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Fandom Fist of the North Star x My Hero Academia


Hear The Blackened Call
In the year 1945, Atomic bombs were created and dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki japan, years later after the fires, human-kind continued to fight one another until today when a baby of gold was born bestowing 80% percent of the worlds population with unique powers, little did humanity know however that not everybody needed powers to become a hero..In the distant tranquil woods of japan lie a dojo, home to 4 brothers of a deadly martial arts technique known as Hokuto Shinken, These four brothers consisted of Raoh, The oldest and strongest brother. Toki, The Second. Jagi, The third. And Kenshiro the last brother and soon to be successor to become the Fist Of The North Star, While he trained far off from society, Heroes and villains alike were born from this golden child’s gift thus rendering a new age, an age of Heroes, the city streets were now Identical to scenes from comic books.
Later on a few years from now, Kenshiro would stray away with his brothers to civilization to learn of this “Hero” profession, while Toki and Kenshiro would join to become teachers of UA, Raoh and Jagi would stray to the path of villainhood, thus beginning a new, A new year begins, and promising students enter the gates of UA High, along with a strange (believed to be) green haired quirkless boy...
Feeling interested? Don’t be shy to shoot me a PM
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