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Hello there! It's Aya the magical ram! I am looking for some one on one roleplays which is how I ended up here!

Ground Rules
  • All RPN rules apply of course!
  • I generally am available to respond at least once a day, though I generally respond more than once a day. I understand if it isn't the same for you.
  • I will play MxM, MxF, FxF, I am comfortable playing any gender.
  • I prefer quality over quantity, that being said I will write several paragraphs, though sometimes when the roleplay slows down so will the length of responses.
  • If you are uncomfortable with anything please be sure to let me know ahead of time.
Now that we have gotten past that part, lets move on to the fandoms and plots! The thing we were all waiting for! Anything with a star is something I am really craving!

Rainbow Six Siege
Fruits Basket
Kamigami no Asobi

I'm also open to other fandoms!


The Experiment

Muse A is a human looking creature that was created by a set of hyper intelligent aliens (Creators), Muse A is a creation of many other DNAs to create what this hyper intelligent aliens think will make the perfect species. Also called one of The Children.

Muse B is an alien from a different galaxy that has been harmed by the invention of The Children and has come to take revenge on the aliens creation.

Story: Muse A has been living on earth for the last (at least) nineteen years, abandoned by their parents they were raised by a foster family. Though they never quite felt that they belong with anyone on earth and of course they didn't. Aliens had created Muse A destroying ecosystems and galaxies, ruining the lives of many people in their path to find perfection. Muse B is an alien from a different galaxy whose home was destroyed and who has come to seek revenge on the creation the drove the Creators to destroy their world.

A Blind Eye

Muse A is someone who moved to a larger city where there has been a string of people losing their eyes.

Muse B is the owner of a blind dog that when it meets someone who is willing, tentacles come from the dogs mouth and they pluck the eyes from the persons eyes, replacing them with his own blind eyes.

Story: Muse A moves to the big city to follow some dream they have and they end up meeting Muse B and their strange pet. (I really don't have much more plot for this one yet, but am willing to work it out with someone.)

Behind Enemy Lines

Muse A is a human who works for the military and has been stationed on a strange alien planet while other humans excavate the planet for it's natural resources. Eventually Muse A is kidnapped by some of the indigenous creatures and disguised as one of them set with the mission to scare the humans off the planet or be killed.

Muse B is an indigenous alien on the planet who finds Muse A after they have been disguised, confused as to why they don't know the way of the world Muse B decides to help Muse A with whatever they are working on.

Story: Basically all the story I have is above in the Muse descriptions.

That is all for now, if you are interested in one of the fandoms or plots I have listed please message or leave a comment thanks!!!
I guess you'd have to have read all three books, plus TotP AND seen the movie to spot that similarity... I'm a tad bit addicted to that whole story line
Behind Enemy Lines interests me! I'm just getting back into roleplaying and trying to find my groove.. but if you'll take a chance on me I'd love to roleplay with you!
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Behind Enemy Lines interests me! I'm just getting back into roleplaying and trying to find my groove.. but if you'll take a chance on me I'd love to roleplay with you!
I would love to chat about it if you want to hit me with a PM!

Behind Enemy Lines intrests me! I've been rping for quite a while, and I've never really done one on one.
That is fine, experience isn't a concern for me, we were all beginners at one point.

I'd love to do Overwatch with you! Send me a pm!
I can't sent pms yet, so I will as soon as I can!

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