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Multiple Settings Feralfront Cryosleeper Seeks New Blood (semi-lit+, original stuff)


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Last Edit: 4/1/2024

  • About! ☤

    Hello! I am Rascal (any pronouns), I've been RPing for many years! I used to be on Feralfront before it shut off, and apparently I didn't get the memo that everyone moved here until, like, three days ago! But that's okay, 'cause I made it!

    I'm used to semi-lit+ (I hope that means the same as what it meant the last time I was on a forum) RP, but I can go higher if you want! In the end, I'll probably just try and match your content. I am a believer in quality over quantity, though, so don't feel the need to match my word count- if you can say something in half the words it takes me to say it, cool!

    I probably won't be using a huge amount of BBCode. I literally don't remember any of it! I copy-pasted this from the base tutorial! So don't expect my posts to look very fancy, haha.

I don't really want to use Discord for OOC unless it's a group RP, sorry! I'd like to keep communications for small stuff on-site.

Feel free to prompt me in this thread, or PM me (though I would like further discussion past the initial prompt to be in PMs to avoid clogging up the thread)! If you have a Group RP that you think I might like, feel free to link that too! If multiple people want to try out the same stuff, maybe we can go for a group RP!
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