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Fandom ♡ fandom rp cravings ♡ [oc/cc ,, 1x1 ,, doubling]


perpetually obsessed with danganronpa
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૮꒰ ˶• ༝ •˶꒱ა ♡


introduction ;;

hihi ! my name is aksel, it's nice to meet you
all ! i'm actively looking for some roleplay
partners that are looking to do oc x cc
where we double up on ships. i'm pretty
flexible when it comes to roleplaying, so i
hope we can make something work !! :>

firstly, a little about me! i love drawing, writing,
video games, cats, memes, making edits, music,
spicy foods, friends and collecting manga.


what i'm looking for ;;

here are some aspects i'm searching for
in a partner -

✫ doubling friendly
✫ respectable and doesn't spam for responses
✫ above the age of 18
✫ able to write at least two paragraphs
✫ could write either here or discord
✫ doesn't god-mod
✫ lgbtq+
✫ doesn't mind if i need to disappear for a few.
i've been having a hard time recently, so please
be patient with me if i need to step aside !!

in terms of ghosting, i'm aware it happens !! if you
feel the need to leave the rp at any time, i don't hold
that against you !! if you want to pick back up again or do
a different fandom, please know that i'll always allow you
to do so :>


fandoms ;;

click below to be taken to my fandom list !!
there is a lot, fair warning aha


thanks so much for reading! please message if you are
interested in writing with me. have a lovely day! <3
Hi! I’d be interested in a couple of different roleplays!

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