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Futuristic From Criminal To Exocolonist At The Edge Of The Milky Way [Characters]



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Name: Lily Morioga
Family role: Mother
Age: 46
Gender: Female
Appearance: 1680122553571.png
Clothing style: At the beginning a black and red bodysuit, boots and a black choker.
Mods: After an almost successful assassination attempt on her life, she has a mostly prosthetic body. She used to have a bunch of hidden weapons. But she was stripped of her weapon implants. So her mods come down to a cybernetic body, some cognitive implants and enhanced durability.
Former Occupation: Politician/Mechanical engineer
Crimes: Murder in 17 cases, attempted murder in 6 cases, attempted coup d'etat
Likes: Challenges, socializing, tinkering, being in control
Dislikes: People trying to manipulate her, rivals who try to go above her
Skills: Cooking, Engineering (Mechanical, Civil, Cybernetic), Stealth, Combat, Diplomacy
Personality: Lily is cunning and intelligent. She can be pretty warm and friendly, but her kindness and love isn't unconditional. Lily likes power and control, but isn't a psychopath, at least not in a significant way. She is able to take responsibility not only for her actions, but also for those subservient to her. She feels obligated to at least protect those loyal to her. Just be careful around her and don't make an enemy of her as she can and will kill without batting an eye.
Background: Lily is a Gafiereba native. She grew up in a lower middle class family and was very active as a teen in her district's party youth. Eventually, when she started university, she was chosen to be in her district council. Throughout most of her term in the council, she also studied to become a mechanical engineer and about a year after she earned her degree, she rose into the closer party circle. Around that time, she met her future husband and eventually they got married. Even though she had two children, she didn't let it get in the way of her work and her husband only worked part time to take care of the children. At work in politics, she had great ambitions, truly wanting to help people. But she became a little careless and got on the wrong side of a powerful party member.
Soon, during a speech in her district, she became the target of an assassination attempt. She was in such a bad state that she was more machine than human, having a cybernetic body and various brain implants. Not known to many, certain party members had something implanted in her to modify her behavior, a mind control of sorts. It was to make sure she didn't step out of line. It however was not completely effective and after two years Lily noticed something was wrong with her. She went to a good friend to check it out and this friend found and removed the implant.
It wasn't over there. She would plot her revenge over years while acting like a subservient party member who served in the national council. After years of planning, she would attempt a coup to either become supreme leader herself and eliminate all corrupt party members or at least accomplish the latter and install a leader she found fit for the position. She would shut off power and go to the residences of various targets and act like she was there to help them, only to assassinate them when they had their backs turned. Lily also managed to plunge the capital district into chaos. In the council chambers, she would have to gun down various other corrupt party members. But not everything went to plan. Some of her co-conspirators betrayed her. She would take the fall as the main perpetrator of the coup, while the others did a silent coup for their faction with Lily's friend as chairman. In lenience, partially as thanks, those who betrayed her, had her exiled instead of executed.
Lily wasn't too sore about it though. She may not have achieved the power she had hoped, but at least someone she saw as competent and respectful became the new leader. Behind closed doors, she negotiated that her family would be safe and that she would have a good word on the exile planet so she could live out her days relatively comfortably there. She said goodbye to her husband and children before receiving her "punishment". However, on the way to the exile planet, the starship veered off course and crashed on a habitable planet in an uncharted sector on the edge of the galaxy. Before exiting the craft, she managed to kill an injured guard who had been giving her off-handed remarks ever since they boarded the ship.
Name: Deluc Vatt
Family role: Uncle
Age: 66
Gender: Male
Appearance: Deluc is a tall and thin gentleman, sporting dishevelled raven-black hair, and two scars on his face around the eyes, which appear as vertical slits across his face his left eye is blue in color while his cybernetic eye appears golden in color. He stands at around 6'5'' [196cm]
Clothing style: Grey turtleneck, Black Pants & Trench Coat, Tactical Boots
Mods: Gene mod reducing the need for sleep added to his body via his "father" at birth, Right cybernetic eye [Microscopic zoom & Thermograph Sensor] added to Deluc after a bit of a mishap in his lab damaged his eye beyond repair.
Former Occupation: Bioscientist
Crimes: Creation of illegal substances, Testing on unwilling subjects, Medical malpractice, Bioweapon creation attempt.
Likes: Experimenting, Puns, Music, Doing stuff.
Dislikes: Being lazy, Leaving work unfinished, Being bossed around by those who know less than him
Skills: Medical [surgery, medicine], Bioscience [viruses, flora, fauna], Sewing, Musical [playing, singing & creation of simple instruments].
Deluc is a very patient and mellow person who seems to never forget things and even remembers them with minute details. He loves overexplaining whatever he is doing to those willing to listen although his delivery is cold and dry as if he bears no emotions. He isn’t exactly a friendly person, sure he can hang out with people and make casual talk but it just doesn't feel right to him, so he spends most of his time working. Deluc likes control over his environment and yet he dislikes power, for science is everything to him, he would much rather give someone else the credits for his research and have them be promoted rather than be promoted himself since it would leave him with less time to research. While some might call him heartless for his practices, he prefers the term lack of empathy.
Deluc Vatt is a Gafiereba native. He is a bastard son of an influential politician from the party, and with his status as such his life was uneventful, to say the least. He never lacked anything that could be considered basic needs, he even had access to a pretty big private library as a child. So he slowly grew up locked within his so-called “home” consuming the ever so vast amount of knowledge hidden within those books, as well as those hidden within the net accessible to everyone on Gafiereba. Officially he was home-schooled before going to university, which he had a hard time being allowed to go, but they let him under the condition of not standing out and never revealing he is related to them, so from that day he used a fake id with the surname of Vatt. While at university he learned as much about science and all of its types as he could, although he felt a pull towards Bioscience which he settled into after finishing his studies. Deluc even earned himself a title while in University, for the professors and many students called him a “Intellect Devourer“ for his never-ending search for knowledge and his ways of essentially getting into someone's head so they spill all of their knowledge onto him.

After graduating from the university Deluc joined a bioscience lab under the government's ruling hand, and as he was never a person for relationships he would sometimes lock himself in the lab for days upon days, rarely coming out for a quick grub and drink, and even rarer were his rests for he would take four hours naps each day between his experiments and that was all the sleep he needed in a day. His colleagues were scared of him, for his lifestyle was inhumane, to say the least, but they were happy because he did not care about promotions or money, so whenever he finished his experiments and research he would put out his notes and thesis for others to grab, for if he was promoted it would cut into his research time, which he already felt was too short even though he spent more than sixteen hours a day in his lab.

One day Deluc was requested to do research into viruses and serums to create one to enhance the party’s soldiers, of course, Deluc saw that as a challenge so he accepted it, he was given a private lab for himself in a hidden away location, where he spent a long time making what the party requested at a cost of a few lives along the way who to his knowledge were willing participants. But as he later found out it wasn’t as he thought the participants weren’t willing, that was the same day a coup happened some major leaders were changed and when his research was discovered he was put up front as a scapegoat for his superiors who requested it from him.

He thought he would be killed but no for exile was chosen for him as his punishment, so either they have seen the worth of his intellect and mind or the few superiors of his who still remained at power were scared of him spilling beans if he was to be killed, for they knew that Deluc always left multiple copies of whatever he did. So maybe they wanted him on some remote planet for them, doing the same experiments again but this time with no easy way for supervision to find him or something.

Well, would they be surprised when Deluc's starship veered off course and crashed on some planet who knows where along the edge of the galaxy? After crashlanding on said planet, he quickly went out of his confinement and headed towards the rather rude fellow who was a guard on this ship who currently lay there unconscious in front of him, so he dragged him towards the infirmary where he strapped him to the bed, he grabbed a syringe and plunged it into one of the main veins before introducing rubbing alcohol and air into his bloodstream, so he could die a very painful death.

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