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Fandom Gladius: A Multi-Fandom RP (Open and Accepting)


The Mad Queen

Roll Initiative
Venkman: Outskirts of the Western Graveyard, The Badlands (Gladius-IV)
"She's right."
The man's gaze moved between the Mage and the half Vampire, his eyes wide.
"All I know is I was attacked. I don't know what by."
"Take your time. You just took a hell of a hit, you could be concussed or something." Venkman retained his soft tone
"Are you a doctor?"
"Well...No. Well, sort of. I'm a psychiatrist, but...I have picked up a thing or two along the way."

The man ignored Venkman and turned to face Namorae.
"And what about you?" He sighed, rubbing the side of his head "Are you a doctor?"


Karla: Cortova's ship, En-Route to ETC HQ, The Badlands (Gladius-IV)

"Oh, you meant me?" Karla placed a hand on her chest
"Who's speaking?" The voice asked
"Doesn't matter. What does matter is the information I'm carrying. Can you put the boss on?"
"Mr Icarus is a very busy man..."

Karla groaned
"Tell him it's a matter of life and death."
There was a pause on the line before the computer voice scoffed.
"Do you think you're the first people to try and entice Mr Icarus with such warnings?
"No." Richard added
"He doesn't have time for..."
"Oh, he'll have time for this. Just let the bossman hear us out. If he's not interested we'll take off and leave this planet. Never bother the precious Mr Icarus again. Deal?"

Karla smirked as a landing platform extended from the ETC HQ, presenting itself to the ship.
"And the power of being annoying triumphs again. Take us in. Shadow Lady."

@Emmadagood @GearBlade654

Steve Rodgers: Brymor Crossing, Sword Coast North (Certh, Gladius-II)
Rodgers sat back, his arms folded and listened. The Black Demon Sect, with their hatred of weakness and members willing to lay down their lives for a twisted ideology: It reminded him of HYDRA.
He had to stop them, but a larger threat still loomed not just over Brymor but the entire universe. Thanos was on Earth, and if he got to Vision then half of all life would get wiped out. Getting back to Earth still had to be his number one priority, but he couldn't just walk away from the Black Demon Sect. They were already kidnapping civilians, including children and if their similarities to HYDRA were anything to go by then they could be new recruits.
He'd seen the effects of reprogramming up close, and he would be damned if he was going to let it happen to anyone else.

Nobody had died today, but he was afraid it wouldn't stay that way. Still, he was completely in the dark, with only one lead. The Nameless One was filled with regret but also a fire that could bring the entire organisation down, so long as they worked together.
He'd still need to have a word with the EMT about kicking him into the dirt, but it could wait.
"Why do you think this Black Demon Sect would want to kidnap children?"

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Jolie Baptiste: New Metropolis, The Badlands (Gladius-IV)
"I'm not the one that needs protection, Marcus."
Jolie glanced back at the woman "It's her. And..." She let out a heavy sigh "Tonight has taught me that I won't be able to do it alone."
Her gaze met one of the asylum's cold walls "I was compromised."
There was no doubt in her mind that Crane would be back and she knew there were other corners of her mind he would try and reach into. Buried secrets, past trauma. She was a target, maybe even more so than the Changeling for the Scarecrow's hook.
"I need to make sure we don't miss anything. After that I'm taking her and getting the hell out of this city."

The Remote Village

As Doom approached the village from above, all that could be heard was distant music. A sickly green fog hung thick in the streets, while lights flickered on and off below. People sat slumped against buildings, with trash cans toppled and windows broken- obvious signs of rioting. Most of the town's doors were gone- some shattered with makeshift rams, most hacked apart with claws. Black feathers littered the streets. All in all, not a good scene. Inside an alehouse, a turned over jukebox sparked and sputtered, playing a tinny rendition of an old pop hit. Suddenly, Doombots laying among the garbage sputtered to life, once again beginning their wild dance and moving throughout the town.

@The Mad Queen
Doom looked upon the destruction with clenched fists and anger behind his mask. The jukebox was shattered with a blast of small magical energy and the Emperor placed a hand against one of his gauntlets.
"Defective models. Your Emperor has given you an order. I suggest you follow."

With the command of the true Doom, the machines with his likeness that were affected flew into the atmosphere, and harmlessly self-destructed away from the eyes of Cynthia's citizens.
You are on Doom's world now, fool." Clenching his fists, the Emperor channelled magical energy through his armour "You set foot on this planet and you attack his citizens. For such a crime, you will perish at my hand."
With a punch he shattered a lamppost, reducing it to dust.
"Reveal yourself and I promise it will be quick."



Golden ball of bloody cuteness
Namorae: The Western Graveyard Outskirts, The Badlands
Namorae shakes her head. “I know basic field care. I’m not a specialized healer.” As much as she would love to learn that skill, she just hasn’t had the occasion. “Like he said, can you remember anything? How you got wounded in the first place?”
@The Mad Queen

Cortova: Her Ship, ETC HQ, The Badlands
Cortova smirks, maneuvering the ship in for the landing. “Alright. What’s the plan? Should I stay here in case we need to bolt, or do I go in to back you guys up?” She asks, tilting her head.


Dart Monkey
Nameless Mook Formerly of the Black Demon Sect: Sword Coast, (Gladius III)​

“Why do the waves roll? Why does the tree stand?” Inquired the Nameless Mook to the question being asked of him by Steve Rodgers. Reaching down with his arms he began to push himself up as he glanced at Steve, who probably was not familiar with the idea of martial arts themed cults as the monk Gogyou was. “It is to obtain members, members who are cultivated easier as to never question and obey the Master.” Reaching down to tap at his blade, he allowed his eyes to focus on his own sword. The Fake Shang’s current skills with a blade were not nearly enough to deal with the Black Demon Sect. He knew deep in his heart he needed much, much more training to stop them. The Bones of Creation and all who followed him could not be allowed to succeed.

“It is imperative -” Fat Shang groaned as he pushed himself fully upright. With a grimace he placed one of his hands against his chest to steady his breathing; completing that he continued.That the Black Demon Sect cannot be allowed to further spread their roots – and more importantly.” He tapped against his sword.

“That the Master does not obtain further mystical blades; while the Heavenly Weapons may not be present, there are most certainly other swords of note that he will clasp at searching for the one destined to be strong enough to suit him as a swordsman and from there...” The Fake Shang began shaking his head vigorously, while his lips trembled.

Well not to mention he was still a bit woozy. “We must find furthe- urk – the other magical blades before the order finds them and bestows them upon the Master. We cannot, under any circumstance, allow the Bones of Creation to expand his arsenal of weapons.”

@The Mad Queen @zontar @FistOfTheBorkStar @Donder172


Samus-007/Gladius I: The Presidium
[Interacting with: @The Mad Queen; Open to Interaction]
Before she knew it, they were back to being hunted. Whatever was after them now, possibly the Zeons, appeared hellbent on containing them inside this little section of the Citadel. Classical box-in, hunt down and elimination tactics. Judging from the time it took for one of the bulkheads to close, there was another section of the Citadel that was still open. On Alva's word, Samus broke into a dead sprint with her rifle in her hand. Yet she wondered throughout all this time, how come no-one else was alarmed but her group? Shoving that question to the back of her mind, Samus could feel herself gaining speed as she beelined toward the exit. How the bulkhead would be dealt with, however, was a matter of her own strength and how much resistance the hydraulics of the door were going to put up with her suit. Before she could ask, Boss answered. 'Three seconds!' It was now or never. Stopping underneath the frame of the bulkhead, Samus shot both her arms above her head as she found herself yelling to the group. "MOVE IT!"


The Thing From Space

  • Genjuro, Brymor Crossing, Sword Coast, Certh 2

    Gen thought for a moment. The orcs were disorganized. No clear leader, which is something that a criminal organization- or martial cult- wouldn't allow for any concerted effort. On top of that, they were using axes and hammers, but not the sort meant for combat- the sort meant for yardwork and carpentry. Then there was the matter of their retreat. They'd run away from him, which meant that there wasn't something they feared more than his fists at the moment.

    "...I don't think that slaving operation was anything to do with the Demon Sect. They were using axes and hammers- scrounged weapons from woodcutters and carpenters. They weren't much more than a street gang, near as I can figure. The Demon Sect guy was using a decently made sword, so they can at least afford to outfit their grunts."

    As he leaned up against a wall, he crossed his arms, looking lost in thought.

    "...If the Demon Sect is anything like the martial cults I fought, they'll be looking to dojobust in their search for storied weapons. My grandfather has a dojo on The Hill of Fists in Shou-Lung where we keep our family's ancestral jian. I'm not worried since Flame Serpent and Immovable Ocean are there, but a collection of martial institutions like that is sure to get their attention."

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