How well known are you on RPN?

8/10, I see you a bunch on threads like Last person to post, and other forum games. Haven’t seen you post any rps though.
We've brushed paths a few times! I like saying hi. But we haven't really spoken beyond that.

I know you from Isekai hell! We are in a rp though we’ve only spoken in the rpn ooc briefly
I also know you from Isekai Hell! But I don’t think our characters really talked to each other, and like you said, we didn’t really interact with each other in RPN ooc.

I see you on like- A lot of forum games. But we’ve never actually talked. Or properly interacted. But you seem interesting!
5 to 5.5/10

I have chatted with you a few times, but mainly in non-rp stuff. Oh, and the character interview thread too!
2/10. I have no idea who you are. 😅 Socially, I'm only in a few places, generally in my little Fandom niche of the site.

Also, everyone, let's try to stick to the ruuuuules. T'is a game, after all.
Wait, you're staff?

Captain Hesperus

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