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so been re watching the series and thought of this idea for a years later plot that I thought could be fun for a RP.

in it Jade is a adult with a son as a fun role reversal of how it normally was and she works for section 13.

a demon teen name Aquos appears and is the son of the water demon Bai Tza and it turns out all the demons had children but years ago a sorcerer cast a spell on them to make them forget they were demons and give them human disguises so they'd live as normal humans constantly changing to match the time period without questioning it but it was interrupted and Aquos was only temporary effected and now seeks out his cousins to awaken their true selfs as depsite not being as strong as their parents together they can do great harm and even open a portal to the demon realm to free their parents so Jade has to find the demons first.

we can each make up one of the demon kids maybe some could actually chose to be good if you want.

I'd of course play Aquos and Jades son and if possible would like someone to be Jade as it be easier since id be playing the main antagonist and just easier to not have to basically fight myself

we can discuss more details if you're interested

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