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Fandom Gladius: A Multi-Fandom RP

The Mad Queen

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The Multiverse is dead, or about to die with little chance of anything stopping it. A force known as The Great Hunger has swept across reality, consuming all in it's path.
However, all is not lost. A pocket dimension, outside of reality sits as the last bastion of life. Those who end up there have a name for this dimension: Gladius.

Made up of multiple solar-systems containing different planets, everything from people to entire civilisations ends up transported somewhere in Gladius. Some have been there for thousands of years, while new survivors are transported daily in an expanding dimension.
Is Gladius just buying the survivors time, or is it something more? Only time will tell. For as armies clash over territory and empires are built there are those that dedicate their second chance to uncovering the mysteries of their new home.


Right off the bat, I'll be honest. This is going to be a pretty big RP, which is why y'all are allowed multiple characters to begin with. There will be a mixture of different settings per solar system, each with their own styles and themes to boot. I have five solar systems so far, each with their own planets and various locations that fit a theme or style.
While there is going to be multiple story-arcs for each setting, there's sandbox in this RP too as your characters can build, explore and forge relationships, shaping their own destines in this final bastion of life.

I'm also going to try and include settings based on characters and allow players to make their own civilisations and factions that I'll add to the lore tab once the RP goes up. This also applies to player-made story arcs where players can become the GM of their own story told in the Gladius dimension (both will require requesting and approval by yours truly though).

Right, now to tag a bunch of people:
@Emmadagood, @Crenando, @GearBlade654 @Polyblank @Alpha007 @Donder172 @Morbuskid @Vermin King @Baku the Shipping Lord @The Omen of Death @ManyFaces @R-Breezy @Ethan Hart

Character limit per player is 14, but you can only reserve up to four characters.
Character-Sign ups: Fandom - Gladius: A Multi-Fandom RP- Character Sign-Up

This RP also has a Discord server, used for discussing the RP: Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
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The Mad Queen

Roll Initiative
If anyone wants to make their character now, or at least make a start here is the sheet.

Nicknames/Aliases: (optional)
Alignment: (optional)

Skills: (fighting styles, good at driving, ect)
Powers/Abilities: (super strength, super speed, ect)
Weaknesses: (Kryptonite, sunlight, a crippling fear of cows, ect)
Gear: (weapons, armour, vehicles, ect)
Companions: (if any i.e Groot, Dogmeat, ect. Up to 4)
Relationship to character:
Skills, Abilities and gear:
Further details: (optional)

Quotes: (optional, just to give us a better feel of the character)
Goals: (optional what do they want)
Fears: (optional what do they dread, not actual phobias as that would go under weaknesses)
Trivial: (optional extra details)
Theme Song: (optional)

And here's an alignment chart for details:


We're all friends here, right?
ya ever get that feeling of Deja vu? Cuz I'm getting a lotta What Remains/Rapture vibes here.

I'll go ahead and say I'm interested in testing the waters.

The Mad Queen

Roll Initiative
ya ever get that feeling of Deja vu? Cuz I'm getting a lotta What Remains/Rapture vibes here.

I'll go ahead and say I'm interested in testing the waters.
Given that I made both versions of What Remains (a long-running RP that died down and a short-lived one I abandoned for personal reasons), yeah.


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Names: Farator

Alignment: True Neutral

Fandom: Pathfinder

Age: Roughly 350

Gender/Sexuality: Male, Heterosexual.

Species: Moroi vampire, previously an elf

Appearance:View attachment 458707

(But with pointed ears of course.)

Personality: A perfect example of a Moroi vampire. An elegant, noble demeanor, juxtaposed by a brutal and vicious fighting style. He does his best to control his urges for the sake of his daughter, but when provoked, he is a force to be reckoned with. Namorae is literally the only creature he feels for, and the only one he will allow to insult him, much less tell him to halt an attack.

That’s not to say that he’s subservient to her in the slightest, he is simply more willing to listen to her. If he believes that she is in danger, he is not above forcing her to obey him with his domination ability. He is rather stern with her, insisting she behave as is befitting of his daughter. However, he does find her free spirit refreshing, and will occasionally humor her less elegant demeanor. He does love her, much as that fact worries him.

He will never express love for her in public. In fact, when they do go out together, Namorae takes another face, and poses as his servant. The reason for this is simply that Farator is paranoid. He believes that if anyone knew he had a daughter, they might attempt to take her hostage to manipulate him. But a servant? Simply a means to an end. Maybe they’d try to get information from her, but nothing more. For both of their protection, this is best.

Backstory: Farator is an ancient creature. In his life, he was a young lord in Galt, a land plagued by creatures of darkness. Cults of old ones, demons and devils alike thrived in the paranoia and chaos. Werebeasts, hags, and all matter of undead lurked in the shadows as they waited for some poor fool to forget the danger.

The vampires especially were a menace within the aristocracy, and held so much power that many chose not to hide at all. They would make deals with the nobles around them, forging alliances and offers of protection. Many of the less scrupulous nobles would even offer up their subjects as servants or meals to gain power, or even the immortality offered by their business partners.

Farator became a target for his skill in manipulation. He remained unnoticed by using other nobles as a front, and sabotaging those that he felt might be a threat. He avoided the spotlight like the plague, knowing that those that made themselves noticed were the ones that died. He had no interest in personal glory.

Farator was reluctant to take the offer at first. His sire was seeking a servant in the nobility, and one that would not be noticed. What they finally agreed on was that Farator would be that servant for a century, and that he would be under the protection of his sire’s house for the duration. After that time, Farator would be set free, to do as he pleased with his unlife.

The deal was cut short seventy years later, when the citizens of Galt decided they had finally had enough. They’d been planning for years, smuggling paladins, clerics, and monster slayers into the country. When they struck, it was swift, and bloody. They had kept it hidden, and no one was prepared for the amount of firepower they had at their disposal.

Farator’s sire was one of the first to fall, his home burned to the ground with him inside. With his death, his hold over Farator was ended, and he fled. He knew a losing battle when he saw one, and he had no intention of sharing his master’s fate.

It wasn’t hard for him to slip into the politics of another country, especially with his skill in mental manipulation. Often the victims of this ability were unaware of what he forced them to do. However, some of his negotiations with a Calistrian woman led to something he never expected. A daughter, cursed to live between life and unlife. Her mother did not survive the birth, and her family was so repulsed that they saw fit to abandon her in a nearby orphanage, and let the townsfolk deal with the consequences.

Farator was stunned, having believed himself unable to father children. He visited the orphanage the same night, and took his child. He went into hiding after that, focusing on raising her, rather than his political desires.

Skills: Magic, Politics, and a fighting style that relies on magic and stealth, striking from hiding to quickly retreat back into the shadows. Dislikes head on combat.


Other than mastermind (the telepathy version), just standard abilities. He is also a decently powerful mage, specializing in necromancy, but he uses this ability primarily to empower himself and Namorae, not to actually raise servants.

Weaknesses: A wooden stake to the heart will kill him instantly. However, as soon as the stake is removed, he will awaken, and begin recovery. He can last six seconds in sunlight before becoming helpless, six more before being utterly destroyed. He can’t enter a home without being invited, can’t stand the smell of garlic, and most holy symbols presented with the intent of holding him at bay will do exactly that. He can’t see well in bright light, and has a hard time fighting in those conditions. Also, holy magic is very painful for him.

Gear: His spellbook, his coffin, a staff with a protective darkness spell, and a longsword.

Companions: Namorae, his daughter, and however many servants he has at the time. Currently none.

Quotes: “Namorae, why are you on the ceiling?”

Goals: Keeping his daughter safe, and finding a nice little territory for the two of them. Also he plans to make her a vampire once she’s older.

Fears: He only cares about one person in any world, and he is terrified of losing her.

Theme Song: (optional)

Names: Namorae

Alignment: Neutral Good

Fandom: Pathfinder

Age: 125

Gender/Sexuality: Female/Pansexual

Species: Dhampir (the daughter of a Moroi vampire and an elf in this case)

Appearance: View attachment 458705

Personality: Sarcastic, easily bored, and prone to practical jokes, it can be hard to believe that she is truly Farator’s daughter. While she’s fully capable of acting in the elegant and reserved manner her father has, she really doesn’t like doing so. That said, she’s incredibly manipulative when it suits her, and can switch between personalities just as easily as she changes her face.

She loves her father dearly, and as much as she enjoys teasing him, she would kill and die for him if he asked it. She did inherit some of his instinct for violence, and is quite good at it.

She loves a good chase, and as such, comes out of hiding more than her father would like. She tends to avoid killing anyone, preferring to seek out fight clubs, or just go to a bar and stir up some trouble.

Backstory: Born to a noble family that wanted nothing to do with her, Namorae’s life could have been very different. Most dhampir grow up outcast from society, hated and feared by everyone for what they inherited from their undead sire. But yet another extreme rarity was involved in her birth. Thankfully, Moroi vampires are more likely to care about their children, or at least be possessive of them.

Farator ‘convinced’ one of the caretakers to bring his daughter to him, and as a second thought, took the woman as a servant, aware that he had no idea how to tend to a newborn, dhampir or otherwise. He took them with him to find a new home, one hidden from his political enemies.

One of the first things he noticed was that Namorae was aging very slowly. At first, he worried that she’d be trapped in an infant’s body forever, but thankfully it seems she didn’t completely inherit his immortality. She just ages about seven times more slowly than a human. By the time her caretaker died, she was the equivalent of a five year old, and Farator saw no need to extend the life of the midwife’s life any further.

As she kept growing, Farator was rather surprised to see the personality she was developing. She had a fire in her heart that he really wasn’t expecting from her, and he can’t help but wonder where that came from. Certainly not from him. The competitiveness though… definitely him.

Once she was old enough, he began finding teachers for her, since he knew he couldn’t teach her everything. She had a serious talent for hand to hand combat, so that’s what he had her trained in. He’s quite impressed by the many techniques and skills she has learned, even using a small amount of magic in some of them to bolster herself.

He was a little worried about how much she enjoyed it, though. She tended to get caught up in her sparring matches, and forget that she wasn’t meant to truly harm her opponent. Eventually he took to fighting her himself, since he knew she wouldn’t be able to do enough damage to him to be a real threat.

Teaching her softer skills was much harder than teaching her combat. Her temper or her sense of humor would always get in the way. She was a magnificent liar, however, and he had plenty of time to teach her the rest. But when they’re in private, she’ll always be herself.

Skills: Unarmed combat (with certain abilities augmented by magic), Acting, good with animals. She also has some skill with dealing with ghosts and other such undead, but she has no power to command them. She just talks to them, and often that’s enough.

Powers/Abilities: Ability to detect undead in her immediate vicinity, enhanced strength and charisma, and the wall walking thing.

Weaknesses: Holy energy will injure her, can’t see well in sunlight, and is otherwise just as easy to kill as a human.
Gear: Hat of disguise-Allows her to change her appearance, but never a specific person, and must always be humanoid. The hat can change how it looks as well. However, anyone that touches her, or that has enhanced senses such as scent, may notice something wrong. She will look and sound like whatever form she took, but that’s it.

She also has a tent on her at the moment since they were traveling when they were brought here.

Companions: Her father, Farator

Quotes: “Because, dear father, I can be on the ceiling!”

Goals: To see as much of the world as she can, and help as many people out as she’s capable of. And of course, to protect her father.

Fears: She’s well aware that at least in her world, no one would believe that she and her father were anything other than unholy abominations. Hell, even vampires don’t tend to like Dhampir, seeing them as impure. She is paranoid about who she reveals herself and her father to.

Theme Song:

The Mad Queen

Roll Initiative
I have a job interview on Thursday so should have the RP up and running by this weekend. Monday/Tuesday at the latest.


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Hi, I'm interested. Care for another. (Gags Gil so he doesn't force me to put him in this RP or weird you out.)

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