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Fandom Hunt for the Halfbloods — a Percy Jackson Roleplay


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    t has been a year since any new demigods have made it to Camp Halfblood. Granted, many halfbloods don't make it to camp. Sometimes it's because they remain unaware of their parentage coupled with luck that keeps them alive and oblivious. Other times, it's because they are not so fortunate and meet their end before they arrive at the safe haven. Lately, it seems that the latter has been the case most frequently.

    What is more concerning is that all these halfbloods are being killed before Camp Halfblood is even made aware of their existence. Saytrs are positioned in schools around the world, searching for demigods. At first, having such a dry spell in detecting these children was unusual for them. However, as time passed, it was clear that other forces were interfering with this process.

    Now, it's more important than ever for demigods to receive the training to prepare them for their lives. This training will keep them alive and the boundaries of the camp will keep them safe in the mean time.

    Of course, staying alive after arriving at Camp Halfblood is not easy. It's difficult for demigods to survive into adulthood. However, that is another matter entirely.

    For the first time in a year, a demigod has been found— alive that is. Desperate for them to be brought to Camp Halfblood for protection, a team has been assembled of some of the most skilled halfbloods to come from camp. They are the exceptions, the ones that survived into adulthood. Some left Camp Halfblood to live their lives and some remained. Despite their different paths, they took up the call and were ready to escort the child to safety and figure out what exactly had been killing these kids.

    hi everyone! i just re-read the percy jackson series and had an itch for a percy jackson inspired roleplay. now, in this universe, the events of the books have not taken place and percy + friends do not exist. At this time, the roleplay will only focus on the Greek gods.

    this will be a cast of older demigods, ranging in age from 20-24, who are tasked with escorting a young halfblood to camp, then hunting down and stopping whoever is targeting the halfbloods.




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if i could come out of my hiatus right now, i’d so join this beautiful role play, good luck with it dear!!
Definitely interested :D
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Never ran faster to something

I was here immediately.

I will throw my hat in the ring.

Definitely interested :D

Ooooo a child of Poseidon would be interesting!

I'm gravitating toward a child of Zeus

Interested in a child of ares!

aaahhh! so happy everyone is interested! i’ll try and get the application page up once i get home tonight! 😎
i'm interested! a child of athena sounds super fun, or even iris !
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oh my GOD?? I am interested in a son of ares and daughter of dionysus ^.^

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