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Legendary(ish) Pokemon
"That's the goal," smiles the server. "Alright, enjoy!"

Cassiopeia doesn't need to be told twice -- in a split second he's already wolfed down his first bite, and his eyes say it all.

"I think it's a hit with the child," Epsilon notes, before taking a bite himself and practically crying out of delight.


Can't stop myself from RP'ing.
"Alright then."

Sleep little one now don't say thing
And my dying will help your sleep take wing
Just choose your eyes, and dream a dream
as your eyes start to lose their gleam.

She sang in her enchanting voice.



Can't stop myself from RP'ing.
Her eyes glowed quickly. " Quiet little one...I only meant to fall to sleep..." She psychically convinced him

Quiet my child I could never hurt you
I will keep you safe and warm
Sleep my child mommy always loves you
And forever keep you safe from harm.

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