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Multiple Settings Incompetent Father Figure x Orphan Girl {Platonic/Found Family} Adv. Lit

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Action, Adventure, Dystopian, Platonic, Slice of Life, Super Powers, Supernatural, Zombies

Tiff the Odd

Junior Member
Hello! I have a few ideas for some kind of plot but I just really want to do this prompt. I’m a sucker for found family and anything that has to do with a father/daughter type relationship.

I am thinking like someone who is kind of rough and grumpy, like a Joel and Ellie situation from The Last of Us. I love anything that has to do with an apocalypse.

Here some prompts to help us start plotting:

•Superhero and his young sidekick
•Villain and his young sidekick
•Body guard demon and half demon charge
•Mage and his new apprentice

I can shift around some of her background information to fit the setting but of the roleplay. Our plot does not have to be limited to those prompts! If you have ideas of your own please tell.

I am semi advance to advance so I write usually 3+ paragraphs and I will ask that you do the same but I do prefer quality over quantity.
I’m not a grammar/spelling Nazi but please use proper grammar and spelling.

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