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Fandom Galaxy Torn Character Thread



Character sheets for here are going to be a little different in the sense that they're less "character sheet" and more "detailed character description." Instead of copying and pasting a template and just filling it out, I think it'll help with character development so it's not just filling out a template. This way players have a chance to get to know their character, define their limitations and attributes, before starting.

It's basically just a detailed character description with a few requirements. The following are the very basic requirements that need to be in the sheet. These are flexible. Any format or wording is fair play, as long as you have these very basic concepts, you can write whatever else you'd like.

If you want to, you can just make a normal character sheet.

That being said, the requirements are as follows:

Home Planet

Skin Color
Eye Color
Dressing Style
Other Descriptions on Looks

Flaws (physical or mental)
Force Sensitive (yes or no)
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Eighteen years before the Battle of Yavin, Sheraff Goalin was born on Chandrila to a rich noble family. Despite constant dissident towards the Empire, both senatorial and from the general population, Sheraff looked up to the might of his government—wanting from a young age to join their ranks and become a pilot among the stars. This dream only prospered with the formation of the Rebel Alliance and Chandrila's involvement in its foundation. At the age of 19, Goalin enlisted in the Imperial Academy on Corulag. Later during his training, he was responsible for investigating and exposing an illegal swoop-racing ring within the ranks of the Academy, which propelled his educational career.

Unlike many others who enlist with the Empire, Sheraff actually became the pilot of a TIE fighter, until he eventually became captain of his squadron. The fleet commander that he served took notice of his aptitude in a strategic position, and soon, he was commanding the fighters behind the safety of deflector shields and duralloy hulls.

Sheraff quickly rose the ranks during the Reborn Emperor Palpatine's reign during 10 ABY, where he became a Fleet Commander under the service of the Imperial Legate Arganth, Palpatine's enforcer. Commanding the Imperial Star Destroyer Stormwind, Goalin won several victories, quickly becoming an Admiral, then Fleet Admiral. Eventually, he found himself a Grand Admiral in charge of the Eclipse, a massive Super Star Destroyer / space station hybrid.

After the Empire's disbandment at the hands of Luke Skywalker, Grand Admiral Goalin disobeyed all orders surrounding the Eclipse's destruction, instead opting to immediately order a jump to hyperspace. Over the Deep Core world of Ilon VI, a secret, uncharted Sith world, Goalin held the Super Star Destroyer over the planet and began rebuilding his Remnant.

Patient, diligent, and sharp-witted, the Grand Admiral believes the morale of his men and women serving under him to be a top priority, and works to see that it remains high. Trust, even if sometimes through fear, is worth a lot to him.

The Grand Admiral seeks a true Emperor—finding that Palpatine was unworthy, as he failed the Empire on two separate occasions—or at least a proper ruler. He is unsatisfied leading the Imperial Remnant on his own, but feels that no other is truly worthy of taking the throne.

His skin, a porcelain-ivory color, brings out the blue in his eyes and they both complement his attire. Sheraff's only persistent outfit choice is that of a Grand Admiral; consisting of a double-breasted tunic with matching trousers as well as a rank insignia plaque with twelve squares of different color. Goalin enjoys showing off his status within the Empire, and as such, wears golden epaulets with fringe trimming made from shimmersilk. The epaulets extend to the edge of his shoulder where the fringe hangs off and dances as he walks. It's an eye-catcher to be sure and the centerpiece of his outfit.

Rapidly climbing the Imperial ladder caused an incredible increase in prestige for the newly-anointed Grand Admiral, but he was still not without his faults. Sheraff Goalin suffers from pyromania and a fiery temper. He can often become cruel, distasteful, blinded by his temper and manic joy when blowing New Republic vessels out of the sky or commanding his troopers to execute those who have crossed him.

The Grand Admiral does his best to keep himself restrained, proper, and patient—and has succeeded in doing so, but it's only a matter of time until something drastic happens.
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Name: Baxter Lee
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Home Planet: Hearth (corporate sector forgeworld)
Affiliations: His detective firm
Occupation: Private investigator

Skin Color: Toned Caucasian
Eye Color: Chestnut
Appearance: Attached Below

  • Manipulative
  • Seldom holds a grudge, but will bring up the past
  • Resourceful
  • Macabre Humor
  • Deal Maker

  • Obsessive
  • Stubborn

Force Sensitive: No


During the reign of the empire, the corporate sector of space was granted numerous liberties. Coruscant remained blind to the treatment of their worker populations and research went uninterrupted by the morally driven committees of old. Of course, these companies were still on the leash of pledging support to the empire, along with keeping their private businesses confined to a corner of the galaxy. With no room to expand, the corporate titans were soon at each other’s throats. Enter the corporate agents, positions that would prove to shape the corporate sector during the empire. They serve their organizations to this day as liaisons, assassins, and spies.

Shortly after Palpatine’s reorganization, companies were scrambling to bolster their ranks of operatives for the projected infighting. Working worlds were scoured for talent, and it was upon the forge world of Hearth that they found a young gunsmith. Named Baxter Lee, he was born a local and put to work at the age of 15. It was at 18 that his father was handicapped in an accident, prompting his family and himself to take on extra shifts to pay for his stay. However, Lee recognized that funds simply were coming in quick enough, and turned to less legitimate ways of ensuring his father remained on world. The regional managers of Hearth were always squabbling, something the young Lee took advantage of. He collected dirt on managers and “reallocated” resources to the departments that would pay for it. The credits came quicker, his family had more peace of mind, and the laborer’s life chugged on. That is, until organic resources paid a visit.

Already apt in stealing material and information, infractions his parent company Amalgaware took note of, he was given a test. If he succeeded in retrieving a rival company’s prototype ship, he’d be trained as a potential agent; if not he’d be incarcerated and his relations fined handsomely. Lee, realizing such a fine would trigger his father’s expulsion from Hearth, took the assignment. He’d arrive at the company’s headworld a month later piloting the vessel. Immediately the young Lee was indoctrinated into Amalgaware’s agency, his record was cleared, and his family was financially compensated for his absence.

Once indoctrinated, Lee spent three years as a junior agent before taking on his own assignments. Throughout his career, he became recognized as an agent who specialized in infiltration while also managing to negotiate higher cuts for himself. Whether money or favors, it always seemed that Agent Lee could come away with the better half of the deal. Like any business, there were a number of executives that didn’t approve of this behavior, and Lee soon found himself negotiating enemies both outside and within Amalgaware.

Outside the sector, war raged. The Alliance and Empire were looking to strike ever greater blows against each other, and the corporate sector seemed like a soft spot. Agents were requested by the Empire, and sent forth by their companies to weed out possible rebellions amongst the workers. Amalgaware was more than happy to secretly review one of their competitors, —----. Mainly to have the empire indict the mining company and then persuade the reigning government to gift them the disbanded company’s assets. It was a manufacturer's dream scheme, so they sent a team of agents (Lee among them) to take care of it.

Unbeknownst to Agent Lee, one of the those he was partnered with was ordered to spy on him. So, when —-- approached Lee about implanting incriminating evidence with Amalgaware, he was reported as a traitor…despite refusing the offer. Needless to say, Amalgaware was quick to order his termination. Forced to change sides, now fighting off his fellow agents and working for —-- to gain protection, he unwillingly played a role in developing the rebellion on —--. Forced to disassociate with his family, he would then leave the sector and never return.

Exiting the sector through the Shaltin Tunnels, before linking up with the Perlimian Trade Route, Lee found himself at the galaxy’s core. He’d eventually base himself out of Eufornis Major, an urban world that mirrored Coruscant with an art deco twist. Perpetually stuck in its gilded age, with a potential depression always on the horizon, it proved turbulent to those who dared delve deeper than a first glance. Lee again took advantage of a flawed environment, utilizing his skills as an agent to open up his own detective firm. Ironically he now does exactly what he did back on Hearth, snooping and prowling.



- One DL-45 blaster pistol - One DX-12 scatter blaster - Shield Gauntlet
DL-45.png DX-12.jpg 4e4361cf163c6e9cf884e3dcd5d367e8.jpg

- Biotech "Mind Drive": Allows for specific details to be stored on a chip within an implant. They can be accessed later with the chip’s removal or by the person recalling events in their mind. Essentially it’s artificial photographic memory.


Cyberpunk Detective.jpg
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» » Kohvee Arur'ukr « «
Gender: Male
Age: Fourteen (14)
Species: Ghorfa (Tusken Raider)
Home Planet: Tatooine
Force Sensitive: Yes
Faction(s): N/A​

Before the age of 12, Kohvee's life was unremarkable. He grew up the same as any other Tusken child in his tribe. Learning the ways of a tribe warrior under his mother and father, playing in the desert wastes with the other children, caring for his young bantha, but this stability took a heavy blow when sickness swept through the tribe's bantha herd. It claimed many of their lives, including Kohvee's own young bull. The loss was irrecoverable for the tribe, which dissolved under the loss.

It was then that Kohvee started to take interest of things outside the sheltered world of the tribe. He began to observe with great interest the activities of the outlanders. He had been taught they were an irredeemable evil scourge upon the land, but as he saw it, they didn't seem all that different at their core. Kohvee's curiosity eventually worked up enough for him to try to interact with the outlanders where he quickly learned that to be able to do so in any effectiveness he would have to disguise what he was. He changed his appearance, bartered for a vocoder, and then a new world opened to him.

Kohvee found himself overwhelmed with the volume of new things to learn and see among the outlanders. He made it his mission in life to learn as much as possible about how the rest of the world works, and in the two years since the tribe's tragedy he managed to integrate himself into the outlander community as much as could be expected for a 14 year old going through life on their own, and became known for being a minor information broker in Bestine.

He is as of yet unaware of his sensitivity to the Force, and has no knowledge of the Jedi, legend or otherwise, though due to his history of sneaking around where he's not meant to be, he's become unconsciously but highly talented at shielding his Force signature.

Kohvee is rather short (5'4") but stocky. He dresses in layered and rough fabrics of varying shades of tan in the manner of your average Tatooine resident. He has drifted away from the distinctive garb of the Tusken Raiders to attempt to blend in with the human inhabitants of his home planet, but still wears wraps under his clothing along with his vocoder mask and goggles to ensure there is no exposed part of him. Typically wearing a wrap style shirt with a hood, knee length pants, and a darker toned multi-pocketed vest. He also is almost never seen without his family's old cycler rifle and voice modulator, which gives him a moderate Outer Rim accent.

Kohvee is a chronically curious individual, always sticking his nose where it doesn't belong and asking questions people might not be happy to have been asked. Contrarian. Loves to be right and refuses to back down in an argument.

Strengths: Fast learner, good with animals, great shot, adept at sneaking in places
Weaknesses: Sense of self-preservation is quite low, doesn't understand politics, can't read, easily frustrated​
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Veill Dyvashi
Gender: Female
Age: Twenty-seven (27)
Species: Defel (Wraith)
Home Planet: Af'El / Coruscant
Force Sensitive: No
Faction(s): Ragnar Syndicate​

She takes great pride in her appearance, and her thick fur which appears a deep brown to black under normal lighting is always maintained at a nice shine. When viewed in ultraviolet, Veill's pelt shows as a saturated blue, with striped markings of green and pink. She is on the the tall side of average for her species at an even 5' and has eyes which shine red when light reflects on them. She typically adorns the longer fur at her temples and nape with small braids and beads woven throughout. In contrast she dresses minimally, preferring dark, close-fitting garments that leave as much of her fur exposed as allowed by climate and decency to give its light bending properties opportunity to work as well as possible. She has a heavy black cloak that she dons when stealth is not required, and wears a heavily tinted visor when in normal light conditions.

Veill has a very strong sense of personal honor, believing the worth of a being weighs on the strength of their word and convictions. She has a pessimistic outlook on life and the galaxy in general. In her opinion, the galaxy has fallen into a chaos and degeneracy from which it can never return. She is individualistic to the point of being distrustful of everyone else, and believes it is up to every individual to claw for the scraps to make their quality of life and security the best it can be.

Veill's family left Af'El when she was very young to try their hand at finding their fortune in metallurgy work in the shipyards of Fondor. Her memories of their home planet have faded to time, made up more of hazy impressions and stories her parents would tell of home than of actual memories anymore. As a kid living on an industrial station, Veill mainly tried to stay out from underfoot, but she saw enough to develop her bleak outlook on the state of the galaxy. She saw the futility in the treatment of the workers and the never ending wheel of company debt and meager pay, and as soon as she was old enough to do so, Veill made up her mind to break free of it all and stowed away on an outgoing vessel.

She eventually found her way to Coruscant and her species' natural talents easily landed her in the criminal underworld. She found a new kind of family in the Ragnar Syndicate, a faction of the Bounty Hunter's Guild where by the age of 27 has gained clout as an effective and dependable assassin, specializing in heavily guarded targets. She prefers hand-to-hand encounters over firearms, though she does carry an old E-11 Blaster Rifle along with her assortment of vibroblades.

Strengths: Stealth, intimidation, hand-to-hand combat, knowledge of the criminal underworld
Weaknesses: Distrustful, poor pilot, terrible negotiator, insomniac, effectively blinded by bright light​

cloak on
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Twelve years before the Battle of Yavin, Kolaren Doragon was born on Level 1313 of the Coruscant underworld. His mother was a Theelin dancer in the Cage district, while his father was an average Iradonian, and when they fell in love they had two children.

It was, at surface level, an inconsequential thing; those of Level 1313 were no strangers to alien species—in fact, most of its residents weren’t human. The birth of Kolaren shouldn’t have had any impact, especially given the circumstances and location and yet it did. Despite neither parent being born with the abilities of a Jedi, or even having interacted with one before, their youngest child was born Force sensitive. Something about the way their genes mixed, how the Midichlorians inside their child came together triggered it. Perhaps it was just evolutionary.

Nevertheless, Kolaren’s sensitivity flew under the radar for several years until it finally manifested when he was no older than five. Together, him and his sister avoided the gangsters that murdered their parents, but only barely. One of the armed men just overlooked their hiding spot and walked by. From then on, they were on their own in the world. Lyra, his sister, resorted to petty theft and robbery to provide for the both of them but even that wasn’t enough.

Kolaren’s sensitivity manifested itself for a second time when they were discovered by an elderly Twi’lek woman. It was by pure chance that they met. The Twi’lek took note of this, and also took note of several other signs that something was odd about the young hybrid boy. Not long after their meeting, the Twi’lek, known only as the Elder, took both Lyra and Kolaren under their wing and raised them alongside her granddaughter. She taught them how to survive in such a harsh society as well as other skills.

Several years passed by. Lyra, Kolaren, and the Elder’s granddaughter Nymia, had learned what they needed to know, did what they needed to do to make it through the day. Though, it did not come easy for any of them. Level 1313 was notorious for its criminal activity and they each found themselves on the wrong side of the fight on multiple occasions. Eventually Lyra could not take it anymore and fled the planet alongside an up-and-coming gang, leaving behind her only family.

Kolaren hadn’t taken his sister’s departure well. The three had become close and had relied on each other for survival, but Lyra had betrayed that trust. She’d left them on the same selfish impulse that had gotten their parents killed, and for that, he developed an unhealthy grudge. But despite this, he had found solace in the ongoing support of the Twi’lek Nymia. At age 17, twelve years after his parents’ death, Kolaren and Nymia formed a romantic relationship—it was heavily symbiotic, and more based on survival than anything else, but it was a relationship nonetheless.

As time continued to pass, his goals changed from mere survival to something bigger. Kolaren wished to be free of the Coruscant underworld just as his sister had. He knew that it was easier said than done, and many of his moneymaking schemes had fallen flat on their faces. The plan was almost abandoned entirely until he’d gotten mixed up in one of the Cage district’s many gangs.
One of his schemes had grown into something larger. Kolaren had seen what this gang was doing to the level’s residents, and he could not stand for it any longer. So he signed up and, as part of the initiation process, had the first four letters of his name tattooed down the right side of his face.

His goal was to dismantle the gang from the inside. Unlike many things in his life, Kolaren felt as if this was possible. If he could actually accomplish this, then he would be able to flee the planet with Nymia, and live a happy life anywhere else. Things had gone well until he was discovered, and his partner, Nymia, seemingly executed by the gang’s leader. Now forced to flee, Kolaren gave in to anger and fear, and his sensitivity manifested for a third time during his escape from the infamous Level 1313.

At age 22, Kolaren was discovered by Luke Skywalker as the boy fled from the massive pit connecting the Imperial City’s many platforms. Skywalker proposed he join the New Jedi Order, which had only just been formed, and having nowhere left to go, Kolaren accepted the offer.

Eventually he became a Jedi Knight shortly after turning 23 years old. Having shown such significant improvement in a short amount of time, he crafted his own lightsaber out of a synthetic crystal, as many Jedi had, which took on an orangish color. His skill as a Jedi was put to waste when he agreed to help the New Republic in aiding the general public—instead of actually helping communities that needed help, he had been assigned to hunt down and thinning the Imperial Remnant’s numbers. Time and time again, Knight Kolaren would voice his displeasure with hunting the Remnant, but his pleas were left unheard.

This was largely due to the fact that he was so good at what he did. Kolaren was a master of deception, and, having grown up in the underworld, knew how to lie and manipulate his way into situations that were more desirable. It acts as a double-edged sword; he can often decieve those around him, including friends and allies, to the point where his true personality can be hard to pinpoint. Kolaren often puts up a facade leading others to think he knows less than he truly does.

As he had grown older, Kolaren developed a crown of vestigial, bone-like horns at the edges of his scalp, as well as one fleshy horned protrusion on either side of his forehead, directly above his temples. His skin had settled on a pale, snow-white, yet lacked the mottling that his mother and sister possessed. Kolaren’s sleek black hair is most often tied back into a long, flowing ponytail for easier range of motion. Written downwards along the right side of his face, written in pink tattoo ink, are the first four letters of his name in Aurebesh—he recieved this when infiltrating a gang and, despite his failure in doing so, he keeps it as a traditional Zabraki rite of passage. Kolaren’s eyes are an amber-orangish color.
Name: Nightsister Elowen
Age: born in 30 BBY, but Nightsister aging is so amazing, she would appear to be around 23.
Gender: Female
Species: Dathomirian
Home Planet: Dathomir
Affiliations: Mother Talzin's Clan, The Nightsisters, Witches of Dathomir, Nightsister Hunter Class
Occupation: Currently in Exile

Skin Color: White
Eye Color: Green
Dressing Style: Traditional Nightsister Attire
Other Descriptions on Looks: See the picture of her below

Personality/Attitude: Very pessimistic, snarky, doesn't care to interact with 'outsiders' (set to change throughout the story, woohoo character development!)
Flaws (physical or mental): Her connection to the force/nightsister magick is severed, she has tried to cut herself off for survival, she is able to perform some spells but not much, and not very well, perhaps someone could help with this?
Force Sensitive (yes or no): Yes
30 BBY, a child is delivered into the Nightsister Clan of Mother Talzin. This newborn is named Elowen, she is the grandchild of the clan’s Shaman: Zurjajj. Months after Elowen’s birth there is an attack, Elowen’s mother, Zen’daa springs to defend her child from this attacker, but she is too late the infant has been abducted by said captor to train as a sith assassin. Her grandmother used her Shaman magick to torture this captor with a voodoo-like spell. Elowen is returned to the clan. Zen’daa takes it a step further attacking her daughter’s kidnapper, she fails and perishes. Zurjajj now takes care of her beloved granddaughter. Elowen trains in the elite hunter class (see link in the submission channel) her grandmother teaches her the shaman practice in hopes Elowen will succeed her. When the droid army attacks Dathomir Elowen fights with no mercy, when she’s injured she visits her grandmother who heals her. Foreseeing the genocide of the nightsisters, Zurjajj makes the selfish decision to hide her granddaughter from harm. When all is said and done Elowen survives, she buries her sisters, Mother Talzin and Zurjajj. She now has no hopes in her people returning and hides in exile on Dathomir

Artwork of Elowen by my friend @Zxy.Draws on Instagram<3
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Ophelia Clarke, nicknamed Opal, was born in Mos Eisley, Tatooine in the year 2 BBY. She is a human Padawan and has been since 11 ABY. She is affiliated with the New Jedi Order, which she joined in 10 ABY, and is a direct student of Grandmaster Luke Skywalker.

She has a light skin tone with freckles across her nose and cheeks, blonde hair, and brown eyes. Opal has a fading scar across her forehead from an attack made against her in the year 9 ABY. She typically dresses neutral tones and has many utilitarian clothes that she wears regularly along with the traditional Jedi robes she has adopted into her wardrobe. She’s short for her age, but she has been hitting a growth spurt as of late, which has been noticeable. Before joining the New Jedi Order, Opal had a very small frame which had earned her the nickname “Scrawny” among her scavenger acquaintances. Due to having a much healthier diet, she has healthily gained weight, and has a lean, but muscular build for her age.

Opal jumps to negative conclusions, and she has a lack of experience due to her young age. Despite all of this, she almost always means well, and will jump headfirst into danger for her loved ones (for better or for worse). In the year 4 ABY, when she was six years old, her parents were killed by a bounty hunter. Almost immediately, she was taken in by a friend of her mother’s, a Mandalorian by the name of Dusk Terr. He watched over her up until his mysterious disappearance in the year 9 ABY. This greatly affected the young girl who was then begrudgingly watched over by one of her adoptive father’s work associates. This man attacked her in a fit of delusional rage, and in self-defense, the girl killed him with an unexpected force choke. Completely alone, Opal went back to Tatooine to reclaim her old family home and with no other options left, became a scavenger for those months between the attack and from her first meeting with Luke Skywalker. All these experiences gave her separation anxiety, and when people leave for an extended amount of time, she worries that they’ll never return.

The young Padawan was born with the gift of psychometry, also known as force echo, which she views as a curse. Due to her being mostly untrained in this obscure force ability, she tends to get horrible headaches, migraines, and in extreme cases seizures around objects that “call out” to her. These are mostly objects that have strong ties to its owner, strong ties to the force, or were a part of a major event in someone’s life, but they can be mostly anything that has a history behind it. This ability causes her to see the past of the object in the form of a vision, or through the emotions of the previous owner. Opal’s distaste for her ability has caused her to have an overall strong disliking of force visions, and she does all she can to avoid having these, even at her own expense. She believes that it is in invasion of privacy to use this ability on an object that relates to the personal life of another and will go out of her way to not interact with these headache-inducing objects out of respect for others. As she has gotten older, her understanding of this ability has grown, but she still has a long way to go.

art by me


  • Name: Kyla Syko
    Age: 28
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Home Planet: Mandalore
    Affiliations: N/A
    Occupation: Mercenary for hire

    Force Sensitive: No

    Skin Color: Light Tan
    Eye Color: Emerald Green

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