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"That's the idea," says a familiar tone.

"P-principle Andromeda!" Epsilon says quickly. "H-hello. We didn't expect you!"

"It's quite alright. I'm just dropping in to congratulate the happy couple. The three of you mark a new chapter for our species. You can guess all eyes are on you."


Can't stop myself from RP'ing.
Illaoi quickly turns and blushes a little.. direct attention from the Principal wasn't common... but since their last interaction she felt comforted by his presence. "Hello Principal Andromeda." Said Illaoi, a little nervous, but not as much so as sh would've been.


Can't stop myself from RP'ing.
"I'm very glad that we have such a kind principal. Ok then, time for food." She said, turning to the others. She could feel eyes on her and her family, making her nervous, but she tried not to let it show

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