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Futuristic Imperium (Futuristic Superpower rp) (O/A)



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A semi-lit to lit, super power rp

The Lore
In the year 2035, technology started to advance even quicker than it already had in the decades prior. The products of movies and television shows became reality; hover boards, giant touch holograms, smart homes, and all the other things you'd see in a Black Mirror episode. However with the boom in technology, there came consequences. In the year 2040 a virus had spread across the globe, but given past pandemics and mass spread diseases, scientists were ready this time, especially with the right technology on hand. The cure came with a price though, as certain "patient zeros" started to develop unique traits, or as the media called it "powers".

The few small cases eventually turned into a widespread phenomenon as people left and right were starting to discover new abilities or their children were being born with abilities. The area that was known as Ground Zero, Neo-City, became a popular spot given it was the birthplace of super powered humans. Not everyone was born on the same playing field though, and many began to also misuse their powers, encouraging the CEO's of the cure as well as the government to start hiring people with strong powers to help the police combat crime.

This worked well in the beginning. Corruption though led to the corporations and government to start ruling with unhealthy authority, with their super powered humans doing their dirty work, all the while, the company in charge of the cure, Imperium, started doing experiments under government orders to create even stronger humans. A leak to the press stimulated anger though, and as such a rebellion started to form.

Now, 2050, a war is subtly breaking out in the heart of Neo-City, with the rebels (The Powered Against Government or PAG) and the corporations and government (with Imperium at the forefront) at odds. The rebels have numbers, however based on classification, their ranks only hold Tier 1- Tier 3 Supers, while Imperium has unique superhumans classified as Tier 5 and 6's.

While there have only been a few battles here and there, the city is tense with pressure building from each side. Its only a matter of time before one comes out on top
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'The Goal in Mind'

World building, interesting character interaction and development, fights, some cliché anime/superhero stuff. My goal with this rp is to just build a fun experience where many people can have many options (within fair bounds of course). Scientists, CEOs, Rebels, Superhumans, or just everyday joe shmoes will add to the story and I'm open to building an interesting world with many interesting characters

More selfishly, this was one of my favorite ideas from back in the day, and between The Boys, Cyberpunk, and trying to get back into writing, thought I'd resurrect this rp and see if it goes anywhere

!!!!!!!!!! READ THE RULES !!!!!!!!!

1. No Godmodding

2. No auto-hitting

3. Romance is a given but keep it to a timeskip if it comes down to the hanky panky

4. No Mary or Gary Sues

5. If you won't be able to post, please communicate that. If a week or two goes by with no indication of absence your character will be removed. Life gets busy, so just inform me and whoever you may be interacting with of that.

6. Only two characters per person and none in the same Tier if it's above 4. On that note some characters will be super strong so make sure to give them equally big flaws. No one is invincible.

7. This is a semi-lit/ lazy-lit/ kinda-lit rp. I'm expecting at least 2 paragraphs with proper grammar so that people have something to work with, and if you want to write a bible go ahead, I'm all for creativity but also don't get excessive with FLUFF.

8. This is not a walk in so be sure to send your profile to me, and once approved you can post it in the character thread!!!!!. Also character appearances have to be concept art/art/anime. No real life face grabs

9. THIS IS THE MAIN THREAD! Please do not post character skeletons, scrap ideas, or reservations here. THE OOC AND CHARACTER PAGES ARE LINKED ABOVE

10. Will add more rules as this goes
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General Information About Supers

Supers are becoming more common, some with similar powers and others with entirely unique ones. Some develop powers naturally, while others activate or evolve them through trauma or growth. However all Supers are categorized into Tiers based on a number of factors, mostly with the time they've had their powers, their control over said powers, the evolution of their powers, and the magnitude of their powers, with higher Tiers being categorized by multitude of powers.

Tier 1 Supers: These supers usually have just gained knowledge of their powers, and have little to no control of their powers, or their powers are usually seen as too weak or underdeveloped (i.e. making a plant grow faster). Tier 1 supers are usually not recruited by the government and can have normal jobs, until their powers develop. The jump is usually a bit tougher from 1 to 2.

Tier 2 Supers: The most common Super, Tier 2 Supers have mild to good control of their powers but by government standards are usually non-threats to low level threats, however depending on the power they can be recruited to serve or aid police, corporations as bodyguards, or even some military applications. The jump from 2 to 3 is somewhat easier as the Super is most likely acclimating to their power and evolving it.

Tier 3 Supers: At this categorization, Supers have mastery of their power and have probably evolved it to a really mature point, as well as possibly experimented with branching. An example would be fire manipulation at Tier 1, becoming fire creation at Tier 2, becoming creating tangible fire tools and weapons at Tier 3. At this Tier the government flags individuals and keeps a closer eye as this Tier can be utilized for crime or for serving the government to a greater degree. Many Tier 3's are left alone, but still monitored relatively closely. Someone can also be classified a Tier 3 if their power is strong

Tier 4 Supers: A more rare degree of Supers. While uncommon there are a few of these, and alongside having matured powers, they usually ALREADY have durability, strength, or sense enhancement as well. The jump from Tier 3 to Tier 4 is entirely based on one's will to train, traumatic experience, experimentation, or sheer luck. At this point a power has been mastered and some sort of physical attribute is enhanced be it the senses, durability, agility, or strength. Although being gifted with more, there usually come stronger drawbacks with this Tier. Tier 4s are heavily sought by rebels, criminals, and the government alike.

Tier 5 Supers: To public knowledge, to Imperium, and the government's knowledge there are only FIVE active Tier 5s. These Tier 5s vary from government dogs, to neutral parties, to rebel commanders, however one factor is the same and it is their usefulness. Tier 5s have complete mastery of a power, and like Tier 4s they have some sort of physical boost, however they also develop a SECOND POWER. All the Tier 5s are given their classification because they have been documented to have a second power either developing or fully developed. However this has notably come with contingencies or severe drawbacks.

Tier 6 Supers: Unbeknownst to the public, and seemingly only a rumor amongst rebels and the internet, there are two Tier 6 Supers that were modified in Imperium Labs. Their allegiance, whereabouts, and power levels are unknown and it is also unconfirmed if they are even real, at least to the public. Conspiracy theorists on the web point to the fact that if something like a Tier 6 existed, it's allegiance could sway the subtle war between Imperium and the Rebels

Map Coming Soon

Neo-City is probably one of the most advanced cities in the world. There are flying cars in some areas, self driving ones in other. Holograms litter every store and street corner, and there's no shortage of people. The police patrol frequently in the air and the sky, and have plenty of weapons for dealing with lower tier Supers. Of course there is crime as cash operates the whole city, where there is no shortage of places that exist. With every city though there of course comes evident classicism and it shows in Neo City...

Upper Neo-City, "The Riches"/"The Acres"
Cut off with bridges, and security, the Upper part of the city is filled with gated communities, rich towers, futuristic mansions, and a few cleanly places of business as well as Imperium Headquarters. There is grass, the noise of the city doesn't exist, and security is the tightest here. This is because only the rich can live in the upper part of the city, designed for the wealthiest of the wealthy, or the luckiest people.


Middle Neo-City aka "The Heart", "Business District", "Neo Vegas", etc.
There are no shortage for names for the middle of Neo-City, however The Heart is a fitting nickname as everything that keeps Neo-City thriving exists here. From businesses like high end stock and law firms, to strip clubs and bars. From cart vendors to Michelin Star restaurants. The wealthiest can live and thrive here, and the lowest of poor or criminals can survive just as well. The most luxurious of penthouses to the most simple of apartments can be purchased here. The streets are always busy, with only the edges being a bit on the quiet side. Noise, lights, and a nonstop pace. To compare it to the likes of any of the other well known cities in the world would be tarnishing it's name. There are more streets than New York, more lights than in Tokyo or Vegas, and more fun than Amsterdam of Berlin. Everything goes in this city and opportunities exist around every corner.

Lower Neo-City, "The Slums"
Not everyone can make it in Neo-City. Some people born outside of it come to make a name for themselves, or fall in love after a vacation, and end up piss poor. Even those who were once the wealthiest in the Middle, pissed away their savings and ended up here somehow. One would think that such a stain on Neo-City's image would've been erased by the government and big businesses but underground and powerful criminal networks as well as the Rebels keep the Slums alive, or as alive as it could be. Dark, damp, smelly, dangerous. The Slums have few businesses and whatever businesses those are, they're usually shady, temporary, or not FDA approved. The most you'll find here are people surviving, be it in cluttered apartments, tents, or niches.

~More Locations to Come~​

Profile Skeleton and Important Roles

Allegiance: (optional)
Weapons: (optional)
Cyberware: (optional)
Tier: (optional, between 1-6)
Appearance: (anime/art only. No real face grabs)

-----------Important Roles------------

The Tier 5's (3 available)
-Lilian Anderbilt- -Unassigned- -Sir William Faust- -Jacob Hardwhick- -Unassigned-

The Tier 6 (1 available)
-Repemtia Celestine- -Unassigned-

Director of Imperium

PAG (Rebel) Leader(s)
-Jacob Hardwhick-​
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Rachel Marewski
As the sun came up, and peered through the massive buildings of Neo-City Middle, a body shifted in bed. The rays of the sun slowly crept through the window of a 2nd floor apartment, and hit the naked back of a raven haired woman. A loud groan followed. Rachel Marewski rolled over in her bed, forearm above her eyes to brace from the incoming light. She was already awake, and the sun didn't have a lot to do with that, but it definitely was a sign that she had to get up and get busy. No going back to sleep, she thought. She gently moved her comforter off of her and swung her legs over the side of the bed before stretching with a yawn, then rubbing her face. Normally Rachel was able to sleep in, but she had a shipment coming in today that she had to sign off for, then she had to get the bar prepped, hopefully with her staff if they weren't late, and by the time errands and generally cleaning was done it would be time to open.

She got up and slowly shifted over to her closet, before throwing on a white tank top, accompanied by some black underwear. She slid into her usual black skinny jeans and grabbed her black windbreaker, throwing it on before completing the look with her stylish tinted round glasses. Purely for aesthetics. Breakfast consisted of her usual coffee and a cream cheese bagel, and then it was out the door to start her day. The apartment complex she lived in wasn't as tall and luxurious as most of the other ones in Neo-City Middle, but it definitely was an upgrade from the Slums. She decided to take the stairs, being that she was only on the second floor, and feeling like getting her steps in this morning.

Once she was out the door of her apartment complex, she took a few steps to the left and stood in front of her prize and joy. The Czarna Dama. The bar was a small, two story building, which was nothing in comparison to the buildings surrounding it. It had a blueish grey stucco wall with the bottom portion of the wall being stone. It looked a bit "old school" in the midst of Neo-City Middle, if it weren't for the massive neon sign that spelled Czarna Dama. The building gave a very "old man bar" type of vibe. Rachel had really lucked out that when buying the bar, there was an apartment available not too long after right next door. Before that she had to sleep in the bar.

Rachel's hand met a scanner to the right of the front door, which was white and also more tech and modern. A few seconds passed before a small confirmation sound went off, and the white door slid open. The inside of the bar was a bit more modern. The floor was a black tile, with hints of grey in it, which led up to the main bar on the right, a slate colored bar, with a lighter grey marble top. The bar shelves were white, with blue and purple LED lights giving a more modern, clubby, aesthetic. A few white stools circled the main bar. To the left there was a good amount of tables and booths, followed by three steps that led down to a pool table and darts, as well as a jukebox. Directly across from the door was a black spiral staircase that led up to the second floor, where a dance floor waited on the right upon getting up, and a second bar waited on the left.

Rachel began getting things ready. She got boxes out of the room in back of the main bar and started loading beers in their respective coolers. She double checked that the tables were wiped down. Eventually the truck with her supplies, and the delivery guys were nice enough to help carry the boxes inside. Bottles of rum and vodka got replaced. Food was put into the fridge and freezer accordingly. After a few hours it was time. Rachel made her way to one of the windows and pressed her thumb to a scanner. Outside a sign in the window flashed on saying Open.

Rachel made her way back to the bar and cracked open a beer bottle. It was early in the morning, but she knew there were always some depressed clients, early birds, and suits needing their kick in the morning before their shift started. It was just a matter of time before they rolled in, and her employees were late but due to arrive at any moment. She was thankful that once they showed up, she could possibly take a nap in the back room to make up for some of the lack of sleep she got. With that in mind she took a sip of her beer and wondered what wild stories her regulars would come in with today, and what new characters she might meet.
The government knew they were playing with fire when they recruited The Revenant, but the risk he would join a rival faction was too dangerous so they had given him a task force and funding. He had rules: only kill any who resist, only kill super humans when given the command, and leave no witnesses or evidence.

The Revenant stood in the back of an armored vehicle, the men preparing for the upcoming raid. He had brought two detachments from his task force, team Spectre Team and Wraith Team. They soon arrived a mile from the target location, a abandoned steel mill full of rebel super-humans and sympathizers. The orders were clear, a superhuman with enhanced intelligence was to be captured with little injury, the rest would be detained if thy cooperated, executed if they resisted.

The Revenant emerged from the vehicle, his blade glowing crimson red from the sheath on his back. He wore military attire under a long coat, his men wore black military gear, soon they reached the entrance where a few stood guard, carrying improvised weapons. The Revenant took Spectre team and seconds later they were unconscious and under the watchful eye of Wraith Team. The thirty men slowly infiltrated the facility capturing as many rebels, killing any that tried to resist until they reached a common area. The men burst through both doors surrounding the rebels, who brandished the few weapons they had.

The Revenant stepped forward and said in a voice distorted by the mask he wore “You have been marked as traitors by your government, My men will let you live if you only surrender and turn over Dr Smith and Malcom Grant. A minute later the two men approached. Immediately the two closest soldiers grabbed the doctor and left Grant standing across from their leader. W27, a coms officer nodded to The Revenant who turned to his lieutenant “Protocol 56” the man nodded and The Revenant pulled out his blade, piercing the man with his blade. The man fell and two men put him into a body bag, as the protocol commanded. Minutes later the remaining rebels were detained, Grant and fifteen other rebels being the only casualties.

The meeting seemed to have been going on for hours and Repemtia's eyes stared onward without focus, her teammate's words a muffled background noise against the ticking of the room's clock echoing painfully with every movement. What had they been talking about again? merchandise residuals? ugh, these people were so BORING sometimes, too focused on a few more meaningless pennies. Resting a cheek against a fist, she idly spun a finger on her free hand, the motion being mimicked by a slowly rotating pen on the curved desk she was sitting at.

She could end this meeting if she wanted to, just compress the air in the room and watch them fall to the desk from the decompression, that would be the nice way to do it as replacing the team would be a real hassle for PR, but even then the admonishment from the executives wouldn't be worth the trouble so, for now, she had to just endure it. She couldn't even pull out her phone because that gremlin secretary had everyone collected before this meeting started for "Security Protocol". Regardless she really needed a change of pace after this was over, I mean they couldn't keep talking for that much longer could they? It's like they were trying to filibuster some other meeting item for some pointless reason.

It was then that she realized the speaker had stopped and everyone else was nodding their heads, so naturally, she followed suit internally hoping this was over....only for the gremlin to quickly shift over to a different meeting item. Casting her eyes down she tried to match up her words with the agenda of the meeting, only to realize they hadn't even been halfway through yet?, why couldn't they sign the checks and let them get on with this?. It was all equal in the end, equally meaningless, equally disappointing, and equally....boring. Casting her eyes around the room her focus now ended up on the team "Leader" seemingly focusing and smiling on every point of the meeting, they had to be faking interest as well but again whatever the executives had on them was keeping them on a leash as well, not like they could really be enjoying all this.

An eternity later she was finally allowed to leave and it couldn't come sooner, swiftly leaving her seat her long strides before they could grab her again for additional business. If they had some interview or PR engagement they could add it to her schedule or message it later, for now, she needed a drink. Retreating to her room the girl would deftly remove her flashy costume with a single hand in favour of one as lowkey as someone of her appearance could muster. Hair thrown into a ponytail, mirrored glasses, baggy hoodie, sweats and sneakers, the mocha amazoness aiming to do her best to leave the Elysium tower without getting further notice, and the notice of those beyond the building. Making it to the elevator she would start to relax before being spotted by one of the team members trying to get her attention and running towards the doors, likely to extend some other mundane element of that prior meeting? fat chance. They seemed to want them to hold the doors, though her finger was doing quite the opposite as it mashed the close button all while she feigned a display to the contrary.

"Hmm? Oh, it doesn't seem to be working, I'm trying....Oh, I'm sorry!" her apologetic expression and acting snapped back to a passive neutral the second the elevator doors fully closed and left her in alone in privacy once more. With that out of the way, her only question was how to spend the rest of her day evading her team and handlers.
"And with that, the beautiful and deadly Blue Orchid has been captured by the henchmen of the vile Master Pak Mei!"

The narrator's voice boomed down onto the stage, where Molly Chua stood, dressed in a silk qipao meant to evoke the "exotic" look of a martial arts heroine (?) as well as bound and locked in a plexiglass enclosure. As the audience cheered at her predicament, she did her best to feign a frightened expression, struggling against her bonds.

"How will she escape from certain doom at the hands of these voracious thugs?!" And right on cue, the stagehands walked in, dressed in neon, overly-spiky attire meant to evoke the roaming gangs that tended to ply their various bloody trades on the streets of Lower Neo-City. The prop blades sat gripped tightly in their hands, polished and sculpted to look like the monofilament blades so coveted by many a petty criminal.

They reared back...and thrust their blades into what appeared to be Blue Orchid's coffin. She straightened up, allowing them to pass harmlessly into slots that merely made it look like she was impaled from multiple directions. As blunt as the edges were, those props still held a point to them, and it wouldn't do to get stabbed for real.

In the next second, several things happened at once, all according to cue. A pyrotechnic charge in the enclosure triggered, filling it with dense white smoke. Next, a curtain fell over it. That was just as well...but for an unpowered performer, there would still be nowhere to go in this state. To them, it would really be a death trap. Not for Molly.

Her fingers wiggled and glowed, allowing her to shrug off her bindings. With a twitch of her pinky, a lock holding the bottom of the enclosure clicked open, allowing her to fall into a trapdoor below the stage.

And in the next second, another string of explosives fell from the rafters into the enclosure, shaped to look like bright red firecrackers.

Master Yen always said the best performances have real stakes.

The resulting explosion cracked the plexiglass, the noise covering Molly's movements as she scrambled to her new position and the extras pretended to be staggered by the explosion.

Even if that noise didn't hide her, the cheers of the audience would have. As law-abiding and dignified as many inhabitants of Middle Neo-City presented themselves, they had just as much of a taste for blood in their entertainment as any other. If Blue Orchid made it out alive, that was just as well. But they'd be just as excited to see a botched escape and the resulting...mess.

The curtain raised again and...

"Dammit, where'd she go?!" Sword in hands, the punks squinted, their gaze sweeping over the stage.

"Sorry boys, looks like you'll be going back to Master Pak Mei empty-handed!" Molly did her best to maintain the femme fatale tone as she swung off a rope, delivering a restrained (but still impactful) kick to one of the extras, sending them sprawling.

"We're not finished with you, Blue Orchid! In fact, we're going to finish you off right here!" Another charged at her, sword primed to thrust. The choreography was being followed perfectly. Molly ducked under the stab and rose back up with a palm thrust to the jaw, "knocking them out". She then slipped to the side, avoiding a downwards slash and retaliating against her next assailant with a kick to the shin, and another to the hands, sending their sword flying.

Flexing her hand, she let her strings glow in full view of the audience as they pulled the airborne sword back into her hand. With a graceful spin, she threw it, pinning the fourth thug to the stage through their jacket.

The audience roared.

Nothing like elaborate displays of staged violence to get the crowd going.

And the night was still young.

Two hours later, Molly gulped down a plastic bottle of water as she ran a dry towel over her forehead.

With the night's entertainment over, she was finally backstage and back in more comfortable clothing.

"Nice work tonight." A familiar voice came from behind her.

"Oh. Yujin." The slightest thing resembling a smile tugged at her lips as she turned to look at the boy behind her. "I was a quarter of a second slower than I should have been on that last flip."

"Aw, I'm sure not even Master Yen would've noticed." Yujin chuckled. While he was a year or two younger than Molly, he was almost a head taller. He was probably...recruited from circumstances much like her own, but no one ever talked about their past once their new lives started within the White Lotus. Either way, no one in the White Lotus was clean in the eyes of the law, and when he wasn't working backstage at one of their performances, his job involved helping to transport...controlled substances to buyers throughout Neo-City. Molly wondered how long he could keep smiling.

"How you holding up, though?"

"This? It's barely enough to make me sweat."

"Come on, Molly. You know that's not what I mean." Yujin's arms folded as he bit his lip. "Things are heating up on the street. Between Imperium and...those guys. Who knows what either of them would pull? Maybe we should talk to Master Yen, get her to pull some strings and get you somewhere safer until-" His expression of concern was interrupted by Molly pinching his lips firmly between her fingers for a moment before letting go.

"Don't let anyone catch you talking like that again. Including me. I'm where I need to be, and so are you." Her tone was as dry as always.

"Ow..." Yujin pouted. "Fine...just stay safe, okay?"

"You don't have to tell me."

With that, Molly stepped out of the rear entrance of the hotel, looking up at the starless night sky.

There was some time before she needed to go back to her tiny flat deep in White Lotus territory...

But what did she even do, by herself?

As the morning went on in Neo-City, Middle Neo-City was calm. In some back alleys, small shady deals were made, at the same time that large financial deals closed in offices a few stories above. Vendors sold amazing food for cheap prices while restaurants served cheap food for astronomical prices. In one of these restaurants, a diner off one of the main roads, a group of SKORPIONS gang members sat, most distinguished by their bronze leather jackets that had..scorpions on them. They all had leather boots and some sort of augmentations, visors, or fancy head gear. They sat around and stood around a single both, where one of their lieutenants, Baz, sat, purple and green mohawk, red visors, gold grille, with a long black goatee, smug, sipping a beer.

"You sure they're gonna be there boss?" one of the more hulking members (a super) asked.

"I'm sure I'm sure" Baz answered, pulling his gun in frustration, before slamming it on the table "Those motherfuckers are expecting to get one of their lieutenants back from some other gang. It's supposed to be a small hand off. No more than a meeting of some of their top brass. LETS GET TO WORK"

The SKOPRIONS cheered and got rowdy, as they left the diner, being sure not to pay on their way out. Their plan was simple: Jump the opposing gang, Tiburon, while making a small hand off. It would be in a public place sure, but with the SKOPRIONS having more numbers and a Tier 3 and Tier 2 Super, they were very confident they could get the hit on the opposing lieutenant, boot their cred, and possibly get a bargaining chip in the other gang's hostage.

Not too far away from that diner, a few miles out, an armored truck was moving onward to Junction Street, not too far from the border with the Slums. In it were several Tiburon gang members. They didn't have any uniquely clothing but all of them had multiple articles of darker blue on. In the midst of them were two important characters. One of these was a tall woman, dawning a long dark blue trench coat, short silver hair, and a black gas mask. This was a higher lieutenant in the gang, Moldova. To her immediate right, tied up, was an asian fellow, who was blindfolded and gagged, a bargaining chip against a rival gang. A signal chimed in the ear of the Moldova.

"Copy. Target is marked in the square. Our back up is in position. I'll head out alone first, the rest of you hang back as to not draw suspicion" Moldova explained to her fellow gang members. They weren't expected any problems, but they didn't want to take chances so they brought two Tier 3 Supers, and plenty of back up including placing scouts in position early. The handoff was supposed to be intel from Imperium on a certain 'cargo' from overseas, and in exchange for that intel, the opposing gang was going to get one of their higher up's fathers back. Against any other gang Tiburon wouldn't dish out as many numbers. They were however, dealing with the Yakuza though.

Noon was arriving, and the armored truck of Tibruon pulled up a few streets away from Junction, where Moldova and the hostage got out the truck. The hostage was now cuffed, and no longer blindfolded but was told to act normal if he didn't want to be killed. The two made their way to the meeting spot, where they stood and waited. Apparently someone in a white suit was supposed to approach them. Moldova scanned the area, trying to seem normal, despite her hostage being bound. While Neo-City was big on minding it's own business it was only a matter of time before enough reports went in to get some activity. She was surprised the Yakuza was late, especially with an important hostage.

"Lieutenant. SKOPRIONS approaching" a scout yelled over Moldova's comms. Her heart sank, as she turned her head across the street. The SKORPIONS were dashing at her, weapons drawn. "IT'S A SET UP" Moldova yelled in her comms, before taking out a handgun and firing several tracer rounds toward the SKOPRIONS.

"SO MUCH FOR AN AMBUSH" Baz yelled as he ducked behind a vendor's stand. His gang also found cover, while some other took shots at Moldova. Moldova herself had pulled herself and the hostage behind a bench. Within the next few seconds, the armored truck that transported them, whipped in between Moldova, and the SKORPIONS. The armored truck was bulletproof, at least to older guns, so most of the bullets bounced. Suddenly the top of the truck opened, and a Tiburon with a mounted LMG arose from the top, firing as soon as they had the SKORPIONS in sight.

"HEY HEY! THEY WEREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE SO HEAVILY ARMED!" Baz screamed to his fellow gang members, who were also taking cover from the heavy fire. All around the area people had already fled, or hid. "EUGENE YOU'RE UP" Baz commanded. With that the hulking SKOPRION, left cover, his skin turning into rock. He punched the ground as hard as he could, and from the impact spot of his fist, a bunch of stalagmite like rocks burst from the ground toward the truck, ripping through the sidewalk, street, and eventually hitting and flipping the truck.

Even with the occasional gang scuffles, Neo-City seldom saw a larger fight, especially with more main areas. Here on Junction Street though, a busier street in the southside of Neo-City Middle, a gang war had broke out, involving Supers, two lieutenants and about a dozen gang members on each side. The street's honks, chatter, and radio, was replaced with the sound of explosions, gunfire, and shells hitting the ground
The Revenant sat in his quarters, his men in the recreation room when his lieutenant W1 entered the room “Sir, we have a code orange in south side, several super humans have been spotted, we had authorization to assist peace officers.” The Revenant stood up and said “Prepare Spectre squad, I want us prepped in thirty minutes

Twenty minutes later the four militants were prepped and ready for action, The Revenant emerged from his quarters, donning his helmet. He nodded to W1 and soon they were in an armored vehicle. Soon they heard the gunfire and they arrived.
At the sight of the Imperium vans, a few gang members on both sides began firing at the vehicle, only to be gunned down by the sniping team: W13 and 14. The gang members ducked behind cover allowing the Revenant and his other men to push forward, The Revenant charging forward while his men provided cover fire as he buried his sword into each insurgents chest, moving to the next one before the body hit the road. Soon the Revenant was forced behind an abandoned vehicle as more gang members opened fire on him and his men.

Rachel Marewski

Rachel was all set and ready to go. As expected a few of the locals showed up, and ordered everything ranging from a beer, to shots, to a bucket, to a a few rounds off the bat. The locals ranged from mercenaries, thieves, good businessmen, and some local vendors. The mercenaries who had showed up were good eggs and seldom worked for the rebels or Imperium directly, although have gotten caught up in companies under Imperium. The thieves were only active outside the bar, and Rachel made sure of that. After one scuffle with her, they behaved, never bringing stolen goods into the bar and never stealing from the bar. The businessmen worked for some money firm within the Imperium network. They never really answered straight up, but they always paid and showed up during odd hours so she didn't complain or pry. The local vendors varied. They all set up at different hours so for some of them it was closing time, and for some of them they needed to take the edge off before opening. Rachel had one rule though. She would never judge a good paying client. So long as they showed respect to her beloved bar and didn't leave too big of a tab she let anyone in. She also understood how ruthless the city was so she thought of the bar as a safe haven.

Two of her staff, Kevin, and Krystal showed up finally, meaning after serving and chatting up the locals, Rachel could take a break if need be. For the time being she kept serving and cleaning, while snagging a beer in here or there.

"Hey! That's my seat buddy" a booming voice said. Rachel turned around from the sink, still cleaning the glass, to see one of her locals, Lazlo, a big buzz cut soldier type, yelling at some cybered up, average looking guy, who was sitting at a table between the bar and the back. "I'm not your buddy, guy" the average looking guy said, before standing up. He reached for his pants, and within seconds Rachel submerged into the floor and popped out between Lazlo, and the average joe, with her Walther up to the average guy's chin.

"Ya you're fucked now bu-"

"Lazlo, go sit somewhere else"
Rachel said not taking her eyes of the average joe.

"What? He's the one who was abou-"

"Somewhere else, Lazlo" Rachel said, a bit more annoyed.

"Alright, alright" Lazlo said, before moseying over to a booth further back, giving the joe one more glare. He knew better though.

"And you.." Rachel started. Her eyes scanned the joe's, looking for any sing that he was going to start trouble. Thankfully there seemed to be a bit of fear in his eyes. Not of her though. He understood. "..next time I won't save your ass. So never reach for that gun again" Rachel said lowering her weapon. As soon as Rachel lowered her weapon, the other patrons of the bar also holstered their weapons, or removed their hands from their holsters. The joe seemed to understand quick that if Rachel hadn't jumped in she would have to clean up after her other patrons.

"I have very few rules in this bar, but seems you're new. NO FUCKING FIGHTING, GOT IT?" Rachel asked.

"Y-yes ma'am"

"No ma'am. It's Rachel. Now sit somewhere else. It's not Lazlo's seat but now neither of you kids get to sit here. Your next round is on him though" Rachel said with a wink. She turned back and started walking to the bar, hearing Lazlo's complaints and the other patrons laughter as she did. She sat by the bar where Kevin was already waiting with her next beer and a pack of cigarettes.

"Nicely handled boss" Kevin said, pushing the pack and the beer forward.

"Kissing ass won't get you a raise Kevin" Rachel said playfully with a smile, before grabbing the pack and the beer. She put one of the stoges in her mouth, before making her way for the door. "Keep an eye for a minute you two" Rachel called to her two loyal workers. Once outside Rachel lit the cigarette between her lips. The tip slowly burnt, leaving an orange ember as she inhaled. She squatted and leaned against the wall, before letting out a long exhale. Looking out to the street Rachel began to sip her beer. She started to recall why she implemented the no fighting rule to begin with and couldn't help but softly exhale in amusement, before having another sip of her beer, her smile fading after. 'What a shitshow' she thought. As she took another drag, her thoughts were interrupted with the sudden distant sound of gunfire, followed by explosions.

That sounded to close, she thought, and quickly standing up she ran back into the bar. "Kevin, Krystal. Lock up" Rachel yelled. Though she knew some of the patrons were capable, she didn't want them risking their lives. Who else would pay their tabs? Rachel decided she would check out what was going on. She didn't plan on engaging, but with her powers she could have a quick look and see the scope. This was purely for the protection of Czarna Dama. Depending on the scale of what was going on, she would know what her next move was in terms of how hard a lockdown to put it on.

She wasted no time submerging into the shadows and hopping from nearby shadow to nearby shadow, as she made her way to the sound of fighting. It wasn't long before she was on Junction Street. To her surprise the SKORPIONS and Tubiron were going at it. It wasn't so much a surprise as it was how far they were up and the scale of it. A few dozen on each side, with four supers seeming to go at it. From the look of things the fighting wouldn't go higher than a Defcon 3 at the bar, meaning she would only need the help of the patrons inside, at the cost of lowering their tab or a favor.

Rachel was about to head back when she noticed a SKORPION backing up toward a vendor's cart. Behind the vendor's cart though was a little girl and her mother.
"Fuckin A" Rachel said to herself, annoyed but more so in disbelief at her bad luck. She quickly submerged and began hopping nearby shadows, until she hit a spot a dozen feet from the SKOPRION, him having no closer shadows to him. She sprinted at him. When he turned his attention to shoot at her though, she had already drawn her pistol, and shot his hand. As he screamed, she closed the gap with one more shadow hop, before moving her leg behind the SKOPRIONS, and using her hand to push down his head, slammed him to the ground, head first. His chrome would probably keep him alive but...

Rachel pointed her gun at the SKOPRION gang members head, ready to pull the trigger in the heat of the moment, when a barrage of stray bullets in her direction snapped her back to the mother and daughter. Using a shadow cast by the vending stand she shifted behind it to where the mother and girl were hiding. "Hey headaches. If you wanna make it and keep my conscience clean, make a break for they alley over to the left there after I start shooting. Got it?

Once the two gave the okay, Rachel took a deep breath. The shifting was taking the breath out of her. Running out from cover she started firing now in the direction of the Triburon gang members. Taking the chance, the girl and her mother booked it for the alley, but as soon as Rachel saw they were safe, a stray superpower attack flew in her direction. She submerged into the vending stands shadow, but as it got destroyed she was forced to hop further from the alley and where she had come from.

Much to her dismay, Rachel got caught up in the fighting. She laid low, trying to catch her breath from the shifting she did, and looking for an opportunity to book it. Unfortunately more armored cars pulled up. What the fuck is going on, Rachel thought. The vehicles didn't look like your typical gang gear. As mercenaries flooded out of the truck, she could only help but guess with that efficiency it had to be one of Imperium's security or mercenary factions. Imperium, being comprised of many companies, also had access to many different security and mercenary groups.

This wasn't good as some of them were known to wipe out witnesses too. Now Rachel really needed an out. As her breathing regulated, she checked her ammo and lit another cigarette. This was going to be a tough one, she thought, as she poked her head out to fire in the directions of the gangs, before laying low and shifting to other cover.
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Julie sighed, rubbing the bridge of her nose under her glasses as the rumbling and shouting from a block away got louder. This job as a convenience store cashier really wasn't too bad, ignoring the gang violence and petty crime that ebbed and flowed as surely as the tide. As well as the metal vault off to one side of the store room that probably wasn't a standard feature. Sighing, she slid her hand under the counter, hitting the silent alarm button. Maybe this time the city enforcers would get here before the private security contractors...

With the extent of what she was able to do in the situation carried out, Julie considered slipping into the store room to take cover just in case...a consideration that was interrupted by a knocking at the back door. How strange...who wouldn't come in at the front door at this time? Was the fighting spreading? Did someone need help? Or was this...a robbery?

Against her better judgement, Julie headed to the door in a few quick strides, undoing the magnetic lock and opening the heavy wooden door just a crack.

From the other side, a blue-haired woman leaned her foot against the door, her eyes narrowed back at Julie. "You're slow. Let me in."

Let her in? Julie couldn't just let someone stay outside in danger like that, but what if it was... "U-uh, um."

"White Lotus business." The woman turned, flashing her shoulder tattoo at Julie. "Let me in." The implications of a failure to comply was fairly clear.

"O-okay." Julie leaned back, letting the woman step in before she closed the door and re-engaged the lock.

Molly swept her gaze across the room, taking in the scene. "Are the stocks secure?"

"W-well, this back door was locked down, until YOU came in at least."

"The other stocks." Molly frowned at Julie, inviting an "eep" from the cashier. "It's been two weeks since Master Lee has had to break someone's fingers. Don't ruin it for him."

"R-right!" With that, Julie scurried away to check on the vault used as a storage place for the White Lotus' smuggling operations.

Master Lee was the member of the White Lotus Triumvirate that oversaw this area. A jovial, friendly man who was in truth every bit as ruthless as the other two, Lee was the closer of the two to being Master Yen's ally. Letting his holdings get damaged would weaken his hold, and if it was found out that Molly let it happen, it'd reflect just as badly on Master Yen.

Before any further conversation could be had, the familiar crash of breaking glass resounded from the front of the store.

"Oh shit ohshitohshit..." A man in dark blue slumped by the front window, clutching a pistol in his hand as he hid from the big buff Skorpion tearing up the street and the enforcer that cut down several of the combatants without hesitation. With all his attention focused on the outside, he didn't notice Molly approaching until a kick to the jaw knocked him out.

"You, cashier. Why aren't the security shutters engaged?"

"Uh...management said something about cutting costs? Repairing that wasn't too much of a priority..."

Molly sighed. "Fine."

Closing her eyes for a moment, she crossed her hands, positioning them with their palms pointed out to either side of her. She extended the threads. Two from each hand should work. Each pair of threads attached to one of the large shelves that sat in the center of the sales floor, and then-

She uncrossed her arms, throwing them wide open.

The shelves slammed together with a distinct CLANG, spilling energy drinks, power cells, magazines (of both the printed and ammunition variety) and other miscellanea over the floor as they locked together in front of the entrance to the store.

With a large improvised barricade, hopefully they could wait it out...
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Making her way from the tower, Repemtia descended from the heaven of the Acres Elysium Fields to the more earthly heart of Neo-City via one of the AI service vehicles. While some may have preferred the familiarity of the human element, the smoother and more reliable ride was what she was looking for, plus of course, anonymity given they could wipe passenger logs far cleaner than the former. Adjusting her concealment she would eventually find her place in one of the heart more rustic diners, which while the presentation and prestige were a far cry from the usual Acre eateries, the product could not be denied. Truly a diamond among the muck.

Aside from the food and drink, the main reason she came was that the staff were wise enough to know not to ask questions allowing even her fine features to meld into the throng of patrons. So naturally her plan was to forget the mundane and overall pointless business of her little hero group for a short while and relieve the stress with copious amounts of alcohol and greasy comfort food as she took advantage of her supernatural condition to its fullest. That was the plan at least, and it had been along smoothly with several bottles lining her table until her attention was drawn to the growing commotion of a group of garishly garbed clientele vulgarly discussing some gang nonsense. Shaking her head she did her best to ignore it however, she was here to relax, she was under no contractual obligation or order to interfere with whatever mess that was going to get those fools flattened, and even if they somehow caused an issue to anyone important city security would clean it up, they were not worth her attention. Sure she could silence them easily, but that would also draw down the people she was taking a break from, too troublesome to really consider, with no cameras she wouldn't even gain anything from it.

So she continued to eat and drink as the Skorpions left to go about their little plots, reordering her refreshment as time ticked by, even as the eventual gunfire started outside. Clicking her tongue she again tried to ignore it, something made slightly more difficult as the waiting staff had chosen to vacate the area along with the cooks too, still, she remained and simply helped herself in their absence nonchalantly relaxing in her seat. The building shook letting loose some dust and debris from the ceiling as the fighting outside seemed to escalate, no it was still none of her business, several bullets passed her head into the bars and many bottles, but none of it got on her so still no issue.

Going to take another sip from a bottle her hand was finally forced when a final bullet broke through the window and shattered it in her hands, dousing her food and top. Taking a long sigh she pulled out her phone to call it in deciding enough was enough, she just wanted one afternoon to herself but no, the animals couldn't refrain from causing a mess for just a few hours. "Designation Alpha Zero Zero Zero Thee Dash Six, Ugh common...Yeah Yeah, Zeppeli District...." turning to take a better look outside "Id say about a...four, isolated to just a few blocks...yeah, get the drones down and call up that editor for the bread and circus. I need some evening wear at this location" Putting the phone down she dusted off the glass and give an idle stretch while keeping her temper in check, sure she was quite perturbed but the annoyances outside but she needed to put her show face on.

Several seconds later a loud whistling could be heard around the area along with a faint buzzing in their wake as a fleet of drones appeared to circle up above the warzone, the glint of sunlight showing large lenses upon each, the telltale sign of surveillance drones. All the while the whistling grew louder and louder as what looked to be a missile suddenly crashed through the roof of a nearby diner shaking the area around it with the impact yet strangely not exploding, but the force of the impact still blasting the windows and a great deal of dust outwards concealing the inside of the structure. As the dust slowly began to clear, Repemtia herself stepped out through the dust now clad in her previous costume, quickly joined by a circling drone coming in for a closeup of the girl. To the public, the footage of the reported tier 4 hero "The Lunar Princess" had now taken the stage.

Casting out an arm wide Repemtia held an extended staff in her arm before performing a short dance ending in a pose of declaration "Harken! For the Astral Seas who part for we alone! In the name of the Heavenly Elysium Shall such Villainy cease!". A wide sweet smile crossed her features as she let out a short wave towards the chaos unfolding "But now my fellow antediluvians, enough exposition, those who wish to surrender peacefully please lay down with your hands behind your head, those who wish to continue to squabble like children and continue your violence? Please do the smart thing and let another do so first"

Naturally, the appearance of the professional hero would receive mixed responses, such as the gunfire temporarily being directed in her direction. Temporarily because with a flourish of her staff, the bullets seemed to whiz past her and begin to orbit at a high speed making a ring of encircling metal, right before being returned to their point of origin effectively damaging and or shooting the weapons out the hands of her would-be attackers. This was followed up by her seemingly taking up to the air along with several large chunks of debris that joined her orbit that would quickly be turned into makeshift meteors to impact and divide the various groups of gang members, attempting to scatter and throw them into disarray in a showy spectacle.
Rachel Marewski

The fighting was escalating very fast and Rachel was caught in a bad spot. She took a drag of her cigarette, sitting against the back of a car, and let out an exhale before peeking out again. The Imperium mercs were pushing up across from her, while the two gangs closed in to the center and were firing at each other and Imperium now. One Skorpion, who must've either seen Rachel take down his comrade, or saw her shooting, had taken it upon himself to shoot in Rachel's direction causing her to roll further behind the car and shift out of his sight, leaving her in the peripheral of some Tiburon. Maybe they were caught up in the heat of the fight but two of them turned and fired in her direction. She quickly jumped into a shadow and shifted behind the shadow of another car, where she popped out and fired back, clipping one in the shoulder. The one who was clipped suddenly got shot from behind, by one the Imperium mercs from afar. Snipers. Rachel was definitely grateful, as now the other Tiburon shifted their attention back to Imperium and off of her.

It seemed she was clear to try to maneuver her way out of this mess. It was then though that she heard a loud whistling. Her gaze traced the source of the sound and before she could fully see what it was, something that felt like a rocket dropped in a nearby direction, the shockwave blowing the car window out next to Rachel. 'This just keeps getting worse' she thought, not knowing what was coming next. It was then, from the direction of the shockwaves origin, a familiar hero emerged. Rachel had seen The Lunar Princess on the TV here and there. To Rachel's knowledge she was part of some superhero team that was part of Imperium's network. With her appearance the gangs seemed to shift focus, firing at her, only to be met with a catastrophic counterattack between bullets and meteor like debris.

The shitshow of a small battlefield, became much worse as now the gangs and Imperium mercs were spread out more. This would probably make it easier for the hero and the Imperium mercs to clean up as the gang was now vulnerable. However the spread was bad for Rachel as the gang members who were able to evade the debris found themselves ducking or hiding closer to Rachel. Fantastic. Rachel took a drag of cigarette, before noticing a Tiburon super who was holding a car, and seeming to pull the electricity out of it. Their gaze was on the Lunar Princess and their other free arm was charging what seemed like a grenade made out of the electricity that was being sucked out of the car. Banking on the Tier 4 hero being Rachel's best bet of getting out of this mess, she took her pistol, aimed at the Super and shot at their hand that was holding the ball of electricity. Rusty. Rachel's aim was off the mark and she hit the arm that was pulling the electricity out of the car. This however stunned the super nonetheless cause the ball to disappear and for them to recoil in pain.

Rachel spit the cigarette out from between her lips, before aiming again, this time with both hands on the grip of her pistol. 'I won't miss this time" she thought, but her attention turned to a loud rumbling to her side. She turned her attention to a pillar of rocks heading her way. She glanced quickly at a nearby stop lights shadow and used that to shift JUST out of the way of the pillar of rocks. Breathing a bit heavier now, she was facing a Skorpion (Eugene) with a huge figure. "Hey big guy. This is a lot of cardio for me. Mind letting this little lady go?" Rachel asked, only for the gang member to grunt and hit the ground sending another sequence of rocks at her. This was becoming a full blown workout for the Tier 3 bartender, as she found shadows and shifted, trying to avoid the rock powered super, while simultaneously not getting caught in any crossfire.
Power Manipulator
Grant Atonal
Neo-City Middle, Junction Street
Grant jumped atop roofs in Neo-City Middle, with his breath labored, to reach the gang fight on Junction Street. The majority of brand-new heroes or any superhuman eager to establish a reputation would have been thrilled with this information and would have rushed over to join the fight. But Grant had other ideas. He had spent the previous night up trying to find some aerokinetic criminal who had managed to steal from his residence, so he was more than willing to leave the ruckus to the imperials or other vigilantes. He only wanted a peaceful night's sleep, but regrettably, the universe had other plans for him, and as he landed and rolled on top of a building, his ragged breaths changed to occasional groans of reluctance.

He paused to glance below and saw the ongoing conflict, and the sheer mayhem made him reconsider his hesitation to come here. A freaking 6-tier showing there only made the situation more serious than it seemed. He could feel the strength emanating from the young woman, who appeared to be younger than Grant. As debris and bullets orbited her body as if she were a planet in the solar system, her gravitational pull was precise yet potent. It was fascinating to watch and his instincts niggling at him to try to mimic their abilities, but he shoved the thought deep inside and made an effort to concentrate on the task at hand.

Everyone was sporadic and Grant could distinguish between the Imperium mercenaries and the rebels based on their attire. However, it was clear that there was a lot of gunfire, and many Imperiums and SKORPIONS hid behind objects like vehicles, buildings, or signs. It also appeared as if the conflict would soon be ended mostly due to the fact the imperium and heroes could eliminate the rebels easily now. He then turned his attention to three additional supers who, based on the way they were attacking and firing at the skorpions, appeared to be on the right side of things. The woman with raven hair was agile and quick on her feet; her abilities fit her combat style perfectly. She phased through a shadow and dove under a barrage of rocks that the super sent their way.

Grant turned his gaze to the real issue after deciding that the Imperium mercenaries would handle the human rebels. "So, whose abilities am I going to copy today?", he mumbled under his breath as Grant pulled out his spear, which extended to its proper length. He stepped closer to the brink, while wearing his body-covering obsidian suit, as an idea began to form in his head. As soon as he replicated the powers of the two tier 3 gang members, lights started to flicker and blow as Grant began and slowly sucked the energy from the building he was on top of. Getting ready to pull a stunt.

Grant would leap from the building and land close to the rock-powered super, where he would strike the spear with the earth while using his spear to amplify the powers already surging through his supercharged body. Large earthen spikes erupted from the ground and traveled across to the geokinetic super, creating an electric shockwave from the impact that sent the gang member flying due to the collaboration of the copied powers.

He ducked from the approaching gunshots by running over to a car and touching its hood, absorbing the electricity from the car as volatile crackles of electricity ran up his arm. The majority of them were startled by his surprise entry and began firing at him, but that excitement was fleeting since he could see the electricity absorber launching a bolt of electro-static waves in his direction out of the corner of his eye. Grant would quickly cover himself with his hands to block the electric bolt, and as he absorbed the bolt rather than being fried, Grant started to feel more energetic.

The electric-powered super regarded him in wonder and uncertainty; it certainly astonished him to see someone use their powers. Seizing the moment, he struck the rebel super with his own bolt of electricity, knocking him back. Grant had to force himself to stay upright because the accomplishment had required a lot of energy and he was dizzy from the rapid cessation of neuro-electric activity in his brain. He then smacked his palm off the ground to raise a wall of earth in front of him to protect himself from even more gunfire.
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The Revenant

After his men opened fire on the super-heroine, the Revenant stepped forward holding his hand up. In reaction the two turned and returned fire on the gang members “We have no qeural with you Repemtia, we are simply peacekeeping. Cease action against my men, or we will be forced to bring you into custody.” He sent a message to his sniper team to leave the woman alone, and sending for reinforcements.

Sniper Team Alpha
The Revenant’s sniping detachment heard the order and went back to what they did best. Dropping any poor soul who stepped out of cover. Sniper W13 or “Kick” as he was known among his comrades, was serving as a spotter; assisting W14 or “Scope” with making his shots, he suddenly heard a noise “Hey Scope, I think someone’s in the building, should I check it out?” Scope grunted in response, concentrating on putting a bullet in the guy with a spears head.

Kick got to his feet and shouldered the assault rifle before heading to the noise’s source. He walked down the stairs, the curtains giving the area an ominous tone as he looked for the scourge of the noise. He heard a footstep and a single coin flipped, caught off guard, he opened fire, after investigation he found no body or no lifeforms. Kick picked up the coin. It was odd, the first side bearing the likeness of a gas mask, he flipped it over to the other side to the phrase Look Up. His head looked forward but was met by a figure in a tight jacket, wearing a gas mask like the one on the coin, the lenses glowing bright red. Before he could shoulder his weapon, the man drew a revolver and put a single shot between his eyes.

Scope jumped at the loud bang he heard from downstairs, making him miss the spear carrying psycho, he dropped the sniper rifle and pulled out his pistol calling out “Everything okay down there Kick?” He heard something behind him and turned around, reaching for his radio. his voice was muffled by the gloved hands of an unknown assailant. Who buried a combat knife in his throat, before tearing it out, silencing him for good. The assailant checked the body before wiping the knife clean with his gloves and moving to the dropped sniper rifle.
The Revenant
The Revenant heard the crackle of W14's radio, and knew something was wrong; soon his reinforcements would arrive, and they could investigate
Awakener 2.jpg
Eddie Gears
Eddie crouched in the building, holding the rifle to his side. He pulled the old magazine that was originally loaded and put a single bullet in. He had planned for both of Revenants known weaknesses, fire and steel. He had spent a few weeks constructing a weapon that could use both of these. A simple bullet, made of pure steel, rigged to explode into a massive ball of fire. He shouldered the rifle and looked through his scope, he was standing in front some random hero, probably another Imperium pawn; it was a clear shot, easy. He moved until he had a clear line of fire of the back of his head. He took a deep breath and squeezed the trigger.
Xen6n Xen6n PlusUltra PlusUltra
vera.transmission.pngᴅʀ. ᴠᴇʀᴀ ꜱᴏᴋᴏʟᴏᴠ
Location // The Slums

▂▂▂____________. . . _____________▂▂▂
The sound of machines whirred with a dull hum, easy to tune out if given enough audible exposure to the noise. Harmoniously the chimes of a computer being vigorously tapped at. It's as though the creators of the new generation of technology wanted to offer the user a charming experience when utilizing the machine - but the active participant groaned under her breath in annoyance.
Her lithe fleshy fingers poked and prodded at the holo screen, pinching and pulling different data into algorithms that read like foreign language to the uneducated. Whilst the cold steel of her dominant hand gripped at pen as she scribbled down what seemed to be stream of consciousness unto a clipboard.

A new chime emerged, paired with a flashing screen just behind her. It rang cheerfully, awaiting an answer. Pausing her work, she raised her gaze upward to towards the ceiling as if to ask for mercy by some deity. Clearly in no mood to receive a call. Setting the pen down with lack of enthusiasm, she in turn pivoted on one heel to face the other screen. Once her eyes met the caller, the chime stopped and an authoritative voice beckoned her.
"I'm busy, is it important?" Responding flatly, but her accent thick with every syllable. Easily recognizable to most, her family were immigrants of Serbia. Her cold demeanor and family's culture went hand in hand.
"There's some activity in the slums, I need you to do some clean up. Perhaps you can find a specimen while you're there. I've sent you a ride."
Vera's lips formed a thin line as she pressed them firmly together, restraining herself from further comments. With a blink, the call ended. Pondering for a moment in place, she tossed idea of ignoring this command and proceeding with work.

Taking in air through her nostrils and letting it escape gently through pursed lips, a rather exasperated sigh at best.

. . .

The night city reflect dancing holo ads against the heavily tinted windows of the vehicle, Vera watched with a stoic expression. Longing for the opportunity to return back to her lab and not out doing errands on command like some dog. The explosives and gunfire grew louder as they drew closer to the scene. The AI driven vehicle came to a halt about a block away from the scene.
Vera stepped a slender leg out the vehicle, planting down a heeled boot. When she arose, she tugged at the collar of her coat to cover the small inches of her revealed neck. The black turtleneck kept her particularly modest, as it tucked into her pants. Her coat draped down towards her calves and flapped carelessly in the gusts of the explosions. Vera reached into her pocket to equip a pair of tinted round sunglasses. The less exposure to her cybernetics, the safer she felt. She knew if she fell into the right hands, she was bound for a chop shop to be torn apart and sold in pieces for profit.
Approaching the scene rather cautiously, her embedded enhanced eye surveyed the participants, running profiles and data on each. One quickly catching her attention was the infamous
Repemtia. The princess of Tyrell, their pride and joy. A scoff escaped Vera at the thought of the high pedestal they put the young girl on. The glowing, all seeing eye bounced to another familiar. The Revenant. The data zoomed through pages of his service for Imperium. Admittedly, it was an impressive rep sheet. But just another dog doing tricks, thought Vera. Now, the burly man running into action was new. She watched thoughtfully as he demonstrated the strength of his power, by shooting a bolt of electricity. The most expressive Vera has been was expressed with a raise of her inquisitive brow.

Reaching carefully into the lining of her coat, she unclasped the holster for her pistol, releasing it from it's nest and firmly grasping the grip. A steel digit tapped at the barrel as she made her way towards the chaos to group with her fellow Imperium watch dogs.

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Work really was dull sometimes, putting on a show for the masses with a few flashy moves and idle attacks never did give her much fulfilment. This entire ordeal was really nothing more than a bunch of monkeys squabbling over some shiny marble in her eyes. Her eyes glanced across those gathered now from her higher position to pick out any that could be mildly interesting, namely the ones not panicking from her little shower. All the while the bullets continued to buzz past, even the more accurate of shots seeming to curve from her own mild gravitational aura. Sure she could do this from the ground but it was far more fitting to look down on them figuratively and literally.

Then there were the idiot grunts who decided to join in the criminals rather than target the scattered rabble, the girl rolling her eyes and extending her staff again allowing its centre to spin with a steadily increasing velocity about to focus her next move on a few of them. It's not like they would be missed and easily replaced, but fortunately, they saw sense and stopped at their commander's order, so not that foolish at least. Then their commander was shouting some nonsense up at her, if not for the cameras she brought she would have just ignored it but again her role demanded otherwise.

"You are forgiven brave knights, errors in accuracy are natural amid such chaos but pray to focus upon the scattered villains" throwing a pose and a sweet smile in their direction along with a wink. Truth be told it was natural there entire accuracy was going to be an issue regardless, the spinning of her staff seems to be messing with the area's air pressure and gravitational pull, drawing most of the shots upwards.

For all her actions, however, it would be noticed that she had yet to create any direct fatality in her attacks, a common trend for her interactions namely due to clear brutality playing very poorly on the camera instead of just blunt trauma or concussive forces. Her eyes start to scan again for a new target only to take notice of a few flashes of light from scopes amount the buildings, one of which seemed to stand out as not seeming to be with the rest of Revenant's grunts. Following the path of the newcomer's aimed scope, and she noticed what looked to be its target. Hmm that would create an interesting shot indeed, she just had to time it right for the perfect amount of flair.

Deciding to finally drop from the air, she would land gracefully upon one leg with her staff moving ever so slightly in the path of the incoming sniper shot right as the explosion of the round range out from its barrel.

Gears Gears Xen6n Xen6n
The battle outside seemed to be dying down, thanks in part to the utterly absurd contrast between the radiant, magical girl-like heroine descending from the heavens and the hit squad that was ruthlessly "cleaning up" just off camera. Typical Imperium MO.

Time to survey the damage just in case Master Lee felt like asking her for a report later. It wouldn't do to let him worry about his storefronts being damaged.

"Cashier." Molly nodded at Julie. "Stay in cover."

"Uh, sure."

Gripping onto the edge of the heavy metal shelves, Molly pulled herself over, slipping through the small section of the window that hadn't been covered up.

The scene before her...turned out to be more or less the expected. Broken glass, dust, and smoke everywhere. No small amount of blood. Soon the city's enforcers would be along to dispose of the remains. A few clusters of gangsters were still offering token resistance to each other...or focusing fire on the various supers who had arrived to intervene in their battle with varying degrees of lethality.

And amidst all the chaos...a balding man in a sharp suit, leaning against a car with his hands ziptied behind his back and a gag in his mouth.

Clearly, unless there was a bondage club nearby Molly didn't know about, he was somehow involved with the unruly sequence of events that had disrupted the business of fine, upstanding criminals.

"Old man. Stay down." Pressing down on his shoulder to keep him behind the car, Molly reached behind him, undoing the gag.

"Waah!" The man gasped, turning back to face her. No visible tattoos, no pin, and no fingers lost. He wasn't a member of the Yakuza, and yet...

He eyed her up as well, his eyes finally landing on her tattoo. "Y-you! You're White Lotus! You must get me out of here! Those Tiberons tried to hold me hostage and trade me back to the Ryuzo-gumi!"

Molly frowned, her eyes narrowing as her voice took on the slightest bit of condescension. "If you know us, you should know we don't intervene in the affairs of other families, least of all steal from them. I should turn you right back to your rightful 'owners'." She glanced over the car at the bloody scene before them. "If any one of them are alive, anyway."

"Please!" The middle-aged man trembled, whispering firmly. "My boy Katsuhiro, he's a lieutenant in the Ryuzo-gumi! If you bring me to him he'll make it worth your while! Money, weapons, t-the Imperium intel, anything!"

"Shh." Molly crouched down as well, cautiously eyeing the remainder of the combatants. "If you want to change my mind, the first thing you can do is keep quiet."

[Interaction: @ anyone who might want to take the hostage off Molly's hands for profit or using their authority]

Alexander Zachariah Orwell
"My name is Legion; For we are many."

A man with dark hair and sunglasses was watching the mayhem, observing more than anything else. Now and again he would take snapshots but due little else. He only seemed to be concerned about sticking to cover to avoid stray bullets. Someone could mistake him for a crazy vlogger or street reporter with his antics. That was always the point then when Legion did his work. This clone he'd taken to calling Raker tended to hang around this part of town to look for anything interesting or useful. All his pictures and videos were going directly to Imperium HQ where the actual Legion was at, his quantum link making it simple enough to direct his other self.

It was always wise to monitor super activity. The SKORPIONS represent potential harvesting material or catspaws for other work. They would be studied and their facial data taken to develop intel portfolios on each. Raker would likely be the one doing the field work to collect all the more niche details. Find family member, friends and significant others. He'd also find their underworld links or suppliers, pull strings and see what comes dangling out like a juicy morsel to snap up for matters in the future. It also meant they could plan budgeting and bribes for government enforcement.

Raker shifted back to cover to check his uploads and adjust his hair, glad to have dyed it for his field work. His outfit bland enough to look comm in Mid or Lower Neo. Legion felt the pang of annoyance from his other self but simply let it pass. All the clones has some level of autonomy, but that was just him allowing his mind to wander and multitask. It was necessary to avoid sensory overload at times. He would continue to monitor events and report back.

Upper NeoCity - Strategic Solutions Executive Suite

Legion scowled as he watches through Raker even as he starts to examine the collected data on his table. He had a report to assemble from this and seeing one of the company assets in the field without warning was something he'd have to pass on. Imperium was very picky about what its super did. He was fortunate he was tapped already to do covert operations and corporate securtity.

"Must you focus so much on that?" Zack Orwell sighs from his seat at the bar as he looks towards his 'twin' that seemed determined to extract every scrap of intel from that tablet.

"The information is useful. Assets, blackmail, simple data points to use for later," Legion or more Alex Orwell shot back. He couldn't believe he was arguing with himself.

"You did too good of a job making me," Zack teases as he immediately received Alex's thoughts without a word said over the internal observation.

"A doctor would call me insane," Alex noted as he sets his tablet aside and stood up to walk over and pour himself a drink.

"Aren't we? I mean people DO talk to themselves. You just took it to the next level. Its useful. And the Board feels they have a leash on us. Which is what is needed, no?" Zach said as he sips his own drink while watching his other self with amusement.

"I probably am. There is no WE." Alex said a bit sharply to Zack who just scoffed.

"You and I both know if you don't let us autopilot, you'll exhaust yourself. We are you, but in the end, you are us too. Dear brother," Zach notes with a wink as he downs his drink fully.

"Fine, you go analyze for a bit while I meditate on this. A report needs to be filed, tasks handed out. Raker is already on task for his part," Alex said and finally drinks from his own glass.

"Poor Raker, having to dye his hair and dressing like some contractor punk," Zack mused as he gets up to go work the tablet while Alex lost himself in thought, refocusing on Raker to better guide his data collection.

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