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Fandom Infamous one X One

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Action, Adventure, Romance, Slice of Life


Im my own enemy.
Hello I am Marcel or Pete. I am looking to do a one X one Infamous rp. Now I do not expect you to know everything about the infamous world since it is confusing as fuck and with the two timelines depending on Cole or Desins evil karma or good karma. Honestly I could swing ether way but I mostly like to be good characters who would chose to save humanity but I could be a evil son of a bitch too. I like to play canon and will double however I think doubling slows down the pace of the story, just my opinion. I also can play both genders if you want but usually will play male in MxF. I do not have an age limit of romance if you are mature enough ot do a romance with a 19 year old.


  1. Do not be overpowered or have outstanding abilities. All conduits have weaknesses. (for example Cole dies instantly in water and needs electrically around to charge and himself and heal)
  2. I am ghost friendly boo! (Taken from Jannah :)
  3. I will try to write as much as I can and I expect my partner to do the same. (usually 2 or 3 paragraphs depends if I’m excited)
  4. Be excited please.

Plots: Seattle

This would take place over the events of second son or after if you have a idea of a AU. Auguststine would be in charge of the DUP and looking for conduits to lock up at the conduit prison. We could do First Light or Coles Legacy and add it in the plot if you like. This is open for conversation.

plot Empire City

So this would the beginning of the conduit saga as Cole opens a package filled with radiation and gave him and other people the conduit gene. This is where Kessler appears too and gives Cole a choice to but we could make it so they give us a chance instead of Cole. Also the reapers would be the main antagonist of the story since they would take the chance to seize territory of the now sick and dying empire city. Also I had a idea of maybe the female would be a nurse and could have a conduit gene in her as she wonders why she is not dying like her co workers are when tending to the sick. I would play Cole and no I do not expect a Trish or a Zeke. I just like Cole. Hell if you wanted you could say Trish has powers if you wanna play her.

plot New Marals

Bertrand the conduit dealer is trying to kidnap people to turn them into conduits for selling them to other countries. He is also the controller of the swamp monsters and the Militia. If you would rather do a vampire storyline like the DLC festival of blood my idea is that I would be cole and your character would be a normal vampire or the queen idk. In the canon story Cole blows the Vampire crypt shut with the help of Zeke but we could have hit so that there are good and bad vampires and the bad ones are the only ones drinking from humans idk.

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