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Fandom Fandom Search [Updated 3/7/2021]

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I have no idea what the fuck I'm doing


While I do like my OC roleplays, I also really enjoy these two fandoms! So let's get into the boring stuff first and then we can get more into the fandom info you're really here for!

About me:

♥ I consider myself semi-literate to literate. I tend to write at least 3 paragraphs per character and I like to include a lot of details to help set the scene. I will often link outfits, songs and other things to help with the visual aspect or if I feel it will help you to further understand what feel I am going for.

♥ I am always down for OOC chat, whether it's about the plot or just life in general

♥ I do have a full time job and a part time job. With that being said, I am on this site on my phone and my laptop, so you will generally get at least one reply out of me per day.

♥ I have no issue writing for NPC's and think it can add some fun to the RP!

♥ If only doing one character each I prefer playing the female, but I am more than willing to double for the sake of equality

♥ I prefer plots with romance, they don't have to be the focus of the plot but at least a decent aspect of it. With that being said, I only roleplay mxf romance as it is what I'm comfortable with, although if we have LGBTQ+ side characters that is 100% okay! As a straight woman I myself have no experience in LGBTQ+ relationships and feel I would do an injustice trying to roleplay one.

♥ I also tend to insert tidbits of Slice of Life whether it be comedy or side family drama, things like that to add to the roleplay to keep it a little more interesting and diverse

What I'm looking for in a partner:

♥ I am 24 and therefore will only roleplay with those above 18, simply a comfort thing for me

♥ No one liners please! I do my best to match, but if you're not writing enough to keep the plot rolling I will lose interest

♥ I do my best not to ghost, so please do not ghost me. If there's something I need to change or if you're just not feeling it that's okay, but let me know!

♥ I would prefer someone that is relatively active. I'm not expecting you to respond all day every day or even once a day, but at least a couple or few times a week would be nice.

♥ Please be willing to write as NPC's so I am not doing all the work to include them

♥ Realistic face claims only, no hate towards drawn or anime, but they're not my cup of tea

Now on to the fun stuff!



Who I'm looking for:

Who I can play:
- Pretty much anyone but have the most experience with Sam


Who I'm looking for:
Steve Rogers

Who I can Play:
Anyone really

If you're interested please send me a DM to keep this thread clean! And tell me your favorite song or show you're obsessed with! If it's not included I won't respond!
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