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Multiple Settings In need of some pining and fluff M// or F//

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The True Nerd

Smol and awkward
I have recently started a new job and I am stressed and depressed. So, I'm looking for some people who want to do a romance roleplay that starts off with some mutual pining. It can be any genre and the characters can be different creatures (werewolf/human, human/human, etc.). We can work out a plot as long as there is some pining and fluff.

  • Please be at least 18, I can comprimise 17 if you are really interested.
  • I am on almost all day when I am not working so I reply fast. You don't have to, this is more of a note.
  • Please at least one paragraph
  • I roleplay on site only
Other than that I'm pretty open! Send me a PM or comment if you are interested and have ideas/cravings!

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