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Magic Eight Ball
Hi all! My name is Emily (Em). I'm 27 and have about 15 years rp experience both as canon and OC characters. I predominantly do Star Trek (TOS and post-VOY era). I almost always do doubling RP and am looking to expand my fandoms or even do original content.

23+ people only. I like mature and adult romantic themes. Age ranges are a necessity for everyone's comfort and safety, not a suggestion.

I'm happy to be characters of any gender and partner gender does not matter if there's chemistry in the writing. I also can switch between what tense we do and can vary the length of the response. Though I try to keep it reasonable, usually within the length of a Discord message as that's where I prefer to write. I'd even be happy to do multiple scenes/stories/fandoms at a time and use the private server settings to keep organized as well as brainstorm and keep notes/lore straight depending on complexity.

Star Trek (TOS (I prefer Spirk and writing as Jim but I'm open to talk), TNG, DS9, VOY & LD (OCs))
Baldur's Gate 3/DND in general: want to be my TAV looking for an Astarion, Halsin, Emperor, or OC. If you have another you prefer, I'm happy to discuss.
Harry Potter isn't my fave but I'm open to it with OCs. Again, happy to discuss all options though.
General Sci-Fi or Fantasy settings are also good with compelling OCs.

If you have something in mind please be happy to discuss proper plot points and not just tags. Enemies to Lovers is great. Sharing 1 bed is great. But these are not stand-alone plots. I'm interested in really fleshing out worlds, characters, and ideas.

I can do everything from fluff to angst to smut depending on the chemistry. If it's more adult themes, they MUST be adult characters. I like to plot and chat, would love to be friends and not just co-writers.

Spock can feel the short burst of panic in Jim at the idea of marriage. Mind still not entirely his own, Spock is unequipped to sift through Jim’s complex and layered emotions.

“I-“ he is caught entirely unaware by the question. With T’Pring it was understood they were paired together based entirely on familial relation and mental compatibility. Yet, in the 25 years they have been bonded, he has never felt a desire to explore her mind.

Too aware of his human heritage, he hid away from all aspects of human culture. Especially romance and love. They were things he did not believe possible for him.

He never allowed himself to want something he could not have.

But in bed, slick with sweat, heart rates gradually returning to normal, and Jim’s body and mind his in every way, it did not feel impossible.

“I do not understand what romance entails,” he does not know how this abstraction relates to marriage for humans. But he knows he wants to. “I am curious about it. I do not know if I can want something I do not understand.”
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