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Fandom Gladius: A Multi-Fandom RP- Lore


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Lore Terminology
Important NPC: An essential NPC who cannot be killed without approval by the GM (me). This role is given to quest-givers and figureheads of factions and governments among others.
Redshirt NPC: A non-essential NPC who be killed at any time, without say so from the GM (me).

NOTE: This page will be updated as more information is learned about Gladius. Do not post in this thread. If you have any questions ask me via PM, discord or in the OOC chat. This also applies if you want to make a request that lore be added.

Gladius-I: The True System

A planet and society from two very different worlds, Tellestia's inhabitants found their two civilisations, one of a 22nd century Earth (Cyberpunk) battered and a Victorian/Edwardian alternate history Earth (Steampunk) battered due to The Great Hunger's invasion and now sharing a home. For the sake of survival, they decided to work together so that less than a century later Tellestia would be a bustling world of shared technology and ideals.
It is ruled by an elected Prime Minister, Naomi Deng who was elected a few years ago.

There is a hidden world within and beneath Tellestia's cities. Vampires, the self-appointed leaders of this secret world and it's inhabitants have applied their strict laws of The Masquerade in order to stay under the radar. Other creatures from this world such as Witches and shapeshifting aliens travel the human streets, living secret lives.

Seoul-Don: A hybrid of Seoul from the 22nd century and London from the alternate timeline Seoul-don is a city-state with a mixture of futuristic architecture and Victorian style architecture A city of cyborgs, gentlemen and monsters, Seoul-don is the planet capital of Tellestia.
It has an undercity of aliens and monsters, similar to "Trap Streets" (Doctor Who/Whoverse). Only those who live in the traps streets and a few officials know of their existence. Protected by a misdirection circuit and some illusion magics, it takes a lot of effort to locate one.

Los Angeles: A bustling town with an interesting nightlife, this city is smaller than Seoul-Don...At least on the surface. It's hidden world of various networks includes an underground city made up of tunnels to keep walking Masquerade violations away from the eyes of humans.
(Important) Name: Min-seo Deng
Age: 55
Species: Human
Universe from: Born and raised in Gladius.
Status: Living and active
Current Location: Seoul-Don

Often seen wearing a dark brown suit, Min-seo is British on one side and South Korean on the other, making her a child of two worlds. She has a head a long black hair she ties back. She won by a landslide at the last election, due to having some help as even before taking office, she knew about the secret world from personal experience.
Her polices are quite left-wing such as universal healthcare, welfare programs and the like. This makes her a bit unpopular among some of the more traditional people of Tellestia, and some could say she owes her current position to those from the secret world.

(Important) Name: Sebastian LaCroix
Age: Presumed to be over 300 years old
Species: Vampire (Ventrue)
Universe from: Vampire the Masquerade
Status: Undead and active
Current Location: Los Angeles

LaCroix was born in the late 1700s into the French aristocracy and he served in Napoleon's army as it was expected of men of the time. In his youth he was sired by a Belgian noble, a Ventrue Kindred who introduced him to a new world of Vampires and other supernatural beings. LaCroix adapted, spending his vampire years making allies, ruining his enemies and brokering deals. He travelled extensively, from Africa, where he encountered his bodyguard, the mysterious Sheriff to London, where he killed two legendary Vampire hunters and finally to Los Angeles where by 2004 he was Prince. He adapted to modern life well and always wears the finest suits, even during the death of the Multiverse.

When LA was taken by the Great Hunger, LaCroix survived (mostly in-part due to the Sheriff) and the two were transported to Tellestia. He was the first Vampire in the new LA to declare himself Prince and while unpopular nobody has challenged his reign openly and lived.
While the new world was being built, LaCroix took it upon himself to exile the Malkavians out of LA due to a failed rebellion.

(Important) Name: The Sheriff
Age: Unknown
Species: Vampire (unknown clan)
Universe from: Vampire the Masquerade
Status: Undead and active
Current Location: Los Angeles

The Sheriff is Prince LaCroix's bodyguard, executioner and law enforcer of the Camarilla. The Sheriff can transform at will into a bat-like creature called the "Chiropteran Marauder". Due to LaCroix claiming he had acquired the Sheriff from Africa, along with his use of Animalism as well as a form of Vicissitude, his clan is rumoured to be the Nagloper, a legacy of the Tzimisce hailing from Africa.
The Sheriff is a quiet and reserved vampire. He is completely loyal to LaCroix and is always ready to do as his master ordains.

(Important) Name: Therese Voerman
Age: Unknown, 2 lifetimes ago according to her
Species: Vampire (Malkavian)
Universe from: Vampire the Masquerade
Status: Undead and active
Current Location: Seoul-Don

Although Therese is a Malkavian, she dresses and acts like a Ventrue despite being exiled from LA by a Ventrue Prince. As her sister Jeanette Voerman states, '"She won't even feed unless it's poured into a glass"'. Therese is loyal to the Camarilla and enforces the Masquerade as Baron over a part of Seoul-Don.
She owns The Asylum franchise of Nightclubs, a popular chain with clubs and bars all over Seoul-Don with her twin sister Jeanette, finding herself cleaning up Jeanette's messes. Therese states that she and Jeanette did get along at one point, mainly because she did not have many friends due to her father never allowing her out, thinking that she would get hurt in the outside world – as a result, Jeanette was the only one who was there for her and they would create their own fantasy world which they would rule over.

(Important) Name: Jeanette Voerman
Age: Unknown, 2 lifetimes ago according to her
Species: Vampire (Malkavian)
Universe from: Vampire the Masquerade
Status: Undead and active
Current Location: Seoul-Don

Sired at around the same time as her sister, Jeanette is the polar opposite of her twin. While Therese is cold, stoic and professional, Jeanette is a flirtatious party-animal who cares little for formalities. If Jeanette is a Malkavian in Ventrue clothing, Jeanette is Malkavian in Malkavian clothing. While her sister supports the Camarilla, Jeanette has sided with the Anarchs, Vampires who reject the status quo of Cainite society and seek to overthrow it.

Despite their differing alliances, the Voerman sisters stick together, even if both has multiple plans on back-stabbing the other. Both Anarch and Cainite Vampires watch with anticipation to see which sister will strike first should things boil over and they end up in an actual fight.


When Earth was invaded, Doom threw every single Doombot in his arsenal at The Hunger and managed to buy the people of Latveria time, time enough that when they were transported to a new planet in an unknown universe the casualties were significantly lower than expected from such an invasion. Doom decided to name the new planet after his deceased mother and from there the citizens of Latveria covered this empty planet.

So long as you do not oppose his reign, Doom is a kind yet effective ruler. His people are happy and safe, protected by an army of Doombots that function as a military and police force. There is a national holiday "Doom's Day" named for their ruler.
Doomstadt: The Planet's Capital and largest city, Doomstadt houses Castle Doom which overlooks the growing city of advanced technology and Eastern-European architecture. Much like the rest of the planet, it is patrolled by Doombots to protect the citizens and keep order.
Castle Doom itself houses many of Doom's secrets, with only those trusted by him allowed into it's deeper levels.
(Important) Name: Victor Von Doom
Age: Unknown, possibly ancient
Species: Enhanced Human
Universe from: Marvel
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: Doomstadt

Victor Von Doom (aka Doctor Doom) is a genius scientist and sorcerer who at one point held the title of sorcerer supreme on Earth, saved his mother from Hell and conquered the world on multiple occasions. He ruled over his own country, Latveria and battled the Fantastic Four, Avengers and other superhero teams for many years, eventually becoming allied with the Fantastic Four. Doom is a complex individual who, although capable of performing acts of brutality and evil still cares for his people.
His age is up for debate, but not really a concern of Doom's own people as he time travelled on several occasions while in his home universe. A notable occasion as when he sought to discover the origins of magic.


A matriarchal society ruled by two races deemed immortal by outsiders, Thessiascara houses the Amazons and the Asari as well as their cultures and extensive history. Amazons are sisters to the Asari that live here, and sometimes a lot more. Younger Asari with Amazon DNA are very common and have been since the two worlds merged
Much like the other Council planets, travel to this place is strictly controlled. Even before the death of the Multiverse, the Amazons had relaxed their "no man shall set foot" rule, but there are parts of this planet off-limits to outsiders regardless of their gender.
Paradise Island: Tucked away from the cities, the Paradise Island is a chain of floating islands holding the Amazon's secrets. They are off-limits to outsiders unless they can prove themselves worthy in a contest of sorts. Those who try to sneak aboard the islands are normally arrested or killed.

The Monastery: Patrolled by Asari Commandos, Amazonian warriors and the occasional Justicar this monastery is really more of a quarantine for Ardat-Yakshi. Asari unfortunate enough to suffer from the condition are held here and kept under close watch, for breeding with another living being causes haemorrhaging in their brain and results in their death in reported cases. They are not to be allowed out of the temple under any circumstances.

The Capital: The largest city on the planet serves as a hub for trade and is home to massive temples worshipping both the Asari Goddess, Athame and Goddesses in the Greek pantheon such as Athena, Hestia, Hera, Aphrodite and Artemis.
Will be added as RP progresses


(^ Mirus, a notable Curabitur female from the race's history)
In their own universe, the Curabitur took it upon themselves to study all life in the universe for they were one of the most advanced races in terms of technology. While many wanted to do this for scientific reasons, even more were motivated by religions ones. The religion of the Curabitur saw their universe as a living, breathing being in of itself. All of her creations therefore, had to be sacred and thus studied.
They swore not to interfere as that would prevent the progress of a race and eventually travelled to the centre of the Milky Way galaxy, believing it to be the heart of their Goddess.
When they discovered little more than a gargantuan black hole, they set out into other galaxies in order to find more life to study and possibly even find a way of communicating with their Goddess.
All they found was death in the form of the Exen, a race of cybernetic beings who had a similar faith. They too believed that the universe was alive, but that all life had to be "improved" or it would destroy itself and that was not what the universe wanted. The Curabitur, once a peaceful race were forced to use all of their discoveries and inventions in open war to defend all life. They managed to hold the Exen back for forty years before they reached the Milky Way, and set their eyes to the various life-forms there.

As the galaxy rallied to fight them, the Great Hunger invaded and all of the territory the Curabitur had sacrificed so much to defend was lost anyway. That is, aside from their own planet.
Believing that the blue light was their goddess giving them another chance, they set about carrying out their mission of studying all life in Gladius after their world was rebuilt, and preserving what they could.

As such Domi is a planet of cities on one side, and a wildlife preserve on the other.

As well as being telepathic shapeshifters, the Curabitur have the ability to learn about an object via touch (it's history, it's usage and so on) and can connect mentally to other beings. In their own society, this is viewed as a highly intimate gesture as for a moment, the two become one mind. When threatened, their glowing white skin turns to a pale red colour.
Also known as "The first city", the Planet Capital of Domi, Domumas is a city of tall, glistening towers that stretches to the clouds. Clutter had been a problem on Domi in the past and so in order to save space the architects of the 1st city decided to build upwards rather than outwards. As well as the political capital, it has an academy where the young in their species can train during their "traductus", the equivalent to puberty where a Curabitur develops their abilities. If a member of the species does not embrace their gifts or never learns how to control them they can become unstable, especially later on in life.

While Domumas is the hub for politics and the next generation, Cognitionus is the hub for the race's wealth of knowledge. It contains the Great Library, a gargantuan digital archive of all the knowledge they have collected from within their home universe and in Gladius on other life forms. Within it's walls, the library is patrolled by small, orb-like floating robots the size of bowling balls and while the majority of their knowledge is available to the public, there is a restricted section for those higher in their society.

Currently, they are trying to build a database on the Great Hunger itself, in order to understand it better and perhaps even destroy it. A great deal of knowledge lies within the restricted section.

In their home universe, Teneet started as a spaceport from which Curabitur ships launched into the cosmos in order to explore it. This changed when they encountered the Exen and Teneet was transformed into a military city. Although taking a lot of damage during the Great Hunger's invasion, Teneet was rebuilt and continues it's purpose as the military capital of Domi.
Soldiers train, ships are built and weapons are tested. All ships entering Domi airspace and all those who arrive on it's surface via the blue light have to be processed through this city, which has unintentionally turned it into a city for refugees. Given their stance on life, the Curabitur are more than happy to oblige with granting asylum (or at the very least finding the refugees another home in Gladius) but do not take well to acts of hostility.

Murder, while not a capital offence will land you in one of their prisons which are incredibly brutal.

Located on the outskirts widlife preserves, Incipus functions as a command centre and an access point into the reserves themselves. From here, Curabitur scientists work to bring species of animals back from the brink of extinction. These are kept in many separate, state-of-the-art preserves so as to prevent species from destroying each other through disease or through conflict with each other.
Everything from dinosaurs to the dodo bird to varren to chuul and tribbles are kept here, all under close watch so that they continue breeding but their populations do not become too large to handle.
(Important) Name: Sapientes Legatus
Age: Mid 200s
Species: Curabitur
Universe from: OC/Curabitur dimension
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: Domumas, Domi

Keen and passionate beliefs in her people's values. While she is quite disciplined, her natural curiosity makes he want to try new things. She has a deep hatred of the Exen for what they did to their people, believing that they could have seen the Great Hunger coming and maybe even prepared for it had they not been at war with the Exen.
In terms of physical appearance, the most notable feature is her left eye, which is robotic. She lost this after being captured and interrogated by the Exen for details on the Great Library. She refused to spill and lost an eye for her loyalty.

New Attilan

This floating space station travels around Gladius-I, often staying close to the Citadel as a means of both better protection and to make politics more accessible. The Inhumans once lived in the Himalayas, away from humanity but as mankind became more advanced they eventually built their society on the moon. When this was destroyed they constructed a floating city/space station.
There are other Inhumans across the Gladius systems as the Inhuman gene is the result of Kree experiments performed on humanity and so this gene has spread. It can only be activated through terrigenesis, a process that requires exposure to the terrigen mists.
This is not recommended as this mist is highly toxic to some species. This does not stop the Inhumans from encouraging people to try though.
The Royal Court: The Inhuman royal family sit at the very top of their caste system, and holds access to a library containing the known history of the Inhuman race.

There is a ceremonial chamber for terrigenesis, located in one of the other rooms as well as living quartets for the royal family, Genetic Council and the heads of their military.
Travelling diplomats and traders are often given a spare room here.

Mines: Beneath the city are a series of tunnels where the Inhumans keep those in their caste system who are at the bottom. Slaves who mine for Terrigen crystals among other resources to fund the lives of the Inhuman royal family and those above. They live a harsh existence with only a few on the surface caring about their living conditions. It is for this reason that the Royal Family try to cover up the goings on in the mines.
With the death of the Multiverse even more tunnels have been added and many of these are unexplored. Who knows what lurks beneath the surface?
(Important) Name: Black Bolt
Age: Unknown
Species: Inhuman
Universe from: Marvel Universe
Status: Living and active
Location: New Attilan

King of the Inhumans, Black Bolt is dedicated to defending his people and upholding their traditions, as controversial as those may be to other nations. He is unable to speak, not due to being mute but due to his Inhuman ability, which gives him a voice so powerful it is rumoured to be able to topple mountains. In this past he accidentally killed his own parents with the power of his voice. He communicates via sign language as a result.
Distrusting of outsiders (especially Mutants), Black Bolt is only on the Council as he believes it is the best course of action for his people. Not only does that mean they get a say in the decisions but it also means he can keep an eye on the rest of the Council should they be trying to move against him.

(Important) Name: Medusa
Age: Unknown
Species: Inhuman
Universe from: Marvel Universe
Status: Living and active
Location: New Attilan

The second cousin and wife to Black Bolt, Medusa was one of the only people on Attilan to not be afraid of Black Bolt's voice, often visiting him in his isolation chamber. Over the course of a few years, the two developed a sign-language together that allowed for further communication and during this time became lovers. When Black Bolt became King of Attilian, she became his Queen and the two have stuck side by side for years. She accompanies him during Council meetings, acting as a translator.
Her Inhuman ability gives her living hair which she is able to move like extra limbs in combat. This hair is highly resilient too, able to soak up damage.

(Important) Name: Lockjaw
Age: Unknown
Species: Dog born from Inhuman experiments
Universe from: Marvel Universe
Status: Living and active
Location: New Attilan

The massive dog known as Lockjaw is the loyal pet of the Royal Family of the Inhumans, he was born from the Inhumans' experimentation on canines, and shares a particular bond with Black Bolt. He is regularly used as transportation due to his ability of teleportation.
Due to being a dog, Lockjaw cares little for politics and is only ever seen at Council meetings towards their end in order to transport Black Bolt and Medusa home.

The Citadel

The Citadel and the mass relays are the creations of the Reapers, and were built to help facilitate their cycle of galactic genocide. The Reapers were also responsible for the placement of the Keepers on the station, in order that the occupying races would not discover the Citadel's key functions. The station is actually an inactive mass relay leading to dark space, designed as an elaborate trap so the Reapers can wipe out the heart of galactic civilisation and leadership in a single, devastating strike.
Thankfully, the Reapers were beaten once and for all by Commander Shepard during the battle of London and since then The Citadel has gone back to serving as a hub for politics, trade and as living space.

The Citadel is a massive construct, similar in shape to a pentagram. It consists of a central ring 7.2 kilometers in diameter, from which five arms protrude, each 43.6 km long and 330m thick. The station is capable of closing in on itself, via the convergence of its five arms, transforming it into a long, impenetrable cylinder. However, the Citadel is only closed in times of emergency, and normally the station retains its 'open' appearance. The central ring and five arms are home to the Presidium and Wards respectively; the spaceports are also located on the central ring, as it is the center of rotation, facilitating easier access for ships attempting to dock with the station.

The Citadel has a labyrinthine interior superstructure, accessible through keeper tunnels.
The Presidium: The Presidium is a massive, park-like complex containing the offices of the various branches of the government as well as the embassies of all the races and civilisations represented in the Citadel. There are also shops (all of which have been endorsed by the late Commander Shepard), restaurants and recreational facilities, serving the wealthy residents who live and work throughout the sector. The Presidium is monitored by a Virtual Intelligence named Avina, and, unlike the Wards, incorporates an artificial 20-hour day schedule: lights are dimmed, and the holographic "sky" darkened, for 6 of the 20 hours, imitating the familiar day-night cycle.

Citadel Tower: The tower at the centre of the Presidium houses the Council Chambers and the main traffic control for the station—any ship within a few thousand kilometres comes under the jurisdiction of Citadel Control. The Chambers themselves are not open to the public and access is only granted to officials and those with special clearance. They are beautifully furnished, with cherry trees and fountains, as well as numerous staircases leading up to the central platform where the Council convenes.

Wards: The "arms" of the Citadel, known as the Wards, constitute the residential and commercial sectors of the station. Densely populated, housing millions of residents from many galactic species, the Wards are akin to Earth cities such as Hong Kong and Singapore. Numerous skyscrapers rise from the superstructure, sealed against vacuum, as breathable atmosphere is only maintained to a height of approximately 7 meters. Unlike the Presidium, there is no artificial day-night cycle; as a consequence of this, commercial activity rarely ceases, and residents work and rest according to personal need. Barla Von appropriately dubs the area the cultural heart of the Citadel, and therefore of Citadel space.

The Wards are policed by the Citadel Security Services (C-Sec), whose offices and custody suites are located in the Lower Wards. Flux is a popular night club, also located in the Wards. The Wards are also home to the Silversun Strip, a bustling commercial area featuring Silver Coast Casino, Castle Arcade, Armax Arsenal Arena, and the apartment complex Tiberius Towers. Below the Wards, the Citadel Archives function as a repository for artefacts and records deemed important.
(Important) Captain Armando-Owen Bailey
Age: 60s
Species: Human
Universe from: Mass Effect
Status: Living and active
Location: The Citadel

Bailey started out as a regular C-Sec officer, neglected in the largely turian-dominated force until the Geth assault on the Citadel. With C-Sec losing so many personnel in the attack, the organisation was forced to start hiring and promoting more humans, including Bailey. In the aftermath of more attacks on the Citadel, including the Reapers capturing it and bringing it into orbit above Earth even more C-Sec were killed in the fighting and lost even more of their numbers during The Great Hunger's invasion.
Miraculously, Bailey survived but arrived later than the Citadel itself, finding that it had been in Gladius-I for over 200 years before he was standing in the middle of the Wards. Recognised for his past efforts he was eventually promoted to the head of C-Sec.

Bailey is a no-nonsense officer more interested in results than rulebooks or idealism. He is competent and impartial, if unorthodox. Having previously served with the Alliance Navy, Bailey came to prefer a stationary life; he joined C-Sec in order to remain in one place and spend more time with his family, though he does not seem to have a good relationship with them due to his long absences. He claims that he runs a "rough and tumble precinct", believing that serious crime in Zakera Ward requires much effort to thwart; he likens policing the Wards to policing New York City. Consequently, Bailey is comfortable with beating suspects and accepting bribes, and is only tolerant of formality "until it stops people from doing their jobs". He prefers field work to a desk job and is very wary of politicians, having a low opinion of politics. Though he enjoys life on the Citadel, Bailey misses food from Earth; he especially laments the lack of Sockeye Salmon on the station.

(Redshirt) "Mouse"
Age: 20-30s
Species: Human
Universe from: Mass Effect
Status: Living and active
Location: The Citadel

Formerly a duct rat (orphaned children on the Citadel who travel using the ducts) Mouse was one of the kids who used to give Thane Krios information on his targets. He used to have broken teeth, scabby knees, went around barefoot, and at some point had a mother in his life. In return for his services Thane often rewarded him with treats such as real chocolate. Inevitability, Mouse got involved in the criminal underworld and has continued to work as a contact, more of a messenger than anyone with actual power.
He snitches to C-Sec on occasion as a means of saving his skin.

Gladius Defence Fleet (GDF)
Possibly the largest fleet in the Multiverse, let alone Gladius, the GDF is a combination of ships from across reality that have all joined together for a single purpose: Defend Gladius-I. As well as ships provided by the worlds that make up the Council, the GDF houses other, non-Council ships as well who have been granted amnesty or protection among other things (some are just well paid) in order to carry out this mission.

While ships defend the outskirts of the system, there are clusters protecting the Citadel and the other planets in the system. Since the GDF was established, it's various Admirals have looked at almost every potential outcome for the Great Hunger's arrival. While the odds are against them, there is still a chance of them dealing a critical blow to the enemy that will push it back for the first time since sightings began.
The Chimaera
This Star Destroyer had a record for efficiency, which made Grand Admiral Thrawn choose the Chimaera to be his flagship. Thrawn immediately left his mark on the ship, having a luxury entertainment suite once used by Pellaeon's predecessor turned into a meditation chamber/command room. Thrawn's reorganisation of the Imperial remnant fleet of the fleet placed the Chimaera at the centre of his personal armada and soon began training the crew to his own specifications.

Soon afterward, Thrawn began his campaign on the New Republic in earnest, and nearly came close to destroying them. This was halted by the Great Hunger's invasion, and the Imperial remnant's arrival to Gladius. While not the most powerful ship in the GDF by any means, not even by Star Destroyer standards, the Chimaera is the most efficient ship to be run by organic beings.

The Executor
The Super Star Destroyer Executor was the personal flagship of the Lord Darth Vader, the premier command ship of the Imperial Navy, and the first of the Executor-class Star Dreadnought line. Designed as a successor to the original Imperial-class Star Destroyer, the Executor, at a monumental 19,000 meters in length, represented the largest traditional warship the galaxy had ever seen by the time of its completion. The Executor bristled with more than 5,000 weapon emplacements, enough firepower to blast any planetary surface to slag in hours, and a military complement capable of annihilating any ground installation. The Executor's presence alone, however, was enough to frighten an entire star system into submission.

The Executor was destroyed during the battle of Endor, but re-appeared years later after the death of the Multiverse with the entire crew missing, presumed dead. It has since become one of the flagships of the GDF.
(Important) Name: Mitth'raw'nuruodo/Thrawn
Age: Assumed to be in mid-50s
Species: Chiss
Universe from: Star Wars
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: The Chimaera, GDF
Despite being an alien, Thrawn rose through the ranks of the Galactic Empire rather quickly due to his strategic skill. After the fall of the Empire, Thrawn gathered what he could in the unknown regions and transformed the Imperial remnant into a force to be reckoned with. This wasn't due to a loyalty to the Empire but the belief that the New Republic could not face the Far Outsiders (beings from another galaxy) and needed Thrawn's Empire to return if he were to save his own people and the galaxy from these outsiders, who his own people had had encounters with before.

The battle against the New Republic was cut short due to the death of the Multiverse, in which Thrawn commanded the Imperial remnant as best as he could, still losing 1/4 of his numbers by the time they were transported to Gladius. Thrawn since made improvements in the GDF and stands as a very High ranking admiral where he has thrown the Imperial Empire aside and has instead declared himself for Gladius. His true loyalty is still to his people, the Chiss who he managed to save from near-extinction when the Great Hunger invaded his universe.

He recognised that Palpatine and Vader's methods of command were flawed (executing people for failure) and instead chooses to promote people based on their sheer skills. An ensign could fail at a task, but if he displayed skill and/or imagination in his efforts Thawn might promote him. He may come off as cold and calculating, but Thrawn is not without mercy and has an appreciation for the arts of many different species/cultures.

As well as being a brilliant strategist and an expert on reading people, Thrawn is skilled in multiple forms of hand-to-hand combat and is good with a blaster, too.
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The Mad Queen

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Gladius II: The Free Planets

A relatively peaceful world, especially when compared to the rest of Gladius. It welcomes all from across the Multiverse, so long as they live by two rules.
One: Respect nature and each other.
Two: Do not kill another resident of Akhdir...Unless in self-defence or in defence of an innocent.
This is a planet of lush, green meadows and dense forests. While the towns and vast majority of areas closer to civilisation are safe, deeper into the jungles and forests are a great number of dangers. Poisoned plants, venomous creatures and a large number of man-eating monsters. Thankfully, these more dangerous areas have been mapped out by the towns and communities and there are guides available for those seeking passage between communities.

A being known as The Swamp Thing acts as the guardian of this planet, and there are organised militias should The Great Hunger return or if there is another threat.
The Shire: The Shire is a small but beautiful and fertile land, beloved by its inhabitants. The Hobbits have an extensive agricultural system in the Shire, and did not proceed with industrialisation even before the Multiverse died. Various supplies could be found in the Shire, including cereals, fruit, wood and pipe-weed (a favourite treat of Hobbits).
Although many other races have moved into or close to The Shire, the fact that it's built for Hobbit's has not changed

The non-Hobbits that live there now have had to adjust, to say the least but enjoy peaceful lives alongside their Hobbit neighbours.

(Important) Name: The Swamp Thing
Age: Unknown
Species: Elemental
Universe from: Vertigo/DC
Status: Living and active
Current Location: Around 'Akhdir.

The being named Swamp thing was once a human scientist named Alec Holland, a brilliant biochemist who wanted to create a formula to help with plant growth. Even before his accident, Alec felt a certain connection to plant-life as he was destined to become the avatar of The Green and it's protector. An explosion in his laboratory, started by criminals destroyed all of his research, killed his wife and covered Alec in flames. As he burnt to death he stumbled into the Louisiana swamp and The Swamp Thing emerged from the murky waters.

The being had a complicated history between emerging from the swamp and the Great Hunger's arrival to Earth the death of the Multiverse but the Swamp Thing found itself covered in blue light and transported to a planet strong with The Green. It had not been broken apart by mankind, but soon found itself with settlers.
Swamp Thing chose to guide these settlers in order to protect the green. Sightings of him are rare these days, unless you're actively seeking him.

Yavin 4

Yavin 4 was originally a moon in it's own universe, orbiting a gas giant with history in both the dark and light side of the force. It has the temples of a long-dead civilisation called the Massassi covering it's surface. These temples were used as bases during the Galactic Civil war by the Rebellion for many years, but later abandoned after the destruction of the 1st Death Star.
After the death of the Emperor, the Jedi known as Luke Skywalker used the moon to establish a Jedi academy to train the next generation of force users. In this new world, that dream has continued with the so-called "Gladius generation" of Jedi being trained on Yavin 4 and the force has been found in species non-native to Yavin 4's home universe.
Also a home for refugees from across reality.
Jedi Praxeum
Inspired by the parting words of Obi-Wan Kenobi and the several Force-sensitive individuals he had encountered, Skywalker began planning for a unique institution where new and old Jedi could learn together after the death of the Emperor and ended up settling on Yavin 4, building it within a temple that had once been used as a base for the Rebel Alliance. Since the death of the Multiverse, the Praxeum has only had to increase in size to house the new generation of Jedi. Complete with a living area, various training grounds and a bunker built beneath the temple (should it come under attack) the Praxeum is an impressive facility given the circumstances.

New Aldera
Named after the capital city of Alderaan, a planet destroyed before the death of the Multiverse by the Empire, New Aldera is the planet capital of Yavin 4. It was established when the first refugees arrived on New Aldera and since then has only had to expand as more have arrived in Gladius. Equipped with it's own military, this city is also under the sworn protection of the Jedi Praxeum.

Home One
Home One, also known as the Headquarters Frigate, was an MC80 Star Cruiser in the Alliance to Restore the Republic's fleet, famous for its role at the Battle of Endor and was noted as being the largest and most advanced of the Rebel Star Cruisers. It played a vital role during the Rebellion's war against the Empire and since the death of the Multiverse has served as the flagship to Yavin 4's own defence fleet.
(Important) Name: Admiral Gial Ackbar
Age: Mid-60s to early 70s
Species: Mon Calamari
Universe from: Star Wars
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: Home One, in orbit above Yavin 4

Gial Ackbar became the foremost military commander of the Alliance to Restore the Republic and its successor government the New Republic. During the Clone Wars, he was in charge of the Mon Calamari Guard and later on, having previously been an Imperial slave, he was freed and recruited to join the Rebellion where he commanded many battles against the Empire. During the Battle of Endor, later revealed to be a trap for him and the Alliance, he led Alliance naval forces against the Death Star II. He held the distinction of having been the Supreme Commander of the New Republic Defence Force for nearly two decades and defeating two Imperial Grand Admirals, along with numerous other threats. He wrote the manual for the New Republic Fleet Academy, titled Fleet Tactics and Combat Methodology and retried from active duty following the defeat of the Imperial remnant.

Ackbar was called back into active duty in order to defend his homeworld from the Great Hunger. One of the realities of being the Supreme Commander of the New Republic military was regular interaction with politicians. However, unlike many career officers, Ackbar does not enjoy games of the political arena, his skills were better suited for commanding the Defence Force, not the halls of government and so he does not have time for political matters.

(Important) Name: Leia Organa
Age: Late 50s-early 60s
Species: Human
Universe from:
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: New Aldera
Having accomplished much in her youth: Leia was a strong proponent for the Rebel Alliance, the youngest Senator ever of the Galactic Empire at eighteen standard years of age, and a member of the Royal Family of Alderaan. Years later, she was instrumental in the creation of the New Republic, and was elected to the position of Chief of State, serving twice in that office. The biological child of Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala, Leia was raised by Senator Bail Organa and his wife while her twin brother was hidden away on Tatooine so as to keep them out of the hands of their father, Darth Vader.

After the final defeat of the Imperial Empire, Leia ended up leading the galaxy in another crisis: The invasion of the Great Hunger. They suffered massive losses before the survivors were transported across Gladius, often arriving out of time with each other. She established New Aldera on their new planet and has been the city's leader ever since.

In her youth Leia had a fiery attitude and was headstrong, though not as much as her brother and father. As a child, Leia was not fond of her role as the Princess of Alderaan. She was often seen by many, especially her family, as a tomboy and was sometimes mistaken for a domestic girl rather than a princess. As she matured her outspoken nature blossomed and her dislike of her title ceased. Leia also has a strong personality and a bright intellect. Despite growing up on the peaceful world of Alderaan, Leia never became soft. Throughout the Galactic Civil War, she proved to be the leader that everyone was willing to follow. Her fierceness and determination to restore freedom to the galaxy helped the Rebel Alliance get through even the toughest of battles. Despite their various losses to the Empire (including her entire planet), she kept the fight going and rarely showed weakness.

Leia is known for having compassion for her friends, and goes to great lengths to help them, whenever she can. Furthermore, as the child of Anakin Skywalker, she is force sensitive and has even undergone some Jedi training (her main focus was building the New Republic though).


Bliss does not concern itself with the politics of the rest of Gladius, but does have defences in place in case of an invasion. There have been several attempts at invading forces to reach the surface but none of them even reached as far as the thermosphere, being destroyed before residents of this paradise world have a chance to notice.
Living out the rest of your life, having survived the appetite of the great hunger comes with a fee of course. Nobody gets to live on Bliss for free but they do accept multiple forms of payment, including services in exchange for your stay here.

Aside from the guests, this planet is populated by androids and a small team of organic workers who ensure said androids are performing their designated functions. The majority of the population is made up of the elderly, those who have chosen to live out their final years on Bliss. Each guest can request their own personal android, while those with medical needs get one to keep tabs on those needs. Performing physio, administering medication or just being a friend, the androids are meant to keep the guests happy and alive.
The Spa

Advertising itself as the most relaxing place in the Multiverse, the spa is a facility roughly about the size of modern-day Canada that is run by androids programmed to be friendly to guests, various methods of relaxation and a database on massages. From mud baths to jaccusis to beauty parlours, the spa facility really has all you could possibly need to relax and take the edge off during what could be the last days of reality itself.

Needless to say, this is where the majority of the more elderly guests stay.

The Petting Zoo

Bliss has cloned and biologically programmed various species from across reality in order to hold them in the "Petting Zoo", an open facility about the size of Eurasia that houses some of the softest and most relaxing creatures to ever exist. Here, guests can request pets to accompany them during their stay on Bliss that can be cloned and programmed to their liking. If you want a dog to look identical to and behave in the exact same way as the dog you had growing up, then Bliss can provide that service all the way down to how your dog smelt, how they sneezed (ect). Have you always dreamed of having a pet dinosaur you could ride on the back of? Bliss can provide that too.

There are obviously a few animals Bliss cannot clone nor biologically program due to them being too large and/or naturally aggressive (too difficult to program out the aggression) such as owlbears. They somehow managed to clone and biologically program non-aggressive honey badgers though.

Sporting Grounds

For those who take their time off to play rounds of golf, croquet, fencing, water polo and more, the sporting grounds is equipped with areas for different recreational sports from across reality, even ones considered dangerous by some cultures (but not deadly, the only thing allowed to kill anyone on Bliss is old age). The Sporting Grounds is by far the largest area on Bliss, larger than the Spa and the Petting zoo combined. Androids here can double as teammates, motivational coaches and medics in case a more dangerous sport such as wrestling or boxing gets out of hand.
Will be added if any

Tavern of Worlds

The Tavern of Worlds is a space station sitting on the outskirts of the Gladius-II system and has been declared as neutral territory even amongst the most notorious gangs from Gladius-IV. There are only three rules in Tavern:
1. Do not kill another person outside of the arena.
2. No r***, no exceptions.
3. Do not sell anyone into slavery, nor enslave them.

These three rules carry the charge of capital punishment, by launching the perp into the cold vacuum of space. Aside from that, anything goes. Drinking, brawls and stealing go on here constantly, but if a dispute cannot be handled without violence then both parties involved must enter the arena, one of the main attractions of the Tavern.
A hub for trade between systems, the Tavern is also a safe(ish) haven due to rule three. Some of those fleeing Gladius-IV space end up here on their way between systems. It's also a good place to hire mercenaries and purchase goods that may be illegal in your system or planet, given that everything goes aside from the three rules.

The Tavern's "mascot" is an AI named Tammy, who takes on the form of a cartoon beer mug with arms and legs. She acts as a guide for newcomers but has a darker side should you break one of the three rules.
The Arena
Resembling a mixture between a football stadium and the Roman Colosseum, fights in this area are broadcasted across the Tavern space station and can even be found on other planets, albeit with a bit of a delay. It is the station's main draw of entertainment and a massive draw of wealth as people place bets on who they expect to win.
Although disputes are settled here, the arena has returning gladiators and creatures as main events. Currently, there exists a creature held underneath the arena so horrid that no gladiator has managed to beat it. Only fools try.

The Walkway
Hosting shops, a good chunk of which sell goods that are illegal in other systems. The Walkway is a strip running through the Tavern with kiosks, booths and actual shops. The most notable include:
Nuts 'N Bolts, which sells firearms and is run by a clockwork robot named Tick-Tock.
Poton Mater: A shop which sells potions and other concoctions. The guy making the sign for it died half-way through due to a poison and the owner is a strange man with long dark hair wearing black robes.

Stroke of Luck: A tattoo parlour and plastic surgery business. Surprisingly, it doesn't do anything illegal. The owner is a young lady named Babs. This place offers free tattoos if you allow a Noteicon. The Noteicons are a race from a 2D dimension that was consumed by the great hunger who cannot exist in a world of more than 2 dimensions. Some have taken on the form of "sentient tattoos" as a result.

Love in the Apocalypse: A dating agency who's main office is located on the strip. They aim to find you your ideal match for the end times.

The Tavern
At the end of the walkway is a large tavern (see top image) that has various drinks and food from across reality. It's run by a collection of bar staff who have been rejected by society outside of the tavern, or simply have nowhere else to go, making the tavern their new home. Nobody has seen the actual landlord though, only his/her staff.
(Important) Name: Lance Catamaran
Age: Unknown
Species: Human (presumably)
Universe from: Southpaw Regional Wrestling
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: Tavern of Worlds

Once a news anchor, Lance Catamaran made some kind of career mistake and ended up being the host of Southpaw Regional Wrestling. After building up to an event known as "Lethal Leap-Year" that promised to put the company on the map he realised, that to his horror 1987 was not a leap-year at all. This put Southpaw and his job in jeopardy.
Somehow, Southpaw survived but Lance ended up transported to Gladius when the Multiverse died. In order to continue his lifestyle, he got a job working as a host for a different kind of event...Gladiatorial battles.

He still longs for the days where he was an anchorman, but does his best to make the coverage on the fights as "riveting" as he can.

(Important) Name: Chett Chetterfield
Age: Unknown
Species: Human (presumably)
Universe from: Southpaw Regional Wrestling
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: Tavern of Worlds

While Lance has charisma, Chett Chetterfield does not. Some things have obviously gone wrong in this poor man's life. He shows up to work half-dead and drunk most of the time, and there have been times where the team has assumed he is in fact, dead. He wound up becoming co-host for the TOW arena fights due to sheer chance, it seems.

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Gladius II: Certh
Different to the other Gladius-I and Gladius-II planets, Certh is a mixture of separate regions that happen to share a world rather than large civilisations covering the planet.


Valkanda is the result of the merger of the technologically-advanced African nation of Wakanda with the more rural nomadic desert town port of Val Habar, and unlike other locations of the merged universe, Valkanda remains a harmonious combinations of its original locales. The King, Black Panther veils for its safety and makes sure its inhabitants can enjoy a peaceful lifestyle. Following the merging, Black Panther also serves as its guild master, and he has established a new tradition by naming a Monster Hunter as his right hand, as a way of creating harmony on the newly-formed nation.
In it's original universe, Wakanda was a hidden, reclusive country that hoarded their advanced technology away from the rest of the world. Towards the death of the Multiverse, this ancient policy underwent a drastic change but this was not enough to stop the Great Hunger.

With Val Habar and Wakanda both taking a beating from the invasion, it was their unlikely joining that helped them rebuild.
Birnin Zana

Birnin Zara, also known as the Golden City was founded by the Golden Tribe as the main city of Wakanda. Located at the heart of Wakandan civilisation, the city displayed incredibly advanced pieces of technology such as the Wakandan Maglev Train for public transportation. The citizens of what was once Val Habar still struggle with the Wakandan technology, but live in safety alongside their Wakandan brothers and sisters.
Birnin Zana is also home to the royal court, where the Black Panther and his family reside.
(Important) Name: T'Challa/The Black Panther
Age: Late 40s
Species: Human
Universe from: Marvel
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: Valkanda
The current Black Panther and King of Valkanda, T'Challa may come across as having a serious demeanour at first, but behind the scenes is known to joke with friends and family (especially his sister). While at first he followed Wakanda's purely isolationist policies, fighting to uphold Wakanda's traditions he has seen the damage that not reaching out to others in need can cause. While Valkanda may not have fully opened borders as of yet, T'Challa has abandoned the isolationism (as seen when accepting the refugees) and has spoken to others across Certh.
Although skilled in diplomacy, he is more of a noble warrior at heart. At first, he was rather vengeful after the death of his father but he learned that revenge was not the answer, and does not allow vengeance or anger to cloud his judgement. Despite being a King, he does not expect his people (or even outsiders) to bow before him as he holds a high level of respect towards others, seeing many people as equals.

He is fiercely protective of both his people and of his country's most valuable resource: vibranium. This is less about him hoarding the powerful metal and more about his fears that it will fall into the wrong hands. This has happened before and he will not allow it to happen again.
T'Challa is a skilled warrior, enhanced by the rare heart-shaped herb, which grants those who take the title Black Panther superhuman abilities.

(Important) Name: Shuri
Age: Early 20s
Species: Human
Universe from: Marvel
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: Valkanda
Princess Shuri is sister of T'Challa, daughter of T'Chaka and Ramonda, and the leader of the Wakandan Design Group. An innovator who believes that there is no end to a device's improvement, she is responsible for creating much of Wakanda's modern technology, including the current generation Panther Habits (Black Panther suits).
An expert in engineering (including bio-engineering), Shuri is one of the smartest minds on Certh and despite Wakanda's previous isolationist policy, she seems to have a knowledge of pop culture (making a reference to the Wizard of Oz and using a Western meme to mock her brother's dress sense). Like many younger siblings, she teases her brother but is still more than willing to stand by his side.

(Important) Name: Okoye
Age: Mid-to-late 40s
Species: Human
Universe from: Marvel
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: Valkanda
Okoye is the general of the Dora Milaje (female bodyguards/special forces) and the head of Wakanda's armed forces and intel. She is a fiercely loyal protector of her country who isn't afraid to question her king, but would defend him with her life, fiercely protective of him despite his warrior abilities. A staunch traditionalist who is as formidable with her Sonic Spear as she is with her tongue, Okoye finds herself torn between her allegiance to her country and her king when T'Challa begins to challenge ancient Wakandan traditions and rules. Despite her position and her serious attitude when her duties are concerned, she shares a relaxed, friendly relationship with T'Challa and is quick to make jokes at his expense. As the general of the Dora Milaje, Okoye is shown to be proud of her baldness. She was visibly displeased by having to wear a wig and was quick to throw it away.


In the far west of Certh is a town that is both forest and desert and seemingly exists outside of time compared to the rest of the planet. It is full of secrets and general weirdness, broadcasting the "Welcome to Night Vale" radio show (hosted by Cecil Baldwin), which didn't change it's name after the merge. When approached for comment about their refusal, station management made indescribable, bright purple screeching sounds and proceeded to stamp their feet.
Stanford Pines and Carlos (sweet Carlos) lead a team on investigators and seem to be some of the very few residents of the town aware of the weird and (often) horrible things that happen on seemingly a daily basis.
The outskirts of town in particular (into the strange mix of desert and trees) seems to contain the most weirdness overall, being home to strange creatures among other things.
The Dog Park

Located at the corner of Earl Road and Somerset, near the Ralphs grocery, the Dog Park features a highly dangerous electrified fence and is host to regular meetings of Hooded Figures. Its walls are smooth, obsidian, and featureless, but were revealed to contain a gate, which opened to admit a few curious citizens, before disappearing again. Inside, there is a tall black obelisk with a plaque containing a poem written in 1954 by former Night Vale mayor Danielle Dubois.

Ralph's Grocery
The Ralphs is a popular grocery store in GravityVale, located near the Dog Park. Presumably, it was built as part of the Ralphs supermarket chain based out of Southern California, although for a time the Night Vale location was owned and operated by StrexCorp (until they were overthrown). Ralphs is, in most respects, a normal grocery store, and as such, seems to offer a typical selection of produce, meats, spices, and household items. It is noteworthy that Ralphs sells pasta, possibly in direct defiance of the City Council's eternal ban on wheat and wheat by-products. It is likely that StrexCorp reversed the ban after they seized control of Night Vale, or perhaps not, and the pastas available at the Ralphs are all gluten-free and law-abiding.

Night Vale Community Radio

Home to the Welcome to Night Vale nightly radio show, the station doors are carved from reclaimed bloodstone using ancient wisdom lost along with the station architects in 1942. They can only be opened by bleeding on them. As Cecil says, "That’s just part of having a good security system."
It is run by station management, strange beings who remain in the radio tower and dictate what can and cannot be broadcast.
The station is always looking for interns, who normally don't last long. A rare exception to this rule is the current mayor of GravityVale.
Despite the change in location, the station is still called Night Vale Community Radio, with the radio show's name staying the same as well. When approached, station management appeared to refuse to change the name and only a fool would question their authority.

Desert Flower Bowling Alley and Fun Complex
The Desert Flower Bowling Alley and Fun Complex is a GravityVale business owned and operated by Teddy Williams. Locally, the Desert Flower Bowling Alley and Arcade Fun Complex is well known for its bowling, arcade games, beer, buffalo wings, and the mysterious underground city located beneath the pin retrieval area of lane five, whose tiny inhabitants are intent upon conquering GravityVale. Night Vale Community Radio host Cecil Palmer is particularly fond of the Desert Flower's chicken wings.
A skating rink opened later and Teddy Williams clarified that the skating rink is not above The Underground City, but is instead on a pet cemetery and is haunted by the ghosts of pets.

The Mystery Shack

The Mystery Shack is a tourist trap located in GravityVale, which overcharges unlucky tourists. It was owned and inhabited by Stan Pines, then later Soos Ramirez after the defeat of Bill Cipher. It shows off a wide variety items and exhibits such as fossils, strange artefacts and taxidermied animals. During Stan Pine's ownership of the place, many of these items were things he made himself in order to make a living off of gullible tourists but there are some genuine articles within the walls of The Mystery Shack.

Lake GravityVale

The lake is a large body of freshwater just on the outskirts of town that is often used for fishing. It has, at least, one waterfall running into it. While during the day it is a frequent fishing spot, at night time this place is all but abandoned
(Important) Name: Cecil Palmer
Age: Unknown
Species: Human?
Universe from: Welcome to NightVale
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: GravityVale
Cecil Gershwin Palmer is the voice of Night Vale and the narrator of Welcome to Night Vale. He works at Night Vale Community Radio as the announcer and self-proclaimed journalist. Sometimes, Cecil reports on events as they are occurring. It is mentioned he often receives faxes and phone calls from listeners on events, as well as updates from his surviving interns out in the field. He lives in an apartment of unknown location in GravityVale with his scientist husband Carlos. Cecil is a very gentle person and seems very well acquainted with the folks about town. Indeed, though he may not be aware of it, he seems to be one of the town's more prominent citizens: his relationship with Carlos is a frequent topic of conversation, and most of the town is aware of his feud with Steve Carlsberg.

He is very fond and proud of his town despite its horrors (many of which he has experienced firsthand) and often provides comfort for the residents of the town during times of uncertainty or danger. He even occasionally calls out the town's crooked politicians on air, despite the risk of retaliation. Occasionally he criticises one of these bodies, and he is the only Night Vale citizen (excluding deceased Old Woman Josie) to publicly acknowledge the existence of angels.

However, he has something of a dual personality. He can be serious and cheerful by turns, switching between extreme tones at the drop of a hat. Jackie Fierro and Carlos separately described him as "overenthusiastic about most things". He struggles with impulse control. Cecil often comes across as a decent, kind, and ethical person, and describes himself as such--he calls himself "innocent and kind" but in cooperation with the authorities, he seems perfectly comfortable with legalised murder, and keeping a man in a cage of electricity at the zoo.

His broadcasts require a tremendous amount of cognitive dissonance. Often, they are internally contradictory, contain impossible instructions, or are banned midway through and must be renounced. Cecil occasionally gets in trouble with Station Management for describing things which are indescribable or discussing things that are not supposed to be discussed, and he openly worries that he will get in trouble with the authorities. Despite this, he remains enthusiastic about nearly all upcoming events, even those involving death and destruction—so long as they are scheduled by the city's leaders, of course.

Cecil's sense of self-preservation is often as questionable as that of the town's other residents. Notably, in the episode Subway, he leaves the studio to board the menacing Night Vale subway system, despite the fact that he hasn't seen anyone exiting it and his intern never returned from riding it. However, Cecil is certainly not immune to horrors and is rendered genuinely helpless and terrified by some events. He's been described cowering under his desk in fear while being hunted by his menacing boss(es?) and became extremely combative when his cat, Khoshekh, was being attacked.

He admitted that he doesn't remember how old he is and that - because of his fear of mirrors - he doesn't know what he looks like.

(Important) Name: Soos Ramirez
Age: Late 20s
Species: Human
Universe from: Gravity Falls
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: GravityVale
Soos is an awkward, lovable man-child, who works as the Mystery Shack's current owner and accompanied the Pines twins on their many adventures. He has worked at the Mystery Shack since he was twelve after Stan sacked Durland. After Dipper and Mabel left a screwdriver from the Mystery Shack at his birthday party during a time-travel adventure he went to return it, and Stan Pines basically forced him into a job at the Shack. The Shack is very dear to him, and he never got upset at Stan despite what he did as owner. Due to a difficult relationship with his own father, he came to see Stan as a father figure.

While he frequently shows an eager, inquisitive, and childish nature, Soos knows when to drop the act and be an adult. He has good relationships with Dipper and Mabel, though Dipper becomes irritated with him at times, such as in "Land Before Swine," when he is clumsy and he does not see the problem. He is addicted to pressing the cackling skulls at the Summerween Superstore and believes that the inflatable ducks from the pool can talk. This gives proof of his childish and naïve nature.
Despite this, he's one of the few people in GravityVale who seems to be aware of weird things going on.

Sword Coast North

The Sword Coast North was a region on the northwestern coast of Faerûn that stretched from Waterdeep in the south to the Spine of the World in the north, and from the Sword Coast in the west to the Long Road in the east. Due to it's quasi-lawlessness (Wild-West like), it was a "frontier" setting, being a place where all races could meet and interact. As such, the metropolises of Waterdeep and Baldur's Gate were not to be counted as part of the Sword Coast.
The Sword Coast took a heavy beating like the rest of Faerûn during the Great Hunger's invasion, and found itself transported to Gladius with some new locations and people in tow.
Due to being cut off from the rest of Certh by it's mountains and the surrounding ocean, the Sword Coast North has kept to it's own devices and not engaged in a lot of outside politics. It also has the Underdark running beneath it, a vast network of underground caverns and tunnels. It's underground landscape varies from small subterranean fissures almost impossible for adventurers to crawl through, to wide expanses of deep water that hid coral caves, hollowed out sections of ice in which creatures lived, and places where fungus, bones, or even pure force formed "caves."

While not everything in the Underdark is dangerous, travel there is no recommenced.

Due to the quasi-lawlessness of the land, and the potential for exploration in the Underdark, Sword Coast North is ideal for adventuring parties, small groups of people in search of glory, fame, loot and (occasionally) booty. Many of the lands are hostile with gangs of bandits harassing travellers, hostile creatures and the like.

Neverwinter, also known as the City of Skilled Hands and the Jewel of the North, is a cosmopolitan, multi-racial city-state sitting on the northwestern Sword Coast of Faerûn. The nature of this continued as new cultures, races and faiths have been introduced in the city due on influx of new civilisations from across reality. Neverwinter serves as the origin of the phrase "By the clocks of Neverwinter", used when one is solemnly swearing, meaning either a high standard of perfectionism or great honesty; a reference to the precision of its timepieces.

This city has a history of being invaded, struck by plagues (including the notorious Spellplague and natural disasters, but it has always bounced back, even if the city lied in ruins for nearly two decades at one point.
The inhabitants of the city, Neverwintans have as such developed a thick skin of stubbornness and determination. This was true before the Great Hunger's invasion and is only more true now.

It's a bustling city of trade protected by the Neverwinter guard, who although took a blow to their numbers during the Great Hunger's attack have slowly been filling their ranks with hired mercenaries and soldiers trained at the academy. It is not uncommon for the guard to hire adventurers to deal with potential threats that the mercenaries cannot handle though and jobs are advertised in Protector's Enclave, a place in the heart of this great city.
There's taverns, trading posts and various shops throughout the city, and many Wizards earn their keep by enchanting items, weapons or otherwise. Blacksmiths (especially Dwarves, who are renowned for their skills) are fairly common in the city as well.

Brymor Crossing
To the North-West of Neverwinter is a river that flows from the mountains of the north to the bottom of the Sword coast where it meets the sea known as the Golden River. It get's it's namesake for the various trading done along it, bringing in plenty of gold to opportunists.
Brymor Crossing is just that, a town of opportunity. It is build on top of a large, stone bridge crossing this river which means the outskirts of the city, containing guard posts and a few houses are on an upwards slant.
The most notable Tavern is The Royal Brymor Tavern, a three-storied tower that hosts food and drink from all across the Sword Coast.

Underneath the bridge is a large port containing ships, but are known to host pirates as well. In fact, there are tunnels running under the port where often illegal goods are traded.
Brymor Crossing was established by Brymor Goldcliff in it's home universe over three centuries ago. Unlike it's larger "cousin" of Neverwinter, Brymor does not have an actual government but instead an organised militia to defend it from threats. It's current "owner" is one Lord Jon Goldcliff, who resides at Goldcliff estate at the centre of town. As well as having lush grounds filled with multiple plants, it also has access to the Goldcliff family tomb, which is inaccessible without Goldcliff's permission.

Bottlenose Cove
A beach just south of Neverwinter, this is a peaceful settlement that makes it's share of gold through fishing but also tourism, as some travel here just for the views. Tucked away from the rest of The Sword Coast North, there is little to no light pollution and on the majority of nights you can see the stars without the risk of a bandit or monster attacking you.

The Eye of the North
On an island off the coast to the North-East is a tower that serves as both a Wizard college and an archive of knowledge for the citizens of The Sword Coast North. Due to it's location, that being on top of an island with jagged rocks that pierce ships like a sword carving through butter the only access is by approval of the Wizards who live here.
This tower gets it's other purpose due to the third purpose. While in it's home universe it watched for threats such as natural disasters, invasions by other countries and divine intervention it now watches for signs that the Great Hunger is returning. As such, many Wizards are dedicated to finding a way to either shield the Sword Coast or kill the Great Hunger.
The tower itself is 443 meters tall (1453.41 feet) and carved out of enchanted stone. Between the stone and the island, the Eye is nigh unbreachable by outside forces...That has not stopped a few from trying though.
Will be added as story progresses.
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Gladius-III: The Neutral Zone


Also dubbed "Peaceful Mars" by some of the visitors, perhaps as a way to distinguish this version of the Red planet from other, more hostile versions. The height of these Martians averages at about 4ft 5 (1.34 meters), they have no military, weapons or a means of defending themselves...And yet, despite all the threats present in Gladius, Mars has remained completely untouched, save for a few spaceship crashes by (presumably) drunken pilots. Slavers, thieves and assholes looking to use the Martians as target practice have obviously tried to take this planet but were handed strongly-worded letters.
In one instance, a notorious slaver captain was given a letter so strongly-worded he not only switched careers but travelled the cosmos convincing other slavers to do the same in a language they could all understand.

With there not being any usable soil on the surface of Mars, it's unknown as to what the diet of these creatures is.
The Face

A notable landmark isn't of Martian design at all. It's actually the result of an alien etching the face of their lover into the surface as some kind of over the top marriage proposal. Nobody knows if she, he or they said yes but the Martians like to think so.
(Redshirt) Name: Ack-Phil
Age: 20s
Species: Martian
Universe from: Mars
Status: Living and active
Current Location: Mars

The Martians associated with invading other planets seemingly for fun are known as the violent cousins of their peaceful counterparts. Ack-Phil, on the other hand is an exception to this rule. He showed up to Mars do either conquer it or to try out a new weapon but has changed his ways and instead lives as one of the peaceful Martians.
He sticks out like a sore thumb amongst the crowd and still has the same language of his own people.

Darkened Skies

Under quarantine for a damn good reason, when the skies of this planet aren't completely black they're a red colour instead. The rivers appear to be blood as well, like in the Old Testament but... Hyper-realistic blood which is worse! There don't appear to be a lot of cities, as if this planet is made up of endless suburbs, harbour towns and abandoned buildings like castles and mental institutions.

Populated by homicidal teenagers with superpowers among other horrible things such as killer clowns that rely on shock value and gore rather than actual horror, a million Lost Episodes of your favourite childhood show where all the characters screamed for 30 minutes before killing each other and strange, demonic or Lovecraftian creatures that are obvious rip-offs of better material.

This planet is ruled by a tyrant who is currently being opposed by a group known as The Happiness Brigade, who seek to bring light to this edgy planet.
Will be added as RP progresses
(Redshirt) Name: Jeffrey Woods aka Jeff The Killer aka "Fishface"
Age: Teenager
Species: Killer
Universe from: Crappypasta
Status: Living and active
Current Location: Darkened Skies

Once a normal boy, Jeffrey's family moved to a neighbourhood that while seemingly nice was controlled by a crime syndicate run by children. Their ringleader was called Randy and he demanded that Jeff's adopted brother Liu hand over his wallet. Jeff got a weird feeling (he was starting puberty) and beat up Randy and his goons with superhuman strength that came from said puberty. This was despite being outnumbered and Randy's goons carrying knives.
Liu took the fall and was sent to juvie without any kind of investigation whatsoever to spare his brother as the police in that universe could just lock you up without trail.

At a child's birthday party, Jeff was attacked again but managed to kill two of the goons, including Randy (ending the crime syndicate in the process) but was covered in some really strong vodka and a thing of bleach (not a joke, the original story calls it "a thing of bleach") he got set on fire. The puberty combined with his new appearance drove him further into insanity and he was discharged on the same day as his parent's couldn't afford the medical bills.

He killed his parents and seemingly killed his brother before using his superpowers including teleportation, healing, super strength and durability to kill people in their beds. The last thing his victims normally hear is "Shhh...Just go to kip."
Although he was seemingly killed (twice) he awakened on Darkened Skies and is part of the regime as it allows him to kill and that's his only real motivation.

(Redshirt) Name: Clockwork
Age: Teenager
Species: Killer
Universe from: Crappypasta
Status: Living and active
Current Location: Darkened Skies

Obviously Clockwork ended up in Darkened skies for breaking rule 4. Her life was hell but despite constant abuse among other things I refuse to mention the thing that caused her to snap was her boyfriend breaking up with her and her teacher telling her that her time was up in an exam on the same day. As her mother was concerned, the girl was sent to a mental institution (without trail, again this world was pretty messed up) where she was given drugs that gave her superpowers but also turned her skin white and her eyes green.

She broke out, killed the guards by dodging their bullets with ease and then...For some reason cut out one of her eyes and replaced it with a pocket watch...A watch that still works to this day, somehow.
Clockwork is a part of the regime and the last thing her victims hear is "YoUR TImE IS UP!" before she stabs them to death.

(Redshirt) Name: Joker's Daughter
Age: Teenager
Species: Killer
Universe from: DC/Crappypasta
Status: Living and active
Current Location: Darkened Skies

When a version of The Joker cut off his own face for lols, it fell into a sewer and was found by a homeless teenager who mistook it for her own reflection. Seeing it as beautiful, she decided to get it stitched onto her own face and tried her best to get The Joker's attention. She found a note from the (then) faceless Joker that said he more or less approved of her actions, which only fuelled her murder-sprees further.
When the Multiverse died, she found herself on Darkened Skies and joined the regime. Despite being a seemingly normal teenager, appears to have superhuman strength and durability which puts her in "Killer" territory.

(Important) Name: Jared Leto aka The Joker aka Hot Topic Marketing Campaign
Age: 47
Species: Human/Killer hybrid
Universe from: Real world/Crappypasta
Status: Living and active
Current Location: Darkened Skies

Jared Leto is a crazed lunatic who inflicts brutal and twisted torture on the people he meets. These extreme pranks include mixing M&Ms into the skittles bowl, stealing candy from babies, putting dog poo through people's letterboxes, sending other people used condoms in the mail and also sending people photos of themselves eating at local restaurants to "get to them hahahaha!" among other things that mildly annoy some people while inflicting actual pain on others and gaining followers. Once a "talented" musician Jared Leto's life changed forever when the Suicide Squad director offered him a part as The Joker for some reason. He was unsure at first but after Jared Leto mixed the director's M&Ms with Skittles it blew the Director's mind.
Jared had captured what made The Joker the Joker. He praised Leto, thus boosting his ego even more and making him go even more into this sick, twisted character.
A character so edgy you could cut him out of the movie completely and it wouldn't make a damn bit of difference, which is close to what happened. Jared felt betrayed, how dare the studio execs cut him out of the movie! Jared Leto snapped and still truly believes himself to be The Joker (mixed with the 2nd coming of Christ) and if you do not refer to him as such he will likely either murder you and hang your face on his wall and send your relatives postcards from a place in England called Hull but he's photoshopped it so it says "Hell" instead. That or make prank calls, send them used condoms in the post (ect, ect)

Upon arriving on Darkened Skies, Jared organised all of his fellow Killers into the regime and later became the adopted guardian of Joker's Daughter.

(Important) Name: Michael Rosen
Age: 72
Species: Delightful human
Universe from: Real world
Status: Living and active
Current Location: Darkened Skies

A former children's television presenter and novelist, Michael Rosen has had run-ins with some pretty awful stuff. As well as working at the BBC, he had run-ins with the paranormal as the Crappypasta-verse was trying to invade his dimension. He's the only human in history to have a run-in with the legendary Toffee Crisp Vampire and live.
A recreation of Rosen's brush with death.
Michael didn't even end up on Darkened Skies when the Multiverse died, he travelled to this planet out of free will in order to help people and ended up becoming a key part of The Happiness Brigade. As well as being a talented actor, Rosen possesses super speed and is quite durable for a 72 year old man. He's also a fan of plums.

The Forest

Reality on this planet is a bit distorted, to say the least. Badly drawn and cheap backgrounds, creatures with shaky movements as if their animation barely moves and humans can talk to creatures with seemingly no barriers at all. Everything on this planet feels cheap, with every other thing feeling like a knock-off of something from another dimension, or from another part of Gladius.

While mostly forest, there are a few houses along the way as well. This planet also seems to be beset by something horrible. When it starts to rain, everything seems to hide and run for cover, not allowing a single drop on their skin or fur. A cry can be heard in the distance of "HEEEEEEEUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGH!"
It is so horrible it fills the heart of even the most fiercest warriors with fear. People go missing when it rains here.
Will be added if any
(Important) Name: Wabuu The Cheeky Raccoon
Age: Unknown. Given the very short lifespan of a raccoon he can't be that old, but like a lot of native inhabitants Wabuu doesn't seem to age.
Species: Raccoon
Universe from: Dingo Pictures
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: The Forest

Wabuu is a cheeky, yet friendly and relatively harmless creature who spends most of his days in The Forest skipping along, singing his theme song. That is, when he hasn't found a source of alcohol. Wabuu has a drinking problem but overall he just wants to party and make friends.

(Important) Name: The Black Panther, the Panther, the Black Panther
Age: Unknown
Species: Black panther
Universe from: Dingo Pictures
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: The Forest
"Your father the black panther is your father?" -Robin
The Black Panther was exiled from the Old Lion's kingdom a long time ago due to a conflict between the two, and instead he started his own kingdom of grouchy gorillas and in fact ended up having a son with one of them (somehow?). He sought to return to the kingdom, building his forces but the two ended up having a truce when their sons went missing in search of some diamonds.
These diamonds were something both the kings were obsessed with, and in the case of the black panther this obsession bordered on insanity.

With the kingdom divided once more due to the death of the Multiverse, the two kings are at it again. The Black panther believes that the diamonds (which have gone missing) will make him powerful enough to take on the great hunger, once and for all.

(Important) Name: The Lion
Age: Unknown
Species: Lion
Universe from: Dingo Pictures
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: The Forest

Also known as the old king, the lion is the king of the forest. Despite being a lion, he does not hunt other animals, nor allows his offspring to do so, citing: "No, you cannot hunt other animals. Just because it's a joke doesn't mean it's not done."
He exiled the black panther in the past and although an idiot, the old king is a kind and just ruler. After his son Robin and the black panther's son, Mew-Mew went missing in search of diamonds, the Lion and the black panther formed a truce. This was broken when the Multiverse died though and since then he has been watching his borders closely.

(Redshirt) Name: Oro
Age: Unknown
Species: Orodromeus
Universe from: Dingo Pictures
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: The Forest

Oro is supposed to an old wise teaching figure in the Forest, who was once a schoolteacher. He was capable of creating a phonograph-like device that could detect rumbling within the Earth, and in fact used this to anticipate the apocalypse on two separate occasions. One was a volcano eruption and the other was the coming of The Great Hunger. However, he is commonly seen to be very poor at his job as he allows his students to fight and claims that "his science will make them fly".
So he's probably got a few screws loose, but he's still a kind genius who works to solve the Forest's problems.

(Redshirt) Name: Frollo
Age: Unknown
Species: Badly animated human
Universe from: Dingo Pictures
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: The Forest
"You is the Pope of fools!" -Frollo

Frollo was once the Archdeacon of Notre-Dame but was "promoted" to the lower position of Abbe' (lower-ranking Catholic Clergyman) while he raised Quasimodo as his son and assistant, despite the nuns living at Notre-Dame wanting to throw the child in a great big fire for being ugly as sin. He saw raising the child not as his duty as a man of God, but more like an experiment. Could he teach a child so ugly to read, to love?
He succeeded but eventually his adopted son would turn on him at some point before the death of the Multiverse.

The Dome
A floating disc moves around the Gladius-III system, looking similar to a grey frying pan without the handle. Inside are three cities, seemingly unaware of each other and of the rest of Gladius. It's worth questioning as to whether or not the inhabitants are aware of the death of the Multiverse, or the great hunger itself as they seem to have continued life as normal.

A peaceful town where, for quite some time all of the residents lived very inactive lifestyles. That all changed when a superhero showed up and encouraged the entire town to get fit. All of them, apart from one man that is. This dastardly villain did not want world domination, nor to destroy it as many villains did...He just didn't want to have to exercise, and thought LazyTown was fine as it was until Sportacus arrived.
The town is ruled by a Mayor that rarely does mayoral duties.


Danville was a major city in the Tri-State Area before the Multiverse died. Always a geographic anomaly, Danville is near the ocean, yet it is within a short driving distance to Mount Rushmore. It has a large suburban area and is surrounded by forest. The population of Danville is 241,000 as seen on a sign at the city limits and like all of the three dome-cities the majority of these residents are cut off from Gladius and their sister cities.


Founded in 1796 by Jebediah Springfield, a.k.a. Hans Sprungfeld, and a band of fiercely determined pioneers out of Maryland who set off after misinterpreting a passage in The Bible, Springfield seems to be a small city rather than a megalopolis. Its features include one nuclear power plant; at least five elementary schools; a minor league all-star baseball stadium; an airport; a harbour; a downtown district; a large tire yard (burning since 1966); a ghetto; a Russian District; its own Little Italy; several specialised shopping districts, Moe's Tavern, Barney's Bowl-A-Rama and a Chinatown.
Will be added as RP progresses
Will be added as RP progress

The Magical Kingdom
Labeled "The happiest place in Gladius", the Magical Kingdom is quite the tourist attraction in Gladius-III. There appears to be some similarities between the Magical Kingdom and The Forest, as if the latter is a corrupted "knock-off" in areas. On the surface, TMK seems like it's title suggests, but behind the scenes there is some kind of hidden darkness. Those who break the law here rarely seen again and some kind of corporate master with white gloves runs things behind the scenes.

The Magical Kingdom

This Kingdom is where the planet gets it's namesake and is located right in the centre. Smiling princesses and princes can be found simply walking around, mingling with each other and with guests.
The walkway before the castle itself is covered in shops and restaurants as a friendly tourist trap.

Hollywood Studios

The Hollywood Studios portion of this planet works as both a tourist location but also a place where TMK puts on productions of their films, which are broadcasted across the planet and even on other Gladius-III locations.
(Important) Name: Robbie Rotten
Age: 40s
Species: Human
Universe from: LazyTown
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: Lazy Town, the Dome
Being extremely lazy, Robbie naturally opposes attempts to spread a healthy influence to the people of Lazytown and employs various schemes to discredit healthy living and run "Sportaflop" out of Lazytown. Unlike most villains, his goal is mostly harmless. He does not seek to dominate Lazy Town, nor destroy it. He simply opposes a healthy lifestyle as his favourite pasttimes are eating junk food and watching TV.
In recent years, Robbie has stepped up his game and appears to be able to be in four places at once. As well as being cunning and dastardly, he can craft traps (even if "Sportaflop" avoided them) and is a master of disguise.

(Important) Name: Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz
Age: Late 40s
Species: Human
Universe from: Phineas and Ferb
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: Lazy Town, the Dome
Hailing from the country of Drusselstein. He is the head of Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated. He tends not to be evil in the traditional sense, but rather overly dramatic, eccentric and generally clueless. His usual lair is an office building that he apparently owns, though he's worked from other locations when necessary for his plans. He attempts to wreak generally "evil" havoc and assert his rule across the entire Tri-State Area. Despite true dedication to this mission, almost all of his plans have been thwarted by his nemesis Perry the Platypus, though a few turn out to be successful in nature. (Doofenshmirtz has become so used to this foiling that he tends to feel empty or upset on the few occasions where Perry does not stand in his way). Dr. Doofenshmirtz seems to quite enjoy musical numbers, and has performed songs about "impressing his professor" and how he hates his brother among other subjects. Though most of his plans are frequently flawful at best and his doctorate was purchased off the internet, some of his inventions (almost always suffixed with "-inator") have been fairly impressive and successful
His childhood has been pretty awful:

More will be added as RP progresses.
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Gladius-IV: Wild Space
The Hunting Grounds

Also known as the game reserve planet, this jungle planet serves as the hunting grounds for a race called the Yautja who are also known as "Predators" in some cultures. Some unlucky souls end up brought here by the blue light but the Yautja have been known to kidnap people and bring them here as part of their hunt. The Yautja are not hunting prey in order to feed, but to collect trophies and prove themselves. Hunting down people and beasts alike is part of their culture and they carry honour in the hunt.

While there are other creatures to contend with, various alien species (including the rather notorious Xenomorphs) and even dangerous plantlife the biggest threat on the planet is with those who run it, with even Youngblood Yautja being a considerable threat.
Will be added if any
Will be added if any


Even before the death of the Multiverse, Omega had been a haven for criminals, terrorists, and malcontents for thousands of years and it has continued that "tradition" in Gladius. Omega had described as "the Terminus Systems' dark, twisted counterpart to the Citadel." It is a huge mining station built from the remains of a massive, irregularly shaped asteroid with twisting streets populated with homes, shops and warehouses. Omega's inhabitants are usually lawless. Territory is controlled by the strongest faction in that area and frequently changes hands, often after brutal violence. The station's current "de facto" ruler is Aria T'Loak and so Omega has one rule: "Don't fuck with Aria."

The heavy-metal-rich core of the original asteroid was mined until the asteroid was almost completely hollow, providing the initial resources used to construct Omega's buildings and facilities. Over the years, these have been expanded until they completely cover every exposed inch of its surface, making Omega a bizarre mishmash of architecture and technology. The station is home to dozens of species.
Back in it's home universe, humans referred to it as Omega, while the Asari name for it translates as "the heart of evil", the Salarian name as "the place of secrets", the Turian name as "the world without law", and the Krogan named it as the "land of opportunity", clearly reflecting their cultural attitudes towards the society within Omega.
Afterlife Club

It is comprised of three floors, with the first floor resembling the layout of Chora's Den on the Citadel, featuring a large circular bar with Asari dancers performing atop the centre section. The second floor features a large circular opening in the centre, above which more Asari dancers perform on a large ring suspended from the ceiling and surrounding a large purple holographic cylinder that extends all the way to the ceiling.
Around the outer edge of this floor is an elevated section with holographic images along the wall and booths in which most patrons of the club spend their time. At the back is a private and well guarded lounge from which Aria T'Loak, the Asari ruler of Omega, observes. The third floor consists of a balcony circling the entire edge of the club featuring flaming torches on the outer edge and provides a complete view down to the second floor.

Afterlife also has a section reserved for VIPs. It has a back-alley bouncer-protected entrance where people can get in with a namedrop passphrase.
(Important) Name: Aria 'Loak
Age: At least a few centuries old
Species: Asari
Universe from: Mass Effect
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: Omega
"You run Omega?"
"I am Omega."

Aria T'Loak is the de facto ruler of Omega, also known as the "Pirate Queen" of Omega, Aria is fiercely possessive of the space station and will do anything to protect it and maintain her dominance.
Aria had a colourful past prior to her arrival on Omega. When she did arrive on the station, she worked as an exotic dancer at the Afterlife Club. However, this was merely a clever cover for Aria. Eventually, she killed the owner of the Afterlife Club and claimed ownership. She continued to form alliances and consolidate power before finally overthrowing the 'ruler' of Omega: the Krogan she deposed, whom she derisively named The Patriarch, was spared as an example of her power to others.
Aria is very authoritarian in her reign over Omega, ruling the station with an iron fist. Her organisation is quite strong and her men extremely loyal. Almost nothing that happens on Omega escapes her notice, causing mercenary groups to think twice before crossing her. No matter who she deals with, she makes sure she has the upper hand in the bargaining. She has centuries of experience dealing with people who thought themselves being in better positions. Simply by observing a person, she can easily read a lot about them and usually immediately knows when they are lying. She is determined to always get the last word in a conversation, reinforcing her position and authority as Omega's ruler.

Aria has commando training and is a very powerful biotic, making her a force to be reckoned with even without her mercs.


This planet wasn't always a violent theocracy... Before the death of the Multiverse, while the church had a say in a lot of things the planet still had a constitution, laws and some level of sanity and acceptance. That changed when the Great Hunger attacked. The colonies Virtue had were hit first, prompting the church to push that The Great Hunger was indeed the end times, that their God had abandoned them to face it.
The colonies had never seen anything like it in their history and so many followed the church into their temples to pray to salvation. Just as the Great Hunger set upon the planet and started to consume city after city, they were transported away by the blue light.

Believing this was their God's intervention, the Church assumed control of the government in a coup. With their defences weakened by the invasion, victory was rather easy and the new world, proclaimed "Virtue" started to turn into the theocratic dystopia. Having seen what the Great Hunger was capable of and fearing for their lives, many non-believers turned to serve the new "Church of Pure Souls", a merging of several different religions that chose to worship the same God.

Burning people at the stake does happen, but more often than not they are just tossed in an incinerator to be cleansed of their sins. Public executions are common, with the church putting down what it sees as wrong in the eyes, dubbing the people they kill "abominations"

Needless to say, there is a resistance movement against the Church on this planet.
God's Hand
In the centre of Virtue is a city in the clouds, built atop a giant, metal platform in the shape of an open palm. This is where the Church of Pure Souls' hold is the strongest, for the leaders of this absolute theocracy live here. For this reason, it's also the best guarded with only those with clearance being allowed to climb to the palm. There are drones on patrol 27/8 (the days and weeks on this planet are slightly longer than Earth) and the only ways up are special elevators at the bottom of the "arm".

High Temple
A giant pyramid structure the size of multiple cities, this is the largest temple on Virtue by far. It is located underneath God's Hand, stretching for several miles in every direction. While the exterior is under heavy guard, the interior is peaceful so long as you don't speak out of tune and keep your head down. Rather than just one big temple, the High Temple is divided into thousands of smaller temples where people can serve The Church of Pure Souls.


Outside of the cities ruled by the Church is a desert with little life in it. Despite the harsh conditions, people brace the Outskirts as the Church of Pure Souls wants them dead. There are many views as "abominations" by the theocracy and even more that become oppressed via it's ideology. There's a few scattered settlements across the Outskirts, but the ones with a higher chance of survival are the furthest from the cities as the Church of Pure Souls sends drones and androids into the Outskirts to cleanse it of all "abominations", fearing that they could still threaten their way of life.
(Important) Name: The High Father
Age: 100
Species: Human
Universe from: Virtue
Status: Living and active
Location: God's Hand, Virtue

The High Father is a tall and wrinkled elderly man with a bald head, a grey Garibaldi beard and a set of hazel eyes who wears golden robes to distinguish him
among the other members of the Church. The High Father, or Father for short was not the founder of the Church of Pure Souls per say, but did bring about it's rise in power during The Great Hunger's invasion of the colonies.
He speaks with authority to some but to others comes across as gentle and welcoming. This more welcoming side comes through during some of his broadcasts across Virtue's cities, but can quickly switch if he starts to rant about the abominations and how dangerous they can be. He claims it is their fault that Virtue's God abandoned them and the colonies in their time of need.

Little is known about his personal life other than his parents were a member of an earlier version of The Church of Pure Souls.
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Gladius-IV: The Badlands
The Centre: Remnant Cities

Remnants of London, Moscow and Tokyo from the late 20th century- early 21st century that have been merged together. Without people, these cities have been reclaimed by exotic nature from across different realities. Plants cover skyscrapers and giant winged beasts cover the skies.
The land below the surface, once home to underground tunnels has become a home to various underground monsters that sometimes visit the surface. The taller buildings can be heard humming if the wind is strong enough and at night, in the absence of wind and humming whistling can still be heard. The source of this "whistling" is currently unknown.

"Scavies" or "Scavs" (slang for scavengers in Wild Space) venture to these parts and there are tiny collections of people scattered around the Remnant Cities, but they are very much in the minority and nowhere near the top of the food chain. Dinosaurs from across multiple eras of pre-history, fantasy abominations such as Grimm and two different species of Owlbear.

Scholars have long debated the origins of the owlbear. The most common theory is that a demented wizard created the first specimen by crossing a giant owl with a bear. He probably did not live long.
In fact, the closest thing to actual "people" aside from scattered survivors and scavengers are various species of Lycanthropes that fight over territory. Werewolves, Wearbears, Weretigers, Werebats and even Werecrocodiles among others have been seen openly fighting.
Buckingham Palace

Sitting in the remnants of London is a home that once held the royal family of an Empire. Now, like every other building in the Remnant cities it has been lost to nature and instead of the Brits it holds a different family.
Tribes of Pure Werewolves have this palace as a stronghold in their territory and it is under heavy guard through day and night.
The Pure dominate the other Werewolves across the Remnant Cities, though their use of The Shadow (Spirit Realm) and their skills in battle.
Will be added as the RP progresses

The Centre: The Downreaching Lake

Separating the Remnant Cities from the rest of the Wasteland is a large saltwater lake that is 7000 miles wide and 32186.9 meters (20 miles) deep (the deepest point on Earth is 7 miles/11265.4, for reference). The Remnant cities may be home to a large population of exotic and dangerous land-based creatures, the Downreaching Lake does something similar for denizens of the deep.

Crossing this lake by boat if dangerous to say the least but that doesn't stop pirates and scavengers from using it. Battles on the sea are particularly dangerous as drops of blood in the water attract monsters from the depths.
None discovered yet

The North: The Spires of Cruelty

With mountain ranges that stretch for thousands of miles and a bitter cold air. this part of the planet is mostly barren and the mountains are treacherous to cross. Those who choose to venture here in hopes of settling unclaimed land are never heard from again and those who do return from these lands claim to have seen shapes moving and even noticed the earth moving under their feet on occasion. Make no mistake, there is something beneath the earth that does not want to be disturbed.

That has not stopped some explorers from trying, believing that there is treasure or perhaps even another civilisation of riches. Much like the settlers, these people are never heard from again.
Will be added if discovered
Will be added if any

The North: The Machine City

Amongst the remains (including skeletons) of what appears to be Los Angeles fused with another city or two are sleek, metal structures in the forms of factories and energy farms for a machine city that grows in size seemingly by the day. The skies around this region have been blocked out, leaving it in an eternal night-like state and there is some organic life, in the form of small pockets of resistance trying to bring down the machines at any cost.

Although the rise of Skynet was stopped with the destruction of Cyberdyne Systems in 1995, there are other timelines where it survived, Judgement Day still happened and eventually the system (and it's army of Terminators) was brought to this planet. Upon arrival it found an AI who has also made it it's goal to destroy humanity and so Skynet absorbed it into it's systems. The two AIs became one with the key goal of harvesting humanity for their own survival.
There are two classifications for the machines. There are The Terminators, that come in varying designs and even have units that can disguise themselves as humans and then there are the Sentinels, squid-like patrol units that are designed to hunt down and kill humans.

The Resistance has pockets covering the northern lands, with some troops and equipment being provided by the Indian Empire and Lex Luthor who despite their differences recognise the threat of the machines.

Although most of Skynet's equipment is powered by hydrogen fuel cells and nuclear power, there is some reliance on alternate forms of energy and as the machine city has expanded, the need for more energy sources has grown.

An idea from the universe of the 2nd AI, the machines set about using organic beings themselves as an energy source. They captured are put into pods but the machines also grow human clones as well. These living batteries are plugged into a simulation controlled by the machines in order to keep them docile while the pods convert the dead into a paste, providing sustenance and keeping them alive.


Underground and overground, these factories construct new Terminators and Sentinels for the machine army on assembly-lines the size of small cities. The rarer types of Terminators, infiltration units such as the T-800 and T-1000 are in underground factories, safer facilities.
Will be added

The South: Pentacle Territories
To the far south of the planet, on a continent surrounded by water sits a civilisation of Mages build on top of a battlefield. Two hundred and nineteen years ago, both the Pentacle Orders and The Seers of the Throne were transported to this Southern continent. What followed were 139 years of bloodshed known as The Midnight Wars. Away from the eyes of Sleepers, the collateral damage of paradoxes were not a factor.
Scholars talk about Haven's Spear, a cabal (a group of Mages who have banded together for a common interest/goal) of Mages who had once been the captive slaves of Seers that led the Pentacle Orders to victory. This came with the cost of their own lives. The Mages have had eighty years of peace since then.

The Pentacle Orders are an alliance between the older Atlantean Diamond and the Council of Free Assemblies. Before the Middle Ages, they were also referred to as the Pentacle, as they were five Orders back then. Two joined with another, establishing four Orders that referred to themselves as the Diamond Precept, the Atlantean Diamond, or simply the Diamond Orders. The Atlantean Diamond claims philosophical descent from various groups originating in Atlantis, the first city of the Awakened. Though these groups were reorganised during the Exile, they credit Atlantis for giving them their beginning groundwork. These Orders, starting from the Middle Ages, are:
Adamantine Arrow: Act as a military force for the Pentacle Orders, mostly made up of warrior Mages.
The Guardians of the Veil: Who act as "peacekeepers", an order of assassins and Mage "police". With the breaking of the Masquerade due to the death of the Multiverse their role has somewhat changed, simply being peacekeepers and keeping some Mages in check rather than trying to keep the mortal world from discovering Mages.
The Mysterium: Scholars, librarians and lore-seekers. They are more like the "traditional" wizards of the Mage world.
The Silver Ladder: Humanist Mages who seek to better humanity, in their own way.

In addition to the Diamond Orders, another order was created with the birth of the 20th century. A large group of Apostate mages known only as the Nameless battled back the longtime enemies of the Diamond Orders and earned themselves a place at the table of Orders. The Diamond entered an alliance with the Council of Free Assemblies, forming the modern Pentacle Orders.
The Free Council: Utilising both magic and technology to build a better world for both Mages and humanity, they push towards the future rather than focusing on the past (Atlantis)

Haven's Spear
Surrounded by walls 60 meters (around 200ft) tall composed of magically enforced steel and crystals, Haven's Spear is constructed atop the battlefield of the climatic battle of the Midnight Wars and named for a Cabal (small group of Mages) who sacrificed themselves to defeat the Seer army. It is the capital city of the Pentacle Territories, as well as it's largest.
The city is home to around 14,000-16,000 Mages, but only 1/4 of those are capable of fighting as it is also home to several schools, libraries, laboratories and even a large zoo where some Mages are hard at work trying to save species driven to near-extinction by the death of the Multiverse.

Due to being run by Mages who didn't need to worry about paradoxes, the interior of the city is a bizarre mixture of architecture. Some buildings are Victorian Gothic in design, while others may be traditional Japanese or Brick Gothic (Germanic) among other styles. Some of these buildings continue to change as well.
The "spear" is a ebony-coloured spire that stretches to the clouds and can be seen from other elevated locations on the planet. With Adamantine Arrow Mages patrolling the walls and multiple early warning systems, this city is one of the most highly defended places on the planet. However, it is also a massive paradox. If a sleeper were to suddenly step inside it would cause multiple paradoxes.
Will be added as story progresses.

The South: The Fallen Kingdom

Further north than the Pentacle territories, sharing a continent with the Indian Empire, the Eastern Sea and Xing is an advanced civilisation overrun by the undead, it was once a proud kingdom and possibly one of the first to arrive to the badlands, but perhaps even Gladius itself. It was brought to it's knees by swarms of the undead. At the moment, the Kingdom is under heavy quarantine from all the nations surrounding it but some venture inside in search of the Kingdom's secrets.
Thankfully, the Kingdom is sealed shut for the most part with it's gates closed.

A field of decay stretching 177028 meters (110 miles) surrounds this place in all directions. Nothing can grow, for the soil kills all crops.
The Gate
Scholars believe that when this Kingdom was in it's prime, the gate served as a way to keep out invaders but when the dead covered the place the gate was sealed shut to keep them in. This gate is 80ft (24.384 meters) and is covered in a kind of black glass, matching the walls surrounding it. The way into the Kingdom is along a bridge of stone, with a drop of several stories on either side of it.
Will be added if any

The East: Indian Empire

Located in the far South-East, this Empire once ruled an entire planet within it's own universe and was the only surviving nation after the Great Hunger invaded. Currently far into the Information era, this is an extremely well-defended nation who's borders are defended by Giant Death Robots, Helicopter Gunships, Mechanised infinity and cybernetic soldiers among other things. In terms of other kinds of attacks, India also has The Great Firewall, making a shutdown or hack of it's security systems to steal information nigh impossible.
It is ruled by Emperor Mahatma Gandhi, who is vastly different from his counterpart in our world. Although he talks about peace, much like our Gandhi he is more than prepared to destroy India's enemies in open war, should it come to that.

India's people are among some of the happiest in Wild Space and in times of conflict are ready to rally behind their leader. Although a ceasefire was called between India and Xing, that does not mean Gandhi isn't prepared. As well as his armies, Gandhi is equipped with a nuclear arsenal as a deterrent. India rarely attacks first in conflict, except when threatened.

Despite being far into their Information Age, India still has a lot of natural land as like the Mages and the Curabitur Gandhi has taken it upon himself to save some races of animals from extinction. Bengal tigers, Indian elephants, Indian rhinoceroses, red pandas and Indian leopards were all pushed to near-extinction due to The Great Hunger's invasion but a few survived in zoos. Lush jungles and forests make up the the various wildlife preserves of this Empire.

Although it is a very well-defended place, India is welcoming of outsiders and in fact was a tourist destination in it's own universe due to it's culture.
The first city of India, established one million years ago. Home to the wonders: The Great Lighthouse, The Terracotta Army, Machu Picchu, The Forbidden Palace and the Red Fort.The Pentagon and the National Intelligence Agency are among some of the more modern buildings in Delhi, and are used by the military service. Delhi is also where Gandhi himself lives, located in the royal palace.
Located on the coast.

India's second city, established two hundred years after Delhi. Home to the wonders: The Oracle, Chichen Itza, Hagia Sophia, the Globe Theater, Louvre, the East India Company and Broadway. Like in our own timeline, Mumbai is where Bollywood is located and Mumbai is more of the "cultural capital" of India. This is where India got most of it's tourism from back in her previous universe.
Located just south of Delhi.

India's sixth city, established ten thousand years after Delhi. The third, fourth and fifth cities were lost during The Great Hunger's invasion. It is home to the Taj Mahal wonder and is surrounded by green, the lush jungles and forests of India's nature preserves. From Agra, parts of India's scientific community and environmentalists work to maintain the survival of species that were made endangered by the invasion.
Located to the south-west of Delhi and Mumbai.
The Great Wall also stops just outside of this city, an ancient defence that kept out barbarians for thousands of years.

India's sixteenth city, established ninety thousand years after Delhi, it is home to the National College and acts the new "education capital" of India as previously this title had been given to Vijayanagara.
Located to the west of Agra.

India's twentieth city, established one million years after Delhi, it is one of two cities on India's border. As a result of this, it is heavily defended and houses numerous military bases and academies.
Located to the west of Indraprastha.

India's twenty-fifth city, established one million, two thousand years after Delhi, it is the second city on India's border. Much like Jaunpur, it is heavily defended and houses numerous military bases and academies.
Located to the north of Jaunpur
(Important) Name: Mahatma Gandhi
Age: Ancient
Species: Immortal
Universe from: Civilisation
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: Delhi, Indian Empire

Ruler of the Indian Empire, Gandhi is beloved by his people, whom he has led from the stone age to the information age. Although a pacifist at first (like the Gandhi of our timeline), this outlook changed upon reaching a more modern era. Some believe it was due to him watching as other immortal leaders such as Attila the Hun, Ashurbanipal, and Genghis Khan ravage the weaker civilisations like Venice. As such, he started to stockpile one of the largest armies the world had ever seen, and upon completing the Manhattan Project was ready to defend his people.
According to the history books, it was Ashurbanipal who struck first. India had formed a trade agreement with Germany, the next civilisation on the conqueror's list and when a German city was struck, the Indian army retaliated.

With help from Germany, the Assyrian Empire collapsed within a year, it's capital was burned to the ground by a nuclear strike and Ashurbanipal, now without his people to support him was killed. After that the message from Gandhi was clear: Be peaceful, or else.
A few more civilisations did not agree with Gandhi and by the information age only India, Germany, the Netherlands, Indonesia and the Celts remained. They had either allied themselves with Gandhi or simply chosen to be peaceful, fearful of the Emperor's wrath.
India threw it's war machines and it's nukes at the great hunger once it arrived, and was the only surviving civilisation to be transported to Gladius.

Gandhi cares deeply for his people and for animals (especially elephants) and while he pushes for peace, he is very much ready for war. He has over one million years of experience under his belt in terms of ruling an Empire and has destroyed larger Empires in war before. All in all, he is not to be messed with lightly and does not forgive those who harm his people.

(Important) Name: Brigadier General Anika
Age: 47
Species: Human
Universe from: Born and raised in Gladius
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: Delhi, Indian Empire

Anika, like the majority of children born in the Indian Empire grew up idolising Gandhi. Her parents were already involved in the military, with her ancestors (three family generations) being involved in India's restoration after it was transported to Gladius and inspiring their children to get into similar roles. Anika graduated at the top of her class and her most recent combat experience was during Eastern Sea conflict five years ago, which saw her promoted to Brigadier General for her efforts. Before that she served in over forty recon missions and managed the defences along parts of India's borders.

Her new job has landed her with desk duty, and although she misses the field she's aware that Gandhi himself wouldn't have promoted her unless it was for the best.
Anika looks younger than she actually is, due to India's advancements in medical science. For a woman of 47 she looks to be in her mid-30s. She has clean cut dark hair, brown eyes and keeps her uniform well-maintained. Underneath her military uniform are a few physical scars from injuries sustained during a military career lasting just over thirty years.

The East: The Eastern Sea

A 100,000 mile (160934.4 km) desert that stretches in each direction separates the centre from the Eastern lands, it is an unforgiving ocean of sand full of monsters and raiders. Sandsharks, Graboids, bands of Yuan-ti raiders, Tusken raiders and other dangers known to wander the deserts of their own worlds are popular here. The Eastern Sea is also home to potentially lost civilisations that are buried in the sand.

Treasure hunters, scavies and the like venture into the wastes in search of these lost civilisations but often find very little.

The Eastern Sea separates the Xing Empire from the Indian Empire and five years ago was home to a brief conflict between the Indian Empire and the Xing Empire after fighting broke out between a Xingese scout regiment and Yuan-ti raiders. Unknown to the Xing soldiers, there were Indian traders nearby who were then killed in the crossfire.
Gandhi declared war soon after. The war only lasted a few days and the fighting stuck to inside The Eastern Sea before The Pentacles stepped in to try and negotiate some kind of ceasefire.

For those who don't want to cross the Eastern Sea on speeders, camels or on foot (like a madman) the Eastern Transport Corporation (ETC) has employed the use of flying locomotives in order to transport goods and people.
Mos Eisley Spaceport

You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. You must be cautious when entering here. Originally found on Tatooine, this spaceport was transported into the middle of the Eastern Sea when the Multiverse died. Scavengers, smugglers, raiders and pirates all pass through here in search of work or of a drink. For many of the residents of The Badlands, this is one of the only ways off-world and many spacers look to exploit desperate people in search of a better life. In the Xing-India war, this was declared a neutral zone by both Emperors.
The locomotives of the ETC also stop here.


Located to the North-east, where the desert meats the sea, Dilgra is one of the very few parts of the Eastern Sea with green. Cut off from the rest of the desert by a river, Dilgra is the Yuan-Ti capital of The Badlands. From here the notorious slaver syndicate The Iron Fang operates across the rest of the Eastern Sea, and even into other parts of the Badlands.

Yuan-Ti society runs itself on a caste system, with Abomination Yuan-Ti at the top, followed by the Halfbloods and then by the Purebloods, who oversee those even further down in the system such as the Tainted Ones (humans transformed into Yuan-Ti, sometimes against their will). In battle, the least valuable members are sent in first as expendable fodder.
Due to their human-like appearance, the Pureblood Yuan-Ti are more often used as spies and assassins rather than footsoldiers while the Abominations and Halfbloods make up the actual soldiers.

When not enslaving other beings, Yuan-Ti are known to eat them. That isn't to say they see them as cattle or farm them, however. Others are sacrificed to their serpent Gods as well.

ETC (Eastern Transport Corporation) locomotives

Operating out of an even larger locomotive, the ETC has armoured, flying locomotives that go across the Eastern Sea. From Mos Eisley to Rush Valley or Jaunpur. The cost of travel can be quite high, but they do offer alternatives. Some can be stationed as guards for the majority of their journey or even assigned to the maintenance of the engine, shielding or defences if they have the skills for it.

The heavy armour plating protects the locomotives from what the Eastern Sea can throw at them, but if damaged they can return to the ETC headquarters to be repaired.
(Important) Name: Giles Icarus
Age: 90s
Species: Cyborg
Universe from: Born and bred in Gladius, native to Tellestia
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: ETC HQ

Giles Icarus is an eccentric billionaire who was once the heir to the Icarus fortune and also the first of his family to be born in Gladius. Going into business with his father, the CEO of Icarus industries at the age of fourteen Giles was already making a name for himself. After a few decades of acting as CEO, while his father retired Giles was caught embezzling funds from the pensions of workers and mistreating the robotic workers, not paying them a fair wage. While this was never a big deal in his family, the new Prime Minister of Seoul-Don was cracking down on such crimes and so Giles fled Tellestia in order to avoid prison, taking the pension fund with him.

He used the money and his knowledge of transport to build the ETC. While he misses his family, he sees being two solar systems away as a better alternative than going to prison.

(Important) Name: Ilka Mezhil
Age: 30s
Species: Yuan-Ti Pureblood
Universe from: Born and bred in Gladius, native to The Eastern Sea/Dilgra
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: Mos Eisley

Ruthless and cold-blooded (pun intended), Ilka is a recent figure in the Mos Eisley criminal underworld who is making a name for herself. A master of poisons, she prefers to use poisoned steel over a blaster (the typical weapon of Mos Eisley) and is the leader of the Eastern Venom gang. Like her, Eastern Venom is recent but slowly making a name for itself. Poisons, narcotics and slaves are among what they sell.

Ilka was once a part of the Iron Fang slaver syndicate but broke off. Despite how much work she put in she never got close enough to the top due to being lower down in her society's caste system. She murdered another member for calling her a slur and then simply pinned it on a Tainted one before leaving for good.

The East: Xing Empire
A few years the defeat of Father, the nations of this universe were thrown into another crisis. In the aftermath the nations of Amestris (in the West) Xing, Ishval (in the East), Aerugo (in the South) and Drachma (in the North) were merged closer together and in the panic, the Xing Emperor called for peace. The other nations were still recovering from past wars (mostly with Amestris), and so Emperor Ling took control, moving the countries into the Xing Empire.
Within the military, which is headed by Amestris in Central there is a high reliance on Alchemy and Alkahestry, with some Alchemists being considered WMDs by other nations.
Ever since the Eastern Sea incident there has been an uneasy ceasefire and while there is distrust between the nations, Emperor Ling wants to maintain the peace.
Fort Briggs
Fort Briggs was an Amestrian Military installation that lay on the border between the countries of Amestris and Drachma. With the countries merged, it now sits on the border between the Xing Empire and the northern territories of this hostile planet.
Stretching across a narrow valley between the two countries, the Fort protects Amestris where the mountains cannot. Briggs is home to Amestris' first military garrison against the horrors of the northern Badlands, led by Major General Armstrong. The phrase "Fort Briggs" is often associated with strength and endurance by the citizens of the Xing Empire, enough to make some soldiers tremble at the thought. The military base itself is a massive wall comprised of research labs, a prison, gunnery positions, soldiers' quarters, supply tunnels and an immense main tunnel which runs the length of the installation. The nearest other settlement relatively close to the fortress, North City, also serves as a supply centre and medical hub for the Briggs troops. Any who wish to pass between Xing and the northern part of the Badlands must first go through this fort.

Central City
Central City is the official military capital of the Xing Empire. The National Central Library, Central Command, the 5 National Laboratories, and Amestris' Parliament are all located in Central. Aside from its symbol as a military headquarters, Central is also a bustling metropolis and arguably Amestris' largest city, complete with nearly everything Amestrian society has to offer as well as a lasting and rarely disturbed sense of peace created by its proximity to the military. After King Bradley's and Father's defeat, Grumman became the new Führer-President. However, Bradley's true identity is hidden from the public and they were told that he died heroically fighting in the battle against the Homunculi.

Most of the Central Command died during the battle and the remaining are removed and trialed because of their alliance with Father and the Homunculi. A new government was established before the death of the Multiverse, before it was merged into the Xing Empire.

Rush Valley
Rush Valley is a city in southern Amestris, and one of the towns on the border with the Eastern Sea. Due to its rapid growth in recent years as the centre of Automail production, it is commonly known as "The Boomtown of the Broken-Down". The multitude of automail engineers in Rush Valley cheerfully celebrate their craft and walk the streets in droves, holding automail-related competitions and pushing their wares on unsuspecting passersby. As a result, it becomes a bit of a hassle to walk through the city with automail, as the vendors will go to great lengths to either sell upgrades or closely scrutinize whatever appendages happen to be prosthetic.
Since the death of the Multiverse, Xingese citizens have settled in this city, turning it into a mixture of both Amestrian and Xingese architecture as it was rebuilt from The Great Hunger's attack.

Ishval Remants
Ishval was once a region on the South-Eastern border of Amestris, until the Ishvalan War of Extermination more or less left it in ruins. It turned out that this war had been orchestrated by the Homunculi (currently in charge of the Amestrian government) for their own reasons and with Father's defeat, the new government set about to restore Ishval.
These attempts at reparations were hit with a massive set-back when the Great Hunger attacked, setting these efforts back by at least several years. The now joint Xing-Amestrian military has continued these efforts.
The culture of the Ishvalan people is steeped heavily in their religious ideology, which marks the Earth God Ishvala as the sole true god and lord of all creation. They are called to pray fervently to Ishvala and live lives of simplicity and righteousness as part of his creed, as it has been passed down through prophets. It is likely that Ishvalans' strict code of religious conduct was borne from the severity of the land, which is not largely farmable and contains very few natural resources, if any. Ishvalans consider their names sacred, as gifts from God, and usually wear sashes striped with burgundy and gold, presumably as a sign of their faith. Ishvalan monks are also heavily trained in melee combat, presumably as a sort of meditative discipline, and are comparable on the battlefield to roughly ten standard soldiers. They reject the ideas of Alchemy, seeing it as hubris in the eyes of their God and have been even more fearful of it since the genocide committed against their people.

Royal Palace
While originally ruled by a single Emperor under an absolute monarcy who took concubines from houses that served him, and often had them compete against each other, Xing has undergone massive changes since the new Emperor's ascendancy to the throne and with the death of the Multiverse. The new government takes on a shape closer to that of a constitutional monarchy and instead of having the various houses of Xing compete for his approval, the Emperor has them work together for the betterment of the country and it's people.
Further east than central, the royal place is the head of this new government.

Warriors of Xing, rather than relying on traditional western means of combat, have developed their own style of martial arts which blends acrobatic skills with melee weapon combat. Additionally, Xingese martial artists appear capable of greatly heightened senses such as sight and hearing as well as the development of a sixth sense that allows them to detect and appraise the presence and flow of life energy as it exists within human souls. As the heart of Xing, this also has a large concentration of Alkahestry, an alternate form of alchemy.
Whereas Amestrian Alchemy claims to have its roots in the energy of tectonic shifts and practices manipulation of matter toward scientifically practical ends as well as a means to military supremacy, Alkahestry operates on the concept of fashioning elixirs and, therefore, is focused on mainly medicinal purposes. The basic principle of Alkahestry is centered on a concept called the "Dragon's Pulse" which speaks of the earth itself having a constant flow of chi (life energy) which flows from the tops of mountains down to the land, nourishing everything it passes with that energy as does blood coursing through the veins.
(Important) Name: Ling Yao
Age: Late 20s to early 30s
Species: Human
Universe from: Fullmetal Alchemist/FMA Brotherhood
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: Royal Palace, Xing Empire

On the surface, Ling comes off as a rather silly and lighthearted person, frequently engaging in comical behaviour. On the reverse side of his frivolous nature is his considerable shrewdness, which makes him quite capable of reading people and situations in order to manipulate them to his liking. He is particularly observant, taking into consideration even the smallest details of his surroundings in order to better understand and deal with challenge. Ling also has a remarkably tenacious will that allows him to overcome virtually insurmountable obstacles and accept inhuman burdens. He has considerable pride that will not stand for having his humanity insulted or condemned by his enemies, but he is also capable of shelving his pride if it becomes something that will stand in the way of his objective.

This is largely due to a sense of duty that Ling holds at the centre of his being, for he strongly believes that his primary responsibility is the protection and advancement of his people. He understands that a king's right to rule is granted willingly by the people and strongly takes to heart the idea that the people are served by their liege, rather than the other way around. In keeping with this, Ling is very protective of his people and comrades, refusing to allow any harm to come to them and often deeming their safety more important than his own in spite of his own personal ambitions and goals. As such, he becomes furious when observing those who willingly or remorselessly cast aside their own comrades or brethren and is sickened by the idea of superiors who reject their duty to those who trust them.

Born the 12th son of the Xing Emperor and the scion of Yao clan, young Ling lived a childhood of privilege and mortal danger, as the shaky succession situation in Xing meant that he lived under constant threat of assassination from each of the other clans hoping to attain the throne. As such, he became rather crafty and skilled in combat, but unable to take proper care of himself. When the Emperor's health began declining in Ling's teens, the competition for the crown became more severe and Ling began to look towards other ways of surviving and rising to the monarchy, investigating alkahestry and its counterpart from the land to the west: alchemy. This studies led him to the legendary Philosopher's Stone, an item reported to bestow immortality upon those who held it. Hoping to earn his father's favour with such a prize, he began his journey to Amestris with two of his family's vassals, Lan Fan and her grandfather Fu.

In his search for the stone he joined forces with the Elric brothers against Father's children, but eventually ended up merging with the Homunculus Greed willingly. However, Greed started to rebel against his father and the two ended up forming a temporary alliance. Ling learned a lot from Greed and the two became close as they shared a body. During the final battle against Father, Greed ended up sacrificing himself to save Ling as Father tried to absorb them both.
Due to a stone retrieved by Lan Fan, Ling accomplished his goal but decided to abandon the old ways of House against House in Xing, sparing them and going on to unite the houses before the death of the Multiverse.
He was then forced to unite multiple countries that had been at war in the past. Due to a larger population and being untouched by past wars caused by Amestris, Ling was able to reform and take charge of the new Xing Empire despite the odds being against him.

(Important) Name: Führer Grumman
Age: Mid-to-late 70s
Species: Human
Universe from: Fullmetal Alchemist/FMA: Brotherhood
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: Central, Xing Empire

Kind and with a wry abundant sense of humour, he is a jovial kind easygoing mind on the outset which belies his vast intelligence, cunning and resourcefulness. He tends to joke around often with his subordinates and allies, along with enjoying teasing them. He is very perceptive and is described as the type of person who can't sit still when something is happening. He even proclaimed that the Homunculi and government conspiracy refuelled his ambition.

He does possess a serious side and has shown his ambition overshadows his kindness. In addition, he is also a man of strong morals, disgusted at the actions of the corrupted government and scoffing at the idea of immortality, stating it is something humans should not try to accomplish. It was for this very reason, when he rejected an offer of immortality, that he was demoted. Though he wished to work against the Homunculi, he preferred to do so in the shadows as he hoped not to ruin his image and chances of becoming Fuhrer. This implies his ambition matched that of Roy Mustang, though both wished to become Fuhrer to better the country. This includes blowing up the train Bradley was on and having Roy and Olivier take the blame, which shows that he can be treacherous to an extent.

He also warns Mrs. Bradley that should Selim turn evil again, he will not hesitate to kill him. However, he is intrigued about the possibilities of a human and Homunculi getting along, and the implications it has for the future.
Through working from the shadows, he played a vital part in the downfall of Führer Bradley/Wrath, and after the defeat of the Homunculi he took off office as Führer, trying to fix the damage down to his own country and to the rest of the world. Despite his actions, Amestris was still very much unprepared for the Great Hunger's invasion as the military was still being reformed.

Although he objected to Ling's rule at first, he eventually accepted it as necessary due to the sheer amount of damage inflicted by the invasion. He still held the title of Führer, acting as head of the military in the new Empire.
He is also the grandfather of Riza Hawkeye

(Important) Name: Olivier Mira Armstrong
Age: 40s (assumed)
Species: Human
Universe from: Fullmetal Alchemist/FMA: Brotherhood
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: Fort Briggs, Xing Empire
Olivier Armstrong is a severe woman with a fearsome and commanding presence. Harsh with her subordinates and peers and coldly merciless to her enemies, the deceptively beautiful woman's schadenfreude has earned her the nickname "Ice Queen" among the Briggs soldiers. Sharp-tongued and highly combative, Olivier is no stranger to furious chastisements and bursts of fiery violence, especially toward those who fail to live up to her high standards and staunch adherence to the "survival of the fittest" philosophy. As such, she has no tolerance at all for weakness or lack of willpower and fosters great distaste for the concept of "Equivalent Exchange", which she views as a mindset promoting easy handouts and unnecessary compromise. That being said, she is extremely perceptive and adaptive, able to coolly judge which courses of action will lead to the most beneficial results and capable of thinking and acting on the fly in response to unpredictable or mutable circumstances.

Skilled at reading people and conscious of even her own limitations, Major General Armstrong understands that she requires the support of her subordinates and peers in order to succeed and, though she understands that sacrifice is often a necessary part of her endeavours, never forgets the weight and impact that each person has on the world. As such, she takes her commanding role very seriously and has earned the undying loyalty of her men with her hands-on approach to leadership on and off the field of battle. While she cannot be said to have a "soft spot" for anyone, in particular, Olivier is a deceptively caring and selfless individual, prone to taking great risks in order to protect the lives and well-being of those who have placed their trust in her

As well as being skilled in military tactics, she is a skilled combatant, favouring the sword. She defeated her brother in combat when fighting for the family name and held her own against powerful Homunculi and waves of Mannequin Soldiers.

The East: New Metropolis
Also known as Metro-Gotham, New Metropolis is a futuristic city-state on an island off the coast of the Eastern Sea. As well as it's isolation, the city is protected by large walls. It started as the initial merging of three different cities, Metropolis, Gotham and New York City and quickly turned into a warzone. As people, both with powers and without fought, one man planned the construction of this new city-state and worked on it's defences so that his new home wouldn't fall victim to the rest of the planet.
Lex Luthor is the self-proclaimed leader of New Metropolis but in reality he only rules over a certain percentage of the city, assisted by a few who believed allying themselves with Luthor was smart, those who (eventually) want his territory for themselves or those he just rewards well enough.
LexCorp Tower

East End
A wise once said: "Here on the East End, a midnight walk constitutes attempted suicide."
He wasn't far wrong. Even before the Multiverse died, the East End was Gotham City's crime hotspot. One of it's most well-known crimes was the murder of Martha and Thomas Wayne in what became dubbed "Crime Alley"
In this new city, East End has descended into total anarchy. With Luthor and various gangs being in control of city districts, the much smaller organisations are left to fight over the scraps in the East End.

Arkham Asylum Remains

When the Multiverse died, the Great Hunger struck Gotham City and her outskirts. A giant hole was blasted in the side of the notorious Arkham Asylum, home to the criminally insane (including Meta-humans) during this invasion, and so they poured into the streets of Gotham.
Arkham Asylum is but a shell of it's former self, with only the occasional lunatics being found there.

Ace Chemicals Plant
Originally known as Kane Chemicals and owned and run by the Kane Family, the factory and company was sold to another owner and was eventually renamed "Ace Chemicals."
Over the years, Ace Chemicals became affiliated with underhand dealings and immoral practices, and became linked with various trafficking of illicit materials. Some believe it is also the sight for the birth of one of Gotham's most notorious criminals. Even before the death of the Multiverse, this was used as a base for criminal activity and in New Metropolis this has remained very much the case.

Grand Central Station
Once a tourist destination and a hub for transportation across New York city (and beyond), Grand Central Station has been transformed into a military stronghold. Lex Luthor had it captured due to it's strategic importance and has been holding onto it ever since. Other factions in the city have tried to wrestle the station from Luthor's gasp and while some have come close, none have succeeded.

The Crater
During the death of the Multiverse, a great deal of mystical power erupted from Greenwich and now in the remnants of New York city is little more than a large crater in the ground. Readings detect a powerful yet unknown energy from inside and beneath the crater that has yet to be understood. When those with psychic abilities have tried to discern this energy, something blocks them.
(Important) Name: Alexander Joseph Luthor
Age: Late 50s
Species: Cyborg
Universe from: DC
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: New Metropolis
Starting from nothing with an abusive household, Luthor worked his way to the top via a mixture of his genius intellect and some ruthlessness where he started LexCorp and intended to try and better humanity. His view was challenged after Superman revealed himself and Lex set about a brutal campaign in order to destroy the Man of Steel for he believed that with a God "babysitting" humanity they would never progress and/or Superman was a ticking timebomb due to the amount of power he carried.
He proved a worthy adversary despite being just a man with money and influence but eventually ended his campaign against Superman when they learned that the Multiverse was under threat by the Great Hunger. Although Lex sustained heavy wounds (even losing part of his face during the battle), he survived and was transported to the Badlands where he had to start from scratch. Owning his own territory, Lex looked to better it and prepare for the return of The Great Hunger so that he can do what Superman could not.

(Important) Name: Bane
Age: 50s (assumed)
Species: Human
Universe from: DC
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: New Metropolis
Bane spent his childhood in the hellish prison of Pena Duro on the corrupt South American island nation of Santa Prisca where he developed super strength through a forced experiment involving the drug Venom. Although his dependency on Venom is an immense weakness, Bane has been one of Batman's most intelligent and physically powerful foes. He is best known for breaking Batman's back, something he was respected (and feared) for among his own men and others in the underworld. This reputation has followed him to New Metropolis.
He's a master in hand-to-hand combat, strategy and intimidation among other things who managed to bring down the other gangs in the South side, or merge them with his own since his arrival to the city-state.

(Important) Name: Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin
Age: Early 50s
Species: Human
Universe from: Marvel
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: New Metropolis
While the Kingpin has no superhuman powers, he is incredibly strong and significantly more durable than the average human, possessing remarkable strength concealed by his extremely corpulent appearance. Most of his body mass is actually muscle that has been built to extraordinary size, much like a Super Heavyweight sumo wrestler, or some Olympic weightlifters and powerlifters but at greater strength levels.
He has been shown to be strong enough to hurl large men across a room, rip limbs from people and crush a man's skull with his bare hands among other feats. Defying his size, the Kingpin is a master of many forms of armed and unarmed combat, especially sumo wrestling. His signature move is the bear hug. He has fought Captain America to a standstill in hand-to-hand combat and his daily workout typically consists of simultaneously overcoming five or more trained martial artists with his bare hands.

Cunning and ruthless, the Kingpin is not afraid to get his hands dirty but more often than not runs things behind the scenes. This was true in his own universe, where he was able to control New York's criminal underworld even from within a maximum security prison and remains true in New Metropolis. He committed his first murder at 12, his own (abusive) father and has gallons of blood on his hands.

He is underground for now, biding his time while he manipulates rival factions against each other.

The West: The Wasteland

The wasteland is home to irradiated monsters, mutants and raiders. There's hundreds of things that want to kill you, if the radiation in some parts of the wasteland doesn't do it first. From geographical analysis it appears to be a mixture between Australia and the United States in terms of regions. As a result, some of the remaining Australian wildlife has become mutated by the radiation.
There are a few groups of people that want to help survivors but for the most part you're on your own. Violence is a primary method of communication.

Aside from factions who have their own laws, the closest thing to an actual police force are Judges who act as judge, jury and (often) executioner across The Wasteland.

The Capital Wasteland

The Capital Wasteland is the general name given to the ruins of Washington, D.C. and the region surrounding it. A once verdant and populated area of the US, the Capital and its surrounding countryside received significant nuclear bombardment during the Great War. Even before the death of the Multiverse, the area was little more than a scorching, barren desert where life for its inhabitants is a constant struggle for survival. It stretches from Raven Rock in the northwest to Rivet City in the southeast, with what's left of the Potomac River dividing it roughly in two.

Life in the Capital Wasteland had steadily been getting better ever since Project Purity, an experiment set up to turn the irradiated water in the Capital Wasteland into safe drinking water and thankfully this safe drinking supply was maintained following the Capital Wasteland's arrival to Gladius. However, it is still a daily struggle for survival.

Much like a good chunk of the Wasteland the only type of currency is caps but people engage in trading essential supplies and some luxury items.

Megaton is a fortified settlement in the Capital Wasteland. It is built in and around a crater with a disarmed megaton class atomic bomb at its centre, after which the town is named. The town of Megaton is protected by large metal walls made from various scavenged materials, primarily the scraps of old pre-War aeroplanes, which were assembled and reforged together several decades ago by the founders of Megaton in an effort to make the town safer.
The bomb was inactive for years, but still carried a risk of going off until the Lone Wanderer disarmed it years before the death of the Multiverse.
It is the second largest city by population in the Capital Wasteland and distributes the 2nd edition of "The Wasteland Survival Guide" updated for life in this new wasteland.

The children of Atom have a church in this city, and can be found worshipping the bomb in the town centre.

Rivet City

Rivet City is a city located inside a decaying, beached aircraft carrier in Washington, D.C. It is the largest, most developed and scientifically-advanced settlement in the Capital Wasteland; it's inhabitants live in individual rooms and enjoy relative safety and security inside the aircraft carrier. A number of guards rotate 24 hours a day to protect the ship from raiders, super mutants, mirelurks and any other threats to the city and its inhabitants. Rivet City includes a shopping area, as well as an American history museum, science lab, church, clinic, bar and even a hotel.

The aircraft carrier was docked at the Washington Naval Yard during the Great War, and was stranded when the water level in the Anacostia and Potomac rivers dropped.
There is a steel structure across from the carrier with an intercom box that is required to extend the bridge and allow travellers access.

The Citadel

The Citadel is the heavily defended headquarters of the Brotherhood of Steel in the Capital Wasteland and built into and beneath the ruins of the Pentagon, the pre-War headquarters of the U.S. military. It retains the shape which gave it its name and only has a single entrance: a large metal gate usually guarded by multiple paladins and one sentry bot. A small corridor leads from the main gate to a door which provides access to the inner bailey.
The fairly large bailey serves as a training and sparring area. New recruits practice various skills from unarmed combat to firearm usage. To this end, the bailey contains shooting ranges and other installations for combat practice. A large hatch in the middle of the courtyard connects to the laboratory, the laboratory and A ring, sections of the buildings which surround the yard, can be accessed through doors opposite and next to the main entrance.

Galaxy News Radio

Galaxy News Radio is the remnant of the pre-War Galaxy News Network, operated by an eccentric DJ named Three Dog while also serving as a Brotherhood of Steel base. As well as broadcasting music across the wasteland, the station gives survival advice and news updates.

Little Lamplight

Little Lamplight is a pre-War underground cavern tourist attraction made into a settlement in the Capital Wasteland, run and populated entirely by children under the age of 16. Upon reaching the age of 16, these children are sent away to "Big Town". The children refer to grown-ups as "Mungos" and don't trust them at all, refusing access to their settlement at the gate (unless in special circumstances). The older children run a school and teach the others how to fight and fend for themselves.

Big Town

Big Town is a medium sized settlement surrounded by a makeshift wall, the town has been ravaged by super mutant and slaver attacks. It is located South of Little Lamplight. The population of Big Town is mostly comprised of teenagers that were formerly residents of Little Lamplight, having been expelled upon their sixteenth birthday.
It was glorified by those of high authority in Little Lamplight as a safe and comfortable area where "Mungos" go to live. In reality, Big Town is constantly besieged by slavers and super mutants, but the settlers know how to defend themselves.

The Mojave Wasteland

Compared to Washington D.C., the Mojave survived the Great War relatively unscathed, but not for lack of trying on the part of the Chinese. At the culmination of the Sino-American War, 77 atomic warheads were launched at the city of Las Vegas and the surrounding areas, but due to intricate defence systems set in place by wealthy businessman Mr. House, 59 were forcefully disarmed mid-flight, nine were blasted out of the sky by a laser guided missile defence system atop the Lucky 38 Hotel & Casino, and only nine hit the surrounding desert, leaving the city itself intact.

Due to the fact that few bombs hit the Mojave, rebuilding society has been easier. Buildings are more intact, which also includes pre-War factories. This has allowed businesses to continue to run and operate. Technology is more well preserved, thanks to the lack of nuclear fallout, and items like the neon signs that dot the New Vegas Strip or the massive generators of the Hoover Dam, are now being repaired to proper working order.
The Mojave stood a better chance at survival when the Multiverse died, but still took a massive beating.
New Vegas

New Vegas, originally known as Las Vegas prior to the Great War in the Wasteland before Robert House revived its reconstruction, is a city built upon the remains of Las Vegas, located in southern Nevada. Unlike the other major cities of the United States, Vegas emerged from the atomic fire of the Great War relatively unscathed, with most of the major damage caused by the downfall of society in general.

Bars, casinos, hotels. New Vegas really has it all, with the police force mostly being made up of robots (people thrown in for good measure). These Securitrons are the invention of Mr House himself, the enigmatic de facto ruler of New Vegas. Although most of this city is well-policed, the slums of Freeside are dangerous and lack the lustre of the New Vegas Strip. Many gamblers and tourists would find themselves being attacked by thugs looking for a quick source of caps.

New Vegas gained the attention of several factions in the wasteland even before the Multiverse died, due to it being powered by the Hoover Dam and is home to Radio New Vegas, which broadcasts in the Mojave and beyond.
Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam, called the Old World Wall by Ulysses, is a concrete arch-gravity dam in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River. It lies on the border between the former US states of Arizona and Nevada.
In it's own universe, this dam was held by the NCR (New California Republic) but due to both the Legion and the forces of The Great Hunger it slipped from their grasp. Now the dam is back under the control of Mr House.

That has not stopped forces from trying to take it however. They have battled to a standstill, meaning that if one force were to take the dam they would sustain heavy losses and be vulnerable to one of the other armies in the region.

Camp Forlorn Hope

Camp Forlorn Hope is the New California Republic's primary forward camp in the eastern Mojave Wasteland. After the NCR captured Hoover Dam, it took them a while to fully reinforce the river to the south. The first camp that was established was Camp Forlorn Hope; an improvised mess of tin shacks, salvaged rubble from Boulder City, tents, and lots of sandbags, it is the most pathetic-looking of all NCR’s camps, but the one that sees the most action. It only exists at all because of the natural spring there (in fact the camp is named for the spring).
Camp Forlorn Hope has tents, shacks, and abandoned truck hulls scattered throughout. It is divided by a freshwater creek running through the middle.

Camp McCarran

Camp McCarran is the largest NCR military base, serving as the headquarters for all NCR military operations and as a centre of logistics and information for the NCR. It was considered a close second to Hoover Dam in terms of strategic importance until the death of the Multiverse and is located south of The Strip North Gate. With the death of the Multiverse, most of the NCR was lost to the Great Hunger and since arriving in Gladius the NRC has been trying to rebuild, settling in the Mojave and beyond.

Fortification Hill

This is a vast and heavily fortified base for Caesar's Legion on the east bank of the Colorado River, which serves as Caesar's main base of operations. Caesar himself is stationed here, along with his Praetorian guards and the bulk of the Legion's forces.
This Fort is also home to a large, metal gladiatorial area, resembling the Colosseum. Slaves, captured NCR soldiers and some animals are sent into this arena to die for the entertainment of Legion citizens. Legion soldiers and others can fight in this arena too, but Caesar does not allow women (except in special circumstances).

Aside from a barge located at Cottonwood Cove, there are no ways into Fortification Hill by land. Since the death of the Multiverse it has served as the closest thing the Legion has to a capital.

Cottonwood Cove

The largest single encampment of Legion forces on the western side of the Colorado River, these Arizonan, Legion slavers have a major foothold in the Nevada and use the position to bring in troops and supplies from Caesar’s main base on Fortification Hill.
Between guard towers and patrols, this place is well defended, but not impenetrable.


Goodsprings is a small, struggling wasteland town that has been a mining community since the early days of Nevada's U.S. history. There are only a few dozen or so people still in the town due to trade drying up and the death of the Multiverse. Signs along the highway direct people to Goodsprings, but they do the town little good if no one is on the highway to read them.
The town has never been that populous to begin with, and the troubles with geckos, coyotes, radscorpions and bandits haven't made it any more appealing to newcomers. A few people have holed up in the town to wait things out and hope for the best, but overall Goodsprings is a quiet, "sleepy" town. It could almost be considered a ghost town, if it weren't for these few odd settlers attempting to eke out a way of life among the ruined ranch homes.


Before the Great War, this community was a small hamlet built as a refuelling and restroom break along Highway 95. Presently, the faded, cracked concrete and peeling buildings give the sense of depression; indeed, Novac is little more than a lonely desert highway motel, a small Brahmin ranch and multiple surrounding buildings that have been fortified for the protection of its inhabitants. Watching over them is the landmark of the area: a giant dinosaur statue named "Dinky" biting off the top of "The World's (2nd) Largest Thermometer." The interior of Dinky also serves as the settlement centre (a converted gift shop from pre-War times, with a sniper's nest in Dinky's mouth).

Dinky is the "attraction" that drew in tourists from both post and pre-War. Most of the locals are friendly folk, though most aren't trusting of outsiders. They appreciate the protection of the NCR, but are fearful of the Legion.

The Commonwealth

The Commonwealth (occasionally referred to as the Commonwealth Wasteland) was an administrative division of the New England pre-War American state of Massachusetts. While traditionally called a commonwealth in itself, Massachusetts was also part of the New England Commonwealth of the United States in the alternate timeline of the Fallout universe. Following total nuclear annihilation, most of the Commonwealth was reduced to a "war-ravaged quagmire of violence and despair" like much of the rest of the former United States. The Commonwealth was the location of major pre-War cities such as Boston, and home to the mysterious post-War organisation known only as the Institute until it's destruction.

The Commonwealth suffers from terrible radiation storms caused by the Glowing Sea, the area hit by the nuclear weapons that destroyed much of the region. During a storm, the sky turns a sickly green colour while a thick fog moved in, limiting one's visibility. These storms behave in the same manner as thunderstorms, with every "strike" emitting radiation across the land. Despite this, the Commonwealth appears to be a somewhat healthier area of the post-nuclear United States. The skies are brighter and clearer, and vegetation can be seen growing plentifully in the region, providing wastelanders with a source of food. The Commonwealth also sees regular rainfall, and the overall landscape is less blasted and scorched than other areas such as the Capital Wasteland due to the fact that the Boston area never suffered a direct hit, with the nuclear explosion detonating farther southwest, in what is now the Glowing Sea.

A few years before the Multiverse died, the Commonwealth was the battleground for a war between the Institute, the Brotherhood of Steel (who had adopted an Enclave-like belief) and the Railroad. The Minutemen ended up being unwilling participants. The Brotherhood and the Institute were destroyed, while the Railroad emerged victorious alongside the Minutemen.

Diamond City

Diamond City, commonly referred to as "The Great Green Jewel" is a fortified settlement in the Commonwealth. This settlement is based on the pre-War structure of Fenway Park, its distinctive "Green Monster" colour visible on the reinforced walls. The city guards can be seen wearing baseball jerseys with umpire's pads and helmets, reflecting the location's former use.
It quickly established itself as a safe haven for settlers of the Commonwealth, thanks to what its residents affectionately referred to as "the Wall." Later decades saw Diamond City grow into the Commonwealth's largest and most prosperous community. It developed a degree of social stratification as wealthier residents came to occupy properties in the settlement's exclusive upper stands, these overlooked the lower field where everyone else strived to make a living.

Up until a few years ago, the Mayor was a corrupt racist who turned out to be a Synth placed by the Institute. He exiled all Ghouls from Diamond City, but this anti-ghoul policy was revoked after his death. Since the death of the Multiverse, Diamond City's population has only grown.
It has the station for Diamond City radio, which broadcasts across the Commonwealth and beyond.

The Castle

(Note, this is a recorded picture of the Castle before it was reclaimed)
The Castle, also known as Fort Independence was the former headquarters of the Minutemen in the Commonwealth until they were forced out by a Mirelurk colony. Thankfully, with help from the Sole Survivor the Minutemen were able to re-take The Castle and it was rebuilt. As well as serving as the HQ of the Minutemen, it's a settlement providing electricity, beds, food and even drinking water.

It is largest remaining settlement protected by the Minutemen since the death of the Multiverse, covered in guard-towers and automated turrets.


Goodneighbor, known as Scollay Square before the Great War, is a small town inside Boston in the Commonwealth. It is inhabited by ghouls, criminals and other people who do not fit in at Diamond City. The town was once ruled over by a criminal named Vic who was later overthrown by Hancock. He assumed the role as mayor and took charge of Goodneighbor, running the community under his philosophy "Of the people, for the people." The town has become the home of many drifters from the wastes. However, Goodneighbor is also a hub of crime, which was one of the reasons why a security team called the Neighborhood Watch was established to keep order under Hancock's rule and defend the town from rival factions such as the Triggermen and the Institute, among others.

Even with vigilantism encouraged and the presence of the Neighborhood Watch, various criminal activity is commonplace in Goodneighbor, such murder, extortion, and chem peddling (fancy term for drug dealing).
The Glowing Sea

The Glowing Sea is the most highly irradiated region in the entire Commonwealth. According to local legend, it was ground zero for the high-yield nuclear blast that devastated most of Massachusetts. Populated by irradiated monsters, the only people crazy enough to actually live here are The Children of Atom, a cult who worship the nuclear bombs that devastated the world.

District Zero

Most of Mega-City One was destroyed following The Great Hunger's invasion, leaving all but one district.
District Zero is the command centre for the Judges and houses their academy as well as a prison, housing hundreds of thousands of Isolation Cubes (Iso-Cubes for short). Not all of them are filled as they are only for criminals who commit non-capital offences.
While many Judges are cloned and bred to upload the law, there is an academy where Judges take in orphans and some other rejected children. People with nobody else they can train and program to become future Judges.

Each Judge is armed to the teeth and heavily armoured, a force to be reckoned with across the wasteland. For the very few that manage to kill an experienced Judge (they keep rookies within District Zero), their armour is a valuable trophy while their sidearms blow the hands off of non-Judges.

The city is not without it's citizens, who live in close slums. On another planet their living conditions would be regarded as poor, but in the Wasteland they are kept warm and protected by both the wall separating District Zero from the rest of the Badlands and by the Judges. They have jobs and they manage to keep themselves alive with processed food and water.
(Important) Name: Lucas Simms
Age: Mid 50s
Species: Human
Universe from: Fallout/Fallout 3
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: Megaton, the Capital Wasteland

Lucas grew up in Megaton and understands what it takes to survive and thrive in the wasteland. Big and imposing yet warm and friendly, Lucas won his position by a unanimous vote of the people of Megaton (most of whom genuinely love the guy). He serves as mayor, sheriff, judge, and just about any other position that's needed. It's also no secret around Megaton that he is fulfilling a childhood cowboy fantasy, after his father read him stories as a child.

(Important) Name: Three Dog
Age: Assumed early to late 50s
Species: Human
Universe from: Fallout/Fallout 4
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: Galaxy News Radio, the Capital Wasteland

Three-Dog believes in what he calls "fighting the Good Fight," which boils down to any action that opposes and antagonises the wasteland's various oppressors and thugs, be it raider gangs, bands of super mutants, slaving parties, Talon Company death squads or (in the past) the Enclave's soldiers. To this end, he actively cooperates with the Brotherhood of Steel, letting them use his fortified radio station as an outpost. However, he avoids direct involvement in the war effort, and instead leaves the defence of the radio station to his Brotherhood entourage. Ironically, one of the radio DJ's friends had entrusted him with a key to a military weapons cache.

(Important) Name: Sarah Lyons/Elder Lyons
Age: Early 40s
Species: Human
Universe from: Fallout/Fallout 3
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: The Citadel

Sarah was born in a Brotherhood of Steel bunker in California and when she was three years old, (and her mother having died several years earlier), a small but hardened contingent of Brotherhood of Steel soldiers, led by Sarah's father, an idealistic paladin named Owyn Lyons (accompanied by his friend and technological adviser Scribe Reginald Rothchild) set out from the Lost Hills Bunker in California. This started the long trek east to what was once Washington D.C. A permanent base known as the Citadel was built into and beneath the ruins of the Pentagon. Owyn Lyons, now Elder of the Capital Wasteland division of the Brotherhood, and his soldiers also found the super mutants in the urban ruins of downtown D.C. and helped to stop the mutant tide from overtaking the entire region.
By 2277 (events of Fallout 3) Elder Lyons' daughter Sarah was one of the Brotherhood’s finest warriors, if not the fiercest. In fact, she was only member to have achieved the illustrious rank of Sentinel, and commanded her own elite squad, Lyons' Pride. When her father passed away, she became Elder. In another timeline, she was killed in action shortly after (possibly assassinated) and the militaristic Arthur Maxson eventually took charge, leading to that chapter of the Brotherhood's destruction in the Commonwealth at the hands of the Institute.

However, due to the the death of the Multiverse, Sarah was spared and ended up leading the Brotherhood through dark times. She learned about the actions of Maxson and is now trying to redeem the image of the Brotherhood to the people of the Commonwealth.

Sarah was unsurprisingly, loyal to her father, but her superior attitude to wastelanders was more typical of those in the Brotherhood with lingering sympathies for the Outcasts. She has little patience with 'civilians' stumbling into the line of fire. However, this was more so the pride of a professional rather than someone who doubts the value of the Brotherhood's objectives. She has matured a bit since project purity and the death of the Multiverse, and wants to carry on her father's mission.

(Important) Name: Robert House/Mr House
Age: 280(ish) years old
Universe from: Fallout/Fallout New Vegas
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: New Vegas, Mojave wasteland

Robert Edwin House is the self-styled president, CEO and sole proprietor of the New Vegas Strip in the Mojave Wasteland. House is foremost responsible for founding RobCo Industries at the age of 22, civilising the New Vegas casino tribes after the bombs fell and the defence system that prevented most of the Chinese nukes from striking the Mojave.
Mr. House is a very reclusive individual, although this is largely due to his own machinations and technical ingenuity, allowing himself to be sealed in his own Lucky 38 control room. His inability to allow all his life's work be ruined by what he sees as the wrath and folly of a jingoistic and increasingly unstable world has cemented, in his mind, the fate of democracy and human civilisation itself. His contempt for most post-apocalyptic institutions is a result of what he sees as humanities inability to learn from its past mistakes, instead putting blind faith in reckless expansionism and excessive warfare to bring back the Old World.

His own strategies and decisions are largely based on mathematical calculations, giving him a high sense of confidence and self importance in carrying out his plans. He sees himself as an autocrat, viewing New Vegas as his rightful property with the various factions in, or trying to gain, control as irrelevant or at worst, treacherous. Failure or unknown variables tend to frustrate him greatly, not so much as the fear of losing power, but with the attitude of a employer having to deal with unfaithful employees.
Although ambitious and fairly ruthless, he is not sadistic and takes no pleasure in ordering extermination of his enemies, merely viewing their deaths or otherwise neutralisation as the completion of a contract. He holds little genuine hatred of NCR or even the tribals inhabiting New Vegas, tolerating the existence of those he otherwise sees as no threat or a boon to his tourist economy, even allowing NCR and Legion currency to be used at casino's, and allowing shady business practices as long as they reside within the remit of his contracts.

He takes little interest in monitoring or controlling the lives of others beyond established rules and generally allows the casino's to run themselves and is largely reliant on the few information networks at his disposal and his Securitron patrols to exert order. He takes great pride in his technical achievements, seeing himself as a visionary and sees his own life as the embodiment of great leadership.

(Important) Name: James Hsu
Age: Late 40s-early 50s
Species: Human
Universe from: Fallout/Fallout New Vegas
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: Camp McCarran

Colonel James Hsu is a senior officer in the New California Republic Army, commanding NCR operations in the Mojave Desert from his headquarters at Camp McCarran. He is level-headed and soft-spoken, maintaining a calm demeanour despite recognising the many problems plaguing his command, believing his behaviour to be a necessary part of being a leader and the only real response to circumstances beyond one's control. Hsu knows how to use force to solve problems, but prefers diplomacy whenever possible, as opposed to his counterpart, the hawkish Colonel Cassandra Moore, or the NCR Army's chief, the gung-ho General Lee Oliver. Ambassador Dennis Crocker recognises this and appreciates it, preferring to turn to Hsu over Moore in a tense situation where diplomacy might still be possible.

Hsu displays considerable understanding of the political and military situation in the Mojave, recognising the difficulties the NCR faces. He cares a great deal about his soldiers and Rangers put under his command and works steadily to better their situation. His combination of high competence and dedication with a great deal of modesty has made him well-liked by his men, drawing the ire of General Oliver, who may see him as an up-and-coming rival.

(Important) Name: Aaron Kimball
Age: 58-60
Species: Human
Universe from: Fallout/Fallout New Vegas
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: Camp McCarran

Aaron Kimball joined the New California Republic Army at an unknown date. He rose to prominence during the early years of the Republic's entry into the Mojave Wasteland. His campaigns against the various tribes of the Mojave, pacifying them in order to facilitate NCR expansion, led to his rise to prominence in the military. As a general in the NCR Army, he was widely praised and gained popular support for his campaign against wasteland tribals who attacked NCR citizens, earning the nickname "Hero of the Mojave". His fame and popularity led Kimball to leave the Army and enter politics, and he eventually launched a successful run for the presidency.

Personally, Aaron Kimball is a "war hawk." Supported by Colonel Cassandra Moore and General Lee Oliver, President Kimball firmly believes in expanding the NCR and bringing new territories into the fold by any means necessary. This stance, as well as disregard for losses have given him a bit of a bad reputation among some NCR soldiers.
It was his decision to occupy Hoover Dam before the death of the Multiverse, a popular move in the eyes of NRC citizens and with the death of the Multiverse causing a tremendous loss in territory his expansionist stance has only increased.

(Important) Name: General Lee Oliver
Age: Early 50s
Species: Human
Universe from: Fallout/Fallout New Vegas
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: Camp McCarran

Oliver is someone who is eager for glory and victory at the expense of the lives under his command, as well as unwilling to listen to subordinates that may question his strategies. Oliver is highly political, some suggest he managed to get promoted past Colonel James Hsu by "knowing the president", i.e. sucking up to Kimball.
Since the NRC lost Hoover dam and most of it's territory when the Multiverse died, Oliver has very openly backed The President's expansionist stance, while in the past a lot of his strategy had been about defending already occupied territory.

(Important) Name: Edward Swallow/Caesar/The Son of Mars
Species: Human
Universe from: Fallout/Fallout New Vegas
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: Fortification Hill

When he was 2 years old, he and his mother fled when raiders killed his father, eventually finding sanctuary with the Followers of the Apocalypse. He received a free education from the Followers and eventually became a scribe, specialising in anthropology and linguistics. Though he was intelligent and charismatic, the narcissistic and petulant Edward was never very popular among his peers. He did not feel like he belonged among the Followers and, in hindsight, considered their goals to be utterly naive.
In year 2246, the Followers of the Apocalypse sent a group of nine members to the Arizona wastelands to study the region’s tribal languages. The group included Edward, who met with the missionary Joshua Graham, a specialist in tribal dialects. Not long into their travels, the group was captured by the Blackfoot tribe and held for ransom.

At the time, the tribe warred against seven other tribes and suffered from a lack of skill in warfare. Against his companion’s wishes, Sallow aided the Blackfoots to save him and his companions from their captor’s enemies, giving them knowledge in gun maintenance, small unit tactics, explosive improvisation and military strategy. The tribals admired Sallow so much that they made him their leader. With that, Sallow took the name Caesar and began reorganising the tribals he commanded into the Legion.
Caesar established warfare policies in the Legion based on the concepts of divide and conquer and total war. The Legion defeated the region’s seven tribes from weakest to strongest, and completely dominated each faction’s land and people. The people conquered in campaigns were conscripted, enslaved, or killed. Caesar saw the tribes “playing at war,” and tribals viewed his tactics as foreign, as their warfare consisted of skirmishes that never escalated into major conflicts.

With the combined leadership of Caesar and Graham, declared the "Malpais Legate," the Legion led campaigns against more tribes, forming a fanatically loyal army with their captives. Eighty-six tribes had been conquered by the year 2271 and the territory Caesar led formed the most powerful society east of the Colorado River. The Legion expanded west into the Mojave, eventually making contact with the NCR near New Vegas and beginning a campaign to take the region.
He had the other members of the expedition killed and after failing him during the First Battle of Hoover Dam, he had Graham cast out and thrown into the Grand Canyon.

Aside from military defeat, Caesar's greatest fear is being exposed as a fraud. Most members of the Legion, excluding some of the most trusted ones, are oblivious to the fact that the Legion's culture is based on books about ancient Rome, they believe that all of the customs enforced by Caesar were dictated to him by Mars himself. Those who claim otherwise are viewed as ultimate blasphemers. While some of the newly captured slaves are sceptical, they don't tend to be vocal about it, and their children are taken away from their parents to be raised by Caesar's priestesses. Secretly, Caesar still doesn't feel like a real Emperor of Rome. With his loose nation of savages, he still thinks of himself as merely a barbaric king of the Gauls.

The bombs had reset humanity's progress and he believed the time had come to rebuild it into something new, whatever the cost. He justifies his brutality with the notion that humanity would be better united under one flag than fighting against each other, and pushing itself further toward extinction. The Roman Empire was the best example of uniting savage lands in his mind, which is why he follows it's teachings and enforces them on his Legion. The fact that the Multiverse was destroyed and humanity faced extinction once more has only further grounded his stance in his beliefs.

(Important) Name: Legate Lanius/The Monster of the East
Age: 40s/50s (assumed)
Species: Human, even if a few in the wasteland don't see him that way
Universe from: Fallout/Fallout New Vegas
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: Fortification Hill

Legate Lanius, also known as the Monster of the East, is Caesar's second Legate. Lanius was a member of a tribe hostile to Caesar's Legion, the Hidebarks, and was the bloodthirsty champion of that tribe, sometimes ambushing entire groups of legionaries by himself. Caesar's Legion tracked down the Hidebarks, although when they knew that they would not be able to win against Caesar, they chose to surrender. Lanius saw this act as a betrayal to the tribe and it drove him into a bloodthirsty frenzy; killing the Chieftain and fifteen others of his own tribe single-handedly before he was knocked unconscious. When Lanius woke up, most of his face was torn off and Caesar was standing beside him. He offered Lanius a place in the Legion and a mask forged in the image of the great god Mars specifically for him. Lanius accepted Caesar's proposal, but in return he wanted permission to kill the survivors of his old tribe; Caesar demanded that he only kill the adult males. Since this time, Lanius has led Caesar's Legion to victory over nineteen tribes and led the conquest of Colorado.

Lanius is not well-liked within the Legion, and it seems that both Caesar doubts at his ability to lead the Legion. Lanius respects honour above everything. He states that treachery should not be relied on as a tactic. There is great conflict swirling around Lanius as Caesar's successor and adds to the beliefs of Joshua Graham, Marcus and Mr. House that the Legion will tear itself apart in the years after Caesar's death.

(Important) Name: Preston Garvey
Age: Late 30s/early 40s
Species: Human
Universe from: Fallout/Fallout 4
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: The Castle, the Commonwealth

Preston Garvey was the leader of the dying peacekeeping group known as the Minutemen, until he promoted the Sole Survivor to general and within a year the Minutemen were restored to their former glory, with Preston as second in command. However, once the Sole Survivor retired he was promoted to General. Preston originally enrolled with the Minutemen under Colonel Hollis at the age of seventeen. An avid believer in the espoused justice of the Minutemen cause, Preston joined the Minutemen under the direct command of Hollis himself. Things began to change for the worse when settlements under the protection of the Minutemen grew complacent. Freed from the greater concerns of the erstwhile dangers of the Commonwealth, settlements increasingly neglected their obligations to the collective in favour of petty self-interests.
He was present at the Quincy massacre and one of the only survivors of the Gunner attack and what the Commonwealth threw at them afterwards. He values helping people above all else, and fights with a laser musket.

(Redshirt) Name: Sturges
Age: Between 5-15 years
Species: Synth (believes himself to be human though)
Universe from: Fallout/Fallout 4
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: The Castle, the Commonwealth

A third generation Synth and was one of many residents of Quincy, where he had converted the town's pre-War church into a workshop for his own use as the town's handyman. Sturges fled alongside Preston Garvey and the other survivors following the Quincy Massacre. He is the voice of reason of the group and has proven his ability to defuse disputes, as seen when Preston makes the decision to continue on to Sanctuary Hills.
He helps the Minutemen, using his expertise as a mechanic to improve defences, facilities, weaponry and armour.

Like many 3rd-Gen Synths, Sturges is unaware of being a synth and fully believes himself to be human. His technical expertise were most likely programmed into him by the Institute, rather than being taught by his father as he believes.

(Important) Name: Travis Miles
Age: Mid-to-late 20s
Species: Human
Universe from: Fallout/Fallout 4
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: Diamond City

Travis ended up as the somewhat unwilling host of Diamond City Radio, where he was, to be frank; awful. He mumbled and went off track among other things due to a lack of confidence. That changed when the Sole Survivor helped him and he became a far better host. He is friends with Three Dog and seems to also believe in "Fighting the good fight", at least since he gained his confidence.

(Important) Name: John Hancock/Hancock
Species: Ghoul
Universe from: Fallout/Fallout 4
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: Goodneighbour

Born John McDonough, Hancock is the estranged brother of former Diamond City mayor, Mayor McDonough; the then non-ghoul John cut ties with his brother after the mayor banished all ghouls from Diamond City, resulting in the deaths of numerous innocent ghouls as the city turned on them. John tried to help as many ghouls as he could relocate to the town of Goodneighbor, attempting to save as many lives as possible, but many couldn't adjust to Goodneighbor. Their deaths would continue to torment him into the present day. John relocated to Goodneighbor, viewing it as a place for those who didn't fit in anywhere else. He is exceptionally punitive toward his enemies or those that break Goodneighbor law, but can be a good friend and valuable ally to those who treat him with respect, punish the guilty and protect the innocent.

He became a ghoul sometime after 2282, following the use of an experimental radioactive drug. In spite of his ghoulification, John Hancock considers the high "so worth it," as well as noting the near immortality he obtained as a benefit. Before John Hancock became mayor, the town was run by a ruthless mob boss named Vic. After witnessing the death of a fellow drifter by Vic's henchmen, John got high and passed out. When he came to, he found the clothes of the real John Hancock and, inspired by their presence, he took it upon himself to raise a militia and overthrew Vic from power. From then on, he became John Hancock, the mayor of Goodneighbor.

Currently, Hancock serves as the self-appointed mayor of Goodneighbor. The majority of citizens look to him for guidance, and he acts as a source of reassurance concerning the looming synth threat. Following the events of a plot to steal from his stronghold, he claimed to feel too pampered and comfortable and so travelled the Commonwealth for a time before returning to his duties as mayor.

(Redshirt) Name: Magnolia
Species: Synth
Universe from:
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: Goodneighbour

Magnolia is a synth living in Goodneighbour. It is unknown is she is aware of her origins, but if she's just quite good at hiding it.
She started working for Whitechapel Charlie as a singer sometime before 2287 and upon asking her about her past, she replies by saying that it's all in the songs that she sings. If asked about her music she will tell you that everyone comes to drown their memories. She performs in the Third Rail, a popular bar in Goodneighour and some of her songs are featured on Diamond City radio.

(Important) Name: Desdemona
Age: Early-to-mid 50s
Species: Human
Universe from: Fallout/Fallout 4
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: Unknown, somewhere in the Commonwealth

Her cautious nature and professional demeanour make getting to know her difficult. As leader of the Railroad, "Dez" is in charge of day-to-day operations and maintaining contact with the widespread network of safehouses.

Not much is known about her history. Dez first signed up with and joined the Railroad sometime before September 2276, serving under Pinky Thompson. Desdemona was voted into the Alpha position following the resignation of Thompson around December 2277. During her tenure, she made major changes concerning the organisation's operational security, leading to a drastic increase in the number of synths successfully rescued. She was responsible for devising the railsigns, and was also the one who recruited Tinker Tom and Glory to Railroad HQ.
She's capable of handling herself in a fight and is often seen smoking cigarettes.

The Railroad lost it's HQ during the war with the Institute and Brotherhood of Steel, but located elsewhere in the Commonwealth. This HQ was later lost during the death of the Multiverse.
She has continued the Railroad's mission of protecting and relocating synths. Although (incredibly) rare, a few synths have managed to make it to the Pentacle territories where they have been transported to a safer planet.

The West: Western Graveyard

Also known as the ship graveyard, The Western Graveyard is a massive collection of destroyed ships (naval, air and space) and while many might think of it as an ideal opportunity for scavenging, the Graveyard is home to many dangers. Scavies have learnt the hard way that the ghosts and spirits of this makeshift cemetery do not take too kindly when people try to sabotage or steal from their resting places. These scavies end up haunting the graveyard along with the ghosts they tried to steal from.

Seeing a huge concentration of ghosts might attract the attention of necromancers, Liches and others who would see to use the ghosts for their own gain but the graveyard itself is defended by a self-proclaimed protector.
There have been sightings of some cults in the area as well, small pockets of living people who have carved settlements out in the ships.
The Graveyard is located further south from the Wasteland.
Will be added
(Important) Name: The Guardian
Age: Unknown, possibly ancient
Species: Unknown, appears to be the only one of her kind.
Universe from: Unknown
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: Western Graveyard

The Guardian is a stubborn and seemingly immortal individual who made herself the self-proclaimed guardian of the dead in the Western Graveyard where she rarely allows people access. There are some very rare exceptions, notably they have well intentions or seeking to find deceased loved ones. She holds guilt over being able to do nothing for the dead aside from making sure their graves, and thus their anchors are not destroyed (thus wiping from from existence and giving them no chance of travelling to the afterlife in some cases).

Standing at 10ft tall (3.048 meters), The Guardian is a force to be reckoned with. Being skilled with multiple fighting styles and powerful magic she also as the ability to alter her size between 6ft 3 (1.905 meters) and 320ft (97.536).
The Graveyard is neutral territory and so she does not intervene in outside conflicts.

Other: The Ocean

Further East of the Indian Empire, off the coast of Delhi is a saltwater ocean. Not as deep as the Downreaching lake, but a lot wider. This ocean also separates the Pentacle territories from the Eastern continent and circles around the planet to cut off the East from the West.
Although the creatures that inhabit this ocean aren't as dangerous as that of the Downreaching lake, it is not without danger. Pirates among some dangerous sea-creatures populate this ocean.

There are also several islands, cut off from the rest of the Badlands.
The Serpent Isles
A few thousand miles off the coast of the Pentacle Territories are a collection of large island nations guarded by Chinese-style dragons and water serpents. From a distance, some large buildings can be seen but anyone who has ventured to the islands has been forced to leave or has never returned. Mages in the Pentacle territories observe from a distance.
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Gladius-V: Dark Space
Unrelenting Winter

This cold and cruel planet is similar to Earth in terms of geography, experiencing an Ice Age that covers the vast majority of the planet. This ice age was not naturally occurring, as it started around the same time as supernatural monsters who dominated the planet. There is very few life here, aside from scattered frontier settlements of people unlucky enough for the blue light to transport them there and perhaps the occasional ship crash.
The lucky ones are killed by the cold before the monsters can take them and the surviving people tend to turn on each other too, resorting to cannibalism or just killing another survivor to wear their warmer clothes.
The Unshaken Forest
With trees as tall as 600ft (182 meters), the Unshaken Forest is home to all manner of dangerous creatures. All attempts to settle in the forest, given it's chance of protection from the elements and abundance of natural resources have failed miserably, which is where the forest gets it's name from. There are a few living things here, apart from the monsters. Druids, Wood Elves and Dryads have been found here and are often willing to trade.
However, there are also tribes of cannibals too.
Will be added if any

Ishimura-High Charity

Like the currently discovered objects in this system, the Ishimura-High Charity is under quarantine. Those who approach it are doing so at their own risk. This asteroid field sits in the middle of the system, and contains two ships that collided when they were brought to Gladius. The USG Ishimura, which was infested by Necromorphs and the High Charity, a mobile Planetoid Station that was overrun with The Flood.
Ships that get too close to this asteroid belt are pulled in to be added to one of the Hive-minds.
Will be added if any

The Shroud

Currently, The Shroud is the furthest known object from Gladius-I, although scientists believe there is a lot more out there that simply hasn't been discovered yet. The planet gets it's namesake for the thick, black mist that covers it. This mist disables communications and ships if they get too close and they are pulled to the planet's surface.
There is no way of knowing whether or not they survived as nobody knows what is on the surface of this planet.
Will be added if any
Will be added if any
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Other Realms
The Hedge

The Hedge is a vast, seemingly intelligent or partially intelligent ecosystem that forms a boundary between Arcadia and the mortal realm. A dangerous and savage place that few dare enter. In many places, the Hedge lives up to its name, appearing as a thick hedge of thorny brambles, but it may take many forms. However it appears, be it swamp or desert or jungle, the Hedge is always wild and seldom safe; its thorns tear at the mind and soul as well as the body, leaving a Changeling's memories and often identity in tatters.

Within the Hedge are paths called trods which lead from gateways to other significant locations. Many trods run close to the mortal realm, which is visible when it is near. Others lead deeper into the Hedge, to Hollows - stable areas claimed or cultivated by Changelings or other Fae creatures - or to Arcadia, the realm of the Fae. It is impossible, however, for any but the True Fae themselves to enter Arcadia from the Hedge; while mortals can blunder into the Hedge on their own, they only enter Arcadia when taken by the Fae.

The Hedge is full of life; as well as the thorns there are many plants, including mystical Goblin Fruits of many kinds. There are also creatures of all shapes and sizes, which the fae refer to as Hobgoblins. Whether these creatures are native to the Hedge, or are creatures originally from Earth (or possibly even Arcadia) who have been warped by prolonged exposure, is debated by the fae, though many agree that these explanations aren't mutually exclusive. Most Hobgoblins are hostile, though a rare few are relatively benign and may be befriended by Changelings.

Changelings may enter the Hedge through gateways which exist in any number of places, and may even create their own through the power of Glamour. Any portal - be it a door, window, or merely a gap in a fence or mundane hedge - can be a gateway. Some gateways have existed for centuries; some older gateways may even be opened, accidentally or otherwise, by mortals. These most commonly require a key, a specific combination of objects, circumstances and/or actions that must come together to open the gateway. Changelings do not need a key. Leaving the Hedge is very much the same process.

The Twilight is a somewhat loose "ghostly reflection" of our world, composed of Ephemera (the same substance as ghosts, spirits and other beings). Beings who exist in Twilight include ghosts, spirits who have crossed over from the Shadow (spirit realm), and disembodied consciousnesses (e.g. the minds of those with the power of "astral projection", though they generally do not possess ephemeral bodies and may only observe, not interact with, other Twilight entities). Objects may also leave behind ephemeral echoes which exist in Twilight; these eventually decay, however, and are not alive as a spiritual reflection in the Shadow would be. Souls which have been detached from their owners also exist in Twilight.

Ghosts exist naturally in Twilight, but spirits find it extremely taxing to remain in the Material Realm, and must find a source of essence or possess a mortal host to avoid returning to the Shadow. Such possessed mortals are known as the Ridden. Ghosts may also learn the power of possession, but are unlikely to use it for extended periods. Spirits may also possess the power to materialise, transforming their ephemeral bodies into normal matter to exist in the real world, but this consumes a great deal of essence and cannot be sustained for long. By contrast, ghosts are naturally able to manifest themselves in the physical world, appearing to humans, though they remain composed of intangible ephemeral matter and must employ Numen to affect material objects.

Although not perceived by mortals, some supernatural beings such as Sin-Eaters and Moros Mages (Necromancers) have access to it. Upon travelling to the domain, they become beings of Twilight themselves, able to interact with the realm around them. This also means that the realm can interact with them, and not all ghosts and spirits are friendly.
The older a ghost is, the more powerful it is.

The Shadow
The Shadow or Shadow Realm (Hisil in the First Tongue) is a separate, animistic plane of existence composed of ephemera and inhabited by spirits.

The Shadow is a warped reflection of the physical world (or Material Realm) in which everything is alive; anything of import that happens in the Material Realm may birth a reflection in the Shadow, and that reflection may live on long after the original is gone. Thus demolished buildings, ancient trees and extinct animals may all still exist there in spiritual form, as may ideas and concepts which pre-date anything in the modern world. The only exception are human beings (and similar creatures like vampires and werewolves): people are eerily absent from the Shadow. This may be because only these creatures possess souls. Ghosts, the echoes sometimes left behind when humans die, are composed of ephemera but exist in Twilight, not in the Shadow.

Travel between the Material and Shadow Realms is impossible because of a barrier known as the Gauntlet, except at places of great spiritual energy known as loci. Because of the Gauntlet, few mortals are aware of the Shadow; only spiritual creatures.

According to the lore of the Uratha (Werewolves), the two realms once intermingled much more freely. It was Father Wolf's task to patrol the border between the realms, keeping a balance in the affairs of mortals and spirits. When Father Wolf was slain, the Gauntlet rose between the realms. The Forsaken Uratha of the modern world have now taken on Father Wolf's role, ensuring that the denizens of the Shadow Realm do not meddle too much in the Material Realm.

Other Factions
For factions not native or stuck to one setting.

The Strategic, Extraterrestrial Combat Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division is the result of a merging between SHIELD and XCOM, with it's logo even being a combination of the two. The eagle of SHIELD sits within the XCOM emblem, with a planet in the background the bird appears to be rising from. This organisation belongs to no nation although it has a base located outside of Seoul-Don and an island base in the waters of Certh. They recently established an outpost in the Badlands, positioning it several thousand miles west of the Western graveyard.

Like the goals of both organisations, it is dedicated to defending the world (or worlds, in this case) from outside and inside threats. With multiple Helicarriers, bases and The Avenger on their side, SECIELD is a force to be reckoned with. Due to past infiltration by HYDRA and aliens in the history of both organisations they are very strict about who they allow into the ranks, though.

(Important) Name: Agent Bradley Stevenson
Age: Early 30s
Species: Human
Universe from: Marvel
Status: Alive and active
Current Location: Badlands Outpost

Agent Stevenson was just a rookie when the Great Hunger attacked, but managed to survive by the skin of his teeth as well as save a number of fellow agents from certain death. His efforts got him promoted when SECIELD was being formed and he ended up becoming second in command at the recently build Badlands outpost in Gladius-IV.
Although a serious and determined person, he isn't humourless nor unkind when it comes to how he treats his fellow agents. He has training from both SHIELD and XCOM, making him a powerful soldier in the field of duty. However, due to being 2nd in command of the outpost he more often finds himself coordinating missions than actually going on them and would prefer to be out in the field.
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Gladius-I Arcs
Within the past four days, four human bodies have been found outside of Trap Streets in Seoul-Don. The government is currently trying to cover it up while enlisting those with an understanding of the two different communities to investigate the murders in order to prevent a leak to the human public that could start a panic or expose the hidden community of the Trap Streets. With the potential for more murders on the horizon, can you solve the mystery before peace in Seoul-Don crumbles?
Location: Tellestia
Focus: Mystery/conspiracy
Status: Active

Gladius- IV Arcs
Despite a ceasefire with India, the Xing Empire faces another threat from within it's own borders as a team of superpowered killers seek to murder and terrorise the population. The reasons for these attacks are currently unknown, but serve a much higher purpose than random mayhem and bloodshed
Location: Rush Valley, Xing Empire, The Badlands
Focus: Some combat/conspiracy
Status: Active

More will be added, don't worry.
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Gladius III- The Black Star District

The Black Star District is a planet-wide cityscape composed of shopping complexes, housing blocks, and corporate HQ for various alien commercial- and criminal- interests. It serves as a home to aliens not comfortable with the worlds closer to Gladius I-II, usually due to politics, climate, or physical limitations. Its government is a council of corporations and political figures, working to ensure the safety- and profitability- of the city. Among the human members of the population, a surprisingly large number are New Zealanders by origin, or at least sound like it. The 10 largest corporations of the planet are Ares Macrotechnologies, Zangyack Law Enforcement, Badurong Entertainment, Nightmare-Criasu, Foundation X, The Tatewaki Zaibatsu, the Shadow Line Transit Company, Dai-Shocker Cybernetics and Medicine, Takeshobo Comics, and The Crimson Corporation. On the other side of the law, the major criminal organizations include Panther Claw, Space Biker Gang Bowzock, The Pirate Guild, The Ganglers, The Monstarr Mob, Iotans, The Robot Mafia Neo-Guild, and Makuu.

  • Zangyack Recruiting Office: A recruiting center for the military police forces of the Zangyack. In their homeworld, they were a galaxy spanning empire of tyrants. In Gladius, they serve as one of the de facto police services of the Black Star District. Swift and brutal, the criminals in the Black Star District know how to keep their heads down when needed- and when to make sure their bribes are paid up. They focus on unorganized crimes.
  • Badurong Studios: Badurong Entertainment is a conglomerate of over 200 alien broadcasting networks that provides entertainment to all of Gladius- particularly their game shows. The shows Galaxy Warriors and The Spandez Conquest Hour are among the most popular for re-runs, but both shows are competing to come up with something new until there's enough planets for conquering again.
  • BAD Robot Rentals and Sales: BAD rents any number of robots with any number of designs and purposes- whether it's weather controlling robots like Kaminari Man or simple construction drones, BAD hires out and sells various forms of mechanical muscle. Actually a shell company for NEO-Guild, the planet's leading manufacturer of robots, their component parts, and accesories.
  • Criasu-Nightmare: A conglomerate formed from the merger of the megacorporation Nightmare and the technology firm Criasu Corp. Largely focused around technological development and robotics engineering.
  • The Tatewaki Zaibatsu: The company that owns most of the construction firms in the BSD. They do solid work, but are quite expensive.
  • Ares Macrotechnologies Gladius Offices: One of ten AAA-rated Megacorporations operating out of the Sixth World, they decided to expand to the only market none of their competitors had reached: Other dimensions.
  • Bowzock Clubhouse: A chain of family restaurants owned by the Space Biker Gang Bowzock, these roadhouses are famous for their delicious food, friendly clientele, and the comraderie of the aliens that staff them. While mostly harmless hooligans, they were once a terrifying force to be reckoned with.
  • Panther Claw Jewelry and Cosmetics: Famous throughout Gladius for their beautiful handiwork, Panther Claw wants nothing more than to make the most valuable jewelry in all the multiverse for the glory of their founder, Panther Zora.
  • Eagle Talon Event Planners: A small business that focuses on planning parties, get-togethers, and weddings. Though there are only five or so employees, they always give it their all.
  • Dark Angel Arcade: An arcade run by the rogue angel Zhang Jiao. With arcade games from across reality, this three-story complex is one of the most famous entertainment hotspots in Gladius.
  • Pirate Guild Home Office: The main offices of the Space Pirate Guild. Unofficially sanctioned by the government of the BSD, they are above the law- as long as they keep their violent crimes out of the jurisdiction of Zangyack.
  • Gangler Casinos: A chain of casinos across the planet, owned by the Interdimensional Businessmen, the Gangler. Every stereotype of a mob-run casino.
  • Shadow Line Transit Company: Growing out of the Shadow Line Railway Company, the Shadow Line provides not only public transportation, but also constructs most of the commercially available vehicles in the BSD.
  • Reionic Memorial Kaiju Preserve: This massive island, about the size of Australia, is one giant nature preserve- home to dozens of titanic forms of wildlife known as "Kaiju." One of the major tourist destinations, the kaiju live happily in their natural habitats.
  • Florsheim Temporary Employment Agency: This friendly gaggle of monsters seeks world domination, but frequently stops to help their fellow men find work. Their leader, General Vamp, is considered one of the kindest men in Gladius.
  • The Sportsatorium: This forty-block square sports complex has regulation arenas and playing fields for every sport from Meth Tennis to Chojin Wrestling. Notable teams and leagues include the Black Mist Wrestling Federation, the Seattle Screamers murderball team, and the MartianMegatons.
  • Dai-Shocker Cybernetic Clinic: The be-all, end-all of cybernetics, the Dai-Shocker brand guarantees quality at affordable pricing.
  • Little Iacon: Cybertronian ghetto to contain their gangwars, mostly used by outsiders as a dump. Decepticons, SG!Decepticons, Predacons, Maximals, Vehicons, Malignus, Botbots, all in a 64-mile square chunk of planet.
  • Warz Gil: Prince of the Zangyack empire, now their chief of police. Kind of a whiny brat, but he has his deputy Barizorg to keep him in line.
  • The Galactic Lord of Bloodsport, Spandez: An evil, immortal gameshow host that feeds on the bloodlust of sentient creatures via hosting violent sporting events.
  • Ryuzaburou Tatewaki: The mad genius at the head of the Tatewaki Zaibatsu. Despite his eccentricities, he's a savvy businessman and shrewd negotiator.
  • George Makabe: Leader of the Robot Mafia, Guild. Largely made up of disaffected robots and androids, they seek only to make life miserable for non-disposables like anything made of meat.
  • CEO Nero: The current head of the Shaow Line, Nero focuses mostly on the business side of things. However, he longs for the days of riding the rails as a conductor himself.
  • General Shadow
  • Kougami
  • The Crimson Corporation
  • Takeshobo
  • Mon-Starr: It's not often you see the boss of a mob acting as its dumb muscle. But there Mon-Starr stands, pushing down walls and bench pressing cruisers.
  • Dogranio Yaboon: A savvy operator of legitimate businesses who's been the head of the Ganglers for over a thousand years. He spends most of his time in his casinos, meeting his subordinates and attempting to find new diversions in his old age.
  • Crystal Bowie
  • Zhang Jiao: A fallen Angel who developed the Dark Sick and Dark Pentagon, two artefacts of incredible power.
  • Sister Jill
  • President Gynamo: Leader of the Bowzock biker gang, he and his men are actually a pretty cool guys. They just want to ride their bikes and have fun, but apparently they're too loud for Zangyack's tastes and have been labeled a criminal organization.
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