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Fandom Baldur's Gating ♡


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Hi there, Aries again! I'm 21, use she/her pronouns and I'm in the EST time zone. Now, I've not played the game yet. Which is probably going to sound strange, right? I have to upgrade my console to play it but that'll take time so I'm searching for somebody who's 20+ to write Astarion against my OC.

The catch here is that he's ended up in my OC's world. So now she's stuck with a vampire from another world who's probably horrible at blending in. I do feel like it'd be quite interesting to explore. Please note that for this one, I likely won't double since I'm not accustomed to it yet.

All characters must be 20+!!

My general no's / limits are:
- Anything involving pedophilia, incest and non-con.
- Explicit content must be fade to black or skipped. Sorry, it's just personal reasons.
- I am in a few roleplays and don't mind being pinged but please don't do it every single day unless you're pinging me in your response. But repeated pinging just to get me to reply is kind of....eh.
- Triggers must be discussed beforehand so you're comfortable.
- I'm a huge fan of angst but I prefer not writing hurt/no comfort type scenes too much.
- Not required but I'd love a writing partner who's talkative ooc like I am! ♡

I'd appreciate so much, anybody who's willing to give me Astarion content. ♡

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