fights with boss npcs will be run using dice rolls (6-sided), as well as divine interventions and occasionally, if I think something might be OP. You can roll your own for every attack but I expect you to be honest.

This is a detailed thread so I will not allow one-liners. One good paragraph minimum. If your posts are consistently too short you will be warned.

Write in full sentences in the thread and in your CS. I will not be accepting point form.

IC writing is third person past tense: “She got slowly out of the car”. Capiche?

If you play a human or a demon I expect the powers to be fairly weak when we start out. They will get stronger as the journey progresses. As an example, if you have pyromancy as a divine blessed human, maybe you could incinerate precisely one mortal being. Demons are a little stronger, they might be able to incinerate a small group of mortal beings. Think within that power range to start, you’ll get a lot stronger, trust me.

Power type is unlimited, but please refrain from problematic powers like mind control or sleep induction, things that you will need permission from the other players to use on them. It makes things needlessly complicated.

I will not accept super antisocial characters or characters that “don’t get along well with others”, the demons can be evil, sure, but they also need to cooperate and work in a group, and so do you. Creating a villain that works well in an rp is hard and needs a lot of thought, you can’t just be a jerk and expect the other players to be happy with it.

art by alledraws

Character sheet guideline


(human, or a specific kind of demon)


(description or picture)

Skills and abilities: (This is both combat skills, magic and general talents and hobbies)

Personality: (minimum 2 paragraphs)

Backstory: (minimum 2 paragraphs, if playing a human, include how you were recruited for this quest, and if playing a demon, you must include the story of how the god queen bested you and trapped you in the magic bangle).
Name: Lan Clementine

Race: Human

Age: 22


A short man ( standing at 5'2) with long brown hair, and light eyes. The soft features of his face rest in a near-perpetual scowl.
HMNh 4.png
Skills and abilities:
Lan is a healer- his power gifted to him by the goddess Caladre, a divine personification of hope.
Provided he has the energy, concentration, and materials to do so ( an offering of herbs, flowers, or fruit to his goddess if he is reversing the effects of an injury, no offering is needed to speed up a the natural healing process or support it) he may use his blessing to heal an injured person. The deeper the wound, the more time and energy it will take to heal.
Most shallow wounds may be healed in around ten minuets- but something deeper will take longer. Serious injuries, sicknesses, or poisonings can take multiple days- as Lan can only heal a person for an hour at a time before he passes out- and has to try again the next day. Expending too much energy can be fatal for Lan in particular.
An offering to reverse an injury will not always be accepted; as any offering Lan gives to mend his own body will be rejected, and the damage not reversed.

In addition to his blessing, Lan is a fighter- not through any sort of training or profession, but a skill built purely on picking too many fights with people bigger than him. He isn't the best in hand to hand- but he can hold his own against most.

Other skills, gained solely from his hobbies include cooking, cleaning, and gardening.

Short tempered, stubborn, and difficult to get along with. Lan doesn't really care if others like him too much, in fact- he may even rather they didn't.
Unfortunately his sour mannerisms don't mesh well with how deeply he cares about just about everyone he meets. Lan would drop anything and everything to help a stranger without a second thought to his own needs. And he does, regularly. He rarely declines requests, and if you have spoken to him more than once he would literally die for you. It's a bit worrisome.
The exception to the rule is his own god. Who he regularly disrespects and ignores on account of " she can do what ever it is she wants done her damn self ".
He is not a fan of the divine to say the least; though he prefers them to demons.


Lan was born the youngest son to a noble family in Epios, a wealthy but secluded city known for its healers. Every member of the city is a worshipper of the goddess Caladre- though few are chosen to be blessed with a healing touch.
Unfortunately for Lan, not even the most well renowned healer in the City of Soothing could cure him when he fell ill as a child. No one knew what was wrong with him- but he couldn't keep food down, keep his weight up, or muster up the energy to leave his bed.
Countless offerings to Caladre, countless treatments, countless days bedridden as Lan waited- loosing what little hope for recovery he had managed to save.
Until on his eighteenth birthday, when the goddess of hope blessed him.

His own blessing was strong enough to cure him- but not enough to reverse the scarring of his treatments, or the damage it had done to his heart. For the rest of his life, part of his energy goes to constantly healing his own body- even while he sleeps. If he stops for more than a day, his body will shut down and he will fall unconscious. If he is not healed within three days he will die.
The energy it takes to heal him isn't much, he will just never be able to run as fast, heal as long, or lift as much as he would have been able to, but it is enough to make him pissed at Caladre for not fixing him sooner.

His distaste for his own god led to a good amount of heresy and ignoring his duties as a vassal, until a particularly rude remark towards a shrine marked his final straw- and he was given the choice of loosing his status as a blessed healer, or going on a journey.
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Name: Kamari (shortens to Mari)

Race: Demon of dreams/ Mare

Age: 295

His true form is a vaguely animal-shaped silhouette, somewhere between a dog, a cat, and a monkey- the fur covering his body is black enough that almost all of its features are unable to be discerned- other than two pure white eyes, a toothy grin- and a blue symbol that snakes it's way over his chest.
His human form is wildly different- though he retains the blue marking over his chest.

Skills and abilities:
Kamari is a demon of dreams and nightmares, and thus his abilities relate primarily to sleep, fear, and the subconscious. Prior to his defeat by the God Queen, he was able to shape entire landscapes of illusion, create creatures of nightmare to do his bidding, control the dreams of others, fully shift his form, and gain power by "eating" the dreams of others while they slept in his domain. All abilities he could use while asleep in his stolen shrine.
At his previous power level, he was able to create one creature of nightmare per dream he had eaten ( creating a creature from a dream expended their energy, and made him hungry again ). The creatures themselves ranged in form from house cats to horrific monsters- depending on who's dream it was; they would become more powerful if the dream provider felt strongly for them. Unfortunately, like all creatures and illusions Mari creates; they would disappear if the person who's dreams were eaten to create them realized they were fake and wished for them to disappear.

Notably, even without the bangle restricting his powers he is much weaker awake than when he is sleeping. When awake he is unable to create large illusions, or the creatures of nightmare- even at full power.
Currently; with the bangle secured around his wrist, he is only able to create minor illusions to disguise himself (the disguises must be of simmilar size to either his human, or true form ), change the size of his true form (either the size of a tiger, or a house cat- no others) ,and control and eat the dreams of others only if he sits on their chest while they sleep.

Having a dream eaten does not physically harm the person providing- they will simply have a dreamless sleep, but If Mari goes too long without eating he will get too hungry to stay awake; and will enter "true sleep" a state much more like a regular human's sleep until he can eat another dream.

Non-supernatural abilities include being able to fall asleep on command, and smooth talking.

He isn't anywhere near virtuous, but he isn't the worst demon around. He's lazy, and does whatever is easy and benefits him. If the easiest route involves hurting a few mortals- Well, that isn't really his problem is it? They should have thought about being less mortal or not in his way in the first place.
He is verbally a bit sour about loosing to the god queen still, despite his distaste for holding grudges; but that is mostly due to the fact Mari loves to complain about his situation to anyone who will listen (or can't get away fast enough ), explaining that he " didn't even do all that much- [he] was asleep the whole time!"
The excuse is useless to anyone that knows Mare's only become more powerful while they sleep.

Most of his excuses for being less than a good person come from the simple fact that he doesn't believe good people actually exist- weather they be demon, human, or god.


Kamari is the King of the Mares. Not in that he controls them, or has any innate authority- that title wouldn't be all too useful anyways, considering Mares are so few and far between finding one to boss around would be more work than it's worth.
Mari is the King of Mares, the strongest Mare born in his generation. There will not be another Mare who could match him until he dies. And if he doesn't die, there never will be.
This power gave him the perfect opportunity to have fun during the rule of demons, sleeping in a stolen shrine while he fed on the dreams of the villagers around him. Twisting the settlement around it into an illusionary nightmare of confusion, and invading the dreams of any unlucky enough to fall asleep there. Growing more powerful with every eaten dream.

Sure he wasn't much for killing; but it was honestly mostly because he can't take the dreams of dead people.

Despite his power- they still relied mostly on the victim not knowing what was going on, and unfortunately for him- the God Queen had already heard of his tricks. All she had to do was get close enough to Mari to wake him.

Kamari knew he wasn't strong enough to fight the god queen while awake, so he surrendered peacefully and allowed his wrist to be bangled before falling into a true sleep. Until he was awoken for an errand. A bit he is still not happy about.
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Name: Pipsqueak, Peter, Shortstack, He, Rat, Fire Rat, Long Rat, That Stupid Rat, Weasel, Shut up, Fuck Off, What-Are-You-Doing, Stop That, and many more (he accepts nearly anything he is called by as a name)

Race: Erminea Demon

Age: 14 (He swears he's an adult because he's old in stoat years, but he's very clearly not.)

Appearance: Peter currently has two forms.

The first and most commonly used form can comfortably walked in both bipedally and quadrupedally, and is about 3 feet tall with a stoat-like appearance. His fur is ragged and short. It's dark-brown color is nearly black, and two stubby, white horns poke out of the top of his skull in front of his ears. His whiskers are also white and stick straight off from his face; they tend to poke people in the eyes when anyone crouches down to talk to him. Nearly every one of them is bent at an odd angle. His tail is significantly longer compared to his body than a real stoat's, and is notably thinner with a bushily furred tip. Somehow, he's acquired vibrant red-orange clothing to that is similar in hue to his eyes (he swears he came by them honestly, but the expense to create clothing dyed in such a way makes it more believable to assume he stole it from someone rich). The top is more yellow-tinted and made out of a long strip of cloth which he has learned to wrap around himself in such a way that it doesn't fall off (the ends of it are tucked in at his back). The bottoms are loose-fitting, and colored a dark mahogany brown save for the aglets of the string, which are metallic gold. There's a poorly-cut hole in the back that he sticks his tail through.

The second is significantly taller (5'2) and might pass for human if you cover all the remaining stoat-parts. Unfortunately, this is fairly difficult. His ears and horns remain, as well as a few tufts of fur on his face, making it so that he would need a hood. His forearms have patches of fur along the top and clawed fingertips, and his legs have a similar situation (albeit with the calves and toes respectively), which would require long sleeves and pants. His teeth—much like any stoat's teeth—are sharp, with two pairs of noticeably elongated canines on his upper and lower jaw. The tail also remains in this form. Stoat-parts aside, he appears as a skinny human boy with tanned skin, freckles, and black hair.

In both forms, there is a large, golden band around his right wrist. Oddly, his clothing seems to shift with him between forms, adjusting both in size and fit to what is most appropriate for his current one. Once removed, they revert back to their original state.

Fully colored stoat form (Art still by me)

Skills and abilities: Originally, Pip had extremely strong fire-based abilities. He was resistant to nearly any fire (though, he never did get the chance to test whether heavenly flame was counted under this or not—he didn't exactly seek out any opportunities to) and capable of causing a number of heat-related problems which he swears includes summoning "hellflame", spontaneously combusting himself, and "bringing the wrath of a volcano." The fact that he isn't particularly well known as anything other than a slightly annoying troublemaker to most creatures makes it unlikely that even half of his brags are true, but it is apparent based on his current abilities that he was able to do at least some things with fire.

Currently, Peter can summon and control flame. However, doing so can tire him greatly. The specifics of how tiring it is varies based on many factors, including size, heat, length of time he has kept the fire going, humidity, and most factors that would affect regular flame, but generally speaking, if he's got to create anything beyond a regular bonfire's size and heat, it probably won't last longer than a minute. He's also lost any semblance of fire resistance, which is a particularly large problem for someone who's greatest defense was literally setting himself on fire and betting on most people not wanting to touch him.

That being said, Pipsqueak—being true to his name (well... one of)—has also learned a couple of skills to keep himself out of hot water (pun intended). In a pinch, he's quick to find a lie and stubborn to stick to the details of it, allowing for his deceits to be common and consistent (and therefore generally more effective). Unfortuntely, he rarely uses this skill to the fullest, and generally prefers to confound people with outlandish stories that are hardly as useful as one of his better thought out lies.

Back when he could transform into a smaller stoat-form, Peter would also have the fallback of "most people have a hard time killing a rodent that's literally climbing around on them" when fighting anyone, but he has since lost that plan for all but the largest of opponents. Though, he's not against trying in most cases (especially if it means he gets to bite someone).

He's also taken a particular interest in theft of all kinds, but he's not particularly good at it since he used to rely heavily on shrinking to a stoat at will.

Personality: Picture a hyperactive child. Now give them fire powers, the perfect shapeshifting abilities to escape the average person, and a complete lack of parental (or any) supervision. You have now created the exact circumstances that Pipsqueak grew up in. Add to that the fact that he is literally a child in human years, and you can imagine why he acts how he does, which is to say like a kid with a very short attention span.

The list of things that can reliably distract Pip is extremely long and includes anything shiny, magical, or expensive. He will take any excuse to bite or mildly inconvenience anyone, especially if it includes setting anything on fire. All Pip wants—all he claims to want—is to have fun, and his behaviour reflects this at most times. Pranking, teasing, and outright bullshitting in the name of making himself sound cool are all daily activities for him. When being given even an ounce of responsibility, his first instinct is to immediately disregard it simply because now he has to do it and that's not fun. Still, it's fairly easy to get him to do whatever you want so long as you phrase the request correctly. Play to his ego, perpetual thirst for entertainment, or want for material objects, and he'll be scrambling off to complete whatever task was laid out for him in seconds.

Despite how this may make him sound unintelligent, that's not quite the case. He's definitely impulsive (very impulsive), but he can still come up with good (albeit sometimes strange) plans quickly, and his constant ability to land himself in trouble has lead to an expertise in getting out of it—which, much to his chagrin, often requires him acknowledging that he's outmatched and working along with others to dig himself out of it. While he is capable of being a team player, he does not want to be one.

Still, it's not as if he's incapable of forming bonds with people. In fact, anyone who shows him even the slightest sliver of affection will probably be (metaphorically) clung to because he's not really used to people enjoying his company. He's learned not to expect it and therefore not to strive for it, but once you remove that initial problem, the second begins to clear up... at least, for the specific individual in question.

Backstory: Peter used to be a regular stoat. Then somebody dropped some sort of magical fire fan and didn't realize it in time to prevent him munching on it.

This was, unsurprisingly, not the fan's intended use, and it had unintended consequences.

When the owner of the fan—a young, recently appointed defender to the small, unnamed village that they lived within—found a strange, darkly colored stoat chewing on the sacred fan that had been passed down for generations to keep the village safe, they were understandably freaked out. This was only more so the case when they realized the damaged fan didn't spew flame anymore.

And then the stoat coughed and fire came out.

They put two and two together and, rather than admit this as a complete defeat, decided to take the stoat and hope it had the same strength as the fan. Understandably, the rest of the village was cautious, but the guardian—who affectionately named the stoat "Peter"—took a liking to him. Together, they defended the village for a couple of months (Peter causing a great deal of chaos in the name of "fun" all the while) until, inevitably, a demon that was simply too large and strong for either to deal with came along.

Peter was spared. He was a demon as well, and the other took pity on him. But the humans? When he woke up after being knocked out in the fight, they were gone, and the village was in ruins.

Peter wasn't much for revenge. Even if he was, he'd already been outmatched once; it was clear that he wouldn't win just by fighting the demon again. Whatever fate had befallen the people of the village, there was no changing it. He had failed. No take backs or second chances.

So he did what he did best. He ran. Far, far away across the human world until he couldn't see their rooftops anymore, and then further still. Eventually, it was inevitable that he ran into another settlement. Once he'd caused enough trouble in that one, he was run out, so it was onto the next. Over and over again until years passed in this manner and Peter had grown accustomed to it. By this point, he knew how to take care of himself, and nothing else mattered.

And then came the fateful day where Pip's impulsiveness finally got him in too deep. He came across a sparkly golden bangle and he had to have it. The only problem? It was sitting in the hand of the queen of gods, who just so happened to be travelling through the area. Of course, he tried to take it anyway. Turning into his full stoat form, he climbed a nearby tree as she walked under and dropped down to grab it. To his surprise, it immediately shrank and stuck to his wrist, which—he later realized—was probably exactly what the queen was betting on.

After that, the story proceeds as you'd expect. He was begrudgingly dragged into this "quest" of hers, and accepted the deal because he really didn't want to be near powerless with all the people he'd pissed off still wandering around.
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Name: Kul’gemon, Demon of Destruction.

Race: Demon

Age: N/A

(Art by Xiyinna, pinned by ivan timona)
Back in his day, Kul’gemon used to be a giant and frightening force born from destructive natures, whether they be war, deforestation, massacres, etc. Unfortunately, since his defeat by the gods, the bangle on his right wrist has reduced him to a humiliating and diminutive size. The demon stands at 2’5”, and his compact body makes him appear wide and fat. His arms, chest, and upper back are solid with muscle. His arms reach so low that he can rest upon his knuckles like an ape. His round belly is held back by a wide belt that links above the swells of his rear and his tiny, arrow-like tail.

Kul’gemon may seem like he would be light to carry, but he weighs about as much as a dwarf, and still would require moderate effort. All of this weight is supported by comically tiny legs. They may be stubby, but he can run pretty fast with them! His head is armored. Unlike in the picture, his helm is natural and made of demonic bone. It is black and forms above his amber, pupilless eyes, extending into spikes, and then horns which curve downward like a ram. Kul’gemon’s skull is protected by his natural plate, and he can use it to headbutt any unfortunate victims. From behind his natural helm is a thick mane of black hair that grows down his spine to the end of his arrow-like tail. Its texture is thick and coarse, and then becomes smooth and soft like silk.

As divine punishment, not even humans look at Kul’gemon and take him serious. His short and fat appearance is underestimating, and the demon has to live with constantly being mocked. He makes them regret it…

Skills and Abilities: Kul’gemon’s physical abilities often frighten those who look down on him (metaphorically). For being a dwarf, he can lift and lob boulders. His tiny legs allow him to reach horse-like speeds for short bouts of course. Being overweight, he’s not a long-distance runner. To compensate, he will often run on all fours, utilizing the strength of his ape-like arms for more speed.

Kul’gemon’s major vice was gluttony. He enjoyed copious amounts of destruction, and a unique ability he had was devouring. Kul’gemon can eat anything—spells, projectiles, mounts, weapons, armor, etc. He can suck these items and energies into his mouth as nourishment, and while he used to be a bottomless pit pre-bangle, his tiny body gives him a limit that he can’t do it all the time. His gut can only hold so much and yet still he is a legendary eater.

Kul’gemon is a close-combatant who specializes in fighting on the front lines. He can’t fly, but he might be able to reach aerial or high ground enemies if thrown by a strong character. His large hands make him great at climbing mountains or digging deep holes. They are also great for breaking faces and crushing things like coconuts.

Personality: Kul’gemon used to be a big deal and even though he’s been reduced to a shrimp, he often forgets that he isn’t as strong as he used to be and can often bite off more than he can chew. He is known for going off on soliloquys, praising himself or threatening those who anger him. When faced against an opponent who demonstrates that they are stronger than him, his tone immediately changes, and he can become a coward running from a fight.

The fat demon can be stubborn when he doesn’t want to follow an order. His muscular arm may be difficult to twist if one doesn’t know his weakness. Since being reduced to an imp, Kul’gemon has been able to try human cuisine and appreciate the spices and flavors comprised in a delicious meal. The gluttonous demon can always be persuaded with promises of a feast. His allies may see him switch from being a coward to a brave and determined warrior all in the name of food.

The demon likes to eat, and he can eat himself into a food coma. He will often develop a fondness as well as protective behavior toward any chef. A character who cooks well could easily have him wrapped around their finger. Kul’gemon chooses to help the humans because he doesn’t want to stay in his humiliating form. He wants to go back to being himself!

Background: Kul’gemon was a demon born from destruction. Wherever he went, there was a dark army at his feet, razing cities and villages to the ground and leaving behind no survivors. Those who came across the civilizations he destroyed found only burning remains and few ruins. The scape was a black crater as though something had left a bite in the earth.

Humans with destructive tendencies fueled Kul’gemon’s morale. They worshipped the demon as a god, believing him to be unstoppable and made the insatiable devil bigger. Kul’gemon was one of the very first demons struck down by the god queen, and when he fell, he fell hard. As a humbling punishment, the bangle she placed on him reduced him to a fat imp. He was ridiculed by the humans he used to destroy and chased from cities and villages. While the god queen felt pity even for such a wicked creature, she knew he had a long road to forgiveness. He would have to do enough good deeds to pay off the debt left by his bad ones. Humans could be just as cruel as demons, but the god queen knew that eventually Kul’gemon would run into the good ones she had blessed and one day, be healed by their kindness.
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Name: Arz Hunyan


Age: 31

Appearance: A human standing around five foot eight with a rather average frame. Not too thin, but not too buff. He has a number of circular tattoos running up his arms, stars and moons in patterns. He has hazel eyes and short black hair parted to the left. Their skin tone is rather tanned, generally from wanting to remain outside if possible. His face is usually in a calm demeanor. His clothes are a bit loose fitting, with a neck trim of the zodiac symbols. His pants were rather unassuming, though, with the only bit of uniqueness on his clothes being a stitching of a zodiac symbol or a constellation somewhere. He stands around 5 foot 10, maybe 5'11" if he stands weird.

Skills and abilities:

Magic: Arz possesses magic from his patron goddess, Etanis, Watcher of Skies. She blessed her mortal follower to have a special connection with the stars, which both can pique interest from those above... and garner attention from those yet unbound. Arz may whisper to the stars to learn of what fate might have in store for the world tomorrow. His familiarity with stars might draw some attention from those within in the future...

Combat Skills: Arz has a staff adorned with a small moon and sun on each staff cap, symbolic of his connection to the heavenly bodies above. However, he doesn't use the staff for more advanced positional maneuvers, as he's not built to do so. To compensate, he carries specially made Chakrams. One adorned with the sun and made with gold, and the other marked with the moon and made with silver. They return to him when thrown, and he's become skilled at catching them from most situations of their flight path being disrupted.

Talents: Arz has a talent for art. His bag contains a number of scrolls and a bit of canvas he bought off a trader for artistic purposes, generally painting scenery and the open sky. He claims it helps him capture the stars essence better... but some might just say it keeps him calm and reminds him of the light.

Hobbies: Arz likes to both read literature, usually poems, and appreciates fine art, and likes to help others along if they show interest.

Personality: Arz is a rather calm individual on the outside. His voice is always generally low and quiet, but carries far enough to keep him from raising his voice. He keeps his temper under control and emotions in check. His posture is very unassuming, if it weren't for some of his clothing and his staff, he'd blend in well with any crowd. Very unassuming, very gentle, but soft spoken wouldn't be correct. His quiet voice carries a gravitas to it. He walks with a quiet step but a quick stride, the importance of time being all to prevalent for him.

Usually Arz is also rather quiet. Less reserved, and more just doesn't say much. After all, most of his time is spent observing the stars. He feels most at home under the light of the different stars in the sky. He can always find his way home, no matter what, and he knows his goddess watches from above. His relation to others is generally one of longing. He sometimes, especially when he has to tell someone that their future is bleak and filled with pain, he sometimes wishes he could do more and just tell people their future. He knows this is just how things are meant to be, but it rarely gives the victim solace.

Backstory: Arz was born under Polaris, the northern star, when the demons began to fall to the gods and goddesses fighting back. While the demons began to have bangles shackled onto them, Arz grew with the fascination of the bright lights that kept shining above his head. His near-obsession with the stars didn't go unnoticed, as Etanis enjoyed watching him from above recreate the stars above, and elected to give him a boon of her favor. In his dreams, she arrived, carrying the night sky along with her. He awoke with his tattoos and knew the stars could talk to him as he wished he could do.

Several years later, his tattoos had remained, and he'd received a premonition. One from his goddess herself, and not from the stars. He was needed. His goddess needed her stargazer to pair up with the demons of the dark and other humans like him, blessed by the gods above. The faces of his allies were unable to be clear to him, but he knew the power behind why this vision was sent. With his staff and bag at the ready, he was ready for whatever challenge they would ask of him.
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Brain is mush; feel free to ask for clarification or bonk me on the head if I've overstepped.

  • Ariiasqthylinh

    Deception, Dealmaker, Famine, Fire-bringer.

    Race: Demon; inverted lung dragon

    Pronouns: They/them

    Age: Around 110 years old

    -They're around 5'9"
    -Their tail is 13ft long
    -The restraining band wraps around from under their mask to around the top of their neck.

    Skills and abilities:

    -Rope/chain-based weapons: Arii is horrendously, offensively weak, but their prowess with a rope-dart or a chain-whip more than makes up for it, allowing their continued survival.

    -Unarmed combat: Though not as good as their abilities with a weapon, they can hold their own in unarmed combat, aided by their long, prehensile tail and claws.

    -Fire cloak: Arii can summon quick and hot-burning fire across all of their dorsal side for a small amount of time (maybe 30 seconds maximum). They can only summon it a few times in an hour, as it takes time for the oil to build back up. The more times they light up, the cooler the fire becomes. This will burn them, now.

    -Complete self-sufficiency: Arii can survive alone in the wilderness just fine. Living properly is debatable, though.

    -Floating: Much like eastern dragons are typically depicted, Arii can float. Though they can no longer fly more than a few feet (6) off the ground.

    Restrained abilities:

    -Fire immunity: Because of the fire cloak, Ariiasq used to be immune to the effects of natural heat. They were able to withstand magical heat and fire, as well, but this ability has been taken by the bangle.

    -Shapeshifter: Arii used to be able to take on a more human form, but this ability is currently restricted.

    -Thermokinesis: Ariiasq used to be able to control the available heat in a small area. This ability is currently restricted.

    -Illusion: In high-heat areas, Arii used to be able to create visual hallucinations resembling mirages. This ability is currently restricted.

    -Bind: Arii used to be able to bind people (including themself) to a written contract, given their blood and consent. The only ones exempt are humans, which frustrates Arii immensely.

    Weaknesses and notes:

    -Weakness: As Arii is a complete inversion of the typically thought-of Eastern dragon, they are incredibly weak, physically.

    -Cold vulnerability: Arii is very vulnerable to any temperatures under 32 degrees (F).


    Arii is primarily selfish. They do what they do because of how it can benefit them. They plan ahead to truly ridiculous extents, and most of their motives are entirely based on what they want. What they want, however, has varied over the century. At first, it was simple mischief. Then it grew to active malice when their "pranks" weren't met well. Their actions grew worse and worse, peaking directly after they realized the gods had abandoned them. Their ire softened with time.

    By the end of the demon uprising, Arii was still quite malicious, though, they weren't quite on the "I want to watch the world burn" level. Now they're begrudgingly assisting the humans in their quest for the sake of getting this stupid band off their neck.

    As an incarnation of deceit, Arii is both very good at—and loves—hiding and lying. It has gotten to the extent that they all-but method-act through life, becoming what they need to be in the moment before switching into something else. Their personality is erratic and ever-shifting. They often say a variety of conflicting things when faced with any kind of situation where they're under stress. They keep their core traits for the most part, but anything surface-level can easily be manipulated... even if they don't realize they're doing it.

    Arii is also a control freak. Not exactly in the usual way control-freak-ness appears, but in a way that's directed almost entirely at themself. Every one of their movements is measured and has purpose. They keep track of every one of their limbs at all times. This is one of the reasons they're so good with their weapon of choice.

    Aside from these, Arii is very immature, almost childish. Under their control-freakish-ness and intelligence, they just kinda wanna have some fun. They just... don't really know how, yet.


    Arii spent a very good portion of their life in a hot spring, luring hapless humans into them. Then they'd raise the temperature of the water slowly until the humans got startled out. They found it all a very good joke, but the victims... well, they did not. Over a few years, the words they spat left a lasting impact. Arii grew angry. They lashed out, leaving their small collection of hot springs and stalking small towns.

    They brought terror to those they visited, eventually earning themself the mask that is now all-but permanently attached to their face.

    But as they grew older, the "revenge", as it was, grew less appealing. They mellowed out to an extent, albeit slowly. Their actions went from killing wayward travelers and burning entire crop harvests back to trapping people and stranding them. Around this time, they were assisted by a human of all things. Arii was in their debt, and in return, dedicated some of their power to a fan they passed off to the family. Later they learned that fan was eaten by a stoat.

    By the time that the God Queen got to them, Arii wasn't a great danger to much. They were... bored. And in their boredom, Arii grew to be cocky. The God Queen tricked them at their own game, binding them to one of their own deals. By the time their deals were broken, the ring was around Arii's neck.

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Name: Victoria Einberg Falgrad Rocihante Vainshield

Race: Human

Age: 25

Appearance: Drawn by Minkyu Lee
She stands at 5'2 and has a slender figure.

Skills and abilities: On the outside, Victoria is a very skilled fencer that specializes in graceful movements and aggressive strikes. She can easily take down an armed group with ease unless there exist someone who's more skilled than her. In reality, this is the result of being blessed by Melba, the Goddess of Wisdom. This blessing grants her superhuman levels of senses that can allow her to predict the movements of her enemies with near accuracy. The only downside of this blessing is that it makes her sensitive to anything that is high in frequency that it will make her go deaf.

Aside from her combat skills, Victoria dabbled into art. She likes to draw and paint anything that is scenic and she can be quite the perfectionist when it comes to the materials used. She also likes to sing, but not quite as often as she hasn't trained her voice to let out high pitches and her throat dries up quicker.

Personality: A young woman of high spirits, determination and the need to make changes. Victoria is a very friendly, kind and gentle woman not like her very snobbish, overprotective and strict parents. All she wanted is to experience what life is like outside her palace and learn things that her teachers did not taught her. Victoria believes that there is always goodness in everybody, be it human or demon. However, she will not stand to anyone who are deemed as scum, again be it human or demon.

Victoria can get along with just about anyone. Her aura just screams of positive vibes. She wants to make people happy the best she can, something of which her parents does not give. Speaking of her parents, she isn't comfortable talking about them. She holds quite a disdain to how they treat the lower class as nothing but public trash and how they handle politics as some sort of game. Victoria wants none of that, but deep down she still loves them and she prayed that they make a new leaf.

Backstory: There existed a very huge history surrounding the House Vainshield and the Kingdom of Galantmere, known throughout the world as the mightiest bastion to ward off the impeding invasions of demons thanks to a combination of advanced magecraft and technology never before seen. But let us not get into the details of this powerful kingdom for our focus is about Victoria, crowned princess of Galantmere, eldest of nine children and a bastard in her own right to her parent's eyes. Everything started with how her parents treated her and her siblings. The House Vainshield solely worships Melba, the Goddess of Wisdom, in an effort to ensure that their decisions are of the goddess' choices. The children were treated like any royal family, but as time went on, Victoria began feel uncomfortable with the way things are. They lived in a gilded cage, they are forbidden to leave the palace until their parents say so.

When it was time for them to go out is where Victoria had the final straw. During their leisurely walk, a child of the lower class had bumped into the queen. Being the royal jerk she is, she subjected the child to execution for leaving a little stain on her royal garments. She also subjected his father to join him in the execution, made his mother a concubine for the king and have their house burned down. Such petty reason is enough to warrant Victoria her escape. She realized that for such a great kingdom with such rich history, her parents are treating it like their little playground and doesn't care if their people suffers. In fact, it made her realized that humans can be as bad as demons. At the dead of night, Victoria made her escape, left to wander the outside world.

Now that she is outside the walls of her home, she wondered what she will do now. As time went on, she had been to places never she had seen, with the last of which had given her a purpose, a divine mission. Victoria came across a beautiful wide lake. She thought of going for a swim, but when she came near to it, something rose out of the waters and tried to swallow her whole; a sea serpent. Faced with such a strong monstrosity, Victoria prayed for guidance when she took up her sword. And then in a bright flash, someone struck the serpent. The Goddess of Wisdom, Melba, has made her appearance, putting Victoria in awe. She had never knew that in all of the times that divine intervention would happened is when she is faced with a monster that she alone cannot defeat. Melba has her own reason for saving her; she had seen her decision to run away from her home kingdom and declared it a very wise choice knowing how much of tyrants her parents are. If she didn't, then most likely she'll grow up to become like them.

Melba gave Victoria her blessing and decided that she will fight alongside her. In the end, they both defeated the serpent. After Victoria thanked the goddess, another one shows up; Melba's superior, the God Queen. She had observed the battle from above and congratulated the two on their victory. However, the serpent still lives. Just before it could attack, the God Queen took down the serpent without breaking a sweat and placeda bangle on it's neck, which turns it into a somewhat aquatic humanoid. With that taken care of, the God Queen gave Victoria a task; to find the sacred scrolls and bring peace to the world. Victoria has a new purpose and she accepted. As for the serpent-turned-humanoid, Victoria was given complete authority over her, much to her discomfort.
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Name: Plume Inkvine (he/she/they)

Race: Human

Age: 19

Appearance: Plume is a thin, wiry person who stands at about 5'8. They have long white hair that is constantly pulled into a tight, high ponytail that never seems to be able to capture the last few wisps of hair toward the front of their head. Black tattoos resembling kudzu vines swirl across nearly every inch of their tanned skin, the most notable running under their eyes, across the bridge of their nose, and down the side of their neck. Their dark brown, almond shaped eyes are almost always stuck in a glare, and they rarely lift their mouth out of a scowl.

They aren't used to owning many different pairs of clothes. Their current attire consists of woven sandals, one pair of loose fitting pants and a similar shirt, both made of rough, but durable fiber. While Plume does their best to keep it clean, it's still got a couple of dirt stains on it here and there due its light tan color. Slung around their waist is a belt which has a sheath to their dao sword. The rest of their belongings reside in a small sack they carry on their back.

Skills and abilities: Plume's magical abilities are all new to him, and come from the goddess of ink and tattoos, Mo. They allow him to materialize the kudzu vine tattoos on his body and manipulate them similarly to how an octopus uses its tentacles. If any vine is overstrained (either by lifting too much or stretching too far) or takes too much damage, it will dissolve into a puddle of ink, meaning Plume will have to re-tattoo it later if they want to use it again. Currently, each vine can only lift about 20 pounds (since he has 5 vines on his body, this makes for a maximum carry-load of 100lbs).

Since he's only had this ability for about a week or two at the start of the RP, he's not used to it yet and has a hard time coordinating all of the vines. He hasn't tried making new tattoos yet to see if they will give him extra abilities, but he will probably eventually find that any different tattoos he does make will need to be individually blessed by Mo (meaning, for example, he could make more kudzu vine tattoos of the same design and always be able to use those no problem so long as they're well-drawn and visually separate from the rest of the ink on his body, but tattoos of a new design will not grant any new abilities unless Mo individually blesses that design). Mo's blessing also protects Plume from ink poisoning.

Fortunately, Plume has had a lot of practice tattooing due to the value that a large chunk of his family places on it. He uses a process similar to modern hand-poke tattoo artistry, and doesn't much mind the temporary discomfort because he's grown used to it.

Training from his mother has also allowed him to get a fairly good sense of how to fight with a sword. He's far from a master, but he's accustomed enough to it that he'll probably be reaching for his sword before he thinks to use any god-gifted abilities. Using a sword and regular human strength alone, it would be extremely difficult for the average person to beat Plume. The problem with that can be summed up in one word: demons.

His skills don't only lie in combat and (begrudging) worship, though. From his years travelling and living off the land, Plume has plenty of practical knowledge about wilderness survival. Identifying edible plants, basic first aid, firestarting, setting up camp for the night, and most other necessities for a life such as that are all within his area of expertise.

Personality: Plume is the textbook definition of uptight. In her eyes, leisure and fun are all pointless at best, and dangerous at worst. This obviously isn't a healthy mindset, and it's only worsened when you consider what Plume counts under those things (namely any rest from work). Her constant want for efficiency not only leaves her generally tired and a it snappy, but it also tends to annoy the everloving shit out of everyone around her. Point out any of this to Plume, though, and she'll say she's simply "being practical."

Fortunately, this isn't a complete lie. Plume is somewhat practical and, if you can convince her that a decision is tactically sound, then she'll support it wholeheartedly. Any plan to keep the people under her protection safe is viable, even if it requires lying, cheating, bribing, or other less-than-honorable schemes. This includes setting aside personal thoughts and opinions on any person to (begrudgingly) work with them, which is especially important because she's got a hell of a grudge against all gods and demons (the gods for fucking off and leaving everyone in this mess in the first place, and demons for creating said mess).

As frustrating as she might be to be around, she's still a fairly useful asset. Her stubbornness allows her to stay determined on finding a path to complete nearly anything, and she's perfectly willing to approach a goal from a dozen different ways until something works. And if you happen to help in one of these endeavors, then you may find that she's a lot less snappy and more warm once she considers you a friend. Before that happens, though? Good luck getting so much as a smile out of her.

Backstory: Plume was raised in a small, travelling family poor in material items. Their life was uneventful—save for the occasional need to chase off a demon or two from eating, enslaving, or otherwise being an evil arsehole to the Inkvines—and mostly consisted of walking, trading, and listening to stories of their family history being told over and over again. There were two versions of it.

The first was the version they were told by the majority of the Inkvines. They had always been devout servants to Mo, goddess of ink and tattoos, and in the time before the gods disappearance, their lineage was marked by many blessings which they used to help provide for the handful of villages that they watched over. In those days, being an Inkvine meant being a helper to the community.

And then came the day that their devoutness simply wasn't enough to keep them safe; then came the gods' absence. In some way, they had not been faithful servants to Mo, and as a result they were punished to fall instead into servitude to a demon lord who forced them to construct a palace and wait on its every whim. But they stayed strong. Rather than letting this damage their devotion to Mo, they continued to pray with every free moment they got. In time, this lead to their escape.

For this reason, they should continue to worship Mo in every way they could. Tattoos and prayers were more than tradition, they were a necessity if they were to continue their life in freedom.

The second version was one told only by their mother, Nadiya, usually in panted breaths between tips to improve their form while training.

When Plume was born, they were still under the thumb of the demon lord and the rest of the family was still pointlessly praying to Mo rather than finding an escape. Nadiya realized she was the only one who would search out a practical solution, and so she did. Through favors and trickery, she convinced the demon lord to invite some neighboring demons into the palace. After that, all it took was some carefully placed comments about their master's "weakness", and the demons attacked in hopes of overthrowing them.

In the chaos, Nadiya stole a magical sword blessed by Mo which used to be an heirloom of the family and used it to break out with the rest of the Inkvines in tow. They've been travelling to keep as far from danger as possible ever since.

With the wastelands left behind by some demons, Plume had a hard time believing the first version, and thus they grew to idolize their mother over the second. They strove to be like her in every aspect—clever, combative, and coldly practical—but they found it too hard to refuse the traditions which the rest of the Inkvines begged them to participate in no matter how much they resented them. However, because they were the only other person in the family to share their mother's cynicism over Mo's support, they began to feel as if they had to follow in her footsteps and keep the family—along with all other humans—safe. The pressure they placed upon themself to achieve this left them in Nadiya's shadow, constantly looking for chances to prove themself.

Finally, they heard of the journey outlaid by the queen of gods and, as much as they held a dislike toward gods, they knew when to set aside their own personal feelings in the name of the greater good. They wanted to come along, but—fearing they wouldn't be strong enough to be any help—they made their first genuine prayer to Mo the night before they left to join. To their surprise, they received a blessing—though, it was clear that the queen's endorsement of the journey was the only reason that Mo was willing to give any help toward it. After gaining their blessing, it wasn't hard to join the journeying party.
Name: Rusalka, Demon Queen of the Waters

Race: Water Demon

Age: 500

Appearance: Drawn by 月わに
She stands at 7'0 and bears a very muscular figure.

Skills and abilities: Before her encounter with the God Queen, Rusalka was originally a gigantic sea serpent that terrorized the seas with her monstrous strength, her ability to generate whirlpools, spew out jets of water, produce electricity and manipulate the waters itself. Thanks to the bangle around her neck, her once monstrous form had been reduced into a tall muscular humanoid, greatly decreasing her strength to only be able to lift up and crush boulders, lost her ability to create whirlpools and shoot water jets, produce little electricity to level of tasers (of course those have yet to exist just using the term) and can manipulate only small volumes of water.

The only benefit she has in her current form is that she can stay in the surface without showing any signs of dehydration, unless heat is involved then she might need to drink at least a gallon of water to ensure her survival. Rusalka fights like a wild animal. She relies solely on her strength and brutality. She is also a very fast swimmer since she was a sea serpent before.

Personality: Rusalka acts more of an animal than an intelligent being. She always listens to her gut than thinking things through. She possess little rational thought and barely speaks, only growls and roars. She is also very quick to anger when provoked but will always remain passive when left alone. She revels in destruction and chaos, which is reflected by her fighting style to cause as much pain as possible. She enjoys the screams of agony and will take pleasure in eating somebody, be it human, demon or something else.

Want to get her on her good side? Offer her some food and maybe she can cooperate for you. You want her full trust? Promise her some more food. Ran out of food to give? Give her a headpat. Yes, for such a monstrously freakishly strong demon, for some reason other than causing a lot of pain, she does enjoy getting pats on the head.

Backstory: There was a story about a group of fishermen that were fishing by the shore. They had caught plenty of fish as it is within the season, but then they caught something rather peculiar. It is a fish like no other, it had sharp fangs, a villainous gaze and blue scales. The fishermen thinks it wouldn't be worth selling, and so they toss the fish back into the water and went back home. Many years later, the same group of fishermen were fishing by the shore and caught plenty of fish before they get caught by the same fish that they had toss away, bigger and much more ferocious. That is Rusalka, a demon of the sea and one of many demons that the God Queen had despised.

For many years, Rusalka had terrorized boats that come pass by, destroying them out of sheer enjoyment. Wherever she goes, many lives were taken by her. She had traveled the water by many tunnels that she had dug up, each of them leading to huge lakes. One of these lakes is where she encountered a young woman and decided to eat her as a snack. Unfortunately for her, a goddess had appeared to help the woman and was easily defeated. But the damages were not enough to take her out. Rusalka got up, but was struck hard by the God Queen and a bangle as big as it could fit her was placed on her neck, which transformed her into a humanoid that she did not take lightly. Under the thrall of the young woman, Rusalka was left with no choice but to obey her every whim during her quest for the sacred scrolls.
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  • neet


    Names, Titles
    Neet, Præy
    "The Preying (or Praying) Flower," "The Garden's Guillotine"
    Neet is a demon that resembles an orchid mantis and the flower for which it's named, as well as an axolotl. She has variations of her appearance, though limited to only three variations due to circumstance (her subjugation). Of her three forms, the orchid mantis and all it's tiny terrible beauty is one of them, able to seat herself on the shoulder of her human and demon posse. This is also the form she is forced into when the chant is incited to subdue her. Her other form is that of a giant amalgamation of the orchid, mantid, and axolotl. It is also significantly larger, taller, and more awful in appearance, beastly and befitting of "demon." Of her forms, she likes this one the most because it's her perception of the word "beautiful." Her third form sacrifices her perceived beauty for opposition specialized against gods, being significantly more human like, but still with characteristics of her other tributes. It's not a form she'll take often, but will take when the former seems to be failing.
    artist: 이승호‎‎* ( @lee_seu_no )
    artist: unsure, the link associated was to a delted account but th epin said "Monte on Twitter"
    artist: Arsenal D.i
    artist: ANIREAL
    Skills & Abilities
    at least two paragraphs
    Neet was once a goddess, yep! Crazy right? Her status while godly was not as renowned as others, flowers and it's associations, passion for the work and it's beauty, didn't reap the kind of fanaticism that gods of death, life, protection, war (you get the idea) brought. Yet she was content with her attributes, a benevolent benefactor of prayers and fondness from garden lovers and cultivators. Being someone who cherished the aesthetic and respite of a garden, and having never been a violent or ill-willed patron, it begs the question, what happened?

    Your goddess Neet was soon challenged, not just by her hand at gardening, the flowers, the aesthetics of her creations, but her own image. It wasn't something she paid mind to at first, but with both arrogant and obnoxious gods, humans, and words, she did begin to question herself. These questions soon turned over time into obsession with perfecting her craft, and while it may have become something better than before, the toll on her was growing apparent. Compliments and encouragement did not seem to outweigh the differences of opinion. Or rather, the didn't seem to comfort the thought of her beauty. Whether her beauty as a god was of worth to herself and to others remains a mystery as at her fall, the memory of her image was wiped from everyone, gods and herself included. All that is recalled is a faceless maiden whom likely carried flowers and accompanied marveling insects and garden critters. Neet as the demon she is now doesn't even remember being a god, and wouldn't believe any soul that would try to tell her.

    When she fell from godhood, after the buildup, an outburst catalyzed it, a whirlwind of hysteria that the gods just did not find befitting or could not quell. When she fell, flowers would not grow, until someone else among the divine apparently took over her blessed title. Neet was not heard from or seen again, her fall and disappearance was a matter met with indifference, if even a bleeding heart was concerned, moved on in time.

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Sarangerel, AKA "Ange"

Race: Demon, Ghoul

Age: 37

Appearance: Sarangerel is a small, pale humanoid woman with white hair and jaundiced, amber eyes. She has distinctive red marks of decay around her eyes. When she takes less care or the makeup rubs off, her flesh comes through clearly weathered and decayed and her hair matted and ‘dead’. Sarangerel has no detectable pulse or breathing. She also does not smell rotten. She makes sure of that. She stands about 5'0'' and her skin feels room temperature.

Skills and abilities: Sarangerel is a thing of flesh and artifice. Her body a work in progress, she modified herself alot, collecting abilities from her experiments. That went out the window when she was bangled. The ghoul base remained though. She's still needless; not eating, sleeping, or breathing and ageless or in other words, the walking dead. And being undead, she is very durable, shrugging off being on fire or and getting up from falls at terminal velocity. And when something does damage her, she'll will eventually piece herself back together. Though eventually means several hours unless someone is nice enough to bring the pieces together. She still has her talent for modding especially herself, but she cannot go far beyond parlor tricks (like sending her hand to crawl off by itself or making a bit of armor that glows and nothing else) on command. Her old mainstays like creating stronger/extra limbs, adaptive armor, making puppets out of corpses and stealing/adapting a dead thing's acid breath, etc she has to prepare in advance. And as long as she's bangled, her creations don't always last like they used to.

Her primary weapons are a bec de corbin and a hand-bent, one-foot crossbow. Sarangerel's an average duelist with more or less human strength, and she clearly relies upon her survivability, sneakiness, and attrition in melee. She'll try to snipe enemies from hiding first, lay traps, or 'help' an enemy tire themselves out. The same care and patience makes her an excellent infiltrator.

Generally, Sarangerel is quite intelligent, both quick-witted and knowledgeable in skills including: artifice, mathematics, and managing supplies, and life skills (like making repairs to a vehicle, equipment, or shelter or preserving food). She has no hope of handling animals. Dogs, for example growl at her and avoid her, or attack them if cornered.

Personality: Sarangerel smiles alot, speaks very softly, rarely speaks out of turn, and gives pretty freely. It's not kindness; though the good cheer is genuine. She simply gets a kick out of acting meek and irreverent. She also gets a kick out of close-talking and being touchy-feely. And running from people with sharp objects out to kill her. She's not very worried about embarrassment or setbacks, since she's 'already dead,' resulting in shamelessly dorky behavior and a tendency to shrug things off. Just, some of the things she shrugs off are the deaths of others and massive property damage.

If she thinks she can get away with it, Sarangerel will add dramatic flair to the aforementioned death and property damage. Even when she's infiltrating, she's putting on a sort of show and will try to create a good story for later. Her desire for good drama, for example, heavily affects whether she'll banter or play silent antagonist in a fight. The answer is whichever one sells better. Since its a hobby and without purpose, Sarangerel is mostly indifferent to who she serves, but she serves dutifully.

Sarangerel finds no contradiction between her cordial behavior and her destructive actions, and will freely speak of them as if they were interesting days at work. Which they are to her. When not preoccupied, she has no issue absent-mindedly giving just about anything to people who ask. When she does have work, Ange will quickly show how pitiless she is in completing her tasks.

Backstory: Sarangerel will tell people that she's a specter summoned forth by (insert whoever leads the team at the moment) to chastise the living. That or a sickly, middle aged, harmless passerby. It depends on the circumstance (and if the listener has already caught her).

Before the gods began to return, Sarangerel did much the same as what she was recruited for. In those days, Sarangerel set herself up with the closest employer, demon or human, and then blazed a trail of destruction in their name. Sometimes she was their multidisciplinary sidekick acting as a rather violent scribe, repair woman, beast of burden, delivery service, lab assistant, gladiator, and anything else her boss de jour decided she should do. She never got famous this way, but she certainly and discreetly made other more renown demons' reigns bloodier. Then her employer inevitably died, and she moved on to help the next patron in the next land. Sarangerel wandered for decades, playing highly destructive and destabilizing henchman to whoever she attached herself to.

When the god queen took a town from her latest patron, Sarangerel just happened to be lucky enough to be one of the ones she did not kill outright. Instead she found herself bangled and did not resist. Honestly, with Sarangerel's patron dead, the god queen need only have asked for Sarangerel to change her services. Of course Sarangerel telling the queen this along with her lack of reason for her actions ("It seemed like a good time") was probably not the best idea. She got sent on the journey instead of smote at least. How different could doing the same work for a god be?
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Name: Nina Simone Rivera

Race: Human

Age: 27

Appearance: Nina is a relatively short girl, standing at an impressive height of 5'2. She's kind of pear-shaped, with wider hips and thicker thighs. Nina has a round face that comes to a pointed end. heart-shaped. and her brown skin is littered with freckles, some areas more clustered than others, like her cheeks, shoulders, and knees. Nina has wide doe-like eyes that are odd in color, they are a diluted green that become a sort of light yellow color. Her iris is white, oddly enough. Making her eyes seem bright, like they would glow in the dark.(They don’t) Nina's hair is very curly and she has a lot of it- it is quite dense. but it's very pretty, it's dark brown and ends a bit below her waist.

Skills and abilities:

Combat: Nina had a basic understanding of how to defend herself. She’s quick and agile, her fighting style relies heavily on her legs and being able to outmaneuver or confuse her opponent until she could strike or make a getaway. Nina rarely fights head on.

Life: Nina can turn an inanimate object into something alive. The object has to be around the size size as what she turns it into. If she isn’t strong enough to lift the object she wants to change then she can’t change it. Same goes for whatever living thing she turns it into. And she can turn three things max before having to take at least a 12 hour long break. She can’t turn the object in anything that sapient so no humans, demons, or gods for her.

Quick learner: Nina is like a sponge for information, her observation skills are top-tier as well.

Optimistic and Driven: Nina can see the good in any situation, and she doesn’t give up. Maybe it’s because she’s stubborn. But she’s great for group morale.

Liar: Nina’s very dishonest, she knows it and hates herself for it. But that doesn’t stop her from lying to avoid stressful situations. Still, she's very good at maintaining a facade and could probably convince someone that the sky is green.

Personality: Nina comes off as a sweet, naive girl who can be a bit dim. And while there is some truth to that kind and unknowing persona, it’s mostly a lie. Nina pretends to be a lot more naive than she actually is. She’s afraid that she wouldn’t be accepted by others if she was completely herself. So she pretends to be someone that most would want to protect, someone stupid but kind and outgoing. A saint who’s selfless and comforting. And for the most part. She is a genuinely kind person, acting the way she does so others feel comfortable and safe around her. She wants people to be happy. She’s selfless in her own way and she’s very thoughtful and considerate to those she holds dear. She’s just afraid of being her true self and being rejected for it. She hopes that if she makes the people around her happy, she could be happy too.

Nina is a very insecure person, she knows it and she hides it as much as she can. She gets jealous of other people’s happiness and immediately hates herself for feeling that way. She’s a hypocrite who wants others to trust her, but never a truly trusts anyone. As much as she pretends not to, she knows that the world is a cruel place. She just doesn’t get why it was so cruel to her. She’s convinced she must have done something to deserve her misfortune. So she decided to dedicate her entire being to making others happier, maybe if she did enough good for people it would make up for her shortcomings?

Backstory: (consider this a wip, for some reason I don’t really like how it turned out, suggestions are very welcome.)
Many expectations are placed on someone born into the Rivera bloodline from the moment they are born. They were a powerful family of bards. The assassin kind, of course. And Nina made herself known throughout her childhood as a kind, soft child. Someone who wouldn’t wish harm on anyone. So naturally her family toughened up on her, giving her harsh punishments for every single slip up she had. When she was being taught to fight, anytime she hesitated to hurt her opponent she would be denied dinner or locked in a storage closet until night. Yet she never held resentment towards her family like they hoped she would. All thanks to her brother, Markus. He was kind to her and would try to keep Nina out of trouble. He even shared the things he learned in training with her once the family gave up on her and began to ignore her. Thanks to him, Nina’s faith in people wasn’t completely destroyed.

As her brother became more and more busy, Nina tried to find company in some other place, her attempts leading her to the forest nearby her house. She would spend most of her days exploring the place and talking to plants when she was bored, avoiding demons, or trying to coerce animals into being friends with her. One day, when Nina was in her early adolescence, she came upon an injured deer, it’s back legs were obviously broken. Nina was happy to attempt to nurse it back to health. Partially out of the goodness in her heart, but mostly because it felt good to have something rely on her.

It only took a week for the deer to stand on its feet again, thanks to the fact that this was no ordinary creature, but an aspect of the nature goddess, Aranya.

Aranya was fascinated by this little human who talked to plants as if they were people, and loved the forest more than her home. So she sent down a deer to test the girl’s love for nature. How far would she go for Aranya’s precious creations? When the goddess was satisfied with Nina’s efforts she healed the deer and sent a message to Nina through it. Aranya didn’t use words to communicate with Nina, yet Nina felt as if she understood everything without needing any words. She was blessed by the nature goddess and given the power to create life where there was none.

She kept these abilities a secret from her family and kept their use to a minimum. She wanted her family’s attention, but she knew her life would be much easier if she pretended to be the same disappointment to the family that she’d always been. She worshipped Aranya dutifully from that day on. Aranya is the reason Nina joined the journey with the demons to begin with. Aranya was one of the goddesses who supported the queen, and Nina felt like it was her duty as one of her worshippers to help however she could.
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Name: O’Korro

Race: Demon

Age: 253


Korro looks human enough; he is of average height, but it is difficult to tell because he usually crouches when at rest. His frame is sturdy but lean and wiry, betraying hardships in the past. His hair begins white at the roots, and quickly deepens to ash-grey and then black at the tips. It sticks out at odd angles, as if he just crawled out of bed. His face is round and there is a cluster of freckles flecked across the bridge of his nose. His eye brows are thick and also white-grey and his eyes are the deep, imposing yellow of a predator. He seldom smiles, but when he does, he reveals pointed canines. Korro’s clothes are made of fur and leather mostly, he has a dark, boar-hide vest, covered with a short cloak of white wolf fur. His trousers are wool, and tied off at the knee with leather bracers. He generally does not wear shoes, but prefers the ground on his feet, and the cold does not seem to bother him at all. Korro carries a hunting bow and a weighted blade, made to break the bones of large animals. The gold bangle is on his right wrist, and is the most flamboyant thing on his person. He wears a unique blue-crystal pendant, the colour of glacial ice, tied in a leather holder that hangs about his neck.

  • Korro’s powers are much diminished since being trapped by the bangle: he cannot transform, and only retains a fraction of his former strength. That said, he still has the strength of four human men, and this can be deadly when put behind his weapons. His bow is so strong a regular human could not even draw it. Korro can jump fairly large distances too, and climb like a monkey through the trees.

    Korro’s other retained ability is that he can summon and speak to wolves (provided they are within earshot). He used to comprehend almost any wild beast, but the bangle interferes with this too.

    He is relatively cold resistant, being able to survive a blizzard that would normally kill a human.
Art by Anna Van der Linde
Name: Daycean Laoa

Race: human

Age: 24


Dayce is slender and average height, but lean and muscular. Her skin is a rich brown and her hair is set into shoulder-length dreadlocks, beaded and sometimes wrapped with cord. Her clothes are light, meant for the warm climates of the south, red with accents in white and black. She wears a red silk hooded cowl and waist wrap, and her trousers are white linen, bound just after the knee by leather bracers. Her forearms are wrapped, and adorned in beaded feather charms.

Her air is confident and she has several scars betraying a turbulent past. Her eyes are dark and stern but warm.

  • Dayce’s weapon of choice is the spear, and hers is made of iron, with a bone-base hilt decoration and beaded feathers adorning the butt.

    Dayce has received the blessing of the goddess Kalian, goddess of courage. As a result, Dayce has been imbued with barrier magic and energy-enhancing abilities on weapons.

    Dayce can raise a barrier that can stop most physical blows from weaker demon opponents. She can shield a small group of people from something like a rock slide, but this drains her energy and she cannot do it for more than a minute.

    Dayce can also imbue her spear with a magical energy that works well against demons, however against gods and other humans, the spear remains as it is.

    Dayce can also use her barrier to trap and hold enemy demons (not humans and certainly not gods), though for now, she can only contain the weaker demons (our demon characters will always be too strong to be contained in these barriers).

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