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babysaintx's rp search

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hi! i’m babysaintx, but you can call me baby! they/them. i’m 23 years old, from the midwest (EST time zone), and i’ve been roleplaying for over a decade now. i’m in search of an 18+ partner, simply because we might stumble upon some inappropriate content. i prefer mxf pairings (i have preference for playing male characters), but i am not opposed to mxm, fxf and other lgbtqia+ pairings, as I have an assortment of characters available. it is not a requirement, but i would love for us to share OOC (out of character) conversations! i want to get to know YOU!!!

i will write as much or as little as you want. personally, i like to write in third person and i will send you about four or five paragraphs per response, but that, of course, is not a requirement for you. i am also willing to move off site. i can reply multiple times a day! currently, i’m a servant to the working class, working as a cook (!!!), but you can expect to interact with me daily if you so wish. one thing you should know about me is i'm a really open and lax person!! just communicate with me and i'm more than positive that we can talk and figure something out! this most likely goes without saying, but no transphobia, homophobia, racism, etc. will be tolerated. just be your kind self! keep scrolling to see what i'm craving!!

without further ado, here are the pairings i’m interested in!!
(𝘪 𝘭𝘰𝘷𝘦 𝘢𝘯𝘨𝘴𝘵)
⭒ mafia/innocent (the sopranos inspired)
⭒ detective (or police officer/firefighter/lawyer/EMT)/civilian
⭒ undercover cop/criminal
⭒ underground boxer/runaway
⭒ famous partner/nonfamous partner
⭒ college
⭒ childhood friends to strangers to lovers
⭒ co-workers
⭒ apartment neighbors
⭒ gang/innocent
⭒ ill partner/healthy partner
⭒ bodyguard/notable person
⭒ friends to enemies to lovers (any order)
⭒ sons of anarchy type beat
⭒ and more! if you don't like any of these examples, tell me your plots! just make sure they're angsty!!!!!!!!! if interested, either comment here or shoot me a PM! i look forward to hearing from you!

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Hey there!

I love angst too, and I'm interested in some of the pairings you've mentioned (maybe we can build on those to turn up the angst factor?), like the co-workers, friends to enemies to lovers (chef's kiss), college, childhood friends to strangers to lovers, and the detective/civilian.

Oh, I'm 22 and I'm pretty far ahead of you in terms of timezone (9 and half hours ahead), but imo that usually allows for me to write my replies before I head to bed and you get to have a much longer time-frame to respond while I'm off in dreamland.

I'll send you a message just to let you know, but let me know if you're interested to continue! :')


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Hi! I'm super interested and all about the angst ALWAYS!

I'm especially drawn to lawyer/detective / civilian, undercover cop / criminal and gang / innocent with the friends-enemies-lover trope!

I'm 23 and on GMT, just a warning. Message me with any particular pairings you're feeling more at the moment? :)

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