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We like to think that in this life, we are in control of our destiny. That it is our actions that shape our future. The sad truth, however, is that sometimes a stroke of bad luck is enough to ruin all our plans. And you just had one.
Maybe your name was drawn. Perhaps you volunteered, out of a desire for glory or taking the place of a loved one. The truth is that you are now on the train, on your way to the Capitol, looking through the window to a world to wich you may never return.

You are your district's Tribute for the 27th Hunger Games.
Leaving life in the Arena, or rising to victory, is in your hands... and in those of luck.

Welcome to the Hunger Games, and may luck always, always be on your side.

A system based on d10 (HITOS) will be used. The frequency of posting will be agreed upon by all interested parties.

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