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Realistic or Modern Historical World war one based roleplay request 1X1 MXM


Magic Eight Ball
I have a character which is set in the First World War, I will insert his information/description and then talk about plots etc etc.

My characters name and is Vincent MacNèil and he is 19 in 1914, the start of the First World War. He grew up in Scotland, a little island called Iona (Í Chaluim Chille) prior to enlisting into the army he was a farmer on said island. But at the age of 19, talks and rumours of a war began to circulate around his area, until requests and recruitments for soldiers began to pop up and Vincent immediately enlisted into the British army, into the highland light infantry and off to France.

He is very cheery and light hearted, sometimes it comes across a little put on as he is trying to keep spirits up as well as cheering up those around him. He is cheeky and comes across as not very intelligent.

He stands about 5’4, slim, perhaps a little on the underweight side of the scale although he is still strong from working on a farm his whole life He is very pale with freckles and bright blue eyes. His hair is dark and curly, about chin length.


I Have a few ideas, although I am very happy to discuss and come ulp with alternative plots together in PMs! I think doing something completely Post-War would be interesting!

One is that Vincent, winds up injured in the middle of no mans land and is found by Y/C (who is perhaps a German soldier) bleeding out in the middle of the land, will your character save/help Vincent? And if so- will they become friends- or lovers even?
* Y/C is a German medic (or just a medic) my character, Vincent, has been injured and is left bleeding out in the middle of an mostly abandoned no man’s land. (Injury varies although i’d prefer something a little dramatic etc) will your character save the others life, although Vincent is British? And.. if so- do they become friends? Or lovers, even?

* the war has been Over for about a year. A factory has been built to employ injured soldiers after the First World War, who are struggling to get work after the war due to the injuries or other reasons (:)) Vincent is new working there- Y/C could be new aswell, so they pair up together, or Y/C could have been there longer.

* both our characters have been injured, badly enough that they cannot return to the army. They are both in a hospital together in England. I think it would be cute to do a sort of slice of life plot with this with our characters helping each other through their adjustments and just everything else.

* Our characters married just before the war was announced. As soon as it is, my character leaves to enlist- will the relationship stay as alive as it once, when Vincent returns injured and struggling.
I think this plot would be cute to do some before the war and then after etc etc.

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