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Looking to RP Baldur's Gate 3! (Not replacing anyone!)
I usually write anywhere between 4 paragraphs and five, maybe six depending! 3 is the least I write, my writing length just depends on the rp itself and how much I have to go off of!
I'm also PST if that matters at all!
I can RP here or discord.

Some rules

- I fully welcome double ups and prefer them, if we don't do a double up I prefer playing my oc! I like to try and keep things fair though.
- I play some canon characters and you do too, that way all the pressure of leading a rp isn't put on one person!
- I enjoy discussing plots, if you have any in mind or even some ideas, I'd love to brainstorm them with you!
-No one liners, at least 2-3 paragraphs the very least, I need something to work with!
- I'd like you to be 18 or older if you contact me, due to the fact that I'm 19, I'm not comfortable RPing with minors! Sorry!


Now the rules are over, there's just a few more things!

My character is a durge! So there may be a lot of spoilers in her backstory so fair warning! There is a warning placed before said backstory.
I'm looking for someone who can play an Astarion against my Durge! Ascended or spawn is fine, whatever you prefer, I'd like to see what we can come up with!

As for who I can play! I can play anyone really, just ask! I don't have a preference!

The rest we can discuss in DMs!

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