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"Everyone, go out the back way and head towards your rooms. The mages and out servants will take care of this incursion." John commanded and stood by the door between the kitchen staff and the action. Once they were all out of the kitchen, his thoughts turned towards why his servant hadn't answered him. The silence between the two was unnerving and worried John to no end. What was his servant doing? Did whatever bring Luke here, bring something else that could have captured or defeated his servant? No, his servant wouldn't be defeated without him knowing. Maybe she was kidnapped or went rogue.

His train of thought was interrupted when the traitorous son of King Arthur entered the room. "Everyone went out the back and to their rooms. Let's just hope there are not more of them." John answered and walked up and shook the wayward knight's hand. "It's nice to meet you, Shielder. You truly do look like your Father... You didn't see your other Father out there wearing blue with two Excaliburs did you?" He asked and stood back abit, the worry he had only showed for a moment or two.

"Oh... I'm John, Master of Assassin." He added.



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Toko took another drink from her little bottle and began a tale of how a man that was called a demon, burnt down the monk’s home in the mountains. It sounded a horrific thing to do for simple access to mountains and because they opposed him; especially if it involved innocents that were also killed in the process. The tale was obviously emotional for the samurai and likely was only being told because of the alcohol flowing through her friend’s body. The man responsible was named Oda Nobunaga who shared Toko’s goals for uniting her land and was once her closest friend.

As the Avenger finished her dark tale she grew quiet, and the Servant of the bow reflected on the revealed truth of her friend’s desire for revenge. Rebecca understood the burning fire of revenge; there was a time when she truly had hated her own people, and Father… only the teachings of Christ had soothed those painful flames in her heart. But her pain seemed minor, if not childish, compared to Toko’s… even her after-life as a spirit had been infected by her pain and lost. So this was why Toko was an Avenger...

After a moment of silence Toko spoke again, warning her to be cautious around the brother of Nobunaga; the new Servant. Archer looked at the direction of the Avenger’s pointing finger. The male Servant certainly didn’t seem evil or cruel. He was rather short and thin for a male; more feminine than masculine. As she watched him converse with Berserker she even thought he seemed nice and polite. Despite the man’s smartly dressed appearance, cute demeanor, and nervousness he seemed to exude while conversing with Berserker; she decided she would trust her friend and be careful around him. However, It wasn’t in her nature to completely ignore another person without great cause… she hoped Toko wouldn’t be too upset whenever herself and the male Servant inevitably conversed.

Toko dropped her pointing finger and apologized; the rage and urgency from before fading from the woman’s voice now. “It’s ok Toko. I understand… it’s always good to talk with friends about our fears, angers, and pains. You can always talk with me about anything... ok?” A question was on the edge of the native girl’s lips… what had Oda Nobunaga taken from Toko that had caused such anguish that it had followed the samurai into death?

Rebecca wanted to know… but she feared causing her friend further anguish. Instead she asked a lighter question, hoping her friend would understand the “mood” hadn’t been “murdered.” With a much lighter tone of voice and playful enthusiasm she asked “Toko what does “Chan” mean? It sounds like such a cute word!” There was so much she didn’t know about her friend’s culture; she would need to finish her three library books quickly so she could checkout new ones about Japanese culture when she was able to.



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"Huh? Didn't I already say? Just consider it an apology for throwing you onto the floor earlier. We're even." Lucas insisted, brushing off Aine's offer of repayment. He gave her a smirk as he pulled her up to her feet and slipped his hands into his pockets. If he noticed anything about her current state of cleanliness, he didn't say anything on the subject.

It came as a bit of a surprise to Lucas to find someone like Aine here at Chaldea. Most maguses he'd known were arrogant and haughty, either eager to prove their superiority to others, or simply so self-assured in their strength that they payed little attention to anyone else. All because of their lineage. Well, at least that was the prevailing sort of personality back when Lucas was still a student at the Clock Tower. He'd always struggled against the view of himself being lesser or someone forgettable, ironically turning himself into the very thing he was fighting against, just a little bit anyways. Aine's personality was... refreshing. She seemed kind, if overly polite, and perhaps a bit on the awkward side, but the fact that she had treated him as another person and hadn't simply ignored him won her a few points in his book. Perhaps soon enough he could say that he got along with more people than his Servant, who sort of had to cooperate with him. Not that he didn't appreciate Archer, but being a Master and Servant pair meant that cooperation was almost assured between them. Archer was a kind soul, and would likely tolerate him even if he was someone much worse.

"How many Masters...?" Lucas parroted Aine's question back at her, following her gaze towards Anastasia and Dr. Roman for a moment before looking back at her. "Ah... I don't know for sure how many are in Chaldea, but the ones I personally know, I can count on one hand. John, Skorl, and uh..." He paused for a moment, seeming to hesitate before shaking his head. "Nevermind that last one. We're all the ones who just returned." He began moving back towards the cafeteria area as he spoke, beckoning for Aine to follow him. Entering just in time to watch Lancelot expire, he glanced towards Saber for a moment before quickly turning his attention elsewhere, either unable or simply unwilling to watch her face for very long. Archer and Avenger were sitting off and chatting together, though their topic seemed a bit serious if Avenger's face was anything to go by... He could check up on Archer later then. Skorl and John, along with Berserker and Shielder were also accounted for, though he didn't recognize who she was speaking to.

"And here I'd hoped we'd have had a bit more time..." Lucas said aloud to himself as he surveyed the damage.

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Mordred let out a quick sigh of relief after John explained the kitchen staff had already escaped. Fighting would have been a hassle if they had been there still. John had his own problems however, his Servant was apparently missing. The description was surprising until he admired to be the Master of Assassin. The Arthur who killed anyone who looked similar to her. It was an apt description, but she couldn't recall seeing anyone else who looked like father. An unfamiliar warmth came to her face when he had compared her to Father.
“Sorry. I can't say I've seen another version of Father running around.” There was a brief pause as she looked at the floor before looking back at him. “Could she have been left behind in the singularity?”
It was a ghastly idea, to be stuck in a singularity as it fell apart. Surely anything trapped inside as it collapsed would be destroyed, but would they still be within a realm that the Throne of Heroes could reclaim them as they were destroyed. The realization of what she had suggested made a pit form in her stomach.
“I'm sure it's nothing like that. Maybe she took more damage then you thought and returned to the throne? Maybe you can make a new contract with one of the other Servants?” Her heart sank at the idea of her theory being right and now she was in damage control mode, trying to make up for it.



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Poca had a lot in common with her Master. The same pause and unsolicited question hung from their mouth, wanting to be sent into the world, held back by the speaker. There was no question that Poca could ask that would offend her, there was no point in having barriers with anyone now that most of it was in the open. She had nothing to lose in being open about the loss that she had suffered at the hands of her friend. There was nothing Poca or Lucas could take from her by knowing these things about her. There was no risk.

“'What did you lose'. That's what you want to ask right? You deserve to know, if you're curious, plus I have nothing to hide from a friend like you.” Toko took a short breath before explaining, a faint smile passing on to her lips as she spoke, like a fond memory was passing through her minds eye; “He took my wife and first born son. I married my son off to his daughter but she lied and told her Father that my son and wife were going to betray him to an enemy. In the end, I had two options; my son and wife, or my entire clan. I made a bad choice. I should have died in the fires of war against the Oda, with my honor, my son, and my wife. Instead I killed them. My pride killed them.” She took another long drink from her sake.

“But lets not focus on that now! Its a time for celebration, not dour old shoguns!” She finished off her drink before standing up and smashing the bottle on the ground. “Lets party like its my first day as shogun!”

Toko pulled the second bottle of sake from her sleeve and handed it to Poca, grinning like a fool as she did. “I brought this bottle for the rest of you to try some, so go ahead and drink. Poca-chan. Oh, yeah! Chan means cute when you put it at the end of someones name. So you're Poca-chan! Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?” Toko was now lively again, the liquor having taken full effect on her as she ran ramshod over any protests or arguments from her friend, trying to brighten up the dark mood she had created. She knew that eventually Poca would try to talk to her about this again, that it would come up at some other point, but for this moment, she wanted her friend to be happy and enjoy the evening.


Ana kept up her healing with Dr. Roman, watching the flow of blood slowly taper off and cease after a few minutes of concentration. "Funny, right? Bet you never expected to be this close to the fight." she said, trying to lighten the mood. "Hey, ahm, Lucas, was it? Can you help me until Madam Da Vinci returns? Possibly you and I can close this wound." She asked, hoping he would listen. "I don't mean to interject on you helping her if you are, I just-, the help would be appreciated." She told him, being forced to pause her healing for a moment to not overload herself.
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Raikou smiled as Oda introduced himself. 'Oh, I'm quite alright; not a scratch on me. I appreciate the worry, child." She affectionately stated, crossing her arms under her chest. "And it's nice to meet another Servant from the homeland. My name is Minamoto no Yorimitsu; though, everyone calls me Raikou, per my request." She had grown rather interested with all the Servants of varying clans here in Chaldea, but Skorl had advised her against it. 'Clans can sometimes be a touchy subject for some.' His exact past words had said. 'You don't want to bring up old wounds or start anything, so just don't talk about that unless they do first.' Sound advice, for sure. And Raikou loved whenever her master showed consideration for her wellbeing. It gave her a sense that she was doing a good job with his upbringing.

It was her master who also corrected Oda at the pronunciation of the deceased Berserker's name. "Lancelot. A knight of the Round Table; he's got bad blood with every version of Saber. I'm glad he was taken down with relatively little damage; mindless Berserkers tend to go too far." Skorl explained, kicking a piece of debris away. "Anyway, it's evident he was naught but a pawn for somebody else; so our worries probably shouldn't be about him." Raikou bent down and wrapped her arms around Skorl, "Master, please. Do not stress yourself with any more of that talk for today. It's not healthy for you." Blushing, Skorl couldn't help but let her continue, as he became more intrigued at Oda's weapons. "It's not everyday I get to ask this, but I'm interested in your choice of weaponry. How's it work?"


"No, no, no no!" Da Vinci shouted, running back to the cafeteria, with med kit and medical staff in tow. "Ana! Thank you for this; I had to make something of a detour." She called, returning to the wounded Roman. "The few medical staff we have can take it from here, great job." Roman, gaining more breathe, asked Da Vinci to elaborate about her frantic talk whilst returning. "Uh, well...." The Caster hesitated, gesturing the medical team to take Roman to the med bay. "Wait!" He shouted, now far done the hall. "Ugh, I can't tell him that the grail we got from London is gone." Da Vinci complained aloud, not remembering that Ana, and now Lucas, were in earshot.

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Rider gave a slight jump at the Berserkers name. He had figured there would be famous spirits here, but to have one of the most famous demon hunters of the Ichijo period removed what little composure he had manage to hold on to so far. Every child growing up knew his, or her apparently, legends. The laying of the ogres for the Emperor, including Ibaraki-doji. The slaying of the great earth spider, Tscuhi-Gomo. The four Guardian Kings that served her. And she had been lord of Settsu Province. In every way, she was his superior; as a warrior, as a leader, as a legend. He had not given her the proper bow and had introduced himself casually rather then as a fief-lord for his brother.

His eyes widened as panic set in, realizing the slight he had just given to the older woman. He threw himself forward, violently bending at the waist so his upper body was parallel with the floor. He knew he had been raised better then this, to show respect to those who were above him in rank and treat them with the reverence they deserve. He had always been better at formal proceedings then most of his brothers, they had inherited some of their fathers impish nature.

“I apologize for greeting you so casually, Raikou-ue." He waited for a long moment before righting himself, his face still flush with embarrassment. To meet a member of the Minomoto and act like a commoner meeting an old friend, he knew he looked like an idiot who had never met anyone of reasonable stature. Though, he might be judging the situation wrongly, Raikou seemed rather serene given the situation and his poor greeting. He struck the idea of him being over-bearing from his mind, he had a duty to act appropriately. To his surprise, however, Raikou was very affectionate with her Master. They must have that kind of relationship to be so comfortable with being in each others space. Shielder had explained to him that people of the current age had far less concern showing physical affection. Which means that Raikou had already quickly acclimated to the current cultures of the time.

Despite the display they were putting off, Raikou's master was fixated more on his mode of fighting aside from everything else. His pistols? Surely he must have seen a matchlock pistol before. The pinnacle of military weaponry, the matchlock was a perfect balance of precision and power, all in a neat wood and steel package. Nothing could have surpassed the matchlock weapons. He pulled his current pistol from it's holster, quickly removing the flint from the cock as he did so.

“Well, it's a matchlock pistol. Normally, you put in a black powder charge and a shot into the barrel and then a piece of flint or burning rope in this cocking arm up here,” He showed off the pistol, his thumb pulling the cocking lever back to show where the flint would normally go, and leaving it in the cocked position.

“Then you pull the trigger and it ignites the black powder.” He aimed at the floor and squeezed the trigger, the cocking arm flipping down with a quiet clink as it hit against the feed. “Normally they use a burning rope, but mine uses a piece of flint. Ir was a little ahead of its time.”

Since it still didn't have a fuse on it, he flipped it around in his hand, trying to offer the handle to the Master to inspect it, but instead catching his finger in between the back of the trigger and it's guard, pinching himself. After a short wince, he pulled his finger free and offered it with less flair.


Idiot. Dumb-ass. Moron. Aine smiled lightly as Lucas brushed off her gratitude, only able to blame herself for not being more transparent in what she had been trying to imply. Her foggy mind making it that much more difficult to be more on-putting. She knew she was attractive, her looks had been one of her best non-violent tools to getting what she had needed to survive until she was scooped up by Cheldea, but going through with the actions was a tremendously difficult task. Flirting and being open were as alien to her as the depths of space or the ocean were to everyone else.

Being the meek and polite girl was grating against herself, and she had to bite her tongue to keep from saying anything that would compromise that facade. She was stirred into speaking as he answered her question about the number of Masters, thankfully answering the question in the way she had meant to ask. His pause and subsequent answer told a simple story. One of the Masters hadn't made it back from their mission. She wouldn't feel any remorse for a person she didn't know, but she felt a kindred to this unknown person. She would surely follow such a fate. KIA.

She followed him as he made his way into the cafeteria proper. She had found herself grabbing plate of food from this room countess times, but it seems liked every time she had come to eat, the hall was empty save the staff. Now that there was a activity, it felt off, unfamiliar. Just as Lucas surveyed the inhabitants of the room, she followed suit. Rider was there, seemingly not having noticed her arrival. He was talking to a Master Servant pair that were locked in an embrace. Even from the current angle Aine could make out the smaller Master and overtly feminine physique of the female Servant. Raw sex-appeal was one of way of making yourself noticeable to men. She was doing something similar with her own tight shirt and shorts, showing off her delicate legs.

Annoyingly, Rider was getting along with them just fine, being personable and friendly. It was a curious sight to see Servants interact, like two books speaking. She imagined they only had the ability to use things of their own legends to really converse of. Their ideals and opinions set in the stone of who they once were, inflexible. Rider could be doing more important things though. She briefly considered sending him a message to go clean her room but it would be hard to explain why he suddenly up and left. Next to cross her vision was Archer and an unknown Servant. The newcomer was wearing flowing clothes of foreign make, a bottle of some sort in her hands. Her eyes were the same striking color as Riders, but her face had a far more imposing hew to it, even past the blush.

Lastly was a black knight of sorts. A blond woman as tall as Aine was, with a stern face and eyes of dull gold. Rider and Archer gave her the brief fear of the danger they could possess. This woman, thin in frame as she was, was a looming presence of danger. She exuded an aura of evil intent. Aine felt a new wave of sweat creep across her brow, hands and back. Her hands trembled slightly against her hips, pressing against her body to hide the effect the woman was having on her. She turned away from Saber, keeping her focus on Lucas' back, using it as a fixation point to clear her mind. Her rock didn't last long as Lucas spoke again, muttering to himself about not having a lot of time for something.

“Hmm? How do you mean? These attacks aren't a common occurrence, right?” She stood abreast of him, looking up at him with a curious hunger in her eyes at his meaning. If he was getting jittery about the idea that things were about to go sour, he might be the person she was looking for; calling out for comfort only another person could give.

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Ana took a few steps back, hands raised as she looked at Da Vinci with mild concern, slowly lowering her hands. She turned back to the other Masters, looking at them, then to Shielder. "Well that was fun!" She called out to her, mildly sarcastic and partially serious. It was a little rush, nothing major, with no real fighting, but it felt good all the same. She reached Aine and Lucas, glossing over then. "You two are alright? I hope so." She had a genuine concern to her, head slightly tilted as she watched them. "Attacks? I... No, I believe this is our first one... Ever." She told her, walking a bit closer. "I-" she pauses, "Sorry, am I intruding?"
"She was in the room when we returned from the mission." John answered, but it seemed Mordred had already figured out. Though her next words was a possibility that sank his heart. If Assassin was hurt worse than they thought and did return to the throne then John wasnt able to say good-bye to her. "I am going to refuse to believe that Assassin would leave me without telling me." John said with a bit of hope in his voice. "For the two that I know who do not have contracts with a Master yet. One has already denied my request and the other I have promised not to make a contract with her."

John turned towards the back exit of the kitchen, "I'm going to go look for Assassin. She does have presence concealment and maybe lurking around here." John left Mordred in the kitchen alone to search through the halls. Where could she be and how would John's role change in this little group if he did not have a servant?



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Archer flinched when Avenger saw through her attempt at controlling her own curious nature. Socially it was a huge blunder; wars between resentful tribes or starving colonists had been sparked over less social ineptitude than this. Archer further broke her own rules on social graces as she listened to her friend’s admittance. Her red eyes widening in honest horror as Toko explained that she had killed her own son and wife to protect her clan from what was once her closest friend. She felt her eyes start to water at the very thought and was forced to look away from Toko in guilt.

Rebecca hated people that sacrificed others for a “greater good.” Toko’s action were like her Fathers… if however, for the opposite purpose. Her Father had sacrificed her so that he could go to war, not to avoid it. Although in the end he had changed his mind… atleast a little. Had he regretted and suffered over giving her up, as Toko did now for her own loved ones?

The samurai leader suddenly changed tones into celebratory action and words. Smashing her little bottle and declaring “partying like her first day as a Tribal Leader.” The woman pulled another little bottle out and gave it to the slightly despondent tribal girl. Even Toko’s explanation on the meaning of chan didn’t heal the girl’s spirits. She looked up at Toko’s smiling face, trying so hard to not fall back into darkness.

The native girl looked at the little cup of alcohol in her hands, entwinned her fingers around the container into prayer and closed her eyes. Sadness struck the young girl’s heart again at a thought… she had lost her husband and child too… hadn’t she? Or at the very least they had lost her when she died. Now that she was a spirit… it felt like she had failed them…

“Blessed are those who mourn… for they will be comforted.”

Opening her eyes Rebecca placed the bottle on her lips and took a deep gulp of the strange liquor. It burnt, and left a lingering stinging in her throat, but she was able to continue her prayers.

“Blessed are the loves that have gone away… and left us with memories of their smiles.”

Another gulp, the sake was stronger than what she was used to, but strangely it was one of the smoothest drinks she had ever had. A refinedness that couldn’t compare to the "rougher" drinks of the settlers and sailors that she was used to partaking in. Even wine wasn’t as… nicely subtle as this.

“Blessed are our c-childern… who we give our world to.”

Another deeper gulp. Throat and eyes burning from what she pretended was only from the alcohol; she forced the dark away and leaped out of her chair. Giving a twirl both physically and mentally, she landed on a table and spread her arms as an entertainer would. She hoped Eliza would approve of the movements as the residing expert of the art of entertainment.

“Greetings friends! New, old, and yet to be! The hunts and battles have passed, and celebrations must be had!” *giggle* “We should not let the raids spoil are parades!” *giggle* “Tales and songs are being sung and old shoguns are getting drunk!” The beginning hints of a tipsy blush was starting to color the tan skinned girl's cheeks; she took another long drink from the sake and she decided it would be her new favorite now… *hiccup* “As food is gathered and given in thanks, for those living and those lost, I offer friendship from the Powhatan to the Tokugawa.”

The “performer” twirled again “on stage” and in particular looked at the new male Servant to gage his reaction towards Toko’s clan name and her friendship offer. It was better to ambush an enemy before they even could become an enemy. Strong alliances were one way of stopping a war bloodlessly before it could even become an option. Continuing her twirl after looking at the Oda she ended it facing Toko, and threw her head back.

She felt the flames inside her stomach (the ones that weren’t caused by sake) and willed it to take form. Puckering her lips, a small gout of flame escaped her throat and formed a fairly crude, if still recognizable image of the Tokugawa crest. The complex shape of flames used the rest of the Greek Fire’s fuel and was only able to burn in the air above her for a dozen or so seconds before fading.

Finished with her “show” the tribal girl curtsied to Toko and took another gulp of the liquid in the cute little bottle. It would be her last taste of the drink as the remaining amount left the bottle, into her increasing needing to start cartwheeling body. “Oh wait… Imma supposed to…” Lifting the bottle she smashed it onto the ground as her friend had before. “Hmmm…. Was I supposed to drink all of it that fast? I should have let Lucas-chan have some too…” the Servant of the bow mumbled to herself.

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So caught up in his thoughts was the man that he barely noticed Anastasia calling him, taking a moment before he jolted back into reality. "Ah? Oh shit, sorry!" He apologized for his delay. His embarrassment only grew when Da Vinci showed up, and he was left standing there awkwardly. A group of people with a stretcher moved to take the doctor away, and Lucas watched them go, at least until his attention was drawn towards Aine and Anastasia.

He blinked at them blankly for a moment, struggling to come up with a response for them, mentally cursing himself for not paying more attention to what he had been saying. He glanced to the side, wondering how much he should tell them, but he quickly made up his mind. Roman had been planning on dropping it sooner or later, and after this, it was best for everyone to know. "There... was an attack on the support staff earlier... while we were all out on the mission..." Lucas said slowly, trying to remember how much the two girls knew of what had happened. "It wasn't a Servant like this, but some sort of scorpion apparently... Probably a familiar of some sort." He gave a helpless shrug. "That's all Dr. Roman told me earlier anyways. He was planning on telling everyone soon enough, but I went and asked him about it first right after we got back. Didn't think they'd do something like this so soon after the first attempt."

Out of the corner of his eye he noticed Archer leaping up to start... dancing? The hell was going on? He figured they'd be a bit more serious about Chaldea being under potential threat. Lucas quickly shelved it as something to inquire Archer about later however, as his attention was caught by Da Vinci instead and he turned back towards her, parroting back her statement. "Wait, what? Did you say the Grail we brought back was gone!? When? How?"

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Lancer plopped down onto the table she had used for height in her attack on Lancelot. The rouge knight had been dispatched rather easily, obviously weakened greatly by her draconic breath attack. She watched as Poca and Avenger conversed about their own worldly problems, occasionally following Avengers finger towards the new male servant. She wasn't interested in men, not in any capacity, so speaking to him was a far and away concept. Boys were gross, smelled gross, looked gross. Like a twinkie smashed in its wrapper.

Worse still, he had the smell. As did the woman who came in with Lucas from the hall, another stranger. On women the smell was delicious, sweet and tangy with a copper undertone. On men the smell was like wet carpet. She turned her nose up at Berserker and her master, talking to such an unsightly fiend was a terrible choice. Instead, she chose to focus on what she assumed what his master. The girl was frail looking and attractive. She considered making her over to them and joining the conversation but chose against it.

She would find a better and more secluded time to talk to this deerling, bringing her attention back to Berserker. She hadn't forgotten the older womans threats of a time-out, and was still trying to figure a good time to exact a better punishment for trying to harass a star. A good prank would clear up any misconception of who was the better Servant. Another distraction pulled her away as Poca showed off her stage presence, loudly calling out some teamwork between some people and some other people.

"What a drama queen." Lacner mumbled to herself as Poca breathed fire immediately after her announcement.



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It was always a spectacle to watch someone else become drunk. Archer said some sort of prayer, either from her Western faith or her peoples natural faith, before she took most drinks. Toko watched in both pride and besmirched joy as her friend downed the bottle rather quickly, it taking effect with a alarming speed. It seemed like she had released a loose cannon onto Cheldea in the form of inebriated Poca. The smaller woman used her agility to twirl on top of a table and deliver a short speech to the rest of the cafeteria.

It was a simple call to revelry, it would probably seem out of place with the recent fight, but perhaps it would help to relieve some of the stress that seemed to be plaguing a few of the others. And herself, obviously. However, some words her friend chose hit a little close to home in regards to certain feminine things. 'Old shogun?' Toko quietly complained to herself. She had been 73 when she had finally died, but she was in her younger daimyo form. Her current body wasn't a day over 30. She coughed into the sleeve of her shirt, letting the incidental slight wash over her.

It wasn't the time nor the place to cause a scene over something so trivial. Besides, the show Poca put on put the thought from her mind. Being able to shoot fire from her mouth was certainly a rare talent, and the dazzling symbol of the Tokugawa crest that Poca made was a wondrous sight to behold. The feeling of pride and joy she had felt the first time her crest had been used on an official document was the only compatible memory Toko had to compare this moment to. Her admittedly ancient heart danced with glee. She had seen the brief pause Archer had taken, watching the Oda man.

The show finished with a curtsy from the sloshed Bow Master. Avenger attempted to follow suit, her own drunkenness and lack of practice becoming her undoing, as her legs seemingly locked around one another and she tumbled over, sprawled out on her back, giggling uncontrollably. She had needed this kind of relaxation, the kind of drunken stupor that let one forget their woes. Poca smashed the other bottle on the ground only a foot or two away from her, enticing more giggles from the warlord. The giggle continued as Poca mumbled about sharing the sake.

“Lucas-chan!?” She rolled over and crawled to her knees and slowly stood back up. “Lucas-chan? You could call him kun if you just want to refer to him as a friend.” She gave a wry smile at the idea of Lucas-chan. It was funny to hear her friend emulate her customs. Though, she knew of something that would be even funnier.

“Poca, watch this! Hey Oda! Anata wa kegareta kurīpu! Usero!” She called out to the Rider servant. She didn't think about the fact that Poca wouldn't know what she was saying, and that was fine. She would fill her in later. She giggled, not waiting to see his reaction, instead turning back to Archer, a wide smile on her face.

“Does he look hurt?”

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