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It's All Fun and Games


Two Thousand Club

We always talk about people in high places. Criminals are products of society or products of nature. On the surface, these criminals are practically angels. A group of teenagers that became fast friends. However, that's just the surface. These kids are anything but innocent. A group of dangerous thrill seekers who will go to any lengths for fun.

Welcome to It's all Fun and Games.

This RP focuses on a group of dangerous psychopaths who enjoy playing their "games". They're essentially thrill-seeking criminals. They'll start off with small-time crimes but if they're allowed to continue, they'll only get worse. At the end of the day, they also have connections thanks to their parents.

However, there's a group consisting of cops, kids, and maybe even other criminals that want to put a stop to it. Some of them simply know this from the word on the streets. Others might have been victims. Some are actually informed about it, but are powerless to stop them because of the power their families control.

I'm looking for people who are interested in playing these groups, and have a list of roles I need people to take if you're interested!

Roles for the "Game Group"

The Charismatic Leader: She/he is the shot caller of the group. The person who has the plan. The straight-A student who'd be found at community service events. The kind of student that's class president and valedictorian. They're also the kind of leader that'd convince a bunch of teens to rob a store or mug an honest joe.

The Loyal Second-In Command: They're the leader's most trusted person. Childhood friends growing up and sometimes a helpful planner. Being the child of a famous security company, they work out logistics for the rest of the team. But they have doubts about this whole crime spree. In another world, they could have been a good kid. But they chose to stick by their friends and slowly, they're getting a taste for crime. But with loose cannons like the Sadist in their group, it's hard.

The Shy Sadist: Sure, everyone's a sadist, but this person takes it to a different level. If they weren't rich, they'd be on the FBI's Most Wanted List. They're no Norman Bates as far as body count, but under their shy exterior lies a monster that once released, is almost impossible to obtain. Potentially affected with a bi-polar disorder, the Shy Sadist manages a quiet but kind facade at their high school. And like any good shark, that immediately changes at the scent of blood.

The Athletic Anarchist: The team captain of the high school championship playoffs. They're use to glory and attention. Often, they get whatever they want simply because the school can't afford to lose them. With that kind of confidence and protection however, one can imagine they'd wanna push the limits. With the potential to cause mayhem, this is just another challenge to overcome.

(Plus more if more people are interested!)

Roles for the "Police" Group

The Detective: All cops get paid, and this cop was no different. Of course, this cop was also paid off by certain people. Still, they believe they're doing some good in the world. Of course, with rumors going around of a new gang causing trouble, motivated simply by the thrill of breaking the law, this cop wants to put together a squad to figure out not only who they are but how to get rid of them.

The Reporter: Nobody wants to deal with the press, but this person digs for the truth, no matter who wants to hide it. Sure, most agencies can be bought out, but with the right camera and snapshot, this reporter is determined to show the world just how dangerous this crime group is.

The One That Lived: There are no shortage of victims to these people's games. Some survive, some don't. This person was one of the one's that shouldn't have survived. But for better or worse, they're alive and seeking revenge.

The Criminal: Nobody ever thinks about working with a criminal, but this person sees them as bad for the business. After all, they're not seeking profit but want to have fun. And there's a good chance they'll ruin it for everyone else if they continue. This person isn't really here for justice, but the enemy of my enemy is my friend and this person takes that motto to heart.

(Plus more)


I'll add more roles based on what interests people but these are the ones I'm requesting now.)


hey im interested in this and want to know if a hacker would be useful? Maybe taking the criminal role.


Two Thousand Club
hey im interested in this and want to know if a hacker would be useful? Maybe taking the criminal role.
Yeah you could be a hacker. But keep in mind I’d probably make it extremely difficult for you to do it. It won’t be easy getting into the grids
I wouldn't mind playing on the game team. Would it be possible to play a more frail character who prefers to dabble in areas of psychological manipulation?


You faker than some Sweet 'N Low
i think being part of the game team sounds fun, it possible to play a motherly type character with a sadistic streak? probably uses human blood in pastries they bake

A lecto

Imagination is the only weapon against reality
I would be very interested in this :) not sure which role but definitely in the game group, if you are still looking that is.


A Disproportionately Dysfunctional Disappointment
Definitely interested. Would be able to play either side, just let me know what roles are still available.

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