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Archer had four great weaknesses: 1) Cooking. 2) Chores of any kind. 3) Princesses or anything relating to them. 4) Being treated as a fragile "normal" girl.

She had expected a slightly worried enquiry about her wounds from her Master and Avenger. She even had a well prepared excuse readied for the twin cuts marring her hand. Her calm composure and excuses scattered to the winds at Lucas's frantic questioning. "M-Master... I-I'm fine. I just cut myself... it wasn't from the fighting... I'm not dizzy or anything... it doesn't even hurt... I'm ok... It just happened a few minutes ago, and I knew you were coming so..." Rebecca blushed when she processed that Lucas was even holding her hands within his larger grip, examining herself-inflicted injuries.

A memory came to her from long ago. Another man holding her hands within his own, worriedly fussing over a cut from a kitchen knife. She had been trying to cook for him... he had been so worried over such a small wound... It had meant the world to her.

Coming back from the distant memory Archer fought back her watering eyes. Lucas did care about her... he seemed so worried over such a small wound; going so far as to even touch her. She had quickly learned that her Master was the "no touching type" and she only violated his "personal bubble" for a good prank. This was the first time of his own free will that he had choosen physical contact with her.

In a small, nervous voice, Archer asked "Master... can you heal my wounds? I wouldn't want to get my bow bloody hehe..." She had to stop blushing! Toko was watching! And was that Saber, Assassin's Master (Assassin likely hiding nearby) walking up to them! She had to get her normal composure back! Her eyes weren't noticable watery right!?

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"Not from fighting? Then did you hurt yourself?" Lucas asks, continuing to fret over her for a moment longer before he was satisfied with the status of her injuries. He gives a heavy sigh, glad that he'd been worried over nothing and completely missing Archer's own expression. He should've known better after all, he supposed. Rebecca was a strong girl, a lot more sturdy than she seemed at first glance. He really shouldn't have worried so much about her.

"Ah?" He lets out, glancing up at her face. "You want me to heal you...?" Lucas asks in concern now, furrowing his brow and tilting his head. She was a Servant, right? Such a minor injury should have been trivial for her to fix herself. Maybe there was something about it that prevented her from doing so? Actually, was her face a bit flushed? It was a little hard to tell with her darker skin color, but he could swear there was a tint of red upon her cheeks. Worry spiked once more in the pit of his stomach, and he focused his attention back on her injury after looking around to make sure nobody was observing them too closely. "Alright, this'll only take a moment, okay...?"

Closing his eyes, he focused his mind as the circuits along his arms lit up in a gentle blue glow. "Sanguis..." The young man intoned, drawing on the knowledge from his magic crest to repair Archer's injuries. A Servant's material body was different from a human's, but similar enough that his healing magic was still applicable, a fact he was thankful for. Slowly the cuts closed, skin and flesh knitting together until the only sign of her wound was the blood that stained her hand which he cleans with a handkerchief that he fished from his pocket. "There. That should be all better now, right?"



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"Y-yes, my Black Keys cut me... they're a little harder to heal."

Archer continued fighting against her blushing cheeks as her Master healed her. She shot a glance towards Toko, slightly worried that a warrior of her stature would find her wounds and lack of composure shameful. Unfortunately, her blushing returned with even greater force when Lucas even took time to wipe away the blood with his handkerchief.

"Yes... its all better now... thank you Lucas..." Oh god she was practically whispering now! She had to stop Lucas's caring of her or she wouldn't be able to focus! "T-Toko, I'm happy to see you! Your charge against the monstrosities was beautiful! I-I saw you were injured as well. Although that was problely nothing to you hehe..."

Hopefully Toko could provide a distraction as she regained her composure...

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Alexandria didn't bother to correct him; Chaldea was still the same desperate and ruthless organization that she had limited contact with and she could live with that. She would have been extremely disappointed indeed if the group with the audacity to try and 'share' Atlas' raison d'être softened in such a short time, but they still regularly used homunculi as batteries, fooled the world governments, and conducted themselves in a manner befitting the House of Musik. She might have disliked the man, but she could respect how he ran the organisation from behind the scenes, all the while keeping the front peaceful.

Out of sight, out of mind as they said, and as long as his machinations didn't result in Alexandria having to get her hands dirty then she was content.

"Hmmm... Why not? Lead the way then, Doctor. Show me how much the old Vampire said was false." On one hand, staying in the area would shorten the time she needed to carry out the multitude of tests to fully analyze the changes THOTH was undergoing, but it would be quite nice to see first hand what this Chaldea was. She was able to maintain her link with THOTH, and by extension, CHALDEAS as long as she was within the bounded field so there was no real reason to turn the good doctor down. "Of course, I would not be adverse to an exchange in information though, and I mean no offence, most of what you've been asking is common knowledge."

A memory surfaced from the back of her mind; a short exchange between herself and one of the subordinates of the Queen that took place over a lifetime ago. Alexandria couldn't help but wonder if this little play would end similarly.

Assassin's frustration in her voice filled John with unease. It seemed he had been pressing her buttons too much, though she did conceed to wear whatever he wanted. A greedy grin emerged on his face with the possibilities. Though he tried his best to listen to her, he didnt see the point how Emiya Shirou's history would benefit them here. You are going to love what i have planned.

Despite John's victory with Assassin, both women were lecturing him. Saber disagreed with him, and answered the few questions he had of her. "Your kingdom has been lost to the sands of time. What remains is your legend. Though kingdoms fall new ones are born from the ashes that may resemble the past. They're like pheonixes, but the identity of England is with its people. Camelot, Great Britain and now the United Kingdoms. All three occupied the same land, all three different countries." John argued with Saber, "Ultimately you can count on our Masters and Servants to help you reclaim your former glory. Just try to smile the beautiful smile I know you have."

Once they crossed the street to the park that contained their meeting point John ended their conversation. Archer, her Master and Avenger-sama were there already without aigns of the other four. John walked up to the three and waved in greeting. "Hello, it seemed that you escaped with minor injuries." John silently judged the half naked woman hand and her gloomy Master. "I'm John, and I havent been able to introduce myself to the two of you." John directed his attention to the other two after a bow and quick smile to Tokugowa-sama.
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"...then, time diverged into three routes after the conclusion of the Third Holy Grail War, as observed and recorded by SHEBA. The one where our timeline followed is the commencement of Fourth Holy Grail War in Fuyuki..."

Assassin continued to ramble until she saw the other Servants. Archer was being healed, but she had a flush face, which indicated only one thing. That she was embarrassed, but for what reason, she had yet to guess, but she decided to tease the Archer from the shadows.

"Archer! Performed physical Mana Transfer with your Master, I see. It explains the blood if your manifestation was as a pure maiden."

She kept her presence concealed, but she surveyed the surroundings. It wasn't the ideal location for a trap, but it could be. For her purpose, though, she needed everyone, even Saber. She wished she had the Sabotage skill.


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In short order, her master healed the wounds of her hands. The whole time her face was red, her voice was somewhat flustered, but Tokugawa had no want to judge to her friends. Her friend stole a glance at her, before returning to her masters ministrations. It was cute, the way her friend was worried about how she looked and acted. There had never been any kind of rule or unspoken truth that a warrior had to always be a warrior. After all, if Poca only knew how many times she had broken down and cried after some of the worst battlefields, some of the worst news, or after the atrocity of Enryaku-ji. Or how much she had loved the romantic poems of her time, or how flustered she had been around her own spouse. After her healing, Poca moved away from Lucas, instead talking to her.

“It's always good to see you again, Poca.” She flashed a warm smile, “Thank you, but I don't deserve the praise. I saw the second enemy and left it outside my vision. I deserved that blow it delivered, but a broken mirror can't be made to shine.” She used an older idiom, not realizing that it might not make sense to her friend. “You, on the other hand deserve a great deal of compliments. Such precision with a bow, and being concealed so far behind enemy lines. If we ever get a chance, mind showing me how to shoot like that?”

The question was real, Tokugawa knew how to use a bow, but the way of the Yari was different then Archers much more elegant and quick style. In the time she shot five arrows, a yari could only get off one or two. Assassin's master suddenly came into view, introducing himself to Lucas and Poca, and giving Tokugawa a bow, along with an honorific on her name.

She immediately worried that Archer would take the honorific the wrong way. It was considered a sign of greater friendship to allow someone to call you by your first name or a nickname, without honorifics. Or maybe it would just go over her head in culture shock.



Saber took John's thought into consideration, she didn't want to agree with him completely. Her kingdom was lost, but at the same time, it as continued in the world around them. And just because the countries were different, the people were the same. She had to concede that point to him.

“Regardless, I am a woman who does not feel. I have no reason to smile, not in a way that you would enjoy, at least.” It was a true fact, but one that she instantly realized she didn't have to make. She wasn't about to take her words back though. Instead she focused on their arrival with some of the others. Avenger and Archer were talking, with Lucas nearby. John went to talk to them, introducing himself to the Archer and her Master.

Saber came closer as well, knowing that it would draw glares from the others. She wasn't liked for her abrasive personality, and she was fine with that. She was a servant, and didn't like all this talk of friendship. They were made for the purpose of fighting and killing. Were the others really losing sight of this fact?

Bikini. Bikini! Lancer mind was moving at such a fast pace, she was sure that smoke was coming out of her ears, the gears grinding away so quickly. The picture of Berserker in a bikini, and she had to literally shake the image from her head. Quickly regaining her composure, she remained silent, for once not knowing how to respond to this information overload. She fell in line with Barr, letting him be a guide while she tried to jumpstart her fried brain. Barr suddenly moved to the side, just as Skorl was complaining about taking their time. Lancer had thought about reminding him that an event cant begin until she arrived, but as Barr moved, it turned out they had arrived.

The other group of servants and Masters were already there, though it looked like someone was missing. Lancer couldn't quite place it, but she was sure someone wasn't there. Barr noticed it as well, slowly counting everyone who was there. Sabers master was missing, but seeing as how he had taken off on his own, Barr wouldn't put it past Jun to have taken off again.

“Hey, look! It's the others. Happy now, whiny?” She flippantly asked Skorl, not even turning to face him, and instead leading Barr closer to the group. Barr, forgetting himself for a moment, turned back to Berserker and her master, signing an apology that they might not even understand completely, before turning to follow his servant.

"Hello again, my lovelies! You're idol has returned!" Lancer shouted, actually managing to sound friendly.

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Archer huffed at Assassin's comment on her "purity". Great! Everyone saw! Archer glared randomly at where she thought the blonde Assassin's voice had come from. "Not all Servants are as pure and inexperience as yourself Assassin... please don't take that as an insult however. I find it truly adorable as I'm sure your Master does as well." Hmph! Of course everyone would show up now!

Ignoring the hidden Servant, Archer focused on Avenger. Rebecca's embarrassment was quickly forgotten at Toko's praise and compliments. "Sure! Although I dont believe I've shot a normal arrow since being summoned. But in exchange I would ask that you join a tea party with myself and Lancer!" Oh this would be so much fun! She could even make it a Japanese tea party! Every culture had tea parties!

Archer's happy day dreams of exotic teas, snacks, and fancy Japanese kimonos were intrupted by Assassin's Master introducing himself. Sama? He had put that word on the end of Toko's name... the proper way of addressing a Samurai or Shogun maybe? She still had so much to learn... it was amazing!

Not one to leave a greeting unanswered even in a battlefield; Archer curtsied and gave a polite smile. "Greetings John" (ha that had been her big brother's name too!), "I am Archer. I was also given the name Rebecca if you prefer."

Oh! Lancer and her Master were here too now! Archer happily waved at her Idol friend, happy that everyone was safe... wait. There was gloomy Saber... where was her Master? Archer's smile slowly fell from her face. Saber seemed... off. Surely her Master hadn't...

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Lucas watches with a bit of confusion as Archer pulls away from him to go and speak to Avenger suddenly. He scratches at the back of his head, but shrugs in the end, simply glad she seemed to be back in proper health. He supposed it was natural for her to go and greet her friend.

The timing couldn't be more perfect, however, as most everyone else began to arrive, and Lucas greeted them in turn, even as Archer seemed to get flustered about something. "Good to see you John, I'm Lucas." John was more of a stranger to him compared to some of the other Masters, but the man seemed nice enough. He gave a curious look as John bowed towards Tokugawa, but moved on to give a wave towards Skorl and Berserker, along with Barr and Lancer. "Good to see everyone's safe."

As he says that, however, he spots Saber standing on her lonesome. John's Assassin was also missing, but as an Assassin, she was likely simply just skulking around somewhere. Masters weren't as easy to hide away. He glanced around, looking for any sign of the man before looking towards Saber. "Where's Jun? He didn't run off on his own again, did he?"


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"Whiny? Well, I concede to that fact." Skorl replied, chuckling. He still couldn't believe how quickly this conversation had devolved into relationship gossip and misinformation, wondering if Barr was just as embarrassed at his servant as Skorl was with Raikou. Honestly, he hoped that what was spoken during this travel would remain between the four of them; at least Lancer's master signed an apology. Having no knowledge of sign language translating, Berserker's master just took the gesture as a sympathetic one, from what he could tell by Barr's facial expression. A thumbs up was Skorl's reply. With the misunderstood apology given, Skorl felt better about the situation now, despite the fact Raikou was still carrying him with one arm. "Any chance I can be put down now?" He inquired; Raikou didn't hesitate and followed her master's request.

Now that everyone had regrouped, Skorl was not pleased to hear Elizabeth do her loud pop idol introduction. "Got to be careful with your ears around this one." he whispered to his servant, who in turn shushed him. "Be nice; we're a team, master. The instant you start antagonizing people, puts the whole mission at jeopardy." Her master found it amusing how quickly Raikou was able to shift between her more Berserker personality to one of logic and rational so quickly. "That's Berserker servants for you." He thought shrugging his shoulders, before switching to open conversation with his allies. "I take it everyone is mostly unhurt?" He asked, realizing that Assassin was not around; most likely hiding in the shadows, per their class's tendency.

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"There's no need for us to go too far," Roman stated, leading Alexandria just to outside of the Observation room. "Alright, where to start....." He placed a finger to his chin, trying to figure out the best beginning for his explanations. "Ok, so clearly you know what our organization is, which means you know how we started and all that. The Animuspheres are dead, though you probably knew that additionally. We've managed to regain a few extra staff since Solomon's defeat, which is why we can function relatively effectively right now." He explained, before adding. "And yes, I'm still not Solomon. Don't know where that idea in your head came from." That last statement was spoken sternly, yet calmly; Roman was in no right mind to start berating people right now.

"Although, with the Animuspheres dead, I'm currently the acting Head of Chaldea. Maybe that might explain why you thought....oh, forget it. We've yet to find someone better suited to take over, but that's a non sequitur. Rayshifting hasn't been needed for almost a year; thankfully the systems are all running smoothly due to proper maintenance. Uh, what else; no threats to humanity during that down period either." The doctor couldn't think of much else, so he passed the torch to his guest. "Anything more specific you'd like to ask? I'll answer to the best of my knowledge."



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It was nearly impossible not to notice. Archer had peeked at her, her eyes wandering around her, as if expecting someone else to be there. Lucas asked that ponderous question that made the air feel like it could be cut with a knife. Saber stepped forward, a little closer to the center of the group, hoping that she would be able to make this explanation only once. Her expression was still dull and lifeless.

“My Master, Jun, has passed away. I have no need to mourn, we need to remain focused on the mission.” Short, simple, and to the point. She expected a series of 'I'm sorry for your loss' and 'I'm here if you need to talk'. She was hoping that her expression would be enough convince them to leave the topic alone. “If anything, learn from his mistakes.”

She stepped back, waiting for the meeting to continue.

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A tea party sounded nice, even if it was with Lancer. She figured that she could ask Archer how she could put up with that personality, but now wasn't the exact time. And much to her dismay, Poca did take note of the honorific.

"I would be honored to join you for tea, I'll have to find some green tea first though." She honestly couldn't remember the last time she had had tea. Tea would also be a great time to explain how those honorifics worked, but the happy thought was soon dashed. Saber explained her missing Master's fate, finishing with asking them to learn from it.

“He did run off on his own. The nail that sticks out gets hammered down. Rather brutally in this case.” Tokugawa stroked at her chin, hoping she hadn't sounded like an ass, but she saw death as a part of life, the end of the cycle. She crossed her arms as she spoke next. “Sabers right, we need to focus on the mission. We can hold a proper burial for him when we're back at base.”

She scoped out the others, seeing if they agreed with her plan. Part of her felt that, despite her icy exterior, maybe Saber was feeling some pain. If she knew anything about that kind of pain though, it was that sometimes pain only healed when one was left alone.
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Another wonderful day in the life of Shielder as she began to panic a little. The call for all Masters and Servants deploying had been almost an hour ago, but she had been slowed down by having to get her Master everything she would need while her servant was gone. A small pang of guilt ran through her, thinking about the fridge she had stolen from the kitchen, making sure her introvert master wouldn't have to leave the comfort of her room for food. The pang increased, the massive pile of books she had taken from the library, despite the note reminding her to only take three books at a time. She had taken ten times that many. And one of the microwaves from the lounge was currently sitting in her masters room as well. Ana (her master) had been grateful that she wasn't being forced to go on the mission, guilt had still been obvious in her voice when she had to rely on Shielder getting all these thngs just for her.

Shielder was making her way to the rayshifter room, feeling very out of place in the near empty halls of Cheldea. It felt like a ghost town, the only noise in the quiet hallways was her armor grinding and bouncing off itself. The trip was short, as she came into the rayshifters large atrium. At the command console was Dr. Roman, Da Vinci and someone new. Shielder didn't really have time to make a new acquaintance, instead focusing on the doctor and his assistant.

“Hey, doc! Did everyone already go?” She gave a small wave as she approached, She hadn't really had a lot of time with either the doctor or Da Vinci, only really spending time with them when they had been taking down her legend for the computers archives. They had never heard of her though, cementing that she was an alter ego to the real Mordred. A low blow for sure, but it was just another chance for her to prove that she was penitent.

She came to a halt before the trio, waiting for an explanation and hoping she would still get to deploy. It almost felt like being a child again, and seeing her father for the first time, elated and grounding at the same time. Like Christmas and your birthday on the same day. It would have been better if her master had come along.

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Alexandria couldn't help but smile wistfully when the doctor stopped just outside the primary bulkhead, obviously intent on continuing their conversation there. Of course this was going to go down exactly as it did the last time, and quite frankly she wasn't so surprised anymore. She had thought that people of power, well connected, supposedly educated, and placed in power for a reason knew what they were doing, but if a knight from the Royal Family couldn't order a bottle of wine the she had no reason to believe that a mere associate would be able to entertain her properly.

With a thought, Alexandria checked THOTH's system for any counter magecraft in play -it wasn't as if she couldn't overcome the defenses in place, she was just too lazy- and seeing as none were currently active, or required too much effort, a simple chair was pulled for the ether and caught her the moment she bent her knees and let gravity take hold. She was about to explain when she saw his expression; or rather the lack of change in it. She would tip her metaphorical hat to the doctor; he didn't bat an eye when she reduced one of the more difficult branches of Alchemy to a Single Action Spell. Of course, she didn't exactly intend to intimidate, though that was generally the reaction she garnered, all she wanted was to take a load off for the moment.

She almost laughed out loud when she realized that the reason he didn't react was that he had no idea just how difficult the spell she just cast was. Or he was too engrossed in his explanation to care... either way, it didn't really matter to her. She loathed people who looked down on her on purpose, but she excused ignorance whenever he could. Speaking of which...

"That Latin phrase... I don't think it means what you think it means." The words '
nor is it exactly true,' were left unsaid. Alexandria understood that the man must have thought highly of himself, but the Association wouldn't let someone ignorant of their ways lead what was growing to be a fourth branch. It was only a matter of time before Chaldea had a true head; an most who came to its aid after the disaster were in one way or another affiliated with a certain family. No one really answered to the doctor, they simply humored him to maintain the status quo. Why he didn't question where the staff came from was beyond her, but it may have been that they had more pressing... nah, by his own admission, that was definitely the fault of their own complacency. "As for questions... Hmm..."

There were many questions in her mind, though she knew that a great number of them couldn't be answered by the doctor. It was a shame, as far as information went this wasn't exactly better than looking into the records directly, but she would have a bit of fun for now. Well, if anything, there was one thing she wanted to know, assuming the old vampire wasn't lying to her about this. "Where's Number One? I've met most of the Twenty Seven, helped put some of them down myself, but I always wanted to meet the First, since its really hard to find the Top Five... well, except maybe for the Marshal himself."

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Lucas stares back at Saber for a long moment, shocked by the man's death. He'd moved to try and draw fire away from him. Had Jun died because Lucas hadn't done enough? Hadn't moved fast enough? Maybe if he'd jumped into the fight rather than stayed and hid things would've ended up differently. What else could he have done? Lucas never really quite liked Jun, but he didn't hate him either, and now they were down a member of their team. They'd only just gotten here too!

He felt the sudden welling of guilt and panic building up in his chest, and clamped down on it before he could react outwardly on it, simply tightening his fists and squaring his shoulders. Staring at Saber for a moment, he studied her face, as passive as ever. Stern and stoic, and cold as ever. Did she even feel a sense of loss? He didn't know how close the two were, now that he thought about it, simply that they were a Master and Servant pair. For a moment, he considered giving her a few words of sympathy, but tossed them aside. She likely didn't need them, and Tokugawa was right. They had other matters to focus upon right now.

Instead, Lucas simply nodded, more to himself than at Saber, before glancing towards Rebecca. "Archer... Mind sharing with us what you learned then?"

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Barr bowed his head, he knew next to nothing about Jun, but any death at the enemies hands was great loss at their expense. He didn't agree with how Saber was handling the news. Even a sinner deserved recognition of the life they lived. For that same reason, he disagreed with Avenger as well, being to quick to move on. Would it kill them to spend a minute or two to mourn a fellow mages death? To die and be forgotten, it was shameful of the others. Barr, for obvious reasons, kept his opinions to himself. Lancer had a different way of handling the news.

“He's not dead dead. I mean, c'mon, when you die in a singularity, you just wake up at Cheldea. So, he's just back there, right?” The diminutive Lancer was looking frantic, moving back and forth between the assembled group, hoping that someone could answer the question of what seemed like a new sense of mortality.

“What if one of us Servants dies? Are we gone forever?” She was working herself up, almost into a frenzy, tears were starting to form at the corners of her eyes. Barr placed a hand on her shoulder, but she shrugged it off, wanting her question answered, rather then physical comfort. She was shaking, almost on the verge of crying outright. She had never had to deal with her own death, and now faced with it was to much for her to handle.

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Clasping her hands, Archer gave a short prayer under her breath, "He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away." After her short chant Archer opened her eyes and glanced at her Master, worried that the death of a comrade so early in the hunt would be more than his spirit could handle. She could see that it was effecting him badly and moved to comfort him; she stopped herself when he looked at Saber... seeming to gain strength from her stoic example... she wasn't sure if she approved or not.

Rebecca frowned at Toko's words. She understood where they came from... a warrior used to death and the darker horrors of the world. But this wasn't an experienced war-band of like minded hunters... the Masters especially would be affected by this and didn't need such dark words or seemingly uncaring thoughts. At Lucas's questioning Archer explained the "veil" over Big Ben, and the great evil she had felt traveling underground. Hoping no one would ask how exactly she felt the magic, she further explain that the magic was sentient and had noticed her. She finished her explanation, explaining the madness and want for death the energy seemed to exude. Emphasizing; this was a great evil that needed to be cleansed, no matter the sacrifice.

Archer was about to ask if anyone had any questions when surprisingly Lancer seemed to be on the verge of spiraling down into an emotional melt down. Instinctively Rebecca grabbed the smaller girl and wrapped her in a hug. With a soothing and warm voice that came from being a mother, Rebecca answered Eliza's questions as best she could, "I don't know the exact details... but the projection of the Masters's souls are here... they can be lost from Chaldea's control when the spirtron body dies, and returns to the world's embrace. We Servants return to the Throne of Heroes when we fall, however we can still be called upon again. Nothing is ever truly lost though... There is no death, only a change of worlds... So please don't cry, or I will too... and my cry will not nearly be as pretty as yours Eliza hehe." To think the Blood Countess would be so effected by death... the world was an unpredictable place as always.

Archer glared disapprovingly at both Saber and Avenger as she held Lancer... "Perhaps we should all take a moment to offer our prayers..."

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Skorl was not surprised at hearing the demise of Saber's master, "To die so soon, he must not have been very strong; there's no room for weaklings here. Better to separate the wheat from the chaff, as the saying goes." He bluntly interjected, excluding anyone else's feelings from his statement. Raikou slapped her master's shoulder lightly, nonverbally berating him, before walking over to hug Elizabeth with Archer. Unfortunately, to the Lancer's chagrin, Da Vinci chipped in over the comms, "I'm sorry, but it is indeed true. Jun has perished here, as well. Medical found his body, completely lifeless in the rayshifting room." Skorl snorted at this fact, "At least he's out of Saber's hair now, must've been impeding her strength."

Archer's prior explanation of the mana at Clocktower was of major strategical importance, however. "Whatever is there, it's intentionally trying to cover more surface area." Raikou suggested, knowing of effective war tactics. "If the enemies from before are in fact creations of it, it would explain why we were attacked so far out." She referenced the undead Lancer they had managed to kill, outside London earlier.

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Dr Roman had no idea what to make of Alexandria's question; she was speaking of people, places, or organizations he had no knowledge of. "Yeah, I know I said I'd answer to the best of my knowledge, but I have none here." He explained. "Your words sound nonsensical to me. Are you sure you're in the right place?" The confused doctor had no hypothesis as to why this intruder expected everyone to know what they knew; certainly, she thinks too highly of herself. Suddenly, Roman was interrupted as the late Shielder made her presence know. "Yes, Shielder. You are a bit late; everyone else has already rayshifted a while ago. Not sure how things are going at this exact moment with them; why don't you go into the observatory and help Da Vinci with data until they all return?" He suggested, gesturing toward the entryway.

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Archer's explanation of the Clocktower was concerning, to say the least. Saber was steeled for whatever was to come, but the last thing Archer said stuck out. 'No matter the sacrifice', which was soon followed up with offering up prayers to her late Master. It seemed like madness to call for them to throw their lives at the enemy, yet ask for time to mourn for another. Were they going to stop every time that one of them fell, even the Servants? Saber stepped forward again, trying to carry the mission's goal forward, rather then sentiment.

“You ask us to sacrifice ourselves, but also to mourn for one another. We can not accomplish this mission if we allow every death to weight on us. Jun made a decision to act on his own, and suffered his choices, not us. We must carry on, and not worry of the cost until we can set our blades down for good.” Saber stayed calm during her outburst, an emotionless doll putting her thoughts into words. Though she meant that for everyone, she found herself staring at Archer and Lancer, as if they were the ones causing trouble in the schoolyard. She didn't step back this time, waiting for anyone to argue against her, again using her powerful presence to try and dissuade anyone from speaking against her.

They didn't have time to sit here and argue or offer up their prayers. They had a job to do. She felt justified in her earlier belief. Their lack of training or focus before the mission was making them soft.

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Shielder rubbed the back of her head, annoyed with herself for taking so long to get to the atrium, and subsequently missing out on the chance to go into battle with her fellow Servants. Dr. Roman and his guest appeared to be busy, heading off somewhere else to talk. Something about this new woman sent a shiver up her spine, hidden only by her armor. She couldn't place what the feeling was, or what part of the woman was causing it, but it was similar to when she stood had stood near Merlin.

She shook off the feeling, instead choosing to focus on the task given to her by the Doctor. She entered the observatory, focusing on the sole occupant. She didn't know Da Vinci very well, aside from when she had been present to help take down her information for the archives. That being said, she liked what little she knew of Da Vinci. She seemed down to earth. Shielder made sure to make enough noise to not to startle her, as she was focused on the line of computer monitors and the Servants talking in her ear.

“Hey, Leo! How's the mission going?” It was easy for her to sound casual, no matter who she was talking to. It was almost cringe inducing when she compared it to the way she used to talk to others, like she was so much better then them. She would have to play the patient game for the moment, and wait for a chance to bring up her burning question; Can I rayshift?

With a noisy sniffle, Lancer listened to Archer's comforting explanation. She sounded sure enough, that they would just return to the Throne of Heroes, but what about the Masters? Would they be gone forever? Before she could get to far into thinking it over, someone came in from behind her, adding to the embrace. Judging by the height, and other assets that were pushing against her, it had to be Berserker.

It would have been a moment of bliss, if the two hadn't been sandwiching her, cutting off her ability to move her head enough to get an adequate supply of air. She squirmed around a little, wiggling back and forth, until she managed to turn sideways, out of Archers collarbone and into fresh air. Her view wasn't much better, as Saber seemed to be glaring at her, those dull golden orbs filled with some kind of distrust. Lance audibly swallowed before addressing her two comforters, while ignoring Saber. The knight was being a little antagonistic.

“I'm fine now! It was just a moment of concern for our piggies. After all, if they died, I'd have to deal with you all crying, and that's not an Idols job to comfort others.” She tired to sound tough again, but the whine in her voice gave away that she was still concerned with the idea. A tentative glance back at Barr, she could see the worry in his eyes, hidden to the others since he was looking down at her. She should have felt disgusted that he was looking down on her, but the usual bile didn't climb out of her stomach.

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It seemed John wasn’t the only one with words of endearment towards his partner-in-crime, even if they could be taken as venomous. His introduction to Lucas and Rebecca was short, sweet and slightly interrupted by the arrival of Berseker, Lancer and their Masters. Archer was the second Servant to introduce herself with her name and not her title. Though it seemed very much her personality to be carefree and could be deduced by how she dressed; it was out of placed unless she was a powerful and fabled servant much like Saber. Even with her name, John couldn’t put into words or thought of who this servant really was. She must be a lesser known Heroic Spirit and even so she should keep her wits about the use of her name. His best guess was she was either from the Americas or a Pacific Islander that isn’t related to Asians. His theory was based on her darker skin color, the way she wore he clothing and her name was Rebecca. Her skin color could put her and ethnicity could put her in Africa but most places with the same skin color wouldn’t allow her to wear clothing like that, nor did she look like she was Middle Eastern. Which put the rest of those in her skin complexion in the Americas or one of the islands in the Pacific.

Lucas interrupted John’s train of thought with his address to the elephant not in the room. Even though John had figured the worst with the declaration for the staff at Chaldea, the question was still asked about Jun. He knew how Saber wanted to feel, whether he believed her speal about being a unfeeling fighting machine or not, was a different matter. Her response was short, sweet and without remorse. Unless she wanted to elaborate on how Jun had perished, he didn’t feel like there was a way to ‘learn from his mistakes’.

John expected similar responses that he had given to Saber from the others, but Tokugawa-sama’s words echoed the same coldness. He considered the fact that she was acquainted with death and a warrior, so he couldn’t fault her on reaction. Lucus and Lancer’s Master seem to be struck with a cause of wordlessness as they both seemed saddened and worried at the same time. However, their servants had the opposite reaction. The scandeleous one gave a soft prayer while the pompous servant seemed to have a life-changing delima. Lancer was comforted by both Archer and eventually Berserker. What had surprised John was the pink haired young man’s brutal words against the deceased. With a chilling gaze towards Berserker Master, John took an extended and noticeable hit from his light blue e-cig.

John was about to reprimand the young pink haired Master when Saber spoke up in contest with her perceived conflict between Archer’s words. ”Saber…” John said and took a drag of flavored vapor, ”A few seconds. Only a few seconds does it take to honor the dead. We are not talking about burying someone the moment they pass away and mourning them for a week. Just a few seconds just to say Rest In Peace. A few seconds when you are given a chance to breathe, for in his death we were given valuable information.” He said with the vapor freely flowing from his mouth and nostrils before taking another puff. ”We know a certain degree of strength to expect from our enemy. His death was not in vain, even if it turns out they were the lowest of the low of pawns this challenge has to offer. We now have a baseline, and I take great offense to how you, a King, and this young doe mock the dead.” John pointed at the pink haired Master. ”Life is fragile and precious, let’s not mock those who have lost it.” He turned a chilling gaze towards Saber, ”Let’s also not waste our chance to come up with a plan with short-sighted philosophical debates.”

”Assassin, you should interject with your plan.”

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"If TRISMEGISTUS is here then I'm sure I'm in the right place." Alexandria said, for what was probably the fourth time, than no she wasn't lost, yes she knew where she was, and most definitely she had every right to be there. It was like he didn't see her take control of the mainframe and access their records. It was totally possible that she was a hacker but only an Atlas Alchemist could have initiated and operated a mental interface to communicate with THOTH, and the fact that she did so with contemptuous ease must have tipped someone off that she had access to things that were beyond the old head.

Sure, it was the inner workings of the Spiriton Calculation Engine, but not everyone had the ability or the bravery to manipulate something so pivotal to Chaldea's operation, specifically the component that made rayshifting possible, with nothing more than a thought. That had to count for something, right? Well apparently not. Alexandria saw another servant enter their conversation, but after a few choice words from the doctor and an obvious shiver from the bearer of the shield when their eyes met, the servant was sent along her merry way and went through bulkhead.

Back to the doctor, maybe she was doing everything wrong. He was human, but she expected him to walk and talk like a Magus since he was in and supposedly running Chaldea. Maybe she could speak casually for once and not be threatened by way of being turned into a human puppet, or a vampire, or a steaming smear on the ground while the Time of Death is stretched into eternity, or thrown into another alternate dimension, or just plain death by spanking with a riding crop. "Do you know where I can find Fou?"

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Assassin was getting bored with the roundabout conversation about the dead Master. It was getting old quickly and it didn't sit well with her to keep the topic up for more than a few exchanges. She stretched outside of anyone' views, then quickly came back. She heard her Master say his go ahead so she dropped her Presence Concealment.

"Yo, I'm Assassin if anyone doesn't know yet. I have a plan, but I need a consensus if we are to execute it."

She materialized her futuristic ship Dun Stallion II, and programmed it to create a three-dimensional mini-map of London.

"This is a strange singularity, which is because it was repeated. We should use a different tactic since the enemy is outright hiding from us. I suggest smoking them out. I need Lancer-chan to sing her best songs right here, while the rest of us set traps around Clock Tower and Thames River. It will give out our position, which in turn will lure the enemy to attack us outright. In that case, we need Saber and Avenger as our mass destroyers without using their Noble Phantasms. Anyone with a form of Presence Concealment should come with me. We will search Clock Tower."

She glared at Saber.

"The Lure group in simplest terms is Lancer, Saber, Avenger. While the Strike group is me and anyone that can make themselves undetectable. Unless our enemies are from Londinium as well, Saber is unbeatable in this environment."

She turned to her commumicator.

"Dr. Romani-nevermind. Da Vinci-san, please conduct a thorough scan if the Thames has magical contamination. We need to know how far we need to set traps... If everyone agrees, that is. Is it okay?"

Dun Stallion II showed the three-dimensional model with the expected scenario.
-Lancer sings
-Enemies either flood towards Lancer or runs away.
-Traps are triggered while the Lure Servants crush them.
-The Strike team enters Clock Tower.

"Anything after that is up to Fate."


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Releasing the sandwiched Eliza from her side of the embrace, Archer moved to confront Saber; well and truly fed up with the tainted knight's cold attitude and words. As Archer stepped forward and glared back into Saber's yellowed eyes, she couldn't stop the shiver that traveled down her spine. The powerful aura the dark Servant wore like a black cloak was undeniable intense; however she had faced down great Kings, horrifying monstrosities, and cruelly indifferent spirits... not even this dark version of the Great King Arthur would treat death and mourning as a worthless burden in her presence without comment. Archer understood that not all Servant/Master bonds were as close as her own with Lucas. But regardless, it was an intimate and sacred bond that no one had the right to say was an impediment... She wasn't able to stop herself from shooting a glare at Berserker's Master as well.

It wasn't like her to act in a way that could make enemies out of allies, but... her own bond with Lucas was precious to her. It was like everyone was saying if Lucas died she would be expected to accept the lost with no sadness in her heart or tears in her eyes. This casual dismissal of a life lost reminded her of the Shamans harsh view of the world. Saber's overwhelming presence, unquestioned authority, and icy indifference to the "necessary sacrifices" reminded her of her own father... she had hated the Shamans and him for a long time after her imprisonment...

Clenching her fists, Archer harshly glared back at Saber, the "source" of this heartless self-disrespect of her own suffered loss. She struggled to form words... feeling like she was speaking to her father again after he had deemed her worthless. Before she could form the proper words to convey her feelings, John spoke up, his words a reflection of her own thoughts. She decided to follow his example and moved away from Saber, taking a deep breath, walking to her Master's side and pulling out her Chanunpa. The magical pipe didn't need fuel to burn or fire to light. A small surge of mana was all that was needed for the pipe to begin warmly smoking; Archer placed the wooden pipe on her lips and began breathing in the familiar fumes. She wasn't sure why she had gotten so heated... Saber always seemed to just make the worst come out of her. She looked to Assassin's Master in gratitude, thankful for his (perhaps unintentionally) calming words.

Archer calmly listened to Assassin's plan as she breath out the sacred smoke, the prayers for the lost going with the white cloud into the heavens. "I believe the plan is workable... I myself don't have any kind of concealment skills beyond the mundane... However I am fast and have experience infiltrating. If that is not enough, I can provide cover from a vantage point for the Lure Group, and quickly travel to the Strike Team should they need help. For traps I can set my Black Keys... however they wont be as strong when compared to firing from my bow."

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