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Fantasy I Was A Villain But Was Reborn As A Demon In A Devastated World To Redeem Myself (Postapocalyptic Fantasy)



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Plot: "Where did it all go wrong?" You asked yourself before your execution. The world had turned against you and you may have even been betrayed by an accomplice. It doesn't matter anymore whether you truly wanted to do evil or were just misunderstood or misled as you would soon be dead anyways. You hope that the afterlife would be kinder on you or you could achieve true peace.

Once executed, you awaken in a bright void. Before you is a goddess who lectures you on all your faults and even puts you in the shoes of your victims so you can reflect on how others felt about your actions.

The goddess is however merciful and offers you a second chance to redeem yourself. You will be reborn as a demon in a new world, however in this world demons arent evil beings but face extermination by humans and elves. Though you wont have your past memories from birth, they will come to you at a crucial point in your life and you shall put your knowledge to good use. Whether you don't revert to your old wicked ways is up to you.

You then awaken as a newborn in a loving family of demons in the demon lands. You have yet to receive the memories of your old life. Over the next years, you live a fulfilling life in a village. However, one day, the humans invade and ravage your village. The trauma of your loved ones dying triggers the memories of the past life to reemerge. You however cursed the goddess that the memories didnt come earlier so you could have saved people from dying.

With your past knowledge, you manage to defeat the small invading force and will have to rebuild so that if a future invasion happens again, that you can easily defend the village. Over the next few days, weeks and months, refugees will arrive in the village, reporting that the humans eradicated most of demonkind and sabotaged the soil so that nothing could grow. Only a few villages remain but face starvation unless the move into potentially dangerous frontier lands.

Demons: The demons are not necessarily a single species per se, but all have some pure demon blood. Demons all have horns and can have slit pupils (like cats or dragons). There are demons that look mostly human, there are demons with elf like ears, there are demons with animal features like demon wolfmen or demon catpeople and so on. In this world, demons are mostly peaceful and less aggressive than humans or elves.

Setting: The world is call Ledia and the known world is divided into two continents: Deidara, the continent of humans and elves and Avoritsia, the continent of demons. By the end of the Deidara war of aggression and the genocide of demonkind, Avoritsia is nearly completely depopulated and uninhabitable. Only a few pockets of civilization remain in Avoritsia and in between is a vast wasteland of steppes, dying forests and empty towns and cities. The humans and elves messed it up so badly that even they don't want the continent anymore.

Goal: Either rebuild and defend or get revenge. With the reawakening of the memories, a lot is possible.

Magic: The magic function differently in this world than in the old world, which is why magic experts may have to adjust their magic and relearn a lot of things.

Magic types: Elemental magic (fire, air, water, ice, earth, plants), light/healing magic, black/destruction magic, death magic, abyssal magic, enhancement magic, enchantment, summoning, illusion, necromancy, taming magic

Technological level: Deidara is baroque era fantasy while Avoritsia was more of medieval to renaissance era fantasy. Humans and elves already have magical rifles and swords while demons still use bows, crossbows and swords.

Starting point: Village named Inaritani in the local language meaning fox valley. Pre-war the population is a couple hundred. Post-war the population is a little more than half it's original population. However after the attack on the village, there is a steady inflow of refugees to the village. Inaritani is located in the most western region of Avoritsia in one of the most distant parts away from human and elven territory, so it is safe to say that if it is attacked again, it will take a while until it is reached. The area is a forested highland area with a wide valley with plenty of space for farmland. The coast is half a days trip westward. To get to the eastern coast and eventually to the isthmus/narrow land bridge that connects the continent, it can be a couple months by foot or a couple weeks riding a beast. The shortest way to Deidara is by riding a wyvern, but even then, it still can take a week.


1. Usually rules for fair roleplaying apply, such as not being without weakness, not doing Mary Sue things (for long version read https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/CommonMarySueTraits; for short version it means your character shouldn't be good at everything, shouldn't be written to be the constant center of attention and shouldn't be unconditionally liked by everyone) and not controlling other people's characters without their consent. If you write a Mary Sue character, I will reject it (slight Mary Sue-ishness may pass depending on how significant it may impact the roleplay). If your writing style makes your character into a Mary Sue, I will warn you. If you don't change it, you can be booted from the rp, because Mary Sues ruin the fun for everybody.

2. Please post regularly. If we end up doing a posting order, please post within three days of your turn, otherwise you will be skipped. If you cannot post for more than a week, please notify the rest of the group. However if you just go missing for more than a week without notice, with group consensus you may be booted from the roleplay.

3. No one liners (PC screen size, not phone screen size). The bare minimum for posts should be about 120 words which is two to three lines of text. If your character is in a situation where others rely on their interaction, please give someone something to interact with, otherwise it will be frustrating for others.

4. Don't make story breaking characters. That means, you cannot play a species that doesn't exist in the setting. You cannot be a robot in a medieval setting. No aliens in this setting.

5. No premade characters. Make a character from scratch if you must. If I see that you use the same character or slight variations of it in other roleplays, it will be rejected.

6. Have fun!
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"Sia Everhaze!" A voice spoke in a room with dozens of people in it. In the middle of the room was a pedestal with a red crystal in a socket. The crystal was Sia Everhaze or at least it contained her soul. "You are found guilty of grave sins against the gods including the sin of making use of forbidden magics, defiling the dead, kidnapping in more than one hundred cases, murder in more than sixty cases, the mortal sin of trying to obtain godhood and dozens of other crimes. You shall be executed once your kin have met their deaths."

Behind the crystal were about ten men and women on their knees. All collaborators. On the floor below them were sheets to not stain the floor. Soon mages behind them chanted spells. Magical circles severed their head cleanly from their bodies. Sia could only watch as her friends were executed. As only a crystal, she was basically powerless.

Soon, her assistant, the one who had betrayed her, was led into the room before being pushed to the ground. "Wait! This wasn't part of the agreement!" The traitor shouted. The king smirked and said: "See this as a mercy killing. We cannot let abominations like yourself live. The gods will be kind on your soul though." "Curse you, King Avratidas!" The traitor yelled before having her head pushed to the ground. An executioner then bludgeoned her with a big hammer, revealing the mechanical workings in her head before pulling out a light blue soul crystal and smashing it with the hammer.

Thereafter, Sia's crystal was taken out of the socket on the pedestal and laid on the ground to be smashed. Before everything faded to white, Sia asked herself "Where did everything go wrong?"


The next moment, Sia found herself as a soul in a bright void. In front of her was a woman with a grand dress in white and blue. The woman's hair was a rainbow of colors and her eyes were pink and resembled gems. "Welcome. Do you know why you are here?" The woman asked.

"I died. Rather I was killed. I failed my duties. I failed to protect my kin. I failed to protect my friends." Sia answered. The woman across from her shook her head. "No, you are here, because you took a path of injustice and of sin. Your actions have harmed hundreds, if not thousands."

"No. I did everything for the benefit of the kingdom. My work was only misunderstood. I..." Sia tried to explain before being interrupted. "Quiet! You never considered what others felt. You never considered the wishes and fears of others. You only did what you did for your own benefit at the cost of others. Look and feel..." The woman said before Sia was whisked away to experience what various of her victims experienced.

In one of these experiences, she was in the role of a mother who held onto her daughter dearly as they were approached by Sia. Her appearance was unnerving and her grin no less unsettling. "Would you not want eternal life?" The Sia said. "How about I give the mother eternal life to ease the soul of the child?" In the role of the mother, Sia was torn away from the child and experimented on, only to appear as a puppet of Sia in the end and soon after the daughter met the same fate.

The experiences made Sia tremble. Was she really that bad? No matter how much she tried to convince herself that she did it for the good and benefit of others, the experiences of her victims felt too real and she became terrified of her past self. After countless experiences show to her by the goddess, Sia broke down. "What have I done? I didn't intend for this to happen! I cannot atone for this can I? No punishment can give them back what I robbed them of! Please help me!" Sia begged the goddess.

"I agree. You will however will receive a second chance in another live. In your past, you were seen as a demon by most others. In your new life, you will be a demon. But this demon will protect instead of harm. She will use her knowledge for the actual benefit of others and will consider the wishes and emotions of others. You will live a mostly carefree life until a crucial point, then your past memories including your experiences of your victims experiences will come to you. Your purpose will be known, even if you wont remember me. Now go and do things right." The goddess said before sending off Sia into her new life.


Kanina Atsusa

Opening her eyes without memories of her past life, she looked up to a beautiful female demon. A handsome male demon then appeared. She reached out and noticed her hands were tiny. It felt unusual, but she didn't know why. "What should we name her?" The female demon asked. The male demon then replied: "The eyes and the face remind me of the stories of the great ancestor Kanina. So maybe Kanina?" "Kanina is a wonderful name." The female demon replied with a smile.

The newborn demon became Kanina Atsusa, the second child of Idrisa and Renganan Atsusa. In years to come, Kanina became the second oldest of eight children and the oldest daughter in the family. Like her older brother, she trained with her parents to become a hunter while the younger siblings learned other occupations in the village. By 20, Kanina had become an excellent hunter and archer. She was also a respected member of the village, often seen as a sisterly figure to those younger and of similar age to her. Kanina was a good soul who would occasionally break rules to protect others or if she saw the outcome as unjust.

One day, a few days after her 29th birthday, there was news in the village that the human and elven nations have declared war on demonkind and had already passed the border and massacred the border villages. There was unease in the village. While Kanina herself felt uneasy, she tried her best to calm others in the village. "What if they make it here? We wouldn't stand a chance! We are just hunters and farmers." One villager said. Kanina tried to soothe the emotions of the villager and replied: "I am sure the military will halt the advance of the invaders and everything will be fine."

The female demon with long light pink, almost white hair, long curled black horns and pink eyes gave him a warm and optimistic smile. In height, she was taller than her parents, but a little shorter than two of her brothers. Kanina was definitely the tallest daughter of the Atsusa family. She was tall enough to hug most villagers from behind or put her arms over their shoulders. On that day, she wore a sleeveless black turtleneck undershirt under a white button-down blouse buttoned to the top with a red ribbon tied at the collar. She also wore a long black skirt and both the skirt and her blouse had a frilly lace trim.

Kanina however became worried when she spotted smoke in the mountains around the area where another village would be. She went to get her bow and some arrows just in case.
TanteRegenbogen TanteRegenbogen

Fang ran through the forest heading back to the village, dragging a large saber toothed rabbit demon behind her. “Ok so I just need to take this back to the market and get Lady Atsusa the slice of meat she requested and then I can get some money to fix the roof” she spoke to herself as she walked.

Dang was a young wolfkin who excelled at hunting as that’s what her and her parents were good at, they hunted the magical beasts near the village to provide hide and meat for the townsfolk and bone for the farmers to fertilize their fields. Even though she was small she still excelled at hunting, she would help the village while her parents were out on a large hunt with other wolfkin or they’d be taking portions to the other villages.

Fang last saw her parents just a couple days ago, they had left for the village in the mountains to bring some meat and hide and bring back some stuff for home. “I hope they don’t come back too soon, I don’t want them to know I broke the roof” she sighed as she approached the entrance to the village and saw Kanina walking around the market.

“Lady Kanina!” Fang shouted as she quickened her pace towards the girl in an attempt to join her.
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Korath leaned against the stone wall of his cottage, gazing at the darkening sky. The scent of herbs and potions mingled in the cool evening air, a familiar and comforting presence. His mind wandered back to the days when he was revered, his skills and knowledge unmatched in the kingdom. Those days were long gone

He closed his journal, the pages filled with notes on his latest experiments, and stood up at the edge of his herb garden, His eyes scanned the horizon where tendrils of smoke began to curl upwards He moved back into his cottage, where the comforting smell of herbs and potions filled the air. Shelves lined with books and alchemical supplies surrounded him Korath equip himself with a selection of potions and remedies

Checking his money “I’m going to need to get some more payments soon”
he sigh as the village blacksmith, and one of the few healers and alchemist while he get paid a decent amount he burns through most of it quickly to buy supplies such as new blacksmith equipment, or supplies for potions, etc.

today he has to deliver the new batch of ordered arrows for the Hunters

Stepping out into the fading light of the evening, Korath surveyed the village Children ran and played in the streets, their laughter mingling with the sounds of adults going about their daily tasks. But beneath the surface, he could sense an unspoken worry lingering among the adults

He went to the gathering spot of the hunters where all of their equipment are stored
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More people began to gather as they saw the smoke rising from the mountains. Fang joined Kanina, shouting out to her as she approached her. Kanina was a bit worried about the billowing smoke as the amount increased. "Fang. I hope you are well." Kanina said as she hugged Fang. "I honestly am hoping your parents are well, too. That smoke is worrying me. That mountain village is supposed to be over there. I think Kizunama was the name of the place."

As time went by, the smoke didn't die down and it was making Kanina increasingly anxious. She checked that she had enough arrows just in case it was bandits or a monster that could attack their village next. "Maybe we should put together a group and see if they need help. With our quickest hunters, we should be able to make it there in a few hours. Anyone up for..." Kanina suggested before being interrupted by a distant shouting. As the shouting came closer, it was a demon approaching from the direction of the burning village. He was covered in blood and seemed to be injured.

"Bring yourselves to safety! At least until the next military outpost! The humans and elves are attacking!" The demon said. Kanina then replied: "What? How? They made it this far already?" "They are slaughtering everybody, no matter if they are male, female, young or old. They even killed the children! We need to..." The demon continued before suddenly falling silent and falling over dead with an arrow sticking out the back of his head.

Kanina gasped and shouted to the rest of the village: "At arms! We are being attacked!" Those already armed including Kanina made they way to the front of the village as they spotted an enemy army emerging from the trees. From the looks of it, they were humans and elves, hornless beings with a hate for demons. Kanina began shooting at them, picking off the forward archers first with about three quarters of her shots hitting their mark. But they were too numerous. Another problem then emerged as another side of the village was being attacked. Kanina then heard the screaming of some of her siblings.

"Fang! Get yourself to safety! Hide and hide well. Your life depends on it!" Kanina shouted to Fang.

Kanina then rushed over to where she heard the screams of one of her brothers. Soon, she found the corpse of a younger sister who had been brutally stabbed to death. "Manaka! No! I wont let your sibling be hurt!" Kanina said as she moved onward. She then spotted two of her brothers backed into a corner by multiple soldiers. One of the soldiers slashed her brother Tano across the front before decapitating him. "Tanooo!!" Kanina screamed before the remaining brother shouted "Sister help!".

Kanina stumbled forward but she was too far away to save her brother. With tears in full flow, Kanina screamed in sorrow.

Suddenly, a tightness in her chest took hold of her and her head started hurting horribly. Memories and knowledge from a past life entered her mind. It all coming at once hurt her head. She screamed in pain. Then it stopped. She now remembered everything: Her past life, her knowledge, her skills, her past execution and she vaguely remembered a goddess lecturing her and giving her a second chance including making her experience the memories of her victims.

In her past life, people called her a demon and now she had become one. Her past memories and her current ones converged. What was barely three seconds felt like an eternity. When it was over, Kanina who was slouched over forward put her face in her hands. Her crying slowly turned into laughter. One of the soldiers rushed her. She looked up at the soldier with a twisted smile. "Looks like you will all die here." Kanina said. Her eyes that looked normal before had something unnerving about them now, almost as if they were slit pupils like those of a reptile.

Kanina easily dodged the blade of the soldier, grabbed him by the chin and snapped his neck in one movement. "Was that all? Barely felt like a warmup." Kanina said with a lusty smile, not only feeling confident, but even enjoying herself. The remaining four soldiers attacked, but she made quick work of them with her bare hands, dodging blades and diverting some slashes of the soldiers to the others.

Despite her current nature, she was still internally conflicted. Her sorrow still hurt and these skills and thoughts confused her. "What is going on?" Kanina said. Then realization set in as she felt part of her old self return. "Ah, right. It makes sense now." She murmured. She had a second chance and she was now tasked with protecting the village and doing something good for once to maybe one day be able to somewhat redeem herself for what she did in her past life.

She tried to enhance herself with combat magic, however it seemed the rules were different in this world. Kanina closed her eyes and concentrated on her body, slowly sensing how her mana veins worked. "I guess I can try to do some rudimentary enhancement. I hope that words don't matter as long as mentally the intention is clear." Kanina said before inhaling and exhaling calmly and rhythmically.

"Enhance." Kanina said before a mild aura of mana enveloped her. Her body suddenly felt lighter. "I guess that did the trick." She spotted more soldiers attacking villagers and darted over to them, cleanly taking one soldier's head off. "I guess that worked better than I expected." Kanina said dropping the head. She turned to the other soldiers and smiled: "Greetings. My name is Kanina. I am the big sister around here. I cannot overlook your actions and will have to put an end to them and your lives."

Despite the villagers nearby being protected, Kanina has become quite terrifying in their eyes as she subdued enemy forces.
Fang was a little confused as to how Kanina was acting. “Big sis what are you…?” She began to ask before Kanina said something that made her blood run cold, Kizunama was smoking.

Fang dropped the rabbit where it lay and quickly turned to see the large column of smoke roiling from the mountain village…

“Mom… dad… NO!!” She shouted and began to run in that direction hoping to reach the town and find her parents ok, only to take just a few steps before another demon came rushing out of the forest saying the village had been attacked by humans and elves who had slaughtered everyone before the demon took an arrow to the head.

Dang froze the moment she saw the demons body hit the ground motionless, she’s seen death before on the many hunts she went on with her parents, but seeing the death of a magical beast for the purpose of food and leather was different from seeing a fellow demon killed for no reason.

She stood there frozen still, not hearing Kanina’s words to hide. Despite her size she wasn’t a child she was just short but it still lead to teasing from the others including Kanina. But all those thoughts were pushed out of her mind as she saw the incoming attackers and seeing the humans… something in her mind gave way to memories that were not hers.

Fang fell to the ground clutching her head as the sudden flow of memories gave her a massive headache as it brought back almost 60 years of experience from her previous life.

Soon the pain went away, what seemed like an eternity was only just a couple of seconds. This gave one human soldier the opportunity to try and kill Fang, only for her to grab and snap his wrist as he tried to cut her in half with his sword. The man screamed from the pain in his wrist and dropped his sword only for his pained screams turned to gurgling as Fang had grabbed his sword and slashed his neck, precisely cutting both arteries.

As she wasn’t armed with her bladed guantlets her parents had made but had left them in the hunters armory as they hadn’t quite finished them yet, which was why her parents were in Kinzuma. Dang only had the dead man’s sword to defend herself as she quickly began running back towards the village to get to her gauntlets.

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