1. spocksbrainworms

    Fandom Looking for new long-term RP partner

    Hi all! My name is Emily (Em). I'm 27 and have about 15 years rp experience both as canon and OC characters. I predominantly do Star Trek (TOS and post-VOY era). I almost always do doubling RP and am looking to expand my fandoms or even do original content. 23+ people only. I like mature and...
  2. Angelgrl91

    Fandom Traversing the Realm

    Astarion has recently escaped his abuser and discovered that sunlight no longer hurts him. As such, he comes off as reckless and hedonistic at times, wishing to enjoy his newfound freedom as much as possible He was standing on a road west of the crashed Nautiloid in the Wilderness. He has just...
  3. starrieyed

    Fandom Baldur's Gating ♡

    Hi there, Aries again! I'm 21, use she/her pronouns and I'm in the EST time zone. Now, I've not played the game yet. Which is probably going to sound strange, right? I have to upgrade my console to play it but that'll take time so I'm searching for somebody who's 20+ to write Astarion against my...
  4. NoeWon

    Fandom Looking for a writing buddy! (BG3 RP preferred ♥️)

    Hi everybody! My name is Ari and I'm looking for a writing partner and friend. 😊 I'm very active on here and will respond to replies. I've been RPing for over 15 years and I love fandoms as well as original content. I write over on Discord, so feel free to reach out to me here and I'll shoot...
  5. wraivens

    Fandom ♡ Baldur's Gate 3 RP!

    ☾ Hi! I’m Wren and I’m looking for some new partners ***18+ only, writers and characters, please*** Basics: I write advanced literate - novella and am looking for a partner who writes the same I’m currently only interested in writing as a male in male x male ships I have around 10...
  6. fiendishdarling

    Fantasy BG3 RP - 1x1; Doubling Friendly!

    [I’m new to the BG3 fandom. 50hrs of game time in! Obsessed with the writing of the game and in love with the character arcs.] About Me: 21 years old. She/Her pronouns. Bi. Employed full time, but a highly active writer outside my work commitments! I have a decade of writing experience...