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Futuristic Ground Zero


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    round Zero is a sci-fi rp where you play as a mercenary from one of two groups, STAR and the Exchange. The two groups have been tasked to uncover the mystery of an explosion that occurred on the planet, Prospera, and return any findings they make to their benefactor. With that in mind, STAR and the Exchange are at odds with each other as they are both competing with each other to uncover as much as possible to receive their payment.

    Initially, this caused a disagreement between the two groups. So they both chose to hash out their disagreement with a list of conditions. The first is non-aggression, the two will not attack each other unprovoked, and if this condition is broken, the offenders will be disciplined accordingly. The second is common defense, if the two happen to be under attack in the same area, then they will both work together to beat their common enemy. The third is first come, first served, the first group to arrive to a site to uncover intel gets dibs and the second must disengage.

    These conditions are non-binding. The bottom line is to uncover as much intel as possible so you can get paid. Sometimes you have to bend the rules to meet that bottom line.

    Throughout the rp each side will get separate subplots before they both converge. This will result in a confrontation where both sides will have to determine whether to fight, assist, or ignore each other. Be wary that you are not the only ones on the planet as armed gangs remain vying for control of the planet while the source of the explosion remains to be discovered.




Ground Zero,

lock and load, earn your


sci-fi, exploration, survival, action, angst




spots open




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Hi everyone! Sorry for getting back super late I've been sick this week. Will get ooc and cs up later today, tmrw at the latest!
ooooo sounds interesting
Sounds interesting

Super Interested
Hello! Is this still accepting?

CS and OOC are up later than intended. All a man do is lie (I am man). Still accepting for anyone interested


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