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Fire Emblem (Are we doing this again?)


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After my last attempt crashed on it's maiden voyage, i'm trying again, but with a few new updates for people that might've wanted them.
-The Myrmidon and Soldier classes are now playable, and follow a linear promotion path.
-Balanced a few things, like base stats for players. All classes have -1 Def and Res.
-Barely any progress was made last time, so I won't be able to say "Hey I added this new function" when my new updates are introduced.
-If you participated in the last bout, you may reuse your previous character.
With all that said, replay the intro!

(Cue Fire Emblem theme badly being played on the kazoo, but not those actually good ones on YouTube)
Hey everyone! After spending a few weeks perfecting my craft, I have created my very own 'Fire Emblem'! It's easy-ish to learn, fun for people that like RPGs(maybe), and uses maps and sprites that i've spent hours on. If you don't know what Fire Emblem is, or don't care to look into it, then I can give you a very easy rundown.

In a nutshell, Fire Emblem is a tactical RPG where you deploy several units and fight through an army of enemies using melee and magic. Everyone is a different class, all of which use different types of weapons and have different roles. Units can promote into a stronger class, which makes them stronger and usually allows them to wield more than one weapon type. Oh and by the way, weapons break and are destroyed after being used enough times. You wanna know something else that you lose permanently? People. When your units have their health depleted, they die, and you can't get them back. However, we could just tweak the difficulty to allow people to not permadie. The bonds between units can improve their ability in battle, or standing on certain terrain to decrease the chance of a unit of getting hit. I don't think I can go into much more detail without talking about game mechanics... in EXCRUCIATING DETAIL. But for your sake, all the details are stored in big fat information page.
By the way, this map on the left? It's just a reference. You're never gonna see anything like this.
But whoever understands the reference gets an E-Cookie.

Fighting is easy. Just walk on tiles and attack people by selecting a coordinate(not listed in the pic) and target and then posting. Outside of battles, the standard interactions and roleplaying will be present, but when the enemies arrive, roleplaying fluently becomes completely optional due to the fact that it wouldn't be easy to say interesting events while just monotonously attacking enemies.
Speaking of the maps, I'll also draw your characters if you make one. You can describe them, or give me a picture.
If you're interested, would you also mind answering a several questions for player preferences?
1. When rolling d100s, should Lower or Higher rolls be better?
Suppose you have a 75% chance to hit an enemy.
If lower is better, then you must roll a 75 or lower to hit. If higher is better, then you must roll a 26 or higher to hit. This removes the need for math, but may throw off some people.

2. Should there a penalty for being defeated in battle?
NO permadeath, okay? I can't have players raging from unlucky crits. We can just have a temporary stat reduction that affects the unit should they participate in the next battle to discourage people from getting flattened.

3. Would you like a Lord to join you?
Lord Anrin of Rigelia will be controlled by me, the DM/GM/etc. Anrin will appear as an NPC a few levels in, leave for a bit, and then rejoin as a playable unit. She does not contribute to the squad size or character limit, and will be absent in Paralogues due to them not having any bearing on the story. Also, I'll act a little smarter when controlling Anrin as opposed to other units.

4. Stronger or Longer Potions?
You have two choices. The first one increases the effects of Vulneraries and Concoctions by 25%, making them heal 2 and 5 more Hp respectively. And the other increases the amount of uses the Vulnerary and Concoction have by 2 and 1 respectively.

5. Would you like the Health Point cap to be increased?
Increases the Hp cap from 60 to 80, in case you happen to buy too many Angelic robes or the not having the two rows of 40 Hp bothers you. Even if you disable this option, lategame bosses will still have more than 60 Hp.

6. Should all Promotion Items be replaced with Master Seals?
Different classes require different promotion items to become even stronger. Mages require a certain book, while Mercenaries would need a knight's crest.
The Master Seal is an item that is able to promote any class into their next tier, but usually only appears once. In a nutshell, enabling this option allows any player to use the first promotion item obtained, and causes y'all to have to decide who gets to use it.
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Oh god why?
Whats the system gonna be like for this? I'm interested but want to be certain of what i'm getting into is all.

Been in a few FE rps that utilized their own systems, gm there basicly coded together a cool calculator thing.


AWACS Long Caster
Here's a link to the old main thread. If you want to see a larger scale battle, you can try here.
There's no spoilers on that thread, so it's safe-ish to sift through.

TL: DR roll for attack and crit, type coordinates to move


AWACS Long Caster
Oh and I forgot to add the preference questions when I posted these, so can you possibly answer those?
They're in the spoiler box.


Oh god why?
1. I prefer lower as it's easier to keep track of, higher just adds a small layer of mental math to the mixture.

2. For defeat... hmm.. Retreating the unit may be nice as to prevent people from getting cold feet, then again, having no issue at all from somebody getting an axe to the forehead may be an issue. So a debuff should be fine.

3.lord seems fine to join us in my opinion, lets you have some fun as well~

4. I prefer stronger, when you need them, you NEED them, so best wringe out what you can.

5. Let them be healthy as horses I say, if you get to 80 damn hp you deserve to be the chunky boi.

6. I like the flavor of promotion items myself.


Let's paint the town red!
Ooo this looks pretty interesting, I have played some of the FE games and they were all pretty cool

  1. Higher, just to make my mind understand it more. When it's lower, it's fine by me as well.
  2. The punishment could be not being able to participate in battles for a while so that the players could still keep up with the story and proceed to control their characters without any debuff.
  3. Sure! The more, the merrier! If you can participate in the action of your RP, the that would be cool!
  4. Stronger, if it's longer, the potion would be more of a 'meh' to me. Stronger effects are better rather than longer since it makes the potion more valuable
  5. Around 60 HP will be fine, it makes it more challenging when enemies have much more larger health points than you.
  6. Promotion items, having a master seal just be like a normal promotion item is just cheapening it's value. Working hard for your promotion makes it better!


Oh god why?
it really is this was in the DICE int checks, if it ain't got pathfinder or dnd your hoping on luck v.v


All my intelligence points were spent on birds
Yo this would be super cool I would be very willing to partake in this, if enrollment is still open


AWACS Long Caster
Sorry man, we're closed for now until I can get some "problems" sorted out. Also i'm participating in other RPs so I don't have the nerve to manage people.

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