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Fantasy I Was Fine Until You

(Just to let you know I’m going on holiday for A week so not sure what my replyage will be like)

It was always amusing how the mention of Lenny seemed to brighten Caroline right up, Arthur didn’t think he’d ever grow sick of that and he smiled gently as she talked about the lizard. Silas seemed perfectly fine to take care of the little guy but his lack of hesitation to go to his and Caroline’s room did earn a raised eyebrow from Arthur and surprise from Caroline. They both expected him to be a bit too preoccupied to do that. Was Galehaut actually in there? Silas hadn’t wanted them to see so perhaps Galehaut was in a bit of a precarious pLatino, maybe he was a bit….tied up at the moment, Silas leaving for a while could be part of their games and actually no Arthur didn’t want to think about that.

He nodded at Caroline and watched the pair walk off. He looked towards Silas’ door and pressed a hand against it, tempted to see what was hidden behind. He’d already seen everything of Galehaut, he wouldn’t be shy and Silas was definitely acting strangely but …it was an invasion of privacy, if Silas wanted to keep something behind closed doors then there it would remain, plus although Galehaut’s body was no mystery, he’d rather not find out if the two of them were up to anything especially naughty. Arthur turned on his heel and went to seek out the knights instead. The first knight he came across quickly pointed him in the direction of Percival who looked….resigned to see him. Arthur did not come to Percival with the best jobs as of late, but such were the perks of guarding a young prince.

”Caroline and I are going to visit one of her relatives out of town so we need some sort of guard” he explained simply enough and Percival gave him a studying look. “You expecting a lot of trouble?” Percival asked. “No not really, although I'm not really too sure what to expect if I’m being honest” Arthur admitted with a shrug. “I would ask Gawain but obviously he’s got Theo to think about” Percival sighed before agreeing: “just when I thought it could have some time off” Arthur grinned “it’ll be fun, but pack your things because we’re leaving in a little bit” Percival shook his head but he didn’t seem too angry, hopefully Caroline and him wouldn’t have any more tiffs. Percival did set off to find one other knight to accompany them though, best to have at least one knight per member of royalty. Which meant Arthur was soon on his way back to Caroline and would Silas be eager to split ways with his sister then? Arthur realised he needed to pack his vial too which he’d need to do without arousing suspicion, luckily it was only small so shouldn’t be noticed. Would Caroline ask her ladies to join them? Since coming back home she’d not relied on them so heavily and they likely wanted to see their own families and continue to grieve about their fallen friend.
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By the time Arthur was returning, Caroline was just finishing giving Silas his instructions. Not that that had caused her to stop talking about her lizard. Stepping out of the two's bedroom. Silas was soon soothing. "It'll be fine Caroline, I promise to keep him safe." Silas was promising. Caroline still pouted. Saying. "I trust you, But.. I'm just worried. " She'd miss her new lizard friend! Still, She knew Silas would do his best. Her gaze then was drifting forward as she spotted Arthur approaching down the hallway. She was about to call him over. When Silas suddenly spoke up. Saying. "Well, I better get going- I got stuff I got to do. " He was saying hurriedly. Before then moving away from Caroline. The opposite direction of Arthur.

The event certainly left Caroline a bit confused. Her eyebrow raised from the suddenness. Maybe he was just eager to return to Galehaut? Yeah, That was likely it. Caroline then was glancing towards Arthur. Smiling at him as he approached. "Alright, Silas should be good. I guess we should go ahead and get our clothes together. " They didn't need to pack to heavily. It would only be a couple of days. But... Maybe that would be good for them both. Things in the castle had certainly been a bit tense.

Hopefully with Galehaut around Silas would be safe, And well... Caroline couldn't help but find herself saying. "... Silas seems like he really cares about Galehaut. " Her voice quiet as to avoid anyone overhearing. She then was looking towards Arthur. Seeming curious as she asked. "How long do you think they've been seeing each other? " Surely not long? Maybe there relationship just moved fast?
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Silas didn’t even stick around to say one last goodbye to Arthur and he couldn’t help but frown at that. What was going on? Maybe it was just to hard to say goodbye, but its not like they’d be gone for very long. Arthur nodded and moved inside the room to start packing, wondering what was going on with Silas and his thoughts were only egged on as Caroline brought him up. How long had he been with Galehaut? Maybe it was just Silas keeping up the act. Or maybe Arthur had misjudged and the two were actually together. Surely not though, as far as Arthur was aware things beteeen them would’ve only started last night, to then actually be together was moving a bit fast. Caroline didn’t know that though, she’d assume they’d been together longer.

”I don’t know” he murmured and he didn’t know how long Silas would lie and say for. “But it can’t have been that long, we only arrived recently” Silas and Galehaut would not have met before, Galehaut hadn’t been back whilst Silas had been at Arthur’s home And then he’d been travelling with them. Really cared, Caroline had called them smitten earlier, is that how Galehaut saw Arthur and Silas? It was an odd thought to think that someone might be smitten with him, or even to apply it the other way around but perhaps it was true, he sort of liked the sound of it, it seemed….sweet.

Arthur gathered some clothes and packed them into a bag, making sure to keep his vial safely tucked away in the bag too before turning to Caroline. ”I’m ready whenever you are” and he wanted to ask if she thought Silas was acting weird but she’d just put it down to Silas wanting to be with Galehaut snd his new relationship, maybe Arthur was being oblivious and their relationship was more real than he’d realised. “I hope Mavis, it’ll be fun to meet some more of your family” he insisted, they couldn’t be as bad as Rayner.

(we skip back to Caleb and Agravain if you want or skip forward a bit)
(We can skip to Caleb and Agravain, Btw, Would you want their kid to be your character or mine? Also, I dunno if this is a good idea. But I like the idea of the baby looking a lot like Agravain. Because I can imagine Gaheris being bitter and making remarks about it probably not even being Agravain's kid. And everyone is just like. "Dude, It looks just like him. " )

It had taken a few hours before the baby had arrived. Leaving Caleb certainly exhausted. But... Things had went well, Caleb and the baby were both okay. The baby already was wrapped up in a small blanket, And Caleb held him close. Meanwhile, Melodias hovered near his daughter. Though he had figured Agravain and Caleb might prefer atleast a few moments alone. So he then said softly. "I can go tell the others he's arrived, And that he's a healthy little boy? " He suggested. Gaheris might want to know he had a little nephew. And then Melodias was sure Caleb would want Lance to be made aware. Caleb tiredly looked up at him. Before then murmuring. "Yeah... That... That sounds good. " She informed. And Melodias gave a nod. Leaning forward to give Caleb a small kiss on the forehead before he was turning. Walking out of the room. Hopefully he wouldn't have to go far to find Gaheris and then Lance.

Caleb's gaze then was moving away from the baby, Up at Agravain. She then murmured gently. "What was that name you liked? Grant? I think that would be a nice name for him. " It seemed like a fitting name. He looked like a little Grant! Caleb then encouraged. "Here... You... Why don't you take him. " She wasn't completely sure if he had gotten to hold him yet. She'd been rather dazed just after he arrived. Was still dazed! Was exhausted, It would not be surprising if she fell asleep soon. But no one could really blame her for that. Luckily, Caleb could trust that Agravain would take good care of the boy when she did finally fall asleep.

Caleb then murmured gently. "You're going to need to send Gawain a letter. " The man did adore babies, Was a bit of a mother hen. He might be a bit disappointed that he was unable to be there for Agravain. But atleast he had Theo to worry about. Actually, Maybe it was a good thing he wasn't here. They might have had a hard time getting Gawain to let go of the baby once it arrived.
(Yeah I like that idea, I think it’ll make Caleb feel a lot better too if it really looked like Agravain. I don’t mind who plays them, hadn’t even thought about it to be honest. Who will they play off against the most I guess?)

Things had been a little tense, all of them anxiously awaiting the baby and wanting to be there for Caleb, to help her fight through it but now the storm was gone there was a bit of calm. Melodias was giving them a bit of space and things felt quiet all of sudden with just the two of them, well….three now. He had a son! Wow, he had a son. He’d always wanted a family but had figured it’s come much later, too focused on his siblings to think much about having children just yet but here he was, a little baby boy between him and Caleb and wasn’t he just perfect?

Agravain went to take their son, honestly feeling a little speechless as he looked down at the kid. He was so small and pink and fragile. God, Agravain already loved him so much and he could feel the smile on his face was going to be there for a while. “I like Grant” he agreed with a nod. “He’s gorgeous” he said to Caleb but kept his eyes on the baby boy as he held him close, rocking him slightly to keep him happy. “Oh, Gawain’s going to be over the moon” Two new children, Theo and Gwen, they’d have each other growing up which would be good. Maybe Gawain would be a little upset he’d not been here for any of it, Caleb‘s pregnancy had come to light after he’d already departed from them and baby Grant had been born before Gawain had returned, but Gawain was more interested in the babies than the pregnancies he imagined.

Agravain perched on the edge of the bed by Caleb and glanced at her. “Let’s hope he grows to be as strong as you huh” She’d never wanted to be found out as a woman, hadn't imagined a life for herself anything like this he figured, she was married and had a child now! Oh how things change. “I’m so proud of you” he admitted. “For bringing him into the world, I don’t think I can ever repay that” She’d done all the heavy lifting, now he guessed it was his turn. “But…..I am going to have to ask that you don’t return to work for a little while, until the medic clears you” he added. He was sure she’d be chomping at the bit to get back to sparring, maybe not right now but once the tiredness wore off, her body would still be recovering though and he didn’t want her to strain herself too much. “Give me a little time to brush up on my skills first” he joked before looking back down at Grant, absolutely enamoured with the little guy.

Gaheris and Lance were easy enough to find, both were in the sitting room although on opposite sides. Lance held Galahad in his lap, bouncing him slightly and occasionally going through some sign language whereas Gaheris sat staring out a window and scowling. He’d heard obviously that Caleb was in labour and he wasn’t pleased about the baby at all but he knew well enough to wait for the news, maybe he’d hear that Caleb hadn’t made it! That might be nice but he wasn’t normally so lucky.
(Hmm.. Maybe you could play him? I figure when Gawain returns with Theo, It might be cute to play Grant and Theo's relationship? As They'll be close in age and I can imagine them being close friends? )

Agravain seemed a bit at a loss for words, But Caleb wasn't surprised. He had always seemingly wanted kids and this was his first son. It was already easy to tell he would be a good father. He was right, Gawain was going to be thrilled when he returned. Hopefully he wouldn't run away with there kid. Atleast they knew they'd always have a babysitter ready! It would be interesting to see who Grant grew up to be. Would he be a knight like his parents? It was hard not to want that future for him. But Caleb supposed they'd just need to wait and see. Caleb then smiled gently as Agravain spoke. Voice soft. "I couldn't do any of it without you. " Had Agravain not been there for her and she'd found herself pregnant? Well, Caleb likely would have been in a far darker place. But they were a team.

Agravain was soon pointing out something far less fun. Caleb couldn't go back to sparring right away. Needed to wait atleast a few weeks. As much as she might have wanted to argue, Caleb knew he was right. Thus was giving a small nod. It helped that she was exhausted and at the moment didn't imagine she'd get far if she tried to train. She did grin at Agravain's comment. "Don't worry, I promise to go easy on you. " She murmured. Her gaze then going to the bundle in his arms. She then murmured softly. "I still can't believe he's here. " They had a baby, A entire person! And he was perfect. It was a lot.

Meanwhile, Melodias was making his way downstairs. Luckily he hadn't needed to go far to find Lance and Gaheris, Though the men seemed to be keeping as far away from eachother as possible. Hey, Even Ruth was there! Awkwardly sitting in a seat a fair distance between both of them. Of course she didn't want to be near Gaheris, And Ruth was aware how fresh her argument with Lance was. Likely had decided it best to give him some space as they waited. Honestly, Melodias could practically feel the tension between everyone when he walked in. Hopefully they wouldn't bring it with them when they went to see the baby!

Melodias then spoke up. "The baby arrived, Its a little boy, Him and Caleb are doing just fine. " He was promising. Perhaps it would be good to invite them to see? Except Agravain likely would not want Lance anywhere near, And best not to spring that on him. Gaheris though? His presence would certainly stress Caleb, And She'd been threw a lot. But at the same time he was family, No matter how much Melodias disliked him. Maybe seeing the baby would trigger some kind of kindness in him? Yeah, No. Melodias didn't see that happening. Might be best to just wait until Agravain and Caleb invited them to see, Or for Agravain to bring the baby to them. So Melodias then said. "I think it best we just let them rest right now. I'm sure you all will get a chance to see soon enough. " Hopefully Gaheris listened!
(Yeah sure although he probably won’t be doing too much at this age so feel free to play him as needed whilst he’s just a baby. Yeah I think Grant and Theo will be friends, and itll be good for grant to have someone to talk to besides his siblings even if Theo will still be family)

Weren’t they so sweet. Agravain wasn’t so sure he’d done much to help but he guessed she’d had her doubts, still Melodias would’ve been there for her! He chuckled gently, doing his bets not to disturb Grant as she said she’d go easy on him. He had a feeling that despite her words she wouldn’t, it’s be good to see her back in action though, she looked most at home when she was swinging a sword and fighting. ”me either” Agravain admitted. “i feel like we’ve been waiting ages for him” A lot of her pregnancy had had Agravain worried she wouldn’t notice she was even pregnant in the first place so maybe that had made it seem longer, still nine months wasn’t a short amount of time. “He’s worth it though” He leaned closer to Caleb and went to press a kiss to her cheek. “you must be exhausted, you can sleep if you want, I’ll watch him, I promise I won’t go far” Maybe she’d want to hold him for a bit longer though, still he figured she had to be tired and that sleep would come for her soon regardless.

Lance did feel tense, worried for Caleb and the baby, awkward around Ruth, annoyed with her but also half tempted to reach out, not used to holding her at arms length, and wary of Gaheris, his chat with Caleb bringing the threat of him to the forefront of his mind. Melodias was distracting some of them though and Lance paid rapt attention at the news. He could breathe a sigh of relief for Caleb, glad she was doing okay now and that she had a healthy baby boy, it did mean she’d soon be well enough to scold him again though. Lance understood that now wasn’t the best time to crowd the married pair and their baby, he didn’t want to Ruin Agravain’s joy with his anger for him.

Gaheris was prone to anger though and he didn’t seem excited by the news. Maybe he would’ve been better if Agravain had asked for him, if he’d been brought in as family but no he was sat with all the other rejects and that rubbed Him the wrong way. He got up with a huff and stormed off, making his way towards Gareth’s room. Someone should tell him the news Agravain sure wasn’t! Gareth would probably be happy though which might annoy Gaheris more and Gareth could hardly defend himself in his state.

Lance watched Gaheris disappear with a sigh but felt a small weight off his shoulders as he didn’t have to deal with the boy. ”thanks for telling us Melodias” Lance spoke up. “i’m happy for them. You excited fo finally have a grandchild?” He asked. He knew that Melodias had been nervous over Caleb’s fate Due to his wife’s own untimely demise but now that the worry was gone would he allow himself to be even more excited. Lance glanced at Ruth before deciding to bridge the gap and he picked up Galahad and made his way over to the girl. “Maybe if you offer to babysit Agravain will show you a few moves” he suggested, nudging Ruth with his elbow and offering her a small smile to show he wasn’t too angry with her that he wasn’t still her friend. Of course he didn’t like how she was treating him about and reacting to Gavin but he knew it came from a place of concern from him. He couldn’t be too angry that she cared for him. “Assuming anyone can ever tear him away from the baby in the first place mind you“
Gaheris of course did not seem pleased by the news. But Melodias supposed he wasn't surprised, Didn't even try to stop the young man when he began storming off. Simply watched him go. Lance was certainly far more pleasant to be around. A smile soon showing on the mans face. "Its certainly not something I ever expected. " He really had not thought Caleb would ever have kids. He'd been worried for his daughter the entire time. But now... The worst was over and Caleb was safe. That was all he'd been hoping for. He then snorted. "It is still odd, I do not feel old enough to be a grandfather. " He confessed. Maybe not that surprising. Melodias wasn't actually That old. He'd had Caleb when he was young after all. But, He figured no one probably felt old enough to be a grandfather.

Lance then was focusing more on Ruth. Who, Was a bit surprised when Lance came to her side and addressed her. The idea of babysitting seemed rather nice, And getting to train too? Yeah, Ruth was smiling. That would be a offer she'd be excited to take. She then said. "I'm just excited to see the baby. I'm super curious if he's huge. " Both Agravain and Melodias were rather large men. Though... They likely hadn't started out that way. So maybe the baby would be normal size. Melodias seemed amused by that. Saying. "I'm sad to disappoint you. But he is normal baby sized. Looks a lot like his father though. " Yeah, There wasn't much denying who that boys dad was.

Melodias then told the both of them. "I'm sure you'll both be able to see them soon enough. " Or well, Ruth would be able to atleast. Lance Melodias was more uncertain about. He might have to wait a bit longer. Melodias then was moving to sit down. Figuring he'd wait a bit longer before going upstairs to check on Caleb and Agravain. So, Might as well keep Ruth and Lance company. Ruth then found herself saying to Melodias. "I'm surprised you never had any other kids. " He seemed rather fond of Caleb. Already seemed to love his grandson. She knew his wife had passed. But he was nobility. Surely he had felt some pressure to remarry. And even if not, She'd have expected him to want more kids. Melodias's eyes softened. He then murmured fondly. "I don't want to love another. As for more kids, Caleb was enough of a handful. He was constantly getting into trouble as a kid. I love them, But they were a little brat. " He snickered. His gaze then went to Lance. Teasingly telling. "You're lucky Galahad is so well behaved! When Caleb was his age, You have no idea how often I'd wake up to them hitting me with a stick and trying to challenge me to a duel. " Seemed fighting had been on Caleb's mind since a rather young age.
Lance imagined the marriage alone would’ve come as a surprise to Melodias but then a pregnancy? It was not a path he’d probably seen for Caleb but she seemed to be doing quite well as she followed it. He smiled in amusement as Melodias talked about his age. ” speak to my father” Lance commented. Antonio was a bit older than Melodias, then again Lance and Galahad were older than Caleb and Grant. And they could also speak of being shocked to have grandchildren, at least Melodias had had a few months to get used to the idea. Lance really did think it’d be a good idea for the two men to spend some time together.

Lance smiled at Ruth’s excitement, snickering gently at the comment on the baby’s size. He got where she was coming from, he had mentioned before to Caleb about both her husband and her father being hulking men but luckily it seemed that the baby was normal sized, for now at least. He seemed to Take after his father though so in the future could very well be a mountain of a man as well. “Already?” Lance mused, surprised the baby clearly looked like Agravain at such a young age but perhaps he just had really strong genes. Lance couldn’t help but hope the opposite when it came to Caroline, that was one child that he prayed didn’t look like him, as much as he loved that Galahad was clearly his own child, he worried His new one might be as identifiable because then they were all in trouble.

Lance laughed. “Caleb is still a little brat. When we first got back she woke me up to go Riding with her, admittedly not with a stick but she wasn’t taking no for an answer and you think that as soon as she’s cleared for duty she’s not going to be pestering us for a duel?” Caleb had so much pent up energy and excitement for fighting that it’d take a while for it to deplete. So yes, Caleb was a brat but that was said with love of course. “Anyway, don’t jinx it, he’s well behaved now, he might not stay that way, especially as we’re learning to communicate better” Lance might hear a lot more nos and as Galahad got older he might grow more rebellious or at least disagree with his father more. “But I wouldn’t mind him being interested in fighting but I don’t know.…he doesn’t really seem to like it“ Lance sighed, Galahad had been scared at first, their last duel he’d sat nearby but not really been interested. It was a bit frustrating and upsetting to have all this knowledge and great interest in fighting that he wasn’t able to share with his son. Fighting was a major part of Lance’s life, it felt odd that his son wouldn’t cross over into that world but he guessed he was still young and maybe Galahad didn’t even have to be a knight but he could learn some things! ”I’m going to get him to spend more time with kids a similar age to him though, maybe they’ll make him see how fun it is” he said hopefully. Galahad really should get some friends his own age, he was already at a disadvantage with his hearing they didn’t want him to be lonely as well! “When I was little actually, me and the other kids used to fight in the streets, with sticks, with fists, with whatever, wanted to try moves we’d seen our dad’s practicing. Usually the adults tried to break us up pretty quickly, before anyone got seriously hurt, although they could never stop a few bruises but Was Caleb similar?” He imagined if she’d been trying to duel her father then she might also challenge some children her age too.
Poor Antonio was certainly taken by surprise when Lance showed up with a kid. Something Melodias could feel sympathy for. Atleast Galahad was a good little kid! Melodias then grinned at Lance's comment. Saying. "I can definitely see it atleast. " Perhaps it wasn't that obvious. But Melodias thought it was. And anyone who was willing to say Agravain wasn't the father? Well, He was happy to throw out a window so he supposed it didn't matter! He then snickered at Lance. Saying. "Oh, Believe me. If you had refused he probably would have gone and got the stick. " He joked. He wasn't surprised at all she had woken him up. She'd had a lot of pent of energy. A desire to do something. Atleast now once she recovered she could return to training.

His expression softened as Lance began talking about his worries with Galahad. It was entirely possible he might never take a interest in fighting. He seemed to be a gentle boy. And even if he did... Melodias wasn't sure how far Galahad would get being unable to hear. But that wasn't a reason for him not to try. He could surprise them! Melodias then told Lance. "It could be because he's only seen the violence of it? He can't hear, I doubt he would have heard stories of the heroics knights have done. " Melodias doubted the boy had ever really heard stories of knights slaying dragons and saving princesses that many other children grew up on. The only thing he had seen was people fighting, Getting hurt possibly. No wonder he might be scared of it. His mother had tried to teach him to write. But she might not have yet been able to really relay stories to him of such things.

The idea of him meeting other kids could be useful. Some of the other knights had kids. Probably a few would have kids Galahad's own age. It shouldn't be to hard for them to find someone. Ruth then was suggesting. "Chris mentioned having a couple of younger siblings. I don't know if any are close to Galahad's age. But since he's over here all the time... Maybe he could bring one of them? " She suggested. Though Melodias looked doubtful, that might not work. Lance and Chris did not seem the most fond of each other after all! Melodias then was focusing on Lance's talk of childhood antics. Grinning. "Oh definitely. Any chance he got. It wasn't only fighting he'd get up to. Once he gave a dukes son a black eye during one of his fights! Needless to say the duke was not at all happy. " Melodias informed. That had certainly been a bit of a headache.
Melodias made a good point. Lance had wanted to be a knight because of his father, because he knew the tales and the acts of heroism, that they were respected and their adventures were exciting. Galahad might know none of that. He’d seen weapons and expressions of grim concentration and even sometimes blood, he didn’t get why they were doing it, he hadn’t been able to communicate properly with him before And he doubted Elaine had managed to get much across either. Maybe she’d told him tales of knights, tried to tell Galahad tales of him, but he would’ve been too young to understand or her words might’ve literally fallen in dead ears, just talking to him for the sake of talking even if he couldn’t hear her. He could communicate with Galahad a bit now, they were still working on it but he was quite a quick learner and some stuff he might be able to infer even if they Didn’t really have a gesture for it yet, Galahad was a smart kid after all. Lance would have to try and tell him what knights were, why they did what they did, that their sparring wasn’t aggression, not usually, but more playing and practicing.

Chris, Chris, Chris. Lance felt himself sour slightly at the mention of the other man. He didn’t want o react that way, he didn’t dislike Chris, he just didn’t appreciate being avoided and ignored. He was trying to help him but they weren’t seeing eye to eye on that. Caleb had suggested he apologise, although she didn’t know the full story, but he wasn’t sure he wanted to apologise for looking out for him. Chris should apologise for being ungrateful. “Caleb had said she’d speak to him but she’s been understandably busy, I might try to catch him when I’m next at the castle” he agreed. It would do them good to talk, they might finally come to an agreement and broker some sort of peace.

Lance snickered at the tale. Melodias really should talk to Antonio, they could tell Each other stories if their troublesome children, plus they had in common that they were single parents, neither of which seemed like they’d remarry. Actually the thought of the two of them touring bars and trying to pick up woman was a bit of a funny one to Lance but he decided not to share that imagery. “I can imagine. Let’s hope their child doesn’t give them so much trouble“ Lance murmured although the pair would probably be happy if the kid was eager to get into a scrap. “Not many people are eager to annoy Agravain, I wonder if his son will have the same attitude or maybe he’ll be as cheeky as Caleb” okay maybe a Caleb wasn’t as cheeky as some others but she could definitely push Agravain way further than others could. Even Agravain’s siblings weren’t the most eager to annoy him, Gaheris tested the boundaries frequently and harshly but he didn’t enjoy the consequences, Gareth had seemed to try and Push Agravain too but a bit less eagerly, Gavin had Turned on her brother only recently but did she still worry about the consequences from him? Lance would guess yes, she wasn’t eager to tell Agravain about her new relationship with him and had spoke about Agravain being a threat to Lance if and when he did find out. He figured there was at least some lingering concern there.

”So Melodias, what are you going to get the baby to call you? Grandad? Papa? Gramps?” Lance asked, he knew some people had preferences. Galahad was mostly doing signs at the moment, knew how to write a little but they’d be focusing on that next once Lance picked him a tutor so then he could kearn words like grandfather and the specific forms of it. Antonio had mentioned to Lance though that he liked the Spanish form of it, to be Galahad’s Abeulito - Lito or Tito for short - although he Imagined Galahad would likely just use grandad when speaking to other people. “And I imagine you’re sticking around, Aunt Ruth?” Lance suggested, he Knew both Caleb and Agravain were fond of her, she’d be around the baby a lot so would essentially be an aunt to the child. She maybe hadn’t considered That she could leave though now that she was free, except she was safe here, looked after and fairly happy it seemed. Gaheris had stopped bothering her, she got fighting shows and lessons and her biological family was nearby, maybe she would one day move on but he wouldn’t have thought that’d be soon.
Melodias raised his eyebrow as Lance mentioned catching up with Chris. Yeah, He wasn't convinced that would go well. The men were not fond of each other at all. But... They also were both friends with Caleb, So it likely would be good for them to get along! Hopefully them meeting up would not end in some sort of argument. The topic of Melodias's new grand child was a far happier one. And Melodias snickered. "I think if he's anything like his parents, Well, He's going to be a wild child. " For some reason he had a feeling Agravain likely had his own habits of being a troublesome child. While the man was friendly to Melodias, He had heard enough to know he had a temper. But maybe Grant would be a well behaved lad! They'd just need to wait and see.

Melodias tilted his head at the question. It hadn't really been something he had thought about. He'd been rather stressed as of late, Fearing for Caleb. But now that the danger had passed? It might be something he should give some thought. Melodias then mused. "I don't think I have a preference. Tho I don't think I'd be eager to be called 'Gramps.' " That would really make him feel old! But it would be a while before Grant began speaking. So he had time to think about it.

Ruth blinked as Lance was questioning. He was right, Leaving hadn't really been something on Ruth's mind. She was safe here. Things were relatively nice. Though being referred to as a aunt made her cheeks go a bit red. She then told Lance. "I enjoy things here, Besides. I've even less desire to leave now. I like babies. " They were cute. At times it did bring bitter memories. But... Ruth still enjoyed being around children. Her words had Melodias expression softening. He then "You know, Now that you are free, You could marry, Have a family of your own. Perhaps when you are a bit older of course. " Sure, It was not that uncommon for someone Ruth's age to marry. Especially when it came to women, But Melodias figured it would perhaps be better for her to wait a bit. Ruth seemed a bit startled by that. Likely hadn't even really considered it. Awkwardly shifting. Ruth then confessed. "I'm... Not certain anyone would marry me. Besides, I don't know if I even want to be with a guy like that. " Ruth had had a hard life after all. It was reasonable for her to be a bit wary. Her past also might make others hesitant to be with her. Melodias then told gently. "Don't sell yourself short dear. A good man would not judge you on a past you had no control over. Any that would are not worth your time. But getting married isn't something you have to do. " There was no diplomatic reason Ruth would need to wed. She also had safety here. Lance, Caleb and Agravain would help her Melodias figured. She also seemed to be interested in becoming a knight. Melodias couldn't help but think she'd be perfectly fine if she never married.
Agravain hadn’t had too much chance to be a naughty child seeing as he’d had to raise his siblings but he was a troublesome man at least. From what he’d heard, Gwen had a been a wild child though so at least Agravain had some practice in trying to reel In misbehaving and feisty kids, not that he’d been all that successful with Gaheris but well Gaheris was something extra in his opinion so he didn’t really count. Agravain would have more backing this time around though, he had Caleb instead of Gawain except he’d still have Gawain’s support and Melodias’.

Melodias didn’t seem keen on gramps which was understandable, it did sound old. “Papa Mel?” Lance suggested but he had a teasing grin on his face, maybe in the future he would not be so playful when it was his turn to pick out what he’d like to be called as a grandfather but hopefully that was a while away. Galahad might need to learn a bit more conversational language first before he breached the topic of not making him a grandfather, very hypocritical of him though. To be fair Lance had been 22 when Galahad came into his life, that wasn’t that young. Except Galahad had already been four at the time so yeah, he hadn’t been much older than Caleb.

Ruth didn’t want to leave just yet and Lance was glad, as much as she’d annoyed him a little while ago she was still his friend and he’d miss her if she ever left. He’d like her to stick around though, and she had plenty of reason to, getting trained up in fighting, having friends and family about and somewhere safe to lay her head. Melodias was talking about marriage though and that surprised Lance a little, he’d never really considered Ruth and marriage in the same sentence, then again he’d not had a reason to, for most of the time he’d known her she’d been Gaheris’ slave. Maybe some men would be hesitant because of her past but those weren’t men she’d want to consider in the first place anyway. She needn’t marry for status or even money, the only thing she needed to consider was love. She was claiming she likely wouldn’t want to be that close to a man though and he could understand why, her experiences in the past would not have been good, she needed a lot of trust there or simply wasn’t interested, much like Gavin he supposed. “If you do find a boyfriend though, I’ll have to meet him to make sure he’s good enough” Lance warned, he didn’t want some miscreant dating Ruth! Although he was sure many fathers had described him as the same, still, if Ruth got to judge Gavin then He got to vet her love interests. “Or I can try to give you some tips! I’m not sure how well that will work though, I normally advise the guys” he admitted with a small frown although he had helped out Caleb and now look at her she was married and with a baby! “Caleb never thought she’d be married you know, even when she was with Agravain she figured it wouldn’t go anywhere, that it couldn’t, but circumstances change, who knows what’ll happen in a years time, a few years” Lance pointed out, maybe Ruth would meet someone she was instantly smitten with? She’d liked Evie although that couldn’t end in marriage and then she’d like Percival although that had not gone very far but it was possible she’d end up with someone! “But you don’t have to worry about getting married, you can court for the sake of courting” Lance pointed out, see where the wind took her. “And if you need anyone to chaperone your dates then let me know” it was normally higher ranking couples that had their dates chaperoned, like Arthur and Caroline who normally had had her ladies hovering nearby but Lance was happy to tag along just so she felt comfortable and safe.
Melodias did not seem eager to accept Lance's suggestion. Simply gave him a raised eyebrow. Hey, Maybe with a little time he might grow more used to it. But the topic soon was changing from Melodias new grandfather status to Ruth's future. Which Lance was perhaps quickly taking on a role of protective older brother, Judging by his desire to vet any potential boyfriends. Such nearly causing Ruth to roll her eyes. She then pointed out. "Fine, As long as you promise not to scare anyone off. " She didn't want him threatening anyone! Lance was a famed knight, Not many would want to get on his bad side. Besides, It was doubtful she'd get with anyone bad. She was good at telling good folks. It had been part of the reason she'd been drawn to Percival. He just seemed sweet.

Lance seemed to enjoy the idea of helping her out. But he was a romantic. Seemed to enjoy setting people up anyway. Atleast she knew she'd have a good wingman if she ever needed it! She wasn't sure if such was in her future. The idea of being romantic with someone was nice. She'd loved Evie. Felt comfort in the other girl. Though courting another girl was definitely a dangerous thing. But part of the reason her and Evie had gotten together was they needed each other. Needed someone to lean on during very hard times. Ruth thought it would be difficult for anyone to really give her any chance with them. And maybe that was setting her standards too low. But it felt true, Her background, Her looks, Her scars. They felt like things that would work against her. But... Ruth didn't really need anyone. She was happy like this, Happy being safe with friends.

Lance's offer to chaperone was a sweet one. Caused her to playfully nudge him. "Maybe I'll take you up on that offer. But again. No threatening allowed. " She teased. Okay, Maybe a little bit of threatening would be okay. Everything in moderation. Melodias seemed amused by the two. Though he figured if Ruth started dating, Well... Her partner would not be the one they'd need to worry about. How would Gaheris react? Melodias knew the boy was a bitter one. Had kept Ruth as his slave until forced to free her. Frankly, He wasn't convinced the man didn't still see Ruth as his property. Thus.. He might not react well to her dating. But Melodias was happy to put him in line if that was the case. Agravain might be mad if he punched his little brother. But Melodias still had some bitter feelings towards the lad after his comments about Caleb. Still, He kept his mouth shut on that. Instead suggesting. "Perhaps, If you wished to try dating. It might be good to let Lance set you up. Maybe one of the knights have a squire about your age? " She didn't have to get married. But... It might be a good experience for her he figured. If Lance was there chaperoning. It also ment she'd be safe from any harm. Would be able to leave at any point should she get uncomfortable.
Lance gave her a little shocked gape as she suggested he might scare anyone off. Him? As if! No, okay, he totally would if he thought they would be trouble. He’d done the same to Caroline when they’d gone to that pub except that had been a bit of a different circumstances and certainly ended very differently. It wasn’t just Lance’s bad side people would get on though if Ruth got treated badly, they’d also have to answer to Caleb and likely Agravain, he imagined Melodias wouldn’t mind taking some people down a peg or too as well. She had a lot of people to support and look after her. She also had her actually brother; the two were still a bit awkward he would’ve said but he imagined Jerome would defend his sister should he see the need for it.

Melodias made a good suggestion actually and Lance glanced at him thoughtfully. He could find some squires for her, if she continued her training and didn’t actually plan on becoming a knight then it would be good to also have some backing from people a similar age to her, so she’d have friends and support when the time came to actually join their ranks but they’d seen previously that knights could react badly to the idea of a woman being one of them although Ruth wouldn’t be hiding her identity, Lance just figured they needed to make sure the squires were open to the idea of her also being s knight one day. “I can ask around” he offered Ruth. “There will be quite a few squires your age” He could think of a few, Jerome probably knew a bunch more but he wasn’t sure if he’d help set his sister up on a date. ”if you’re interested that is” he added, he didn’t want to push her into anything she didn’t really want.

”you got a specific type?“ Lance asked curiously, not sure if she’d ever actually had the chance to think about it. “You must have heard about me and my redheads by now” He knew what he liked, obviously he also dated other women too but he had a specific fondness for a red-headed woman. “Not that many in this kingdom though” People tended to have darker hair he would’ve said. Redheads were rare anyway but most he found were travellers or people from foreign kingdoms who had settled here, rarely born in this kingdom. “You seen Elaine?” He asked, he figured Ruth might’ve happened across her but maybe only seen her in glances or from a distance. “An absolutely gorgeous lady but not from here” he explained, even After her injury and a few years she was still beautiful and he didn’t think that’d ever change, even if she lost her hair and was scarred, she was a beautiful person and not solely because of looks. He’d always love her, he knew that, they'd been very close before they’d parted, one of the closest partners he’d had, and she‘d given him Galahad - he was very grateful for Elaine. “Anyway, enough about that, unless you like re—headed men? Then in that case I know quite a few brothers I can introduce you too” he offered, they might not be keen to see Lance again though.
It seemed Lance seemed interested in setting her up. The idea certainly made her cheeks go a bit red. Finding it a touch embarrassing. But... Maybe it would be nice as well, To just go on a proper date. She then said. "I... Wouldn't mind. " Even if she didn't go on a date with them... It could be nice to make some friends her own age. She'd be spending a lot of time around knights it seemed, So that might be a good place to start. Lance then was talking about types, And well, Of course he had a thing for redheads. Spoke fondly of Elaine, And Ruth thought she might have liked to meet the women before she had fallen so ill. She certainly was pretty. Ruth could understand Lance's interest in her. But she always seemed so lost wherever she went.

What was Ruth's type? She hadn't really thought to think about it much. Redheads? Ruth had a feeling things could get rather awkward if she met those brothers. Besides, She didn't think she much cared about hair color. Ruth then confessed. "I don't know, I guess I like people who seem sweet. " Evie had always been a very sweet girl. Then Perceval? Well, Ruth had been quickly able to tell he was a sweet guy. Part of the reason her crush had developed so quickly. Caleb was a bit harsher then them both, But... She still had a kindness to her that Ruth had liked. Not that she was going to ever mention that.

Melodias seemed amused. Before finally rising to his feet. Saying. "Well, I'll let you discuss that further. I'm going to go check on Caleb. " He wasn't sure if his daughter would still be awake, She'd seemed exhausted. But if nothing else he'd be able to see his grandson. Thus he was soon stepping away and leaving Lance and Ruth alone. Which well, Suddenly without anyone else around to hear, Ruth's gaze shifted down. Very much aware of last nights argument. Was it something for her to address? No, Not now. Ruth didn't want to ruin the peace. Instead, She went to lean against Lance. Asking curiously. "When do you think we'll be able to see the baby?" Ruth figured it could be a while. And for Lance? It might be even longer.
He smiled softly as she agreed but with clear embarrassment and a bit of nerves. He’d do his best to try and set her up with someone good but in the end it didn't matter if Lance liked them or not, it was whether Ruth did. Someone sweet? Most squires were, especially the teenagers were a bit…they liked to be one of the lads he’d say, but it was probably the same for all teenagers he guessed, but some of them must still be sweet, some were shyer than others he knew that much. Gareth had been sweet at least, even if he’d get embarrassed at Lance saying that but he thought the boy was cute, secretly wanted affection even if he had trouble admitting it.

Maybe if Percival had returned home with them then Ruth could’ve tried her luck with him but Lance lie,ly wouldn’t have picked the man to set her up with. Percival was an established knight, older than Ruth as well, even if still young himself, yes Percival was nice and he knew the man had little if any dating experience but he figured it might be best for Ruth to start with someone a more similar age to herself and without the complications of being a questing knight. At least Caleb had been a fully fledged knight herself before getting with Agravain and luckily Agravain had not exactly been called away on quests so far but he knew that it could be tricky being the partner of a questing knight. Plus, if she were to become a knight then they wouldn’t want more rumours of a lady sleeping her way into the ranks based on her partner’s status. “I’ll see who I can find” he promised but it might take a little while o find someone suitable, especially since he wasn’t always at the castle now.

Melodias left them, eager to get back to his daughter And grandson. He too worried that they might argue again when alone but Ruth was leaning against him and it made his heart feel like it was being squeezed slightly, in a good way, at how she still felt comfortable enough around him to do that. “Soon.“ he reassured her. “Caleb’s probably worn out, Agravain might not want to take the baby from her side so we’ll have to wait until she’s awake and ready and then I’m sure she’ll call in people to visit.” Ruth seemed eager to see this baby. He knew she’d had her own child, knew it hadn’t ended well although he didn’t know much beyond that, wasn’t sure if there was anything else to tell, he was a little worried to ask, didn't want to upset her and she didn’t appear to like talking about it, understandably, but maybe it would help if she did? Would it help her move on? Or would it make her relive the past? Lance didn’t know so he kept quiet on That particular subject for now. “If you want a child to look after, you can always help with Galahad” he pointed out a little teasingly, he did have a lot of help as it was and Galahad wasn’t even troublesome!

”you like Caleb huh” he murmured although maybe he didn’t mean it in the same way that Agravain meant it when he mentioned it to Caleb. Lance did know about her and Evie of course but he hadn’t exactly approved, probably wouldn’t want to think about her having such feelings for Caleb. ”she seems fond of you too. I’m glad, I wouldn’t want some of my favourite ladies fighting” Caleb might not be too happy to hear him call her that though. “What about Agravain, how’s he with you?” Lance asked, “I know he can be a bit…blunt” rude, angry, intimidating, other knights had described him as a whole lot of things but hopefully he’d been alright with Ruth, at least for his wife’s sake. “i know you never actually met his father” just heard that he’d been the one terrorising them, that Arthur had killed him, had probably heard stories about eho he was and what he’d done as a result. “but….Gavin” and he winced there, not wanting to start an argument “i think she worries he’s too much like Loth, Gareth too mentioned something similar to me” he admitted and he didn’t want to stress Ruth out but she might be able to keep a better eye on things, pick up stuff he didn’t notice. ”When they first got together, Caleb and Agravain, he was rough, she’d come back from making out with him and have bruises on her. A lot has happened since then” he didn’t want to get into it all but he was sure she must have heard some of what had happened with the bandits and Caleb and the other knights “I haven’t seen anything recently but it still worries me. They’re his family and they’re convinced he’ll turn, scared he‘ll go to far. I…look I’m not trying to stress you out, I’m sorry, I just don’t want Caleb getting hurt. She might tell you things she won’t tell me. She knows me and Agravain already don’t get along, she Might not tell me these sort of things“ they still trusted each other but maybe he’d give Caleb a small bruise and she wouldn’t tell him in case he overreacted or something. “Just…if you see anything, hear anything, please let me know” Now there was a baby in all this as well, they definitely didn’t want it to turn out that Agravain was like Loth.
Lance seemed to think they'd soon be able to go see the baby, Which was nice. And Ruth couldn't help but hope that Agravain allowed Lance in. But... It was reasonable if he didn't want Lance near the baby. Agravain hated Lance after all. Frankly it was shocking that he hadn't thrown Lance out of the house yet! Luckily he didn't seem to show any ill feelings towards Galahad. Ruth was soon enough grinning at Lance's words. Urging. "I am always happy to babysit, You'll need to show me some more of that sign language. " She encouraged. She had picked up a bit. Though found it a bit difficult to remember. Still, With enough practice she'd catch on.

The topic then moved to Caleb, And Lance was right, Ruth and Caleb did get along fairly well. Ruth then told Lance. "I like her, Got a good feeling about her. " Ruth knew bad sorts. Caleb was not bad. Seemed to be doing her best in life. But... Then the topic moved to Agravain and Ruth tilted her head. "He's.. Intimidating yes. But he's never been anything but nice with me. " They also both seemed to share the same taste in women. So maybe that helped. Ruth listened to Lance talking, Tensing at the mention of bruises. Were they intention? Or were they just being too rough while intimate? Ruth had heard enough from passing servants to know there was rumors about them being rather wild. So maybe it wasn't something for alarm. But Ruth would keep a eye on things.

Ruth then said. "I'll watch things. Go straight to you if I think anythings wrong. But... " Ruth considered her next words for a moment. Before shaking her head and telling Lance. "I think if Agravain ever hurt Caleb, She'd leave him with just as many bruises. " Caleb seemed to love her husband. But she was willing to hold her ground. Had stood up to him to defend Lance. Maybe she wouldn't, But Ruth thought she'd stand up to Agravain to defend herself. Ruth then told Lance. "I.. Don't think Agravain is necessarily bad. But I think he's willing to do bad things for what he thinks is good. You know what I mean? " Ruth didn't think Agravain was going to go out of his way to kick puppies or anything. Which from the stories she'd heard about Loth? Well, She was fairly certain that might have been one of the mans hobbies!

Still, Agravain was dangerous. Gavin had hurt a lot of people herself for what she thought was good. So it still was enough for one to be wary of. It probably also didn't help that out of all the siblings, Agravain likely resembled Loth the most. For those that had known Loth, It was easy to see the resemblance in Agravain. Ruth then told Lance. "He's huge though. Melodias is big too." Ruth snickered a bit at that. Though she wouldn't say Agravain and Melodias acted similar. They both adored there family. But Melodias was far more friendlier to most. When it was easy for Agravain to be rather standoffish.
Lance wasn’t expecting Agravain to suddenly become his best friend and come rushing over with the baby but Agravain acquiesced most of the time to his wife and Caleb would likely want to show off her new child to her friend, practically her brother really, they both had familiar love towards each other. But they were talking about his baby first and he smiled gently. “Maybe we can sit down after a sparring session” he suggested, have a cool down from fighting by learning and teaching sign language, that sounded nice.

The fact that Agravain was nice to Ruth, not just neutral, tolerating but actually nice, that said a lot and it was surprising. Again maybe some of that stemmed from Caleb but her influence could only do so much. He wondered what it was about Ruth that pleased Agravain so, she was scrappy like Caleb he guessed, maybe it the similarities he’d seen between the two, that Lance had also seen, which had endeared him. Lance didn’t want her to let her guard down too much though and he was reassured to hear she’d keep an eye out for Caleb. He didn’t doubt that Caleb would put up a fight, although he knew sometimes people got put into difficult situations, that speaking up and fighting back weren’t always as easy as they seemed at first but Caleb was by her nature a fighter, that’s how they’d started this whole relationship and she’d been the one to win! Caleb would damage him back if she could but he didn’t want it to get that far or for things to go worse, for Agravain to go even further so she was incapable of fighting back but he really didn’t want to think about that at all.

He sighed. “That’s what I fear” he admitted, Agravain was a good knight, he’d give him that, maybe he was unpleasant but generally he was willing to do the right thing, maybe he was rough or rude or violent but it was all in the name of a good cause, right? Except everyone’s version of a good cause differed. Chris had mentioned to him that Agravain had talked about clearing house, about getting rid of knights all in the name of routing out bad apples, he didn’t want that to happen or anything similar. Lance didn’t like the paths that seemed to appear to Agravain as logical choices. Agravain was clearly willing to go very far, too far, for the ‘right’ cause and that troubled Lance deeply, he had a feeling they were going to have to confront that one day. He didn’t want to be Caleb when Agravain decided that the end Result was all that mattered, not the atrocities that led to it, that anything was acceptable as a means to an end.

Ruth was amusing herself with thoughts of Agravain and Melodias’ rather large physiques. “Agravain’s father too” Lance added. “They must have giant in their blood” he joked. “Melodias said the baby is normal sized now but I bet he won’t stay that way, not with both their blood” not that Caleb was large herself but she was a woman so that explained some of it. “this baby is going to eat them out of house and home to grow to Agravain’s size” That baby would need a lot of food! “I am glad I don’t have that problem, I think Galahad will turn out regular sized!” Maybe tall but not humongous. “Maybe he’ll even be pint sized like you” Lance teased and nudged her gently. “I think I’d be quite happy for him to be little forevermore then I could carry him wherever I wanted for the rest of time,” Of course he’d like to see Galahad grow up and become a man, to teach him all sorts of things but he enjoyed him being little, his boy clinging to him like a koala, all wide Eyed and adorable. “I’m glad he likes me more now. I didn’t get to spend much time with him before that trip but it was still disheartening to come back and him not recognise me. But, at least I did manage to get some experience with children, having to look after Arthur, Caroline and you!” And Gaheris he guessed, he was teasing though, they weren’t exactly little children but some were quite troublesome and he did feel protective over Ruth, she was like a baby sister to him. What a little non-blood related family he had, her and Caleb being like sisters to him.
Lance seemed to be rather worried about Agravain, And it certainly made Ruth feel a bit more wary. So far he had been alright to Ruth. But things could change and Ruth would pay attention to things. But the topic of the mans height luckily was soon causing things to perk up. Ruth snickered at the idea of giants. She wasn't sure if such things existed, But if they did? Yeah, Agravain definitely was related to one! Melodias too. Ruth then said. "I have no idea how Caleb isn't taller. " Caleb was about average height. Nothing huge, But still, After seeing Melodias Ruth would have thought she'd be bigger. But maybe she just took after her mother?

Ruth then grinned. "Luckily I think Caleb and Agravain can afford to feed him. Or maybe they can raid the castles kitchen for food when they need it. " The king hopefully wouldn't mind. He was a king! He had plenty of food. Her gaze then glanced towards Galahad, Who was still sat in Lance's lap. Seeming a bit sleepy. But Ruth was soon distracted by Lance's next words. Squawking. "I'm not pint sized! You're just tall! " Yeah, No. Lance was tall. But Ruth was also short. Her brother had also been rather short though as well. So it was likely much of her family was such.

Lance kept talking about Galahad, And his words were amusing. But the desire to keep him small was understandable. His words still sparked something in Ruth, And she seemed to become more thoughtful. Mind wandering and in the end, She then moved closer. Wrapping a arm around Lance to give him a small hug. She then said. "Lance... I'm glad you're in my life. " She wasn't sure what would have happened if she had not met him. Didn't want to think about it. Didn't really much want to think about her life before she had met him either. But she was here now, And right now? The future seemed bright.
Yeah he figured that Caleb and Agravain weren’t going to have any money problems any time soon, they both came from well off families and had well respected jobs, they’d be just fine even with a ravenous baby to feed. Even when Theo and Gawain came back they wouldn’t struggle and he did wonder how the two children would get on with Mordred. He wasn’t entirely sure of the plan for the heir, knew it was difficult for Alexander to move without Gawain or Arthur back. Would he confiscate the baby? Pass him to Arthur? That seemed most likely to him and he was sure Mordred would see his siblings Which made sense he’d also see his nephew and niece and obviously he was a very similar age to Grant so could potentially be a good companion, plus Agravain liked looking after his siblings.

Lance looked at her dubiously as she said she wasn’t little. Did she honestly believe that? Lance wasn’t even that tall, again Agravain still towered over him. She was turning from indignant to soppy though and he blinked in surprise as she hugged him before recovering and putting one arm around her fondly, the other making sure that Galahad didn’t fall off his lap. “I’m glad too” he said gently. His life was not so terrible beforehand but he liked Ruth, enjoyed her company and felt glad they’d managed to improve her situation, reunite her with her family even if it wasn’t how she remembered and offer her a new family with all of them. ”you okay?” He asked, wondered what had brought on her sudden bought of gratitude. It was hard to escape one’s past, he imagined it’d always haunt you in some way but it was also a reminder that things were better now.

Lance had a sudden, slightly sneaky thought. Ruth was waiting excitedly to see the baby, would want to spend some time with it and with Caleb and Agravain he imagined, she’d be quite preoccupied with it, Lance knew that Agravain wouldn’t want him around, not really, and he did also have plans to meet up with Gavin. She’d said they could go on a date in a few days but everyone in this household would be distracted by the baby, what better time to go with Gavin to the lake, to bring Galahad too when Ruth would expect him to, wouldn’t be watching out for it! Of course he did plan to tell Gavin about her nephew being born as well and maybe she’d want to come see instead of going on a date, he’d understand that. Lance stroked Ruth’s hair thoughtfully. “I’m thinking I should go to the castle, check on Elaine and my father” he told Ruth. “I want to see the baby but I don’t want to annoy Agravain right now, I’m sure I’ll get a chance later when Caleb is more rested. Plus we don’t want to overwhelm them with too many people” Agravain, Melodias, Ruth, Lance, any servants nearby, it might be a bit more for Caleb and the child.
Ruth was glad when the hug was returned. It was a nice feeling. But then he was asking if she was okay and Ruth looked away. She then murmured softly. "Yeah, Just thinking. " The topic of babies had a way of bringing up sad memories. One Ruth tried her best to push away for the moment. Lance then was speaking of leaving. Causing Ruth to frown, He wasn't to be gone long. And Ruth supposed she could understand his point. Him being around might just stress Agravain. He'd have a chance to see the baby later. Ruth then offered. "Would you want me to keep a eye on Galahad? " Of course, Lance might want to bring him along so he could see his mother and grandpa. But Ruth was happy to watch after the boy if he'd prefer to be alone.

Ruth though did pause in thought. Gavin was at the castle. Would he be meeting with her? After last night the conversation was a bit fresh in Ruth's mind. Perhaps she should tag along? But... In the end. Ruth wanted to trust Lance. Trust he wouldn't be so stupid as to risk Galahad. So she didn't question him. She didn't want to cause another fight after last night. She didn't like fighting with Lance. Ruth then let go of Lance. Sitting up straighter.

Another thought was soon coming to Ruth's mind, And she found herself asking. "Could you while your at the castle.. Um... Make sure my brothers doing okay? " Ruth had not spoken to him since her first meeting. For Jerome's part, He had also kept his distance. Not wanting to upset her. That didn't mean he hadn't asked about her. Still, Ruth had many mixed emotions about the man. But... Maybe it was time to try and rebuild some bridges? Even if that was a difficult task.
Oh Lance was not as sneaky as he thought, the only reason he wasn’t transparent was because Ruth didn’t think he was that stupid, hoped he was more trustworthy than it turned out he was. But, Lance had mentioned before that he’d been A bit troublesome as a child, that he often snuck out to see friends and girls, that his own father had had trouble keeping him in line. If Antonio couldn’t stop Lance then what hope did Ruth have? He would find ways to meet with Gavin regardless and he was determined to extend his Trust to her by bringing Galahad along. Ruth had hung out with Gavin herself, she’d taken her shopping, she must know about Gabriel; Gavin was not going to harm Galahad!

He did have a brief moment of panic as she asked if he wanted her to babysit, worried she might have figured him out but he forced his body to stay calm and he smiled gently at her. “That’s okay, maybe next time” he suggested. Galahad didn’t speak on account of his deafness but that didn’t mean he didn’t talk. Ruth was still learning the sign language and so was Galahad but he could let slip that he’d met with Gavin and Gabriel. He’d have to coach Galahad to be quiet on the matter which was a bit of a depressing thought and he wasn’t sure how successful he’d be.

Lance stood up and turned to her, a little surprised at the request but he guessed it had been bound to surface eventually. “Of course” he promised. “Do you want me to ask him to visit?” Lance asked, Jerome was probably just waiting for the signal from Ruth that she wanted to speak and spend time with him. He imagined Jerome would be happy that she was asking after him but it was still a delicate matter. Lance made sure Galahad was secure on his hip before giving Ruth a smile. “You don’t have to rush into anything and if you need me there for any of it then I’ll be there“ he promised, she might want some Support and he was happy to give it. Lance pressed a caring hand to her shoulder and smiled at her again ”I think this is a good step for you, I won’t come back until I find him” he promised, giving her shoulder a small squeeze before going to retrieve his horse. He didn’t know how easy it would be to find Jerome but he was sure some of the squires must know where he was, he could just ask around and be pointed in the right direction. Oh….he might be hanging out the Chris, the two we’re friends, how Lance had got acquainted with him in the first place. Maybe he’d run into Chris and be able to ask him about some friends for Galahad and maybe Chris would actually talk to him!
Seemed Lance wanted Galahad to join him. Something that made Ruth wary, But she bit her tongue on the matter for now. Simply nodded. Though soon her thoughts were more focused on her brother. Glancing away at his question. Ruth then said. "No... Not yet. " She didn't feel fully ready to face him. Needed a bit more time. But she did want to make sure he was well. When the time did come? It was nice to know Lance would be at her side. His touch on her shoulder was nice, And Ruth soon was giving him a small smile back. Saying softly. "Thank you Lance. I.. I know I can count on you. " With that. She let him go to seek out his horse. She needed to trust he wouldn't get himself or Galahad into trouble. Surely he wasn't going to meet with Gavin?


At the Castle, Jerome was not to be too difficult to find. The young man often spent plenty of time in the training yard. Which was where he currently was. Having just finished sparring with another squire. He sat on the sidelines. watching a few other squires spar as he took a bit of a breather. He was not alone though. Chris lingered nearby. Busying himself with cleaning his weapon. Though Jerome was soon huffing. "How much time are you going to spend polishing that thing, And not using it? " He complained. Jabbing the other in the side. Though Chris merely scowled.

He then pointed out. "Might I point out my leg is still messed up? The medic would kill me if he even saw me out here. " That trap he'd stepped on had done some damage. And while the wound was healing well enough. Chris was supposed to take it easy. Not that Jerome really cared. Hoping to his feet. Jerome then was urging. "C'mon, Lets go a round! I'll go easy on you! " He was urging. Practically bouncing where he stood. And well, Chris wasn't sure how the other could regain such energy so quickly. It had not been that long since Jerome was sparring before. Chris would have expected him to need atleast a bit longer a break.

Still, He then suddenly reached out from where he sat. Grasping Jerome's leg and yanking it out from under him. Which Jerome surely had not been expecting as he was soon falling back onto the dirt. Sprawled out for a mere moment before trying to sit himself back up. Chris soon enough stating. "I win. " Though Jerome was already squawking. "That wasn't fair! And that was hardly a spar! " He was trying to argue. Though Chris nearly stuck his tongue out at Jerome.
It was nice that Ruth trusted Lance but perhaps she trusted him a bit too much. Never should one underestimate Lance’s ability to ignore all good advice. He was not past his days of sneaking about clearly and at least with his father he’d not had to lie so much, but as long as Ruth didn’t ask then he wouldn't have to say anything untrue. Besides, he was still going to speak to her brother and likely drop in and see Elaine and his father, just not spend as much time with them as he’d implied he would. Really maybe Ruth should take a page out of Antonio’s book and be more dubious about Lance’s activities and intentions. It wasn’t that Antonio thought Lance was a bad person or deceitful in a malicious way but he knew Lance well enough to that sometimes he had more than one track of thinking, that he had multilayered intentions and as much as Antonio loved his son he knew he often threw caution to the wind and became mainly concerned with his thought of the moment than the long lasting effects.

Lance was at the castle before he knew it and carried Galahad with him to go find Jerome. He figured he wouldn’t linger too long around him, eager to find Gavin so no point dropping Galahad off with his father and Elaine, he could do that after the date and maybe do some sparring himself then. The natural place to search was of course the training grounds and he scanned the knights as he walked along, soon spotting the group of squires and made his way over, Galahad sat on his hip.

Jerome was not alone and Lance watched Chris interact with him. Caleb and the others might suspect that Lance disliked Chris but far from it, he wanted to help him, things had just been tense, but maybe if they could avoid talk of women, Or rather pointedly not women, then they’d be okay. Lance continued towards them, smirking as Jerome was bested and he stopped next to then, smiling down at Jerome. “Always expect the unexpected, and don’t let your pride blind you” Lance advised, he knew all About being cocky after all but he wasn’t chiding them, just amused really.

“Jerome, Chris” he greeted with a nod at both of them before sitting on the bench and setting Galahad next to him, keeping an arm around his son to make sure he didn’t wander off and get hurt. “I wanted to speak to you Chris actually” he admitted “Caleb said she’d ask you about bringing some of your siblings around do Galahad has someone to play with but I can understand if she never got as far as asking you.” He said and oh…did Caleb want to be the one to spread the news? Or Agravain? But he figured it was going to get out quicker than then announcing it. “She went into labour earlier, had a baby boy” he added. “Melodias said they’re both fine. You’ll have to visit to come see her and the baby and you can bring your siblings” see it’d all work out nicely! He switched his gaze to Jerome: “speaking of siblings, Ruth was asking after you, wants to make sure you’re okay. She’s not quite ready to meet up again but it’s a step in the right direction” Lance said. “Did you have anything you wanted me to pass along to her?” Maybe he had some news or some letters or personal items from when she was little? He didn’t really know what Ruth was expecting to hear from him and maybe the mention of Ruth would dampen Jerome’s spirit a little but he was a tough lad, Lance figured He was resilient and he saw him going far as a knight if he stuck to it. Oh it’s be cute if Jerome and Ruth could train together! They needed to set her up with a mentor first though which was in the works.

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