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Fandom Gravity Falls or Owl House

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Action, Adventure, LGTBQ, Magical, Platonic, Slice of Life


Soon, Mr. Ducky...
Hi there!!

I have been binging Gravity Falls for the millionth time lately, and waiting for the eleventh episode of the Owl House, and I'm dying to do a roleplay of one of them! (or both, who knows?)

The thing is... I have literally no plot ideas at all. If anyone is interested, please let me know!

I'll do either one, or crossover if anyone wants... I heard they're in the same universe so that could be pretty cool.

The characters I would prefer to roleplay as are Mabel, King and/or Amity. (I might do Dipper or Bill if no one else wants to...?)

I'm chill with OCs, and I'm LGBTQ+ friendly!! :)

It can be romance/ship centered if preferred! (I'll do any kind of relationship, really, but I ship some weird ships from Gravity Falls... And I'm willing to get creative with Owl House ships, since there's only really been Lumity - or maybe that's all I've seen. Hm.)

I really hope there's someone out there who's on my same wavelength...



Do act mysterious, it’ll keep them coming back

Do you have any ideas to share? Or characters you'd prefer to rp as?
Honestly....no ideas. I like to go with the flow on these kind of things, but I can help brainstorm! As for characters, I can play Bill or Dipper if you want.


increase the decrease
I really like the Owl House's vibes, although we're less than a season in and I'm not the type to RP a fandom I don't know that much about.

Amaris Echo Primrose

I'm freeee freeee fallin
Hi I would like to join your Gravity Falls RP with Comet Blast. I'm willing to play anyone you need me to although i would ultimately prefer to play either a genderbend Robbie, Wendy, or Mabel and I can double up if you want or need me to


Soon, Mr. Ducky...
Amaris Echo Primrose Amaris Echo Primrose
Cool! You can be both if you want, or you can pick just one - it doesn't matter to me. Nobody private messaged me or anything, so the people that responded here are the only ones that showed any initial interest... so I don't have any roleplay thread set up already.

Also, do you happen to have any plot ideas? We've got nothing.

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