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Greetings fellow RPers!

This is my first search thread on RPN and I look forward to making some new friends and rp parnters :)

A little about myself:
~ I've been rping for about 4-5 years and can write anywhere from 1-6+ paragraphs
~ I have horses and a job so my responses vary from a few times times a week to several posts a day
~ I prefer playing the female role but am looking at expanding my skills and am willing to play the male role.
~ I love having romance mixed into the plot, though it doesn't have to be the main thing and of course no steamy moments or gore will be happening to stay in RPN's rules

For my partner:
~ Please be able to write at least one paragraph with decent grammar and spelling. Doesn't have to be perfect.
~ Help with coming up with ideas for the RP so it doesn't all rest on me.
~ Let me know if you lose interest in the rp or are taking a break so I'm not just left hanging and I'll do the same
~ Please be able to respond once or twice a week or more

Rich Girl x Bad Boy
Werewolf x Hunter
Werewolf x Vampire
Prince x Slave
Cowboy x City Girl
Arranged Marriage
Time Travel
Mermaid x Human
* More will be added later as I think of them


Opposites Attract
Girl has been living in the same house for most of her life and is known both at school and around others as the "good girl". During summer break, she notices someone new move in next door. One of the bedrooms of the other house has a window that's right across from hers so if the curtains were open, she could see into the room of the other house and vise versa. And it just so happens that the new people next door have a son around her age and he ends up in the room that has the window facing hers. This guy though, quickly makes the reputation of being a rebel or bad boy type.

The two have a few interactions during the last few weeks of summer break and it's clear they don't exactly get along. Before long, school starts up again and they end up going to the same school. For the most part, they just ignore each other. But Guy starts to notice that there's another boy who seems infatuated with Girl to the point of stalking her and persistently making advances towards Girl even though she clearly wants nothing to do with him. Deciding to help her out, Guy ends up going over to Girl while Stalker is there and tells the stalker guy to take off since he's Girl's boyfriend. This temporarily scares Stalker off but stalker doesn't exactly believe it.
So Guy and Girl end up pretending to be a couple while at school for a bit in order to get Stalker to back off which starts to work. However, since the two are neighbors, they also often go home and to school together and what starts off as a fake relationship, starts to change as the two start to develop real feelings for each other.
(This can be Slice-of-Life style or can add in some surprise fantasy elements to it)

Character A is the daughter of a noble or royal family. A decides that she wants to go on an adventure with her life instead of being stuck getting married to someone she doesn't love for her family to make more connections. So she ends up running off one night and sneaking onto a ship to get away without being caught or recognized. What A doesn't realize, is that she's snuck onto a pirate ship.
Character B is the pirate captain and is surprised when, after a few days at sea, his crew makes the discovery of their stowaway. Now the question is, what will B do with A once they reach land again.

A family of hunters live on the edge of a town with a large mansion type house. Character A has been trained to become a hunter as well. At one point, A's family hears about a werewolf group camping out not too far away so they go on a raid. They end up discovering that the Alpha's son/daughter was in that group and take Character B hostage in the hopes of getting info out of B of where the main werewolf camp is located so that they can take down the Alpha at long last.
A is given the task of bringing B meals and during those times, A and B begin to form a friendship despite the fact that they're supposed to be enemies. Eventually, A decides to help B escape and get back home. However, upon reaching B's home, A is taken is hostage since the other werewolves know A is a hunter. With the roles reversed, what will B do? Help A since A helped him? Or turn his back on B like his pack says he should since A is a hunter?

*More plots will be added later as I think of them*

Kassandra Rose

Queen of Irrelevance
I’m in love with your stowaway plot too, as well as the arranged marriage and royal x slave pairings. I also love writing female mains, but I mostly double. So, I’m fine if you wish to also.

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