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Realistic or Modern Instant Family {Gay Dads needed}Advance lit

Tiff the Odd

Junior Member
Two Dads.

So, the couple have been together for 5 years and are ready to adopt their first child. They fall in love with a little 2 year old boy (one of my characters) named Henry Adam Willard. He had bright red, big blue eyes and his little face is covered in freckles. They decide that he is perfect for their little family.They spent 3 weeks becoming foster parents so they can take the little toddler home to foster before adopting but once they go to pick him up, they discover he had an 11 year old sister, Piper Ann Willard (My other character). She has the same red hair and blue eyes though she is 11 going on 16. She has an attitude and has been labeled a trouble maker, getting into fights with other children and stealing stuff.

Piper is extremely attached and overprotective of Henry so she insists that they foster her as well so she can make sure they’ll take care of her baby brother. They aren’t excited but they don’t want to hurt the little boy by taking him away from Piper so they decide to foster her until they can adopt Henry.

Will their home become an all out war zone or will they find that the young girl needs them just as much as her brother?

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