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Multiple Settings Fantasy or vampire Isekai's !


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Hi there, I'm looking for people to help fix my cravings, which currently are these two things. I'm 26 and I have around 10 years of roleplay experience by now. The two ideas will have some similarities in the base plot, but don't mind it ! Also, I'm always open to some changes, so feel free to come at me with demands or new ideas :) Also feel free to check my other posts :3

Edit: Please, if you reach out to me, be ready and able to follow up on the rp ! I've had a bunch of cool partners disappear or post once every 2 weeks, I like daily rps or a few posts a week or the hype dies for me.

I enjoy roleplaying on discord but I can stay on site as well, this would be up to you !

PS : The vampires AU thing can be altered to almost anything else, as long as it's not human, ( Typically furries, or make it a world where different species live all together )

EDIT: Since people seem to be so easily mistaken... Slavery, Pet play, and furries CAN be kinks, this does NOT mean this is a kinky search, as I believe they can still lead to interesting, SFW content. If this is enough to make you uncomfortable, just pass ^^

Idea 1: " Isekai" thing,

A gate would have opened between 2 worlds, our world, like reality, and a medieval fantasy world. The door opened in a huge and empty field in the hills of the medieval world, but it opened right into a very populated city of our realm. At first, the people of the medieval world attacked the other world through the door, but they were quickly stopped because of their primitive technology, and forced back into their world.
Soon after, peace negotiations began. Then, it became possible for some selected people to cross the gate as tourists or migrants. the face of the whole world didn't change, apart that some rare migrants of this other world were now moving to some places, and some rare items of their world were now on markets. What they didn’t say was that, among the victims of the attack, some weren’t dead, but they had been taken back with the defeated army, as war prisoners, and therefore, slaves. This, no one on the other side of the portal knew it.
Thomas had been captured so quickly, next thing he new, some kind of antic roman soldiers were taking him into a horse-pulled car. Then he was into a cell, fed very small amounts of dry bred or so, until he was finally exposed at some slave market. He couldn't understand a thing of what people said around him, he'd only follow what he could understand of their instruction’s trough their signs.
Here he was, chains tied to his wrist and neck, exposed to the street so anyone could inspect him and buy him. Thomas was a 1m85 tall guy, rather thin and not so tanned, clearly not a field worker of course as he came from this other world everyone was talking about now. But for this very reason he was at a cheaper price, he didn't speak the same language, was weak and didn't know about the uses of here. He was wearing a pair of really used jeans because of his recent predicament, and what used to be a random band shirt, that by then looked more like a rag.

Idea 2: Vampires Alternate reality:

In the world, Vampires are the most evolved species, with a physiology definitely superior to humans. They are humanoids with a greater strength and their main food source is human blood, but they’re not legendary creatures that live thousand of years or have magic powers. They aren't undead or cursed, and in this world, vampirism isn't something you can contract with a bite. Vampires were born vampires, and will age and die as vampires. They’re the dominant species, and humans are just another race of animals, used and seen as pets, or just lower animals if not livestock. They are usually kept as servile pets and food sources and this includes all the drifts we could see in our world with our average pets, such as training contests, pedigree, breeding, etc.

Somehow, a few days ago, a sort of portal would have opened, linking this realm to another one, where only humans lived just like the vampires there. The door remained opened for a few weeks and this allowed vampires to cross it, hunt some of these new humans, and kidnap them back into their world. Then the gate suddenly closed just like it appeared. The remaining humans that were stuck there were taken away as more livestock, to breed new, smarter pets than the humans of this world, with a new exotic pedigree. If the native humans of this vampire world were cool pets, loved for their ability to show affection and of course for their blood, they were quite dumber than their otherworldly cousins, barely able to speak a few words.
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Hey, would you be interested in the second plot but with demons instead of vampires? I could play a demon with a human pet :) maybe a few, so he would be quick to take a rare one

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