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Peter Parker
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you know, you’re starting to sound your age captain.

the female voice cut the silence thad had previously been filled with steve’s groaning and grunting as he repeatedly punched the red punching bag, currently dangling and ever so slightly swinging in front of him.

the tall blonde reached out a gloved hand to steady the bag, and turned back to glance at natasha. “and how old do you think i am?” he challenged with the raise of an eyebrow.

she paused for a moment, seeming to actually consider his question, but instead popped back with “old enough to maybe need a wheelchair based off the noises you made just from working out.

steve let out a small laugh and turned all the way to face her, and walked forwards with his arms extended. natasha naturally began to remove the gloves from his hands, as if they’d done it a million times, which, at this point, they must have. steve flexed his fingers and rolled his wrists as natasha crossed the room to put the gloves in the basket they belonged in.

fury is asking for you.” she stated, dropping the sweaty red gloves into the plastic tin sitting on a table full of gym equipment. “he apparently has a mission for you. i can tell him you’re ready to retire though, if you need me to.

i’m old, but not old enough to be croaking on a mission,” steve said. he waited for natasha to walk back to him before they went to the locker corner of the gym together. natasha leaned on a row of navy blue lockers as steve sat down with a towel and began to pat himself dry.

did he say what the mission was for?” he asked curiously. at the shake of natasha’s head, he sighed and reached down to his water bottle, taking a long drink as his friend continued to speak.

he didn’t tell me anything other than you may want to dress for the cold and that you’ll be working with someone we’ve never met before. he was pretty adamant about not telling me who.

steve took a long swallow as he twisted the cap closed on his drink, and held out his hand to natasha. she reached in one of the lockers next to her and tossed him a white tshirt that he then tugged over his torso. “alright then. i guess i’ll let you know how it goes.

natasha left shortly after, and steve decided to instead take a quick shower before he put on new clothes (a different white shirt and black jeans) and briskly made his way to the meeting location that natasha had told him. it was a meeting room, and it wss currently empty so steve took a seat at one of the vacant seats and waited patiently for the rest of the people involved to arrive.


amelia was a lot of things in new situations. uncomfortable was the constant factor in every single one, so she was thankful that it was her mom and aunt that were the ones helping her move into the new apartment she was now sharing with some guy named peter parker. she saw the ad online and on a whim decided to respond to it. they had really only texted just long enough to confirm that amelia wasnt a messy slob and that peter wasnt someone who was going to kill her in her sleep, and before she knew it she was moving in.

hey hun, where do you want your box of figurines?” amelia’s mother, jessica, called out.

oh, you can set that stuff in my bedroom. i don’t know if peter likes star wars, so i’ll just set up the display in there.

you don’t know if the stranger you are about to live with likes star wars?” the judgement from her aunt cheryl’s voice would normally bother amelia, but today it didn’t. she was too tired to care.

cheryl, it’s fine, plenty of people do this. have you seen the price of houses these days? it’s insane.” jessica cut in.

it just seems weird that you want to move out when you had your own private bath and room at our house.” the aunt replied. amelia then chose to tune out their bickering and look around the apartment she would now be living in.

it was definitely a little smaller than what she was expecting, but there was still plenty of room for her and peter. the kitchen had just enough counter space, and the living room had a few windows to let in natural light. in true new york nature though, the beautiful sight outside the glass was just more buildings, but amelia wanted independence and with it came everything else. it was a fair trade, if you ask her.

i mean, do you even know if he’s cute? i-

amelia whipped her head around and gave a loud “shh” to her aunt. “shut up,” she hissed. “look, it’ll be fine, you guys only live like twenty minutes away, i’ll call you everyday and all that.” amelia was unsure if her roommate was actually here, sleeping in, or if he was out somewhere, but she did not want to risk her aunt making him uncomfortable already.

a few minutes later after dramatic goodbyes, her aunt cheryl and mother were gone. amelia sighed a quiet breath of relief as she shut the door behind them. she loved her family, they were incredibly close, but god they could be a lot.

amelia walked over to the kitchen and glanced at the time on the stove. it was a little before noon. amelia would’ve been surprised at how quickly they got everything in, but she wasn’t at all. being an obsessive type a planner, she had her moving process down to a t and actually started weeks ago. she got rid of things she didn’t need, chose what to keep at her mom and aunt’s house in her childhood bedroom for when she stays there, and even had strategically packed and brought in boxed and totes in a way that would make unpacking so much easier for her. it only took about an hour to unload the truck, and another 30 minutes for her and her mom to convince cheryl to leave without her niece.

whatever. it was still early enough for burritos. amelia began cooking in the kitchen, quietly shuffling around boxes of dishware and the ingredients she laid out on the counter.

Valentina Petrov

The right wing of the S.H.I.E.L.D base was relatively empty. The area was quiet rather than the sound of heels clicking against the hard ground, echoing throughout the hallway. A young blonde woman walked down the corridor as her pale blue eyes scanned her surroundings carefully. She examined each number beside the doors as she passed them, looking for the one she found inside the email she received that morning.

It was sent to her straight from the director himself, explaining that she was expected to join him in a specific meeting room for a mission briefing. She was relatively new to the agency but the director had seen no problem with throwing her into as many assignments as he could. In the beginning, it rather made her uncomfortable as she wanted nothing more than to live a normal life since coming to the states. But she supposed this was the life that was destined for her since birth.

After some time, the blonde woman reached the designated meeting room. She stood outside for a moment, double checking the numbers on the plaque beside the door before taking out her agency card and scanning it on the pinpad on the wall. There was a soft buzz followed by a flashing green light signaling it was okay for her to enter. Valentina carefully turned the handle and walked inside.

Valentina never knew what to expect with each mission, each assignment, but if there was one thing she could expect was that she would be working alone. So when she came face to face with another sitting comfortably at the large table in the center of the room, she was met with an initial shock. She froze for a second, allowing the door to close behind her with a soft click. Her blue eyes examined the male up and down, taking in each of his features as he sat there. He was dressed casually while Val on the other hand wore a tight navy blue-black S.H.I.E.L.D approved uniform with black knee high combat boots, her long blonde hair was tied in a tight high ponytail.

He looked familiar but she couldn’t place him right away. After shaking herself from her thoughts, she made her way over and sat a couple seats down and across from him without a word. Was Fury really serious right now? He wasn’t about to give her a partner was he?

Peter Parker

Peter was sleeping rather soundly in his own bedroom in his new apartment. The door was shut and locked, mixed with how exhausted he was from the night before, he didn't even hear his newest roommate moving in all her stuff. He had been so busy as of late, it was a bit hard for him to keep track of his time and if he would have remembered he would have tried to greet her and maybe even help her with her stuff when she first arrived.

The male slowly turned in his bed, letting out a soft groan as the light shinning through the windows hit his eyelids. He woke up slowly, sitting up a bit in bed and turning his now open eyes to the alarm clock sitting on the nightstand. It flashed past noon, which was enough to jolt him fully awake. "Shit," he harshly whispered before scrambling out of the bed and hopping to his feet on top of the cold, hard wood floors.

He had over slept as he had been out so late the night before, swinging around the city of New York and roughing up some petty criminals he had caught. He quickly rushed to the closet, pulling out a long sleeved red shirt and grey sweatpants, covering up the little bruises that littered his body. The last thing he wanted was his new roommate to question why he had been covered in blue and purple markings and he was much too tired to make up any excuses. It would probably scare her away, maybe thinking he was bad news, and he desperately needed someone to help cover the other half of the rent as the price to live in New York was extremely high. Between being a new college student and a superhero, working full time was extremely difficult.

Peter quickly made his way to the door, opening it up and walking into the kitchen where he came face to face with the young woman standing in his now shared apartment. She was a pretty young woman and this made Peter almost completely forget any regrets or doubts he had.

"Uh... Hey," the young male said awkwardly, hoping he wouldn't startle her with his greeting. "You must be Amelia, it's nice to meet you officially..." He hoped the other didn't think of him as a bad host or now roomie for not coming to see her much sooner.

"Do you need any help there? I'm sorry I didn't greet you earlier, I just woke up. It was a late night. You know, just prepping for some courses before they start."
steve was lost in thought when he suddenly heard the door click, and moments later he lifted his head and watched a blonde beauty silently step in and cautiously take a seat a few chairs down from him. he leaned in towards her with a smile and joked, “you know, i don’t bite.

steve had already gotten the idea that maybe she didn’t want to talk too much, and decided to just leave it at that, but he was overwhelmed with the thought of, who was she? why were they working on this mission together? he knew fury would soon come in and answer everything anyways, but steve was more comfortable working alone or with the crew he already knew and loved.

and this wasn’t going to be fun if this girl was quiet and stoic the whole time. hopefully she could at least work as a team. she could be silent all she wanted if they could at least get the job done. whatever, it was still going to be better than having to work with tony. if steve could’ve picked, he would’ve probably chosen bruce or natasha, but he knew he shouldn’t be so quick to judge so he tried to dismiss the thoughts.

steve leaned back into his chair and raised his arms and yawned, the bones in his shoulder popping in a ripple effect, awkwardly and loudly in the conference room. he really should’ve stretched longer before his workout. maybe noises like what his body just did is what natasha was also referring to when she called him old and elderly.

okay, but really, who was it sitting next to him? fury doesn’t make friends the way other people do. is he calling in the big guns for this mission? has he been sitting on this girl for a while? or did he just find her and steve is the soft introduction before the rest of the team finds out? has this girl met anyone else?


oh yeah, that’s what they all say.” amelia teased, turning to greet peter with a smile. doing a quick look over peter, she was somehow surprised to see that her roommate looked perfectly…normal. well, he was obviously attractive, but not in a ‘i’m going to poison your cat and pee all over the ground’ way. seeing that he looked about the same amount of normal as herself made amelia silently thankful that she took a leap of faith and made the decision to move out of her (while loving), loud and nosey household.

i’m good. we got everything in, thank you though. oh! actually, i made some breakfast burritos if you want any. i’m not sure if you’re allergic to anything, or like a vegan or something, so theres three plates for you to pick from. i’ve also got toppings out on the counter.” she motioned towards the counter next to the fridge with her head, where she had separated toppings into minature plastic bowls and even set out various breakfast sauces.

my family is big on food, so they sent me with a LOT of it. i’m actually a little glad you missed them, because my aunt is so crazy. she spent the whole drive here complaining that i’d have to walk to a laundromat.” amelia paused momentarily to turn off the oven and the fan above it, and scraped breakfast sausage into another bowl and set it next to the other toppings.

um, i hope it isn’t too much. i know you just woke up, i don’t usually eat when i first get up, but i don’t know, your fridge was almost empty so i thought at least you could take some on your way to class or heat them up later-

amelia quickly realized she was rambling, and she took a breath and smiled. “i’m sorry, i apparently talk a lot. it’s nice to meet you, peter.” she took a few steps towards peter and stuck her hand out. upon moving out of their way for their joke of an kitchen island (which was just enough room for two people to eat, and absolutely nothing more than two plates and maybe a cup), she was wearing a pair of dark skinny jeans with a grey sweatshirt and an apron that had flowers and text written in spanish on it. amelia was nervous about today, despite her confidence, so she gave herself enough time to at least do her makeup and curl her shoulder length hair. she was all about first impressions, and she wanted to make sure the one with the person she would be living with was a good one.

Valentina Petrov

The blonde sent a glance the other’s way as he made a causal comment in response to her taking a seat in silence. She wasn’t a very social person no matter how friendly they were, but of course how would the other be able to know that? This was their first time being in each other’s presence after all. She took a moment, thinking whether or not to respond.

“I typically work alone,” Valentina finally replied before turning her gaze away once again. Her accent was thick but it still managed to sound sweet and feminine despite how off putting she was. It wasn’t long after that the sound of the door opening once again could be heard. She looked over to see the director walking into the room, holding two manilla folders in his right arm.

“Oh good, you’re both here early so I don’t have to wait on you,” Fury said gruffly as he walked towards the table and tossed a folder in front of each of them. “Hope you were able to get to know each other cause you’ll be working together on this next assignment, very closely.”

Valentina raised an eyebrow curiously at his words, wondering why in the hell he decided to give her a partner now of all times. She had done just fine, even better, without one. And after working under him for nearly a year, she thought he had trusted to leave her to her own devices at this point. She had proven herself a number of times.

“You’ll be going undercover to a place that’s no stranger to you, Valentina. So you’ll be able to guide your new partner around. As for you, Captain,” he turned to look at the man who had become some what of a leader amongst the agency, “You’ll be keeping a close watch on this one while you’re in the heart of Russia.” Valentina was confused by his words. She wasn’t exactly keen on going home but it made her more bothered by his clear distrust which made her wonder why.

Peter Parker

Peter was actually surprised by the site. He wasn't expecting the young woman that would be his new roommate to be so gorgeous and so well put together unlike himself at the moment. And for her to move all her stuff in an and still make breakfast, or such a big one at that, shocked him even more. But he was also grateful. He hadn't eaten much in the past few days as she probably assumed after taking one look at his nearly bare fridge. He just didn't have the time to cook or let alone get groceries between prepping for his classes during the day and fighting crime at night. He had been pretty much living off of coffee and little snacks, especially bags of chips. It wasn't exactly the most nutritious thing but it was sustenance enough.

"Uh, thank you," Peter said awkwardly as he looked at the spread she had laid out after giving her hand a shake. "You know, you didn't have to make anything for me. I would have been fine, really. I hope you didn't feel like you had to." He really hated to be a bother to anyone. His Aunt May was always pretty good at taking care of him, but some times she seemed to take a little too good care of him and some times it made him feel a bit of a burden to her. Even though she swore she didn't mind. It only really grew once he gained his powers and took on more responsibility, making him feel like he should have been the one to care for others.

"I really appreciate it though, it looks great," he then continued as he went to go pick one up. Smelled delicious too. Despite his thoughts, he would never turn down free food especially a home cooked meal. He hadn't had one since living with his Aunt May. God, he couldn't help but miss her at a time like this.

"Sorry about the fridge too. I've, uh... been meaning to hit up the mart down the street but I just... Haven't had time," the male flushed as he went through the little bowls of toppings, scooping out things here and there and tossing them onto the breakfast burrito he had on his plate.
steve was unsure of what to say that wouldn’t offend the girl, so he just continued to sit in his chair and crossed his arms with a quiet “oh.” what felt like seconds later, nick walked into the room, and steve straightened up a bit to listen to what he had to say.

russia? why there? who was valentina and what connections does she have there?

okay. i mean, it sounds like im playing security guard. that can’t be very difficult, she looks like she may not even need me. what makes this case special enough that she needs assistance?” hopefully that was a nice enough way of getting some answers without ignoring valentina’s obvious discomfort of working as a team. if they had to work together, steve wanted it to go smoothly so he definitely wasn’t going to start things off on the wrong foot.

what was with steve always being introduced to people who clearly didn’t want to work with him? was it because they always ended up part of the avengers or did nick just like to make steve uncomfortable from time to time?


no, of course not! don’t worry about it. my family is big on cooking so it didn’t feel right to not break in the kitchen.” amelia watched with a satisfied smile as peter filled up his plate and only when it looked like he had enough food, did amelia follow suit and also begin to make her own burritos.

oh man, don’t even worry about it. my mom actually wanted to get groceries for us as a gift for me, so just text me what all you want before thursday and i’ll make sure it gets taken care of.” she popped a stray bacon bit that fell off her burrito and continued, “besides, food is so expensive right now. i mean, do you remember the gas prices when everyone came back from the blip? plus, you were living by yourself, paying for all of this,” the dark haired girl motioned to the entirety of the apartment, “by yourself. i get it.”

emma cracked another smile and teased, looking back at peter, “you may have to convince my aunt you’re a human though. she was joking about how empty the apartment looked before we brought my stuff in.”

Valentina Petrov

“You’ll be doing more than just being a body guard, Steve,” the director replied to his comment, “This case is very… unique.” He was hesitant to continue as he noted the look of confusion and slight interest in the two agents’ faces. He knew that they were probably uncomfortable working in a different way than they were use to but unfortunately they would have to get use to it sooner rather than later.

He gave a gesture to the manila folders that were settled in front of each of them. “If you take a look in your files it’ll explain everything and the targets you’ll be after. It is imperative that you two were chosen.” He took a moment, waiting for the reaction he would receive as he knew from one it would not be positive.

Valentina looked down at the file, slowly reaching out to open it up. She took a moment to read the top of the page before glancing over several photos when her heart suddenly sank. The photos they had been provided were clear shots that were immediately recognizable to her along with labeled names on the back of it.

The room was silent for a moment as Valentina felt het head start to spin as thoughts raced uncontrollably in her mind as she went through each close family members’ photo. “You can’t be serious,” she finally said as she quickly looked up at the director. “Fury this is a joke, right? You can’t expect me to do this!”

Nick Fury knew that the blonde would become upset, even angry as she realized her assignment would be to gather information about her own family and possibly turn them in. While she wanted to escape her life in Russia, she never wanted to betray her own family who really did care for her growing up.

“Unfortunately this mission is very important. The Petrov family is making their way into New York. They’ve already started shipping out weapons and setting up base with some of their guys they’re sending from over seas. We have to send you in to gather intel to stop them from taking over and dealing illegally and effecting our political agendas like they’ve done in Russia. You’re the only one with an easy in. Steve will act as your newly engaged fiancé to make this appear as nothing more than a personal trip, a reconciliation so they trust you again.”

Peter Parker

He felt like he had won the jackpot with his new roomie. She had not even been there half a day and she was already cooking breakfast and she was providing him with free groceries. It felt nice to be taken care of again, the way May use to when she was still around. But at the same time he still couldn’t help but feel that tinge of guilt in the back of his chest.

While he would continue to refuse, it seemed as though he didn’t really have a choice as the young woman kept insisting on it. He supposed it wouldn’t hurt to allow her mother to pay for their groceries just this one time. He would simply keep his list short with only the bare necessities. It was all he needed anyways, nothing fancy or over the top.

“Well, I appreciate it. I’ll have to let you know,” Peter replied as he gave her a small smile. It was clear he slightly enjoyed the idea of being taken care of for just once again in his life. Little did she know how hard it really was on him and how rare this happened, but of course how would she as they were still strangers?

Peter picked up his fork before cutting into the burrito on his plate that rested comfortably on the small table. He stood beside it as he took a large bite, savoring the taste of the homemade meal. He had to admit it was delicious and he wouldn’t lie if he said he could find a way to get use to this. Much better than quick sandwiches and protein bars.

“Mm, this is delicious,” Peter mumbled in between bites. He simply couldn’t get enough as he didn’t realize how hungry he had been from the night before. “You really are a great cook!”

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