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Multiple Settings Fandoms or Original Plots - LGBTQ+ characters and pairings wanted!


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I'm looking for a couple of new RP partners aged 21+ for either a fandom or original story role play. I've included a little about me, my style, fandoms, and rules in the tabs below. If anything here is of interest to you, please DM me and we can chat more about interests 😃

P.s. please forgive the ugly formatting, it's not my forte but I tried 😆

About Me

I'm 34 years old, use he/she/they pronouns, have 21+ years of RP experience, and work full-time in a high stress job that I love but that takes a lot of my mental energy. Roleplaying is my escape and I RP to have a good time. I'm not here to take it too seriously and just want to have fun.

I love world building and enjoy talking with my RP partners OOC. If you have ideas for the plot, I want to hear them! If I have ideas, I want to share them and hear your honest feedback. Let's make a story together that we both want to play.

As a non-binary, genderfluid trans person, I have a strong preference for queer pairings and would prefer not to play a cis-het storyline.
Fandoms & Pairings (including oc/oc)

I tend to prefer either canon/canon or oc/oc.

I'm willing to play any of the characters listed below in the pairings. I'm also super comfortable with using canon as a guideline rather than a hard rule (especially in the case of Harry Potter).

Star Trek

Harry Potter
Remus Lupin/Sirius Black
oc/oc - I have a few OCs I'd love to use and have a few ideas for stories in a variety of time periods involving professors, overworked ministry officials, Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade Shopkeepers, and curse breakers. Would also love to hear your ideas!!!
I've played Hogwarts Legacy and would love to do an RP with OCs set around that time too!

Marvel Cinematic Universe
Tony Stark/Loki
Loki/Doctor Strange
Tony Stark/Doctor Strange

Good Omens

Our Flag Means Death
Blackbeard/Stede Bonnet

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Sokka/Zuko (aged up, after the 100 years war)
Original Plots

I love writing original plots with my RP partners! I do not have any specific cravings or characters I'm currently hoping to use so would love to create a new story and characters with an RP partner. While romance is not a must for original plots, it is certainly a plus.

Some settings I'd be interested in (and this is by no means a complete list) are included below:
  • Modern/Urban Fantasy
  • Historical Fantasy
  • Sci-fi/Space adventure
  • Action/Adventure (could be fantasy or not)
  • Mystery/crime solvers

Some plots I'd be interested for the above settings are included below:
  • Friends to lovers (or enemies to friends to lovers)
  • Arranged Marriage
  • Blind date
  • Crash landing on an alien world (for sci-fi)
  • and many more!

Honestly, I'm pretty easy going and don't have a lot of rules but there are a few things that make me uncomfortable or are hard nos so they are listed below.
  • Please be 21+.
  • No first person POV for RPs.
  • Main characters should be 18+ (preferably 21+) if there are romantic situations involved in the plot.
  • No godmodding. This is non-negotiable. I will always respect you and the character you have chosen to play. Additionally, if you tell me how to play my character (including telling me to rewrite my character to fit your headcanon), I will end the RP immediately.

  • I prefer third person, past tense but I can write in present tense if that's your preference.

  • Very open to length of posts but please give me at least something to work with and respond to. I can write you a novel or a sentence and anything in between. I don't expect my RP partner to match posts lengths and ask the same in return. I want to tell a story with you and our characters, not try and hit a word goal each post.

  • The frequency of my response will depend on our agreed upon length for posts (a few sentences, several paragraphs, etc.) but I try to post several times a week if my partner is also active. However, if all you can do is post weekly, no worries, I'll respond and wait for your response when you're available.

  • Typos happen and this isn't an English literature class so your grammar doesn't need to be perfect. I speak languages other than English and very much understand how complicated the English language can be! I will never judge you for your typos or grammatical errors and ask for the same respect.
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