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Fandom House of the Dragon (HotD/HoTD) or Game of Thrones (GoT) roleplay request

Hi there !
How are you ?
I'm doing pretty well and I was actually wondering if anyone would be interested in a roleplay centered around Game of Thrones or House of the Dragons.
For Game of Thrones**, I would be looking for a Ramsay Bolton but preferably Euron Greyjoy :). I do double-ups and I am literate in case you were wondering - with a wide range of characters that I am able to play. Do not interact if you are a minor however, for I will not roleplay with underage partners.
As for House of the Dragon***, I am interested in finding an ***Aemond, an **Aegon or a **Daemon with possibility of playing - again - a rather wide range of characters.
Both would be CCxOC with, obviously, some doubling-up !
I know this post is a little short, and I apologise for it.
I however, do love to talk outside of the main roleplay and am looking forward to hearing from you.
Goodnight/day !


Just Julia
Hi I'm doing good you still open to roleplay some Got or HotD? I could play literally any of the characters you asked for from either happily

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