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Fandom HP: The Aftermath (main rp)

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Adventure, Harry Potter, LGTBQ Friendly, Magical, School, Supernatural
The Second Wizarding War took the world by storm, destroying everything in its path and leaving a long and dark trail of suffering behind. Less than a year after the war came to an end, Hogwarts was returned to its former glory and its doors were re-opened for those brave enough to return to the school after the final battle.
The war was not something that would easily be forgotten. No matter how hard the students of Hogwarts tried to forget the suffering they endured during the war, they couldn't shake away the feeling of dread that remained from the dark years that Voldemort was in power.

In the aftermath of the war, tensions run high between the young witches and wizards who chose to fight Voldemort, and the few who chose to fight with him. The school that was once a place for friendship and tolerance became a hellhole filled with rivalries and treachery. Most would see this as a tragedy, but some see it as an opportunity.

An unnamed group has risen from the ashes. Sending promises of chaos and suffering to the students of Hogwarts. Their goal? To take control of the school, and bring it back to the way it was during the Second Wizarding War. No one knows who they are, or what their motives are. But one thing is clear. Hogwarts, as they know it, will never be the same again.

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Marcus Lewis
Location: Hogwarts Express/ Mood: Nervous/ Interactions:

The first thing Marcus noticed when he arrived at platform 9 3/4 was that the usual feeling of excitement most students held during the first day of school had been replaced by pure dread and anxiousness. The number of students in the station had decreased considerably, but the ones who remained missed the euphoria that used to be so common amongst the Hogwarts students returning to the castle. It wasn't just the students. The parents and other family members of the students were just as uneasy as they were. Constantly looking over their shoulders, making sure their children were protected and knew what to do in case of another death eater attack, and checking if they were sure they wanted to return to the school. Marcus felt the same way. The memories of the war and the effect it had on Hogwarts were still clear in his mind, and he couldn't help but wonder if the same thing could happen again. Yet, despite his fear, he returned to the school with a smile plastered on his face. He knew that if he wanted things to change, to go back to the way they were, then the school was going to need his help. The students already trusted him for his help during the previous years, which he hoped could be used in order to help them move on from the war.

"Are you sure you want to go back, honey? It's not too late to go back. I'm sure the others will understand," asked his mother, who was walking behind him next to her husband. His parents were understandably reluctant to letting their son go, considering they'd lost their only daughter because of the war months ago. He understood why it was hard for them to watch their son to leave so soon, especially considering he was returning to the place where he was almost killed during the final battle. Marcus didn't want to leave them alone either. After all, they were still coping with their daughter's death and needed the help of their son to do it. But he couldn't turn his back on Hogwarts, not after everything he'd gone through to keep it and its students safe while Snape was the headmaster.

"Mum, I'll be fine. Besides, I'm a prefect now and I can't just ignore my responsibilities!" He replied, briefly turning back to face his mother and then turning around to keep walking towards the train.

"We just don't want you getting hurt, son. Can't they just find another prefect? One who isn't a muggleborn?" That was his father. The paranoia in muggle families was still persistent even after the war ended. They could still remember the prejudice of the death eaters and having to fear for their lives after being targeted for years. His father had almost hidden away his prefect badge before they left to the station, thinking that his son would be a target for the few remaining death eaters if he was placed in an important position.

"No, dad, they can't. I was chosen for a reason and don't plan to take this responsibility lightly. Besides, the death eaters are all gone!" Marcus exclaimed. "Look, I know you're nervous. I'm nervous too! But I can't just let fear guide me and spend the rest of my life hiding. We need to move forward and forget everything that happened in the war."

"Forget what happened in the war? Do you really want to forget what happened to us, Mark? Forget your sister?" His mother replied. The tears forming in her eyes made Marcus heart break. He couldn't bear to see people crying, especially when that person was his mother.

"I...no, of course not! I just- it's complicated, alright? What matters is that nothing is going to happen to me, I promise. Now, if you'll excuse me, I should go help the other prefects get the first years on to the train." This time, he didn't wait for a response, he didn't want to argue with his parents about the subject of him leaving. Instead, he gave his parents a hug and ran towards one of the train's entrances. Proudly displaying the prefect badge on his Gryffindor robes and with a wide smile on his face, he called out. "First years! First years come with me and board the train before all the seats run out! First years, this way!"


And... We're doomed. Fun times.
3rd August 1998 - 3 months after the battle of Hogwarts

Lileath sat on the hard bed in her cell, leaning against the black walls as she flicked through a book; a gift for her "good behaviour", which roughly translated to she hadn't tried to murder anyone or escape. She hadn't been allowed to choose what they'd be, but she devoured them nevertheless, as she honestly found the lack of intellectual stimulation the worst part of her imprisonment. Unfortunately in her excitement she'd read the three she'd been allocated in just under half a day, as they hadn't exactly been novels, so she'd spent the two weeks since analysing the stories and information in extreme detail. Although the compressed history of farming techniques wouldn't usually be on her reading list, when it was the choice between that and focusing on her own thoughts, she happily read about how the development of the combine harvester revolutionised the production of food.

"Lileath. You've got a guest coming shortly."

The Slytherins' reddish eyes flicked over to her guard as she knocked on the metal bars that separated them both. Despite the apparent gaps, she knew it was reinforced with the most powerful containment spells the order knew how to create to stop her escaping; after all, it made perfect sense for them to do so with how many problems her father caused. Which made the parallels to her mothers previous situation and her current one ever more prominent, but she tried to dismiss it from her thoughts.

"I thought I didn't have therapy again until tomorrow?"

She asked and the auror shrugged, lighting up a cigarette. Rolling her eyes, she wondered if she was telling the truth or whether the guard was just trying to amuse herself. Figuring it was probably the latter, she continued reading her book. None of them contained politics which was a pity, but she suspected that was very much on purpose. Looking up as she heard a nearby door close accompanied by fast footsteps, she heard the voice that had sentenced her to Azkaban.

"Please leave us Amanda. I wish to speak to Miss Slytherin alone."

Watching her guard disappear out of her line of sight, her focus soon shifted as Kingsley walked into it. Putting her book on the hollow table next to her bed, she looked back at the black man in front of her with polite interest.

"Minister Shacklebolt. I must thank you for the books; they've been quite interesting." She began and he tensely smiled.

"Abroynn thought they might help you. I'm glad you've found them useful." He replied, before conjuring up a chair and sitting in it. Lileath could tell he was extremely tense yet he was clearly here for something, so she wondered when he would broach the subject.

"Lileath" He said before pausing, as if he was struggling not to walk out the discussion "I want you to show me something. If you're willing that is."

Listening to the minister, she nodded and asked him for a moment of quiet. Closing her eyes, she pulled the magic out from her blood and let it dance on her fingertips, not that it was visible. Relaxing her breathing, she opened her eyes which now danced with internal energy and lifted her fingers, the three books on her plastic table now hovering in midair. The wards surrounding her room allowed her to use magic inside it, just as long as she didn't attempt to break the seals. Not that there was much chance of that happening without a wand, but they figured it was better safe than sorry.

"Did Voldemort teach you that?" Kingsley asked coldly and the books clattered to the floor, the energy in her eyes honing to something sharper and hostile even if she made no move towards him. Forcing herself to relax a little, she made the energy coursing through her fingers disseminate into the rest of her body, although it resulted in her feeling restless.

"Voldemort taught me a great many things. Which if I had to guess would be one of the reasons you haven't executed me yet."

She responded with equal coldness and he brushed off the comment without answering it. Saying he had an offer he'd like for her to consider, she raised her eyebrows in natural scepticism.

"Your father once pursued being a teacher at Hogwarts. We would like to offer you that opportunity instead."


Lileath paused as Kingsley claimed he wanted to give her a job, as she found the idea completely absurd given her current situation. Here was a man who'd sent her to prison for war crimes and yet he wanted her to teach young people? Thinking it over for several minutes, she poured herself some water from a plastic jug as she was banned from handing glass, metal or solid wood incase she attacked someone with it.

"What would I be teaching?" She broke the silence with an obvious question, but she was starting to form an idea as to why he might be here. Now that things were starting to settle down a little, there was the question of what to do with all the teenage supporters of her father, as they hadn't been sentenced to Azkaban like many of their parents. Maybe they figured that if anything could placate them, it'd be the Heiress of Slytherin cooperating with the new government. After all, part of the reason they were in therapy was to understand how the death eaters got started in the first place so they could make sure it wouldn't happen again.

"Magical and social theory. You'll be spending most of your time at Hogwarts, except you'll still return here during the nights and on weekends. A house elf would be assigned to you to ferry anything you needed backwards and forwards, and you would submit your wand back to us every evening."

Ah, so they weren't just letting her out then. She suspected as much, but it was a little disappointing nevertheless. It would mean she'd get her wand back however, even if it was for just a limited time each day. It was clearly a test of trust, one that would likely result in all the captured death eaters being executed if she attempted to break it.

"How long do I have to make up my mind?" She asked Kingsley and he looked slightly surprised as if he'd been expecting her to leap straight on it. Giving her a two week deadline, he swiftly departed as Amanda returned to her post, leaving Lileath to look up at the strip of glass at the top of her room that allowed light in. Studying it, she figured was well into the evening, which irritated her as she didn't feel remotely tired.


1st September 1998 - 4 months after the battle of Hogwarts

"Are you ready?" Amanda asked the Heiress and she nodded, her arms lifted up behind her head. Two more guards stood outside her room ready to rush in if she tried anything, not that they'd ever been needed. This was part of her daily routine as her cell wasn't equipped with a shower, but that didn't make the experience any more comfortable.

"Scourgify." Amanda cast, curling her wand in an s shape while standing a good meter away from the Slytherin. Wrinkling her nose at the prickling sensation, she at least appreciated that they were being kept clean.

Although Amanda still only spoke to her curtly, she at least allowed her to read her mail directly now rather than having to wait three days to see Abroynn again. It was embarrassing having to communicate with a blunt pencil like a child, but they refused to give her a quill and ink. Still, she certainly had enough time to make sure her handwriting was up to her extremely high standards even without having access to a sharpener or eraser, and she'd been instructed to send detailed plans of her lesson plans after she'd agreed to it. Which she had done, and most of them had been approved, but apparently she was to be supervised, not that it surprised her.

"So" Amanda began, leaning against the bars "Your first day out of a cell since your trial."

She said matter-of-factly and Lileath nodded, unsure if she was really expecting any comment. Drinking a glass of water, her guard continued talking.

"Apparently an elf is meant to be here soon to take you to the new headmistresses office. You're meant to have a briefing with them first."

Confirming she'd heard, she tidied her cell, not that there was much to do considering it was a bed and a table. Still, she didn't want to give Amanda the satisfaction of seeing her anxious, so she relented from pacing around even though she desperately wanted to.

"Miss Lileath Slytherin?" A house elf asked, reading from a short piece of paper on the outside of the cell. Acknowledging the small creature, the two guards that assisted Amanda appeared, apparently to escort her to Hogwarts so she didn't try and escape. The connection her ancestors had to the castle was very well known so they figured she might be able to draw upon the castle's energy, but she'd only ever managed to do so in meditation sessions. Not that she was going to tell them that of course.

Appearing at the castle's gates, she noted the aurors patrolling the perimeter. Although she wanted to be pleased, in truth it was… strange to be back. Her eyes couldn't help but flitter to the great hall where she'd been arrested after her parents death, but she quickly blinked away any tears before the guards could notice. No wonder they were going to be keeping such a close eye on her with all the security, especially as most of the kids she would be teaching would be backers of the order. She hadn't openly mourned her parents as she hadn't had any time to herself and she considered her relationship with them to be very private, something Abroynn certainly disapproved of.

Lileath realized they were at the Headmistresses office already, and she wondered how it would differ from Snape's. She hadn't minded Snape but her opinion had swiftly soured after she realized he was a traitor, not that she'd been able to punish him for that. Still, at least he hadn't lived to see his victory. And his life had been a fairly miserable one, so it wasn't like she felt he'd gone entirely unpunished.

One of her guards knocked on the door and an older woman's voice sharply called them in, Lileath being allowed to enter on her own as she was very unlikely to be able to overpower the people inside. Climbing the stairs, she nodded to Minerva, Kingsley and Horace in turn, before being invited to sit down in front of them. A chair had already been placed in front of the large desk that the three older adults were sat behind and she thanked them, her hands carefully positioned in her lap over crossed legs. They'd given her a plain white shirt and black trousers; not nearly as comfortable as what she was used to, but it was practical enough.

"We've all read over your lesson plans and found them to be satisfactory" The older woman began "but we wished to discuss several things with you first."

Agreeing to hear what they had to say, Minerva glanced at the others.

"Well first of all, you're not to attempt to leave these grounds or enter the chamber of secrets. If you wish to use the room of requirement, you will ask one of us first and it'll be supervised. Entrance to any dormitory - including the Slytherin one - is not permitted either, although you will be allowed to join us in the great hall for dinner."

Lileath had expected all of them aside from the last one, and she frowned slightly in response. Asking if it was mandatory for her to attend dinner, they said they wanted her there at least once a day, whether that be for breakfast or lunch as she would be back in Azkaban for evening tea. She guess it made sense, both as it allowed them to keep an eye on her and as it helped reinforce this new cooperation, but she definitely wasn't looking forward to it. Asking if there were any others, she nodded.

"Secondly" She started and the group all glanced at each other "We know that you're not the biggest fan of most Gryffindors and that they're not the biggest fans of you, but do try to keep the rivalry to a minimum. So don't go around deliberately antagonising them, and we're going to allow you to take points off, but no more than five to one student a day."

Lileath nodded, wondering what the rest might be. She'd already signed an agreement not to break any laws by murdering or intimidating the students, so aside from "don't start any Voldemort worship cults" she didn't know what to expect.

"Finally, we expect a high level of professionalism at all times. We get that it might take a while to adjust, but you're not to treat this like bail or a holiday. You're here to teach." McGonagall said before conjuring up a piece of paper for her to sign, and she fiddled with the quill for a few moments to get used to it again.

"The guards will take you to your new office. You'll be in classroom fifteen; I expect it to be ready for tomorrows class."

Lileath thanked them all for both this opportunity and their time, before exiting the room. Frankly she felt too numb to even feel angry, so she merely followed the auror to her office on the second floor.

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Pizza Boy Extraordinaire
HP Goblin.pngOn that cloudy summer eve of September 1st, Gunrok's candlelit burrow seemed larger than it usually was. All of the curious goblin's trinkets and apparatus were safely stored in trunks, chests and bags of all sizes, methodically stacked up in the center of the now empty, windowless house, as Gunrok, in his grey malachite vest, sat back in his chair, skimming through the final pages of Hogwarts: A History with a pensative stare. By the large candle, an opened letter rested, bearing the seal of Hogwarts, all written in emerald green.
— Gunrok?
The goblin lift his head. The wooden door creaked as another goblin walked in, bearing similar clothing, but a much older expression.

— Gungnir.
He closed his book, which floated away to an open trunk that proceeded to close itself. The older goblin approached the small wooden table, resting his eyes on the emerald letter by the candle.
— ...Your application? — He asks after a moment, leering at Gunrok.

— Accepted. Defense Against the Dark Arts, they call it.
Gungnir scoffs.
— You're wasting your time, — he says, taking a lap around the trunks — They haven't changed. Wand-bearers never do.
— The Dark Lord is no more, Gungnir. — With a small push, Gunrok hopped out of his chair, fixing his jacket. — The time for change is nigh.

— Our bitter feud precedes the Dark Lord, Gunrok... Gringotts was destroyed by their hand, for their own worthless fortunes. — Gungnir's nose was inches away from Gunrok's, who could see the bitterness in the older goblin's eyes. — He was destroyed in the name of wizards, for the sake of wizards. Goblin blood has no place in their martyrs.
— I've made my decision, Gungnir... — Gunrok says, standing firm, holding the letter in his hand. — And so did Hogwarts.

— Balderdash! They've learned nothing!
— Then I will teach them!
— And learn nothing in return!
— That's for me to find out!
Gunrok folded the letter angrily put it in his pocket, turning his back to Gungnir. He headed towards his trunks, placing his hands on the bigger one. Both goblins stood silent for a while, each wallowing in their own resentment. Unable to hold some of his regrets, Gungnir was the first to break the silence.
— Gunrok... I...
— ...I'll send you a message once I'm installed. Bring me news of Gringotts' when you can... And send my condolences to Krenko and Grazzek... Take care of yourself as well.
Gungnir turned to his friend.
— ...Watch your back... Don't lower your guard around them.
Now facing his friend as well, Gunrok couldn't help but to let out a cunning smirk. He arched his eyebrow and lifted his hand.
— ...Do I ever?
With a snap os his fingers, Gunrok and all of his luggage evaporated from the room, leaving nothing but dust and Gungir, alone with his thoughts.

Gunrok reappeared atop a desolate hill, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, his luggage standing right next to him. His eyes darted the horizon, passing through the mountain range, right before descending into the lake that mirrored the sunset sky, until it spotted the gothic silhouette of the massive towers and castle walls of Hogwarts. Gunrok took a deep breath and with no futher delay, he snapped his fingers once more. The luggage lift itself off the ground and followed the Goblin, as he walked towards the great gates of the Wizard school.
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i dreamed a dream

Nora Engles / Location: Hogwarts Express / Emotion: Pure guilt
Nora Engles, a name known not to many before the great battle of Hogwarts but now the name Nora Engles has become general knowledge to the students of Hogwarts and she had become to be known as one simple thing; A death eater. Nora could remember that moment like the back of her hand, The Dark Lord calling out for his followers to join him, the stern look she received from her parents on the opposite side of the battle field. Nora knew she'd be killed if she betrayed the Dark Lord now so too save herself she emerged from the safety of her friends and make the endless and lonely walk across the battle field until she was joined by Draco Malfoy, a boy in a similar situation to hers. The fight began and Nora fled to the only person she trusted, Bella. Nora knew how much hatred Bella had for muggles but Nora's pleas seemed to tug at the girl's heart as the pair ran.

Fleeing the battle of Hogwarts was the best decision Nora had ever made in her life, not only had it kept Nora out of prison but it had kept her first love out of prison as well, the same couldn't be said for Nora's family though. Her mother, father and 2 older brothers were going to be spending their days in the torturous prison of azakaban. Now without a family Nora left her family home to live in a desolate cottage on the windy Cornish coast, Nora was ready to start a life of her own, she had completely given up on the idea of returning to Hogwarts until a few weeks before term was starting a letter found its way to Nora's door. It was from Professor McGonagall, the new head mistress at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and it read like so; 'Dear Nora, I expect to see you on platform 9 and 3/4 at Kings Cross Station on September 1st.' It was such a simple letter but to Nora it meant the entire world, she had been granted permission to return to her true home, Hogwarts.

September 1st arrived and Nora Engles hadn't gotten a single wink of sleep, the fear, excitement and guilt wouldn't let the young women sleep, one thing that Nora had also been doing was trying everything under the sun to cover up the dark mark that still sat upon her left forearm, she'd tried every spell under the sun and had finally resorted to make up that she had lying about, the black ink still shone through but it was much less noticeable then before. Nora through the enchanted wall and onto platform 9 and 3/4, the hustle and bustle of parents saying goodbye to their dear children after what happened last year was extremely emotional. 'Whats she doing here?' a whisper spoke from behind her. 'Why isn't she rotting in Azkaban?' another whispered. Nora bit her lip as she quickly boarded the train and begun walking down the aisle, she passed familiar faces which were filled with anger but there was one face she wished to avoid, Marcus Lewis, an old friend. Nora didn't seem to have much luck today because as she walked into the next carriage she was met with Marcus Lewis helping first years onto the train, their eyes only met for a second but Nora couldn't bare to look at him, she'd betrayed him the most. Nora turned around and headed to the furthest car she could find at the back on the train only to find a familiar face. Bella.

Nora hadn't seen Bella since their trials, it was best that they kept apart for a while but Nora felt those same warm emotions wash over her the first time she kissed Bella. "Bella." Her voice riddled with pain but her eyes were full of love.

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Clairabelle Cartwright
Location: Empty Compartment, Hogwarts Express
Interaction: Open

Something about going to Hogwarts felt... childish. It was so soon after voldemort was defeated. She had reconnected with her mother but the death of her father still hurt.
It was insane to think Hogwarts would reopen, she knew that they thought the threat was over but, there were still likely people who would be inspired by voldemort, especially if he turned into a Matyr, they couldn't think that EVERYTHING was simply safe now.
Heading towards platform 3/4 she was only filled with dread. The last thing she wanted to see were the walls of Hogwarts. She had decided to come here without her mother, she was getting too old to be reliant on someone else on going to Hogwarts. She didn't want to head to Hogwarts but it wouldn't look good on her prestigious family if she simply skipped. And she wasn't exactly the type of person to skip school.
Arriving through platform 3/4 she had finally been making her way to the express. How many familiar faces would she see? Most families probably didn't feel good about sending their kids to Hogwarts so she somehow doubted she would see that many. She knew a few girls but some of them had died in the war. She had always been surrounded in her own popular group and while that may have changed after meeting Aliesterus she still mostly hanged out with her friends.
Yet here she was again. Back at step one once more. She was still known in the school but she stayed further away from people more now. Some even said she seemed sadder.
Was that true? Perhaps but even now she didn't care. It was simply best to drag yourself forward.

She had decided to take a seat an empty seat in a lone compartment on the express. She didn't really feel like approaching anyone. It was just too soon.
For now she would simply wait to arrive at Hogwarts and hopefully sit undisturbed.

Her mind had wandered to events of the war. She was so much more cheerful once. Yet now she felt like a passerby to life.


Harbringer of the Apocalypse
Location: Strom Manor/Mood:Sleepy

"This semester is surely going to be an interesting one".
A unknown figure spoke."Yes It will".Light replied.
He felt a chill down his body." Why do I feel so col-".

Light immediately opened his eyes."Oh it's you Preacher" He said looking to the house goblin "I don't like beginning my days frozen and shivering what's the occasion?".

"Well you didn't seem to wake up any other way so I had to take extreme measures" He continued "You should stop being so lazy, Hogwarts begins today".

"Yea I remember ,you made me triple check all my stuff yesterday"Light replied."Well we can't take any chances with you"Preacher said."I want to say your wrong but I can't deny the accusation" Light said as he got up and stretched "Well I guess I'll get ready".

In half a hour Light was ready and left the manor.'Last time Father had come with me'Light recalled. He approached a cab and got in "Kings Cross Station" He informed the driver.

Location:Hogwarts Express/ Mood:Calm

"Seems like I'm early,I assume there's a first for everything"Light mumbles.Looking around he notices the atmosphere is somber.

Since Light was mostly out of the conflict he hadn't been effected by the war as much.But he noticed dirty looks been thrown around towards some students.
Light boarded the train he checked around for the Hufflepuffs he usually hung out with but sadly couldn't find them.He sighed and just entered a relatively empty compartment.

He saw a blond girl who he remembered was Clairabelle. They had spoken a few times before so he thought he might as well join her,he'd check for his friends later.

"Mind I join you Claire?" he asked with a small smile.


Junior Member
Location: 15 Park Range/ Mood: Frustrated

The clattering of cutlery echoed through the house, followed by a long drawn out yahn. It was the first of September already, it had really come around fast. Alice stood up, tugging at the hems if her sleeves as she let out another yahn.

"Aleeeeex, why do I have to go back!" Alice turned to face her older brother as he appeared round the doorway clutching a pile of papers. "You need qualifications, I cant get you anything in the ministry if you haven't even passed your NEWTs. look, Ali, I know, I was with you, I've seen what you can do, but I cant go around hiring 16 year old girls. Give it time, have some fun." He said, giving her a kiss on the forehead before turning around, muttering into the fireplace and disappearing into a cloud of green flames.

She knew he was right, she was underage, underqualified. But by all right she deserved Her place in the aurors. Shed gonr threw hell and back in last 6th months, and to go back to a school, to sit in lessons and take exams. "Its a joke, a FUCKING joke!" She yelled, smelling her fist into table and instantly regretting it as the milk from her bowl slashed onto the table and floor. Letting out a long groan, she rested her head against the table, contemplating weather to run away to some far flung European countries. If there was any time, it was now.

A soft crack sounded as Alice looked around at the people crowded round the station platform. God, did it feel good to be able to apperate. Some of the younger, and older students gave her looks varying from intimidation to awe. She bent down, leveling her eyes with a rather small girl, who looked like she was about to burst with excitement. "Dont worry, give it a couple years and I'm sure you'll be able to do it to!" She gave the girl a smile before standing back up, twirling around to begin pulling her suitcase toward some of the train doors.

And it was just as she'd expected, the life if the students was gone. She perused her way down the corridor, searching for an empty carriage, or atleast someone she vaguely knew. Light, 7th year Ravenclaw. It was someone atleast.

"Hey, you have a spare seat." She said suddenly peering her head round the boy into the cartridge, smirking at the girl inside. Not waiting for an answer, she quickly pushed her case into the compartment before sliding in herself, shifling up into the corner and staring at the two other 7th years. "Jesus, lighten up a bit." She said, smirking at her own unintended pun. "Well, if it isn't Clairabelle Cartwright, last time we spoke was back in 5th year, if I remember it right."

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Arabella Selwyn - Prince
Location: Hogwarts Express / Interactions: Nora wendy wendy , Marcus EmilyPower EmilyPower

Her heels tapped loudly as she entered platform 9 3/4 with her usual confident walk, so elegant one would think she was practicing for walking down the runway in a fashion show. Despite everything she'd done during the war, and against the wishes of quite a lot of members of the Wizarding World, the Ministry of Magic had decided to spare her from a life-long sentence in Azkaban, and Arabella couldn't be happier. She dreaded being sent to Azkaban, to live the rest of her days in a dark cell, slowly being stripped of her dignity and sanity like her fellow Death Eaters and beloved father. She'd almost been sent, too. Had it not been for her absence to the final battle and her ability to play the victim card as if it were a second nature. It was a shame she would be forced to continue her facade as she finished her final year of education; but the worth of her sacrifice didn't escape her as she ran her fingers over the scar where her Dark Mark once laid. The Dark Lord was dead, yes, but it was up to her and those who were still loyal to make sure the cause wouldn't die with him.

All the amount of pride in the world couldn't stop her from turning her head as she caught the eyes of the other withes and wizards in the platform. Angry looks and hushed whispers followed her wherever she turned. She recognised some of the adults from the raids she'd participated in during the war, probably some of the survivors who managed to escape as their houses burned down. Some, she recognised from the battle. Either she'd fought against them, or they'd seen them harm (maybe even kill, but she couldn't remember) their loved ones. Nothing explained the strange twinge in her chest as she made her way past the crowds. She wasn't sorry - it was a war, and they were nothing but ungrateful muggle-lovers who'd turned their backs on her Lord - but it was different to see these people she'd so worked so hard to destroy in such a peaceful context. There were no wands raised at her, yet she couldn't help but feel more intimidated than she'd felt during those long years of battle.

"You!" she heard someone call out. She'd come to the platform on her own, considering her stepmother still couldn't fathom spending more than a couple of hours in the company of her husband's bastard child as he rotted away in prison. Someone calling her out was unexpected, to say the least.

"Do I know you?" She replied, raising her elegant eyebrow and crossing her arms. She noticed the person who'd called her was a woman around 40, with huge bags under her eyes and grabbing the hand of a young boy who seemed to be a first year.

"Y-you're one of those Death Eaters, aren't you?" She asked, "I remember. You and your friends went to our village and burned some of the houses. S-some of the people were still inside," She exclaimed, her voice losing its strength as she recalled the night. Arabella grimaced at the memory, mostly because no matter how hard she tried she couldn't remember the woman (a skill she Dark Lord used to value, it could always prove useful), and the fact that it wasn't the most pleasing memory. No matter if she'd emerged victorious, or her actions had been justified.

"Look, I really don't have time for-" she began, but the woman cut her off nonetheless. "Please! Just hear me out! You Death Eaters took my son that night. I haven't heard from him since but I need to know if he's alive. Please! We've been looking for ages!"

"I'm not a Death Eater anymore. Leave me alone! " Arabella snapped, quickly turning back around as a man holding a first year's hand came to comfort the woman. In truth, she didn't know who her son was. But if he'd been taken by the Death Eaters and was still missing 4 months after the war, he was undoubtedly dead. Now with her confident walk and elegant demeanour gone, she began to push her way through the crowd. She needed to get away from all those parents and their grief for their lost children. One more second surrounded by those devastated expressions would drive her insane faster than Azkaban ever could.

"Out of my way, asshole," she growled at the Gryffindor prefect who was trying to guide the first years inside the train as she pushed him and entered the train. She and Marcus had never had a good relationship thanks to her pure blood supremacy ideas, and she couldn't help her jealousy after realising he'd been made a prefect. Before the Carrows had lost their power in the school, she was sure she would've been made head girl, at the very least prefect. Yet, she wouldn't dare asking McGonagall to consider her for the task. She'd been lucky enough the Headmistress had admitted her back into the school after the war, but she knew she couldn't risk it by asking her to make her a prefect after tormenting the students for such a long time.

Despite the lack of students, most compartments seemed to be occupied by at least one person. Every time she stopped outside of a compartment, the student's angry faces were enough to tell her she was not welcomed. No matter, most of her friends were gone and there was really only one person who she wished to meet. After wandering around for a while, she found an empty compartment near the back of the train and quickly grabbed a seat. Not ten minutes passed, before Nora finally arrived. Arabella, not caring who saw them, wrapped her arms around her girlfriend in a fierce hug.

"Nora," Bella replied, squeezing her harder as if she thought someone would come to take her away. "Fuck, it's been too long. How are you? Were they- were they good to you?"

Clairabelle had been staring at the window for what seemed like only a moment before a young man had joined her compartment. She had recognized him as she had spoken to him only a few times.
"Sure go ahead." Clairabelle said looking up. She recognized him as that ravenclaw who always hung out with a group of hufflepuffs.
And just like that yet another person walked in, a young woman this time, entering and making a pun about the boy's name. When she had mentioned speaking to Clairabelle in year 5, Clairabelle blinked.
Had they spoken before? She honestly couldn't remember speaking to her and 5th year had seemed like ages ago already .
"I'm sorry I can't remember you. Are we friends?" Clairabelle asked. If they were enemies then Clairabelle was going to be disappointed, she didn't particularly try to ever be mean to people, but she knew sometimes her own upbringing, mixed with a light amount of popularity made her come off harsher than she intended sometimes.

It had been ages since she had actually talked with someone like this. She really needed to get out more, she was becoming far too reserved. Still she didn't really know what to really say.
"What's your names, again?" She asked the newly arrived girl and boy sheepishly.

"I feel bad that you both seem to already know my name and yet I don't know either of yours, so I hope that's a good thing and not a bad thing that you know mine. It's been awhile since I've actually talked to people normally. Perhaps we should get some candy from the trolly?"

And just like that Clairabelle felt like she was opening a piece of her soul that hadn't been opened in awhile. It was a strange feeling and one that was unfamiliar.
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She seemed distant Light thought.The war seemed to have effected everyone he met.So he tried to rein himself in to prevent himself from saying anything unnecessary.

"Thanks" Light replied.He sat down opposite to her."I'm Light as you might have guessed from her pun"I said with a grin.

He shifted his gaze and gave the girl who made the pun a thumbs up.

Well he knew the girl in Question due to his friends.They tended to gossip a lot so he recalled the incident that had taken place in their 4th year.

Suffice to say the rumors of what happened were outrageous that he chose to rather not believe in them.

Plus she seemed to be the most enthusiastic voice he'd heard today...well leaving preacher aside.

"Candy sounds good.I'm still feeling *yawn* sleepy for some reason,some sugar would do me good"Light proclaimed.

I crack my knuckles as I lean back into the seat."Soo...are you guys ready for the new semester?" Light asks with a yawn.


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"well, not surprised, I stopped talking to people after the incident." Alice answered, kicking her trainers off and placing her feet up onto the seat. "I'm Alice, Alice Walkden. You've probably hear if my brother, seems every wizard in the damn county does." She sighed.

"I'm fine, I have some of my own." She said, pulling a pack of mints out from her pocket. "Most 7th years decied to ditch, what's your reason for coming back?" She knew why she was here, but was quite intrigued about the other two.

"I've been sluming it for the past 3 months, I honestly just want the nice beds and food." She wasn't lying, she had been on the move constantly, never staying in one place for more than a week. "After we killed the fucker, it's been nothing but paperwork and bureaucracy. Leaving that mess to my brother." She laughed, popping another mint into her mouth, chewing it a little too loud. "Hes one of the head aurors now, people keep on saying he should run for new minister aswell, like he needs any other achievements." She said, a little less enthusiticly.

"Anyway, enough about my tragic life story." She finished, resting her against the back of the seat with a soft laugh.

"Take a mint, they're nothing but sugar." She yawned, tossing the pack across toward the ravenclaw.

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Nora Engles / Location: Hogwarts Express / Interactions: Bella thefan1 thefan1
Nora held onto Bella like she was her life supporting machine. Bella was so euphoric to be back in the arms of the woman she loved that she could barely contain the large smile on her face as she buried her face into the crook of Bella's neck leaving a small trace of her love in the form of a kiss, Nora didn't care if anyone saw she was just happy to see her love again after long months apart. "I'm alright I guess, Mum's dead and Dad and the boys are all rotting away in Azakaban." Nora says pulling away from the hug as the two girls sat down in the train car Nora immediately intertwining their hands as she rested her head on Bella's shoulder. "They did bad things but they were still family." Nora says as the pain of her mothers passing had affected her more roughly than she expected. "I moved away from London, I'm now living in Somerset by the beach in the small little cottage, it's nice. Maybe we could spend Christmas there?" Nora suggests hoping that spending Christmas with Bella would ease some of the heart break of loosing her family. Nora did steer away from the topic of being locked away inside Azkaban before her trial as it had eaten away at a little part of her soul, Nora could definitely see how the majority of wizards who were kept there eventually insane. "Azkaban was brutal." Nora says, those were the only words she could think of as her mind flashed back to moments in that dark cell where she called out to her loved ones but gained no response, Nora especially remembered the day when she'd call out to Bella and sometimes she thought she heard someone shout her name back to her.

Nora snapped out of her memories of that awful place "What about you? Where are you living now?" Nora asks her love. As Bella responded the Hogwarts Express let out a scream signalling that it was leaving the station, students said their final goodbye's to parents before rushing onto the train to join friends. Nora looked out of the window seeing parents and younger siblings waving furiously as the next time they would reunited would be Christmas. "Remember when we were first years?" Nora says with a smile remembering how cute Bella used to be "You had the cutest hair cut back then." Nora teased "Who would of imagined that we'd end up here." Nora says lifting up their intertwined hands and kissing the back of Bella's. "Who thought we'd end up in this mess." Nora whispers as the train left central London and begun the long journey up to Scotland.
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Location: Hogwarts Express/ Mood: Mad/ Interactions: Arabella thefan1 thefan1 , Nora wendy wendy , Alice Adobe Adobe , Light Pestilence Pestilence , Clairabelle SomebodyElse SomebodyElse

Marcus was temporarily paralysed as he witnessed his old friend, Nora, walking into the train. He'd known her well enough before the war, one of the few Slytherins he didn't consider a stuck-up git. But they'd grown apart as the conflict worsened; with her fighting for the Death Eaters and following her family's footsteps and him aiding the resistance against the late Professor Snape in Hogwarts. Her transformation was one he expected, but it didn't lessen the blow of her betrayal. Yes, family was important. But if one had to loose theirselves to be with them, was it even worth it? Marcus liked to think he disagreed. Yet, as he remembered the family he'd lost, he realised that seeing them again would perhaps make the sacrifice worthy.

Then, as he recovered from his shock, in rushed Arabella Selwyn, almost knocking him down in the process. He'd heard of her arrest, along with her eventual release and pardon from Azkaban (why? He didn't know, it would take imperiousing the entire Ministry to have that monster back in the school as far as he was concerned), what he hadn't expected was the utter gull to show her face back in the school. After everything she'd done, everyone she'd hunted, she dared to return to the place she and her Death Eater friends had helped destroy. Why? What did she have to gain from it? It wasn't like finishing her education would help her get a job (no one would dare hiring an ex-death eater, pardoned or not). He made a mental note to ask Mcgnagall why she had agreed to have Death Eaters back, hopefully that would make her understand the gravity of the situation and the Death Eaters would be on a train back to Azkaban in no time.

He aided the few students still outside the train and helped calm some of the parents who'd had the misfortune of encountering Selwyn before the train started to move. He quickly moved to a window to wave his family good-bye before starting his rounds around the train. Making sure the students didn't need any help or were causing any sort of trouble. In his journey, he was stopped by a second-year Ravenclaw, who asked if he knew if there were any more available compartments. Marcus, already knowing how crowded the train often got, told her there were normal seats to fill out or she could join someone in a compartment that hand't been completely filled yet. He pointed to one nearby, where the silhouette of two girls talking could be seen. The girl turned white, and frantically shook her head.

"I'm not going inside a compartment with them in it."

That was all the information he needed to know who the compartment was occupied by. He lead the Ravenclaw to one of the empty seats and made his way to the back of the train, taking his time to walk past the Slytherin's compartment to give the girls a dirty look. In the back, he heard a familiar voice and snuck his head inside the compartment. Inside, he found a Ravenclaw and a Slytherin who he'd remembered seeing, yet wasn't too familiar with and Alice, a fellow Gryffindor. His angry look immediately vanished, replaced by a large grin. "Good to see you've returned, I thought we'd lost our best 7th years." He said, giving the other students friendly waves and proudly displaying his prefect badge. Mcgonagall naming him prefect after years of misdeeds had become one of his greatest accomplishments, and he was eager to make his fellow Gryffindors aware.

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The auror followed her inside as she opened the door and entered her new office, something which caused her to frown slightly but it was barely noticiable. Looking around, she found it relatively adequate, especially compared to her cell in Azkaban. A small amount of light was let in by a heavily fortified window in the center of the back wall but the corners were lit up with balls of magical light not unsimiliar to an illumination charm. A wooden desk stood in the far left corner, far less exstragant than her previous one but it looked sturdy enough. Several bookshelves looking particularly sparse stood against the right side of the room, and as she walked in further she spotted a large mirror. Freezing as she spotted her reflection for the first time in months, it was different to how she remembered. Touching the side of her face, her appearance was still stricking, but she couldn't deny a lingering sense of gauntness that had seemingly established itself. Her face was thinner and (if possible) paler, resulting in her looking more like Voldemort than ever, and her hair had now returned to be completely jet black. She already knew that her athletic figure had not yet been destroyed by her imprisonment as there had been nothing to do other than do push ups all day, but it certainly hadn't done it much good.

"Something wrong Lileath?" The guard said and she shook her head, saying it was fine. Looking over at him, she noted that unlike the rest of her guards he was quite young and she frowned, unsure what to make of it. He crossed his arms as he leaned against the wall, almost as if affronted by her curt response. She was surprised he'd used her first name as most of her temporary guards usually just called her Slytherin, and she hadn't failed to notice how Amanda had been the only one to continually deal with her.

Ignoring him as she sat at the desk, she read over her timetable, noticing several gaps. Considering she was only teaching sixth and seventh years she'd expected that, which gave her eight different classes to deal with. Probably more like four though, as she doubted many Gryffindors or Hufflepuffs would be attending. They'd be more likely to attack her, but she doubted they'd know anything too extreme. Turning around as a house elf appeared, the creature bowed slightly to the auror before straightening. Strangely it was wearing clothes which should've symbolised its' freedom, but maybe it was a trick to try to get her to believe it wasn't in service to the ministry. Not that she'd of believed that for one moment mind, so it was a pointless effort if that was the intent.

"I'm to assit you in anything you might need, assuming of course that it doesn't break your rules. Here's your wand." It explained, holding it out in its long fingers. Taking it in her own hands, she twirled the wood around her fingers, feeling a familiar connection. Pointing it at the bookshelf, several books flew out of their position and hovered in midair before bursting into flames that reflected in her eyes. For a split moment she got an image of the previous september when her father and her had stood hand in hand before a burning building, the people inside already dead, but it vanished as soon as it came.

"Lileath!" Her auror barked, pointing his wand at her. Flicking her wand once more, the flames stopped immediately leaving the books completely undamaged. There was a moment of silence as they both looked at each other before he lowered his wand as hers was already by her lap but he still looked quite nervous. The elf was cowering in the corner so she told it to get her some coffee.

"I wouldn't mind if you'd tell me before doing things like that." He said angerly and it occurred to her that she didn't know his name. Asking it, he frowned instead as if wondering whether to tell her. With him knowing her name amd hers not knowing his it put him at a social advantage and she lighlty snorted at the irony. She had been prosecuted for war crimes and was being stalked by aurors everywhere she went and yet she was still worried about social ettiqute. Typical.

"Alex." He replied eventually, not giving her his last name. Nodding in acknowledgement, she answered his previous statement.

"Well Alex" She said, spinning around in her chair "I suspect you're going to be doing a lot of complaining on this assignment."
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Arabella Selwyn - Prince
Location: Hogwarts Express / Interactions: Nora wendy wendy , Marcus EmilyPower EmilyPower

Arabella cursed herself as Nora placed her head on her shoulder. Despite her social skills, she'd never been able to master the act of comforting others - especially considering her distaste for her girlfriend's parents. She was loyal to the cause, yes, but understood it wasn't meant for everyone. It was better to fill the inner circle with those who truly wished to be Death Eaters, rather by people who were simply there out of obligation or fear. Somewhat awkwardly, she pressed her lips to Nora's head and ran her finger in circular motions through the back of her hand. "I'm sorry," was all she could say before she asked if they could spend Christmas at her house. "Oh, please. Another minute in London and I will loose my mind. I'll just need to get the permission from the Ministry, then I'm all yours for Christmas."

The light-hearted banter ended as she brought up Azkaban. Arabella, like the other known Death Eaters, had been sent for the prison a couple of days after the final battle. Choosing to give herself in, as it would help her defence and hopefully place the Ministry on her side (it didn't), she was quite surprised to discover she would suffer the same fate as her father and the other death eaters. Jailed in Azkaban as her trial and final conviction was arranged, the prison still suffering from the depressing effect of the dementors months after their departure. And the new Auror wardens, still dealing with the personal effects of the war didn't make life easier, either. She closed her eyes for a moment, trying her hardest not to remember the horrid place - to no avail. If her short stay had managed to leave her with nightmares and constant tremors, she didn't want to think about the effect it would have on her father during his lifetime stay. "Let's not talk about that, ever."

The train soon started moving, and Arabella briefly looked out the window to see her stepmother waving her step-siblings goodbye, not even glancing at her stepdaughter's direction. "Well, father's in Azkaban. But stepmother escaped conviction, and the little monsters are far too young to stand trial, so he convinced her to let me live with them until I graduate, so you could say I'm living with them. It feel like I'm living alone, though," she mused. While living in a large, glamorous mansion was nothing short of her wildest dreams, she couldn't say her companions were incredibly welcoming, to say the least. While not as horrible as her last caretaker, her family did their best to avoid her at all cost. Obviously due to her unworthy half-blood status, much to her frustration. They knew how much she longed she could've been born as a pure-blooded witch and reminded her of her shortcomings the few times they spoke. "The manor's large enough to keep us from interacting, and I take all meals in my room, so we never see each other. Though I am allowed to enter most rooms and give the house elves orders, so I suppose it's not too bad." Nora's comments about her old haircut made her chuckle, mostly out of the fact that she even remembered what she looked like all those years ago with her hideous half- cut hair (her mother wouldn't cut her hair out of fear of it being enchanted, so the young girl often tried to do so herself). As she laughed, she noticed Marcus, one of her least favorite Gryffindors walking by and giving them the dirtiest look he could muster. "Prefect's mad," she whispered, still smiling and unfazed by his presence. "If he's that angry, wonder how everyone else will welcome us. Don't suppose there will be any banners set up for us survivors."


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Nora Engles / Location: Hogwarts Express / mentions: Bella thefan1 thefan1 Marcus EmilyPower EmilyPower Light Pestilence Pestilence Alice Adobe Adobe

Nora watched the English countryside whisk by holding tight onto Bella as the girls sat in silence, Nora was trying to enjoy the last few hours of peace that she was going to get before she was greeted with the harsh judgemental stares from the majority of students at school. Nora turned her head to look at the corridor outside their compartment, Marcus was passing by at that very moment and gave her the most awful look. Nora’s heart clenched with sadness as memories of their innocent friendship flashed across her mind; specifically the time the two ended up eating so many sweets from Honeydukes that they physically couldn’t walk back to school from the tummy ache they both had, it hurt Nora to realise that there would be no more times like that with Marcus. “I’m going to the toilet.” Nora says squeezing Bella’s hand before getting up from the soft seat and exiting the compartment.

Nora walked down the long corridor hearing hushed whispers as people stopped their conversations every time she walked past, it was going to be a long year but Nora just had to make it through 1 year. The toilet was occupied so Nora leant on the wall waiting, “Is that her? The death eater?” A few ravenclaws whispered as they walked by. “She should of died.” The group says, Nora pretended not to hear because of part of her agreed with them Nora should of died instead of many innocent Hogwarts students who were just fighting for their friends and freedom. The toilet became free and Nora slipped in locking the door and staring at herself in the mirror, she lifted her hand to her face and gently brushed her cheek with her finger tips before sighing. “You’ll be okay Nora, it’s just one more year.” The Slytherin said to herself trying everything to reassure herself.

Nora quickly finished up in the toilet and walked back to her compartment spotting Marcus once again chatting with some unfamiliar faces. That could of been her in there but Nora walked past quickly and returned to Bella. “I’m kind of tired. Mind if i use you as a pillow?” Nora says with a small smile as she lay down and placed her head in Bella’s lap as she shut her eyes hoping that the slightly bumping of the train would lull her to sleep.


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Light Strom/Location:Hogwarts Express/Interactions: SomebodyElse SomebodyElse EmilyPower EmilyPower
Light catches the pack and thanks Alice.He then pops a candy into his mouth.The minty flavor makes him feel a bit refreshed.

"They're pretty good" he says.He stares out the window until he noticed someone enter.A face he recognised 'Marcus' he thought.

He remembered some of the students at the station talking about his brave display during the battle of Hogwarts. He respected him for that ,something he himself probably would have not done.

He noticed a quick glance from a girl on Marcus before it immediately vanished.

"I'm not sure if i'm considered one of the best but thanks for the compliment" He continued."So what's new with you Marcus or should I say Gryffindor prefect?"
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They introduced themselves as Light and Alice. When Light had mentioned the new semester Clairabelle sighed.
"As ready as I'll ever be. I keep dreading it honestly. I honestly don't know how to pick myself back up after the war. I was honestly too naive then. I thought I'd just goto Hogwarts, make friends and graduate and become some kind of successful wizard that became known for something, now I don't know what I even will do with myself." She sighed again.
Alice had mentioned her brother and Clairabelle had heard some things about him.
He was supposed an auror although Clairabelle didn't know much of the specifics.
When she had asked them why they decided to attend Hogwarts once more, Clairabelle responded.
"Well I honestly come from a pretty successful family and it wouldn't look good for me to skip a year. My mother offered anyways but I honestly don't wanna become a type of person who skips Hogwarts of all places. I know too much about how big this opportunity is."

She had went on to describe her "tragic" life story mentioning her brother in more detail. So Clairabelle had heard correctly. And it didn't seem like Alice was too enthusiastic about her brother.
She passed out some of her own mints and Claire had took one and murmured a small "thanks."

Yet another person had decided to walk into the compartment. Clairabelle was bewildered. She was used to being approached all the time at Hogwarts, especially due to how popular she was and while everyone so far seemed to already know her name, she didn't think they approached because of her status.

If anything she wondered if she seemed approachable. She felt like she had been distant lately but perhaps she just wasn't showing it.
He seemed to know Alice however and had spoke about being glad that Hogwarts didn't lose their best 7th years and proudly displayed his prefect badge.
"I'm not sure I need to be buttered up anymore. But I don't think I'm that great.."
Marcus said something similar.
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Name: Sunny Prince| Location: Hogwarts express train; in compartment.| Mood: Anxous/nervous and sad|

The sun still shined, but so many would never see the sun again. It was...a strange feeling. Like, I was stuck in this limbo-state of detachment and Pain.
-I stared out the window and watched in fascinated aching as people -children- tried to wipe away their tears and avoid smearing the snot around their upper lips.
An ache reverberated in my chest as it felt as if I was drowning in the depths of their sleeted eyes and dower faces.
- I turned away from the window. pulling a curly lock of hair out the thick pony tail it was held in. I could really use some excitement or a good beat.
Anything to distract from the bombardment of Energies that tried to deep into the cabin I hid in.
- I absentmindedly rolled through thick signet ring around my pinky. The swirling letters and patterns were soothing against my anxieties. I hummed an upbeat tune I had heard.
Irronically I had heard it during the comotion of the fight. The all consuming battle that had raged and decided the very future of the wizarding world.
I had wanted to hide then. I was scared.
-Idly I hoped and did a small quick heal pop and hip shake followed by a lazy twirl . I peeked my head out of my compartment; Amber eyes dragging up and down the corridor in search of the much needed trolly lady and her bountiful sweets.
maybe she was dead too
A trolly full of sweets would be good now. Something sweet to wash away the bitter bile welling in my throat. Something pure to distract from the waves of sorrow and anger pouring in from the hall.
-I slammed the door shut. Heaving a harsh breath I shook my wild head of curls furiously; slapping my cheeks gently as I did so.
I needed to shut it out, cleanse myself and desperate my self; form a bubble to keep me from the chaos that tried to drag me down into it.
- I forced a smile and hummed louder. The humming and beats gradually turning into a full song filled with head banging and sharp rocking and twists.​

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