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Hit on the user above you with your best pick-up lines


No, you're not the one...
It was, though. Well, part of it.

Marty goes back in time and gets hit by a car, resulting in his mom falling in love with him instead of his dad. Thus he has to help his dad get together with his mom or else he'll be erased from existence. And then he accidentally invents Rock and Roll (though he's actually off by a few years).


No, you're not the one...
Are you God? Because if you are then finally some actual physical proof. Why couldn't you people have just show me this instead of getting all theological?


No, you're not the one...
twas a joke but alas i understand and will humbly apologise since I too would probably react the same way
T'was also a joke.

I mean, it actually was gross, but in this case it was a joke response to a joke.

But it really was gross. Most of the pickup lines in this thread are.


The Next Helltaker “I Fought the Doom Slayer!”
Hey, Join my harem, we have pancakes and coffee, we’re also in need of bodyguards.

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